NBA / Mar 11, 2009 / 12:47 pm

The Worst Backcourt To Watch in the NBA

TJ Ford

Though the boxscore says that the Pacers and Jazz played last night, don’t be fooled thinking that was the real matchup. In reality, last night’s game at Conseco Fieldhouse felt a lot more like T.J. Ford and Jarrett Jack vs. the Pacers.

Troy Murphy was doing literally everything that a person can to keep Indiana in the game – he banged seven triples in the first half – single-handedly cutting a 12-point first half deficit to keep the Pacers in it. But no matter what Troy did, T.J. and Jarrett were working just as hard to give the game away.

Murphy stuck his first triple to make the game 7-4. The next possession, T.J. passed the ball to Carlos Boozer. A couple of minutes later, Jack turned the rock over directly to Ronnie Brewer. Murphy responded by sinking a three on Indiana’s next trip down. At the end of the first half, Murphy hit four three’s in less than three minutes. Shortly thereafter, Ford turned the ball over, Jack drove to the basket, jumped and threw the ball out of bounds, and then Ford tried to copy his buddy, thereby turning a 3-point game into a 9-point deficit. It was insufferable.

I can’t think of a backcourt that is more frustrating to watch than Indiana’s. Even without Gilbert Arenas, the Wizards aren’t this bad. Mike James isn’t the most explosive point guard, but at least he doesn’t consistently violate the number one tenet of playing point guard: don’t leave your feet without knowing where you’re going with the ball.

The Clippers are awful, but I’d rather watch Baron Davis shooting 30% than either one of these guys.

I guess the only guard combo in the League that compares is Minnesota’s. Though Randy Foye had a strong stretch earlier this season, he’s been God-awful since the beginning of February – his assist-to-turnover ratio is just over 1:1 (3.5 assists per game, 3.3 TO’s per game in March), he’s shooting under 40% from the floor during this stretch (2-18 3FG in his last three games). But at least Sebastian Telfair has stepped up during Foye’s dry spell.

Seriously, no one is worse than Ford and Jack – two gunners who are always looking to get theirs.

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  • http://bleacherbrothers.com/blog/graduation-day/ Al Qaeda Jada

    I agree the Pacer’s backcourt is horrible to watch

    the Clippers suck but at least B.Diddy and Gordon are entertaining

  • Allan

    I couldn’t care less about what happens in Indiana . . Ho hum . . .

  • Billy Hoyle

    I’m not saying I want TJ Ford to die .. but I just don’t want him to live

  • karizmatic

    Yeah that backcourt is the worst ever.

  • K Dizzle

    I’m sorry, but I gotta agree with allan. Did you really think with Granger and his 25 points per out of the lineup that all of a sudden TJ and JJ would start lookin for someone else to take those shots?
    Jack been avg 20 since the all star break, shootin over 50% so I don’t think he gotta worry about givin it up. He in the lineup to score til Granger gets back. TJ, on the other hand…

  • Mike

    Why do coaches put up with this stuff? Indy would be better off with some D-League PG who would at least get work the ball around or get it to the hot hand.

    In high school, if you make one stupid turnover you are benched for the quarter. In the NBA, you get rewarded with playing time and millions of $$$.

  • hahns

    wow this was really harsh.

    im a little biased bc i routinely watch jjack torch the knicks.

    but yes- nothing is more frustrating than playing w/ a couple shoot first “point guards”

  • Chris

    hmmm… an unstable PG situation with TJ Ford? wonder where i’ve heard that before…

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Psshhh… Mike James TOTALLY violated that rule when he was with New Orleans. Maybe he doesn’t in Washington (actually, we’ll see tonight, I’m watching that game).

  • ugly_fish

    Jarret Jack looks like Ne-Yo!!!

  • SayItAintSo

    I know this is completely unrelated to this article but I still can’t believe that the Blazers has Tyrus Thomas and Randy Foye…and turning water into wine…ended up with Brandon Roy and L.A.


  • George W Kush Sr

    TJ is a known chucker. I didnt see the game, but the way the turnovers are being described is another part of TJ’s game that people dont talk about. When he’s having a bad game, he aint doing shit for your team if you keep him out there. If he aint scoring his passing is not there at all, his total game gets depressed and he just doesnt contribute most of the time.

    When he’s scoring he’ll play a better overall game as well, but when it’s bad it’s horrible to watch.

  • LakeShow84

    How about AI and Stuckey??


  • E$

    Jose / Parker – Raptors

  • doc

    They coach should get the blame for putting up with it.

  • E$

    I don’t even reply to the TJ ford hate, he must have turned down a interview w/ DIME the way you guys always saying something negative about him.

  • http://mikenaretta.wordpress.com Mikey

    I’d like to nominate the Orlando Magic’s backcourt.

    1) They have no shooting guard. They are starting Courtney Lee.
    2) Jameer Nelson has been a middling PG for all of his career until this year. Now he is injured.
    3) Rafer Alston can’t be taken seriously at PG.

  • http://dimemag.com Melo2TDot

    calderon sucks

  • http://www.flytip.com @flytip

    i have jarrett jack on my fantasy squad so all i can say to the man is, ‘keep shooting the ball and go out there and get yours’.

  • kevin k


    yes orlando’s backcourt is pretty bad but Courtney Lee plays hard and plays mad D. He doesn’t force much and plays within the offense. Rafer is a joke…

    Where is Jammal Tinsley when you need him :o

  • Max

    One of the most outrageous things said by an announcer this year was when Mike Rice compared TJ Ford to Jerry West, when Ford got hot and was keeping the Pacers in the game against the Blazers. That was right up there with Harold Miner being the next Jordan.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    @ 6 “In high school, if you make one stupid turnover you are benched for the quarter”.

    too funny, I do bench players for this, except it’s 2 turnovers in a row, but i get what you’re sayin

  • http://blazersedge.com rpxxxiv

    Ah Yeah!!

    I this is a good example why Kevin Pritchard is a genius and that Portland Fans have to learn to let go, for the better good of the team. After trading Jack, there was a lot of upset fans screaming that we gave up on JJ too soon.

    Jarret has good games against lazy teams and crappy games against everyone else. For Portland, I would say that he had the most momentum breaking turnovers on the team, and possibly the league. 3 on 2 Fastbreak, trailers are Outlaw and Brandon, what do you do? Oh yeah, jump in the air, look for your trailers then toss a behind the back pass to coach Nate for the turnover.

  • Luigi

    haha this is a good article..first i thought that u guys were talking about my Wizards n how we started Deshawn n Mike James…

  • AY

    This is nothing; i think we are all old enough to remember the Steve Francis + Jamal Crawford + Stephon Marbury monster that isiah had unleashed. Here is hoping we will never see devastation like that ever again.

  • http://myspace.com/bigfreeze101 Big Freeze

    Luke Ridnour, Ramon Sessions, and Mbah a Moute anyone? Wow, the Bucks are wretched.

  • dagwaller

    Haha some funny posts in here. Billy Hoyle, yours was pretty good.

    I agree with the subject, though. I root for Jarrett Jack from back in in the GT days (Luke Schenscher, anyone?!) but seriously, the Pacers frontcourt is what makes them go…not the backcourt.

  • jau28

    man guys calderon doesn’t suck… he certainly isn’t great but he’s a solid player. I think he’s a starting PG in this league and speaking as a raptors fan who has watched both calderon and TJ competing for minutes… i 100% take jose over tj ANY DAY. Now if you guys wanna say they both such than that’s fair but a player doesn’t suck when they average 13 and 8 on the season. He definitely sucks this year cuz he isn’t aggressive enough but he’s better than alot of PGs out there.

  • http://thetruthintoronto.blogspot.com/ the truth

    its an unfair observation i saw that same game,tunovers is the late stages doesnt make them the wost backcourt in the NBA why are you singling them out? You come to this cunclusion after one game,i question your basket ball IQ

  • tony

    whats with all the tj hate? when he was starting for the bucks 2 trips to the playoffs. started 2 yrs for toronto 2 trips to the playoffs. the buck nor raptors are anywhere close to the playoffs while indy is 2 games out this yr. i guess a guy starting while avg 15pts & 5 assist 3 reb & 1 stl on a playoff contender missing 3 starters does suck?

  • Promoman

    TJ’s game seems to have regressed. He’s more of a me first point like Marbury, Ramon Sessions, or Iverson. When your guards are bullshitting with the ball, you’re almost guaranteed to lose since they’ve got immediate access to the ball and they want to play 2 Ball in a 5 on 5 game. To make matters worse, backcourts like that give up a lot of points too.