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The Boobie List

Tyra Banks

The best thing about NBA League Pass? Options. If your only access to the NBA is through the national TV broadcasts (ESPN, TNT, ABC), then I don’t even have to rehash the S.O.S. seven-team lineup reserved for those networks: Celtics, Cavs, Pistons, Lakers, Heat, Suns, Spurs. And sitting right below them — kind of like the undercard on a boxing show — are the Mavs, Rockets, Hornets, Magic, Jazz and Blazers. They’re usually booked as the “opponent” for one of the big dogs. Without even looking it up, I’d bet every single national TV game this season has involved one of these teams.

Everyone knows why is has to be that way. Networks need ratings, ratings attract advertisers, advertisers bring money. We get it. But strictly from a fan’s perspective, without League Pass you’re kind of S.O.L. if you want to see somebody like Kevin Durant, Joe Johnson or Derrick Rose more than the couple times a year when they play your local NBA squad — if you even have a local NBA squad.

So while stars like Durant and J.J. continue to fly under the radar, on the flip side you have those players whose popularity is disproportionate with their actual talent. Guys who, if they didn’t play for high-profile teams, you wouldn’t even know they were in the NBA. Really, what’s the difference between Boobie Gibson and Flip Murray? Anyone who really knows basketball can give you multiple reasons why Flip is a flat-out better player, but since Boobie plays for the Cavs and he’s on national TV every week, he’s going to recognized on the mainstream level before Flip 10 times out of 10.

In that tradition, here are the top 10 players whose fame is almost entirely due to landing on the right team at the right time. Here is The Boobie List…

Oh, you mean THAT Boobie

Oh, you mean THAT Boobie

1. Daniel Gibson
2. Eddie House
3. Sasha Vujacic
4. Josh Powell
5. George Hill
6. Big Baby Davis
7. Sasha Pavlovic
8. Rasual Butler
9. Fabricio Oberto
10. Matt Barnes

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  • me

    i forgot how bad tyra used to be. thanks.

  • ERIC

    Is that Tyra pic from 15 years ago bc she does NOT look like that in the past 10 years.

  • Jim

    I like the list.

    Big Baby is tough, because his NBA fame is 100% due to the team he’s on. However, he was a big big star at LSU. The media was on his jock like crazy in the tourney and then he came back and every preseason article was about him kickboxing or some crap that still left him fat.

  • Bruce

    Who gives a monkey ass — Adriana Lima is single again. Jakic allegedly assault someone, sexual assault.

    Lima back on the block! Stupid wedding didn’t last one month.

    If Lima was my wife, God can take 10 years off my life and I’ll still be happy.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Jim — I was kind of stuck on whether Big Baby belonged. He was a big star in college, but everyone kind of knew he wouldn’t be a star in the NBA. If he’d gotten drafted by the Bobcats in the 2nd round or late-1st, he’d be as famous as Sean May right now.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    yeah Tyra don’t look like that anymore damn shame too.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Aw. You totally shouldn’t put Rasual Butler on that list. Only because when the Hornets are on, half the announcers don’t even know he starts or talk about him at all. Or make jokes about him. Sorry… I’m kind of defensive about ‘Sual. He’s having a ridiculous season considering…

    … He was in a suit from last Feb/March through the entire playoffs, because his shot had so completely deserted him. Over the summer it was like, “Oh, I forgot Butler was on the team. Maybe he’ll contribute next season if he remembers how to play basketball.” And now this year he’s starting. It was bizarre. Over the last 12 or so, he’s averaging 18 PPG or so.

  • rocky lobs

    rasual is a bum

  • AY

    Vladimir Radmanovic, lets see what happens to him now. And Eddie House was huge in Arizona State, he can’t count. And James Posey is as overrated as it gets; everyone is calling him the next Horry. Horry can take over a game at any time and his scoring and minutes go UP in the playoffs. Posey can’t take over a pre-season game.

  • Big Shot BOB

    Yeah League pass is ridiculously pricey for the amount of times you actually have time to watch that many games. If you guys don’t know the NBA t.v. sports package is only 5 bucks a month and you get like 3 extra games a week besides what gets played nationally. That’s alot of basketball to watch if your also into college sports like me. Not to mention with this package you get football, college hoops and some hockey channels.

  • http://myspace/jkwryter Gunner J. Matthews

    When I saw the Tyra Banks picture, I had something else in mind. I think it all has to do with eye candy meaning who’ll get the most attention

  • Kevin

    Well since you got the ball rolling Dime, who’s on the REAL “Boobie List”?

    1-Scarlett Johanson
    2-Kim Kardashian
    3-Salma Hayek
    4-Halle Berry
    5-The girl from “Mad Men”

  • Big Shot BOB

    How bout the rack from Eastbound and Down? LOL

  • Ian

    fab is awesome
    well i rather have scola fuck

  • the cynic

    George Hill? Is it really fair to put a guy on the list who hasn’t even played one full season?

  • the cynic

    Barnes can ball, i don’t think he belongs, especially since any name recognition he has is from his one year in golden state

  • fallinup

    On that tip…I don’t have league pass…if I want to catch a game, I find it live online. But it seems like whenever I do turn on my TV and try to catch a game…the damn Lakers are playing. Seriously…I’m from friggin Michigan. That’s too much goddamn Kobe for me.

    Why the NBA doesn’t work with TNT, and ABC to have a “flex” schedule is beyond me? Some of the games on the schedule that they play are lame because something comes up for that team, (injuries, key player not playing, the team ends up sucking)…but the national games are like set in stone. How dumb.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    @Kevin- I thought that was Derek Jeter’s list?!
    I would say this should be called the “Marion List”
    Marion was an all-star and absolute stud w/ Nash and D’antoni.
    And now….last I heard he was playing ball canada somwhere.

  • fallinup

    boobies. mmmmmmm

  • Max

    Excellent list, Austin…I’d add Amundson and Robin Lopez to that list.

    As far as League Pass goes, if you’re not living in the same city as your favorite team and the team isn’t the Lakers or Celtics or Spurs, LP is more than worth it. And even with that, the ability to watch so many other interesting games/teams is heaven for a basketball fan.

    If you watch a lot of other sports and the NBA is only a fairweather thing, then LP is overkill. But I couldn’t imagine not having it.

  • Big North

    You got me with Vintage Tyra to talk to me about Boobie and Flip!!! Desperate Topics call for desperate measures I see. Dissapointment doesn’t begin to cover what I’m feeling right now Austin. lol

  • dirty thirty

    ok, so now that you mention the League Pass it stops working

  • fallinup

    Even if you don’t have time for league pass. You can still check in for a good 10 minutes and basically catch the ending of every game of that night. Which gets damn exciting if there are some good games going down to the wire.

  • floRida_evans

    whatever Tyra’s sitting on I wish I was.As long as it doesn’t have to come up for air.

  • Ross

    You had me at “The”.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Ross

  • SteveNash

    Selma Hayek…. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • hoopsguru

    i have been back to this page 5 times :)

  • BDK23

    matt bonner anyone??

  • Hoveys Home

    Damon Jones is the father of this list.

  • AB_40

    why do you guys keep saying oh this guy was huge in college bla bla bla B S c’mon now. Adam Morrison was also a great uhm scorer in college he was cocky as hell coming in the nba stating at rookie transition camp that his scoring would easily translate to the nba. That didn’t happen now did it?

    Where’s JJ Barea on this list?

  • http://gmail.com Jay

    “Damon Jones is thhe father of this list!” THAT’S VREK FUNNY! LOL!!

  • Flip

    I think you should cut Barnes and Scola from that list. Theyre legit and would shine as really good role players even on lesser teams.

  • vinny

    add derek fisher to that list-when he was in golden st. and utah nobody remembered him.
    I agree with post 23-you dont have to watch all the games- but you can watch all the endings-as long as you can tolerate the local announcers-damm some of them suck.
    Great way to draw us in Austin-forgot how fine Tyra was.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    Kardashian is a waste..watch the sex tape..no talent and no way she gets over halle…And Scarlett Johanson? really? her body is nice but shes def a buttaface…bring back stacy dashhh

  • jay

    first off..tyra put on a good fitty! i personally have not had respect for her when she slammed beyonce on her show..nuff said..that being said…on nbatv..la and cavs are on a lot!!! forget about abc games there was fan night where the lakers were on every tuesday..thanks GP…i am a purple and gold fan so i was cool wit it!

  • dueces

    Bron42… Scarlett Johanson a “buttaface”?? wow..

  • Biglang Liko

    @ post 12 Kevin, The “Mad Men” girl is Christina Hendricks. one of the best cleavage out there.

    @Bron42, i somewhat agree with the Scarlett assessment but she’s not in “buttaface” territory. She’s the “weird looking-hottest” blonde girl out there if you get the drift. But damn that body explodes…

    If Scarlett lost that body, would she be as popular as she is now? I think you all know the answer here.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN


    Man, Davis was gonna get a roster spot on ANY team.

    And he was gonna SHINE on ANY team too.

    His post moves are too sophisticated for a team to not utilize him.

    He’s the only one I don’t agree with.

  • Taj

    George Hill is actually good… For a rookie to get significant burn on that Spurs squad, thats someting! Boobie hasn’t done shit this year due to a couple nagging injuries, but made noise coming outta college and the run he had when the CAV’s went to the finals.

  • Sanpitch

    This was when Tyra was at the top of her game. Man she was hot. Wow, she has taken a wrong turn somewhere.

    Thanks Dime for making me need a new pair of pants at work!

    What was this article about…..?????

  • Sri

    Agreed on Gibson…but number one, really?

    People DO know who Gibson is, and not just because of the Cavs pretty much living on national TV this season…apparently no one remembers his double digit scoring in the 07 finals (one of the few bright spots for my beloved Cavs in that series)…or furthermore, I am shocked people have already forgotten about his slam-the-door shooting in Game 6 of the ECF that same year, right on the heels of Bron Bron’s herculean effort in game 5.

    Boobie could be on the list in the spot that Pavlovic is in now…hell, Pavloic ain’t even famous. He sat out a lot of the nationally televised blowouts the Cavs put on early in the season…but now he’s gettin MAD burn since Boobie has struggled mightily to this point. And hes not just gettin burn, he’s shooting 46% from deep, good for 4TH IN THE L!! How is that coattail riding? The boy has handled his bidness with the burn he got…

    I slide Boobie down to the 7 spot Pavlovic is in, and put Louis Amundson in the spot Vujacic is in now (neither Sasha on this list should be on there), slide Powell up to #1, slide Oberto up Powell’s old spot, JJ Barea to Hill’s spot, and write-in Linas Kleiza for that last spot. Honorable mention has gotta be Anthony Carter a

  • Sanpitch

    Why the hell do I keep coming back to this article?

    I still have no idea what the article is even about. Something about boobies!!??