NBA / Mar 16, 2009 / 12:12 pm

The Raptors Wore Celtics Jerseys Last Night

Shawn Marion

Here’s Danny Granger‘s thought process during this fast break last night: “Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Is that a member of the Boston Celtics? No, it’s Shawn Marion!” The Raptors were playing in their St. Patty’s Day green jerseys – which weren’t the most popular with the team. Chris Bosh described the threads as “wackness” and Anthony Parker said he “already registered a complaint.”

“Everybody’s saying it’s the Celtics logo. It’s just a clover, a symbol of Ireland,” said Patrick O’Bryant. “It would be the same if they had Prehistoric Day and everybody in the NBA had a dinosaur on their jerseys.”

I’m not sure if Patrick O’Bryant is defending the jerseys or if he’s siding with Bosh and Parker. But the idea of wearing jerseys with dinosaurs on them for “Prehistoric Day” is so out there, I’m not sure what to make of it. This is like the first thing that anyone has ever heard from Patrick O’Bryant and he’s talking about dinosaurs.

Source: Real GM

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  • Michorizo

    It would be the same if they had Marijuana Day and everybody in the NBA had a Bud Leaf on their jerseys….shit they can even use the same colors

  • Big Sia

    LOL the raptors organization is a complete and utter joke + failure

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    With the Pacers wearing white and yellow, it looked like a JV Celtics/Lakers game.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    The green jerseys really mess me up when I see them on TV every year for St. Patricks Day. I don’t know where teams come up with these ideas. A couple weeks ago, someone thought it would be cute for the Hornets to wear their New Orleans Buccaneers throwbacks for a game against Milwaukee. So it was Bucs vs. Bucks. Terrible, terrible idea.

  • sh!tfaced

    You gotta wonder what will they wear on April Fools’ Day…

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I do like the New Orleans Bucs jerseys, though.

  • joes

    me likes the retro jerseys

  • dagwaller

    I don’t lol very often, but I definitely did after reading your take on the POB comment. Great stuff, guys.

  • northern lights

    Lmao, this guy has never said anything to the media before… EVER! and he comes out talking about dinosaurs and “prehistoric day” in the NBA

    If the raps win by 30 every time they sport those jerseys I don’t care how ugly they are… this team has been a complete and utter failure this year.

    To make matters worse the organization has been alientating the team’s fan base by contracting the television rights to its games out to TSN2 – a station that only a fraction of the Canadian population gets, depending on which cable company they subscribe to.

  • Kermit the Washington

    That was actually a really funny comment by Kobe O’Bryant

  • Me

    He was referring to the dinosaur on the Raptor jerseys. Get it? It St. Patrick’s day, so they’re wearing green with a clover on it which resembles the Celtic jerseys. He says that if there was a “Prehistoric day” in NBA, they would be wearing jerseys with dinosaurs on it.

  • David Brandon


    funny post man…

  • maddskizzle

    For April Fools the Raptors can just wear their regular jerseys….

  • headchange

    they should be allowed to dress up for halloween

  • iLL Mago

    Chris Bosh described it as wackness yet they snap a 7 game losing streak with them. That’s the Irish spirit!

  • http://dimemag.com ur brother

    bulls gonna wear em tomorrow

  • http://dimemag.com ur brother

    vs. celtics…haha