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Underdogs step up, take down Lakers and Spurs

Gerald Wallace, Dime #39

Gerald Wallace, Dime #39

In the Andrew Bynum Karma Bowl, Gerald Wallace got his get-back on the Lakers (if not on Bynum himself), putting up 21 points, 13 boards and five blocks to lead the Bobcats to their sixth win over L.A. in the last seven meetings. Crash caught one dunk on Lamar Odom that even got Mike out of his seat … For the Lakers, they’re probably not as worried about the ‘Cats having their number for whatever reason, but more about the fact that they’ve now dropped two games in a row, both by double-digits and where they averaged 80 points a night. Pau Gasol has been getting the ball more often like he wanted, and Kobe is still Kobe, but they’re getting NOTHING from the bench. And on that note, Adam Morrison clocked a DNP-CD in his return to Charlotte, pretty much summing up his impact on the franchise that drafted him … The Spurs apparently have their own version of the Bobcats, and it’s the Thunder. The last two matchups have gone OKC’s way, including last night when Kevin Durant dropped 31 points to knock the Spurs out of the No. 2 seed in the West behind Denver … Everything about the last sequence was so un-Spurs-like. Trailing by one with about 15 seconds left, Tim Duncan (21 pts, 12 rebs) swatted Jeff Green, but nobody called timeout to set anything up. What followed was a sloppy, chaotic possession where the Spurs almost turned it over and wound up with Mike Finley tossing up a J at the buzzer that bricked … Vlade Divac had his #21 retired in Sacramento during Kings/Hornets, and the team almost gave him a win to cap it. Francisco Garcia hit a jumper and a three in the last two minutes to tie it up, then chased down Chris Paul (15 pts, 15 asts) on the break and smacked his layup with 30 seconds left to keep it tied. But after Beno Udrih gave Sac the lead with a pull-up jumper — yes, Kenny Natt gave Beno the green light — ‘Cisco let Rasual Butler get wide open to drop the game-winning trey at the buzzer. And even worse, Garcia was yelling at everybody else like it was their fault … Chris Webber and Doug Christie were among the ex-Kings in attendance for Divac’s ceremony, and Lil Wayne was there, too. Not specifically to watch Divac; Wayne was in town for a concert. Surprisingly, Shaq didn’t show up … Minnesota’s announcer after Dirk dropped a fadeaway during his 23-point, 12-board effort in a Mavs win: “There’s a sound when his shot goes in,” he said, comparing it to when a home-run hitter gets ahold of a pitch. “It’s demoralizing.” … Other big stat lines from Tuesday: Josh Smith scored 33 in a loss to Philly; Danny Granger dropped 31 points in a win over Chicago; LeBron posted 25 points, 12 boards and three steals in a win over Detroit; and Carmelo scored 29 in the win over New York that clinched Denver’s playoff spot … As far as standings and seedings, Blazers/Jazz was the biggest game of the night — until Brandon Roy (25 pts, 11 asts) and LaMarcus Aldridge (26 pts) turned into a rout real quick. Portland was up double-digits four minutes into the game, and whatever hopes Utah did have of making a comeback were done when Carlos Boozer got ejected. Booz and Joel Przybilla got into it after Prz took a charge and Booz kinda/sorta “threw” the ball at him. (Before that, Boozer had scored 20 points in 24 minutes.) It wasn’t that bad on either side; even Blazers’ announcer Mike Rice, one of the biggest homers in the League, thought Boozer got a raw deal … Rice after Travis Outlaw ended up iso’d on Kyle Kover: “Oh, I like this.” Outlaw had to be thinking the same thing … At halftime, one of the Blazers studio guys said about a Greg Oden block, “That’s more than taking out the trash, that’s bringing home the garbage.” What? The same guy also referred to B-Roy as “Your Completeness” … Did you know Paul Millsap leads the NBA in fouls? Is that a sign of over-anxious defense, old-school physical defense, or just bad defense? … We’re out like Korver’s D …

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  • K Dizzle

    Can’t shit on TJ today. Dude hit a huge gamewinner on Team Chi

    Charlotte is gonna be a monster next year. That team is solid. 2 jet quick points. check. a defensive 2 who drains threes. check. a do everything small forward. check. a slick passing power point forward. check. and a shotblockin, glass eatin, beast in the middle. check. They gonna kill some teams next year.

    In closing, I was sick after we got crushed by the ‘Cats again, but then the spurs loss so it kinda balances out


  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    K Dizzle, the team the Lakers should be worrying about isn’t the Spurs, it’s the Cavs. Lakers should have no real trouble getting to the Finals, but against a Cavs team with homecourt things won’t be so easy, in spite of those two earlier wins. It’s the only series the Lakers will face where they probably don’t have the best player on the floor, and the Cavs play the same sort of hard, physical D that the Celtics play. That would be a tough series. And recently the Lakers haven’t shown me that they could necessarily beat the Celtics again either.

  • Bilal

    come on TJ is bound to make a shot like that at least once….9/10 hed miss

  • http://nba.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    wow… did i just read that the lakers should have no trouble reaching the finals? uhm… there’s san antonio’s boring yet playoff effective game, as usual… there’s the resurging / miraculous rockets… then there’s whoever makes it to the 8th spot (utah, phx, dal), and new orleans, and portland, who can win on them, basically… homerism, perhaps?

    anyways, someone check on josh smith and what he ate today, coz his stat line is freakin’ insane…

    and maybe, just maybe, g-dub should send a gift to bynum – coz after the punctured lung incident, he was playing like a man possessed, like he’s a shawn marion (phx) clone who actually wants to win…

  • AB_40

    detroit looked real out of sync. it’s a shame cuz they’ve got some nice pieces but they need a star who can score. a guy who’s number one now they don’t know… it was a nice game though

  • that’s whats up

    I knew TJ wasn’t going to pass – to him it’s all a game of H-O-R-S-E

    I have no way to defend the Spurs. They lost at home to the Thunder.
    They have forgotten how to play defense and have no composure.
    I hope we can at least take out the Hornets before we lose in the second round

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    i am right there too, the way the spurs are playing right now and they dont deserve to go anywhere but fishing

  • http://nba.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    man, if losing to the thunder is your benchmark, then be reminded that even mj’s 72 win bulls lost to mahmoud-abdul rauf’s nuggets (yeah, he’s the man there back then)…

  • http://nba.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    my point is, san antonio always go into “sloppy” mode sometime during the latter stages fo the regular season (and don’t be surprised if they sit the main trio again later on)… but come playoffs, they’ve always given the business to everyone they’ve met (not necessarily winning though)…

    and i’m no spurs fan, yeah, i’m rooting for the cavs


    Houston Up!

    GO SUNS TONIGHT AGAINST HOUSTON! Seriously I want them in the playoffs that bad. Especially since HOUSTON IS IN THE PLAYOFFS REGARDLESSSSS PIMPIIIN!

    Now it’s about keeping homecourt if possible and just taking it to whoever comes.

    I really need Dallas to lose 3 or 4 games.

    I guess Booz might be getting into it with a lot of folks in light of the recent file for divorce. Been wit ol girl a minute too.

    Basketball and the playoffs will probably be therapy for Booz right now.

    Here it is! Have all the skills competitions at the mid-way point like usual with the Dunk contest now that it’s jumpin again as the big event.

    Then after the playoffs have the All-Star game! This way we get a lil more basketball and the true-er All-Stars get picked!

    Come on now that is a grand idea! Who is with me?

  • E$


    Did I hear TJ Ford & Game Winner? lol

  • sh!tfaced

    Does anyone think Larry Brown has Phil Jackson’s number? Not since the 2001(?) finals anyway…

  • NOEngineer

    Somebody needs to mention David West scoring 40 on a bum ankle to keep the Hornets close enough to win that game. Big-time….

  • E$

    David West=Bum

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Yah, FOR REAL. “Other big lines” my ass.

    David West had 40/9/6, and it was even more ridiculous because he couldn’t even WALK. Seriously. He sprained his ankle in the first half, stuck a brace on it, went back out there and hit every jumper he took. In fact, when everyone jumped into Butler to celebrate the buzzer beater, you could actually see on the broadcast that West hopped and almost fell over sideways. Butler’s shot was nice, but West’s night was pretty legendary.

  • karizmatic

    There is nothing demoralizing about Dirk Nowitski.

  • that’s whats up

    except maybe his hairstyles

  • E$

    It was the KINGS….who cares?

  • calvin brodus

    A-BAY-BAY!!!! Thank you San An, that loss is most appreciated. I think this is only the second time the nuggs have held the second spot in the west this season, so I’ve got savor it while it last. I got a feeling it could be fleeting.

    The lakers lost me money last night (for the second game in a row) but I’m not too upset about that. I knew going into it that the bobcats booty fuck LA every time they play. But I figured they lakers wouldn’t lose two in a row right? Wrong. The lakers took 97 shots, the bobcats took 68. A thirty shot advantage for the lakeshow and they lose by 10. Not to mention, the lakers were 4-14 from the line. I don’t know if I’m more surprised that they only shot 14 free throws, or that they missed 10 of them.

    Nuggs vs. Jazz on Thursday is going to be one the biggest games for the northwest this season.

    Mile high!!!

  • weng santos

    I’m not worried about the Spurs. So they lost to the Thunder, so what? Are they facing the Thunder in the playoffs? No. They’re facing teams that they have beaten in the playoffs before.

    Plus, the Spurs always coast in the latter stages of the season. Killing themselves for home court advantage just isn’t their style.

    Not saying they’ll get anywhere, but they will be a tough out for any and all other West teams come the postseason. They have too much team pride to roll over and die.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    Jazz got smoked. Sloan also got ejected for “pointing” at a ref. I think Millsap leads the league in fouls partly because the refs have no respect for him. he never goes to the line either, but always finishes games with multiple knocks to his head and bloodied uniforms as a product of attempting shots in a packed paint.

  • KenAdams

    The Jazz didn’t play that bad of a game…. Portland couldn’t miss a shot even if they tried. I thought Roy’s foul on Korver was a little harder than it had to be. The Jazz got the raw end of the ejections too. Boozer had 20 points and Przybilla had 1. Good move Refs.

  • Sanpitch

    Jazz got rolled tighter than a joint on Snoop’s Puff Puff Pass tour.

    As a Jazz fan I apologize to the rest of the league for that performance. That was embarrassing for what was supposed to be the game of the night with a lot riding on that game.

  • LakeShow84

    Im getting real tired of that Charlotte team.. we look gassed plain and simple..

    an elite team should never get to the line only 6 times.. especially with a premier perimeter player.. but i dont put that on the refs, we look like we runnin with tired legs.. this is the first road trip in 2 years where we looked tired towards the end… weeeaaaakkkkkk..

    that home cooking smell awfully good.. and whoever said we cant see the Cavs in the finals is smokin.. i MOST DEFINETELY respect that home record.. cant knock 36-1 but like i been saying.. its a mirage.. and dont get me started..

    and i agree.. the refs dont really respect Millsap for some reason.. he takes some knocks sometimes..

    BRoy and LA about to be a nasty duo in a couple years.. like THE duo.. they already one of the better duos but they both aint quite there yet..

  • Ian

    the bobcats have a golden state dallas thing going on with the lakers damn good thing they are in the east.

    ” the team the Lakers should be worrying about isn’t the Spurs, it’s the Cavs. Lakers should have no real trouble getting to the Finals” LOL yeah right there are zero bad teams in the playoffs this season. i remember someone calling denver a fluke and that the teams iverson has been on were bad because it was also a fluke where is that dude? like i said before the season started if the spurs are going to suck in the playoffs i rather they miss the whole thing completly

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow
    I know you feelin good that the 1 loss in the Cavs home record is to LA’s finest. I been sayin for weeks, Lakers are bored right now(well, except for last night when we wanted the game, but Charlotte played huge). Charlotte been solid since the Bell-Diaw trades and can’t nobody tell me that the Cats don’t bring it against the Lakers. Shoot, they were sellin standin room only tickets. That’s how teams roll when Lakers come to town. That game there is Charlottes’s nba finals.They gonna lose they next game tho. No shame in sayin that I’m glad we don’t gotta see those dudes again till next season, but I’m shocked that they two games outta a playoff spot.

    @ Ian
    It might be time to rest Tony Parker a little. There is no way Finley should be goin 5-16 while TP takes only 8 shots, hittin 4. My 2 cents

    Somebody please tell me they saw Lebron blast thru Tayshaun, who was just standin there, and Tay got called for the block. Homerism at its best….so then of course Sheed takes his 16th t, so he ain’t playin the next game

  • E$


    Sasha Vujacic should be in the WNBA

  • http://GEE2.com Poppi GEE…doesn’t want diaper duty!

    I am sorry but perhaps I missed it but what ever happen with the NBA Jam 2 on 2 tourney? Who won?

    And still that idea of All star event in the middle and all star game at the end is the bomb. Even YOU knows it’s true.

    Nothing has been said hardly ever. Still I think he has to get credit, but Ron Artest has been on his best behavior all year. I mean for all the teams in the NFL that gamble on T.O. and come up sour, this is one NBA gamble on Ron that paid off. Without Ron it’s probably the Rockets fighting for that 8th spot.

    Give Ron his due!

  • LakeShow84

    @ KDizz..

    my only worry is we will try to flip the switch and it wont come on.. and thats when teams start panicking.. The whole group got experience but we still young.. Farmar looks like he lookin down on himself and he IS the bench right now.. Vujacic’s D aint been the same since Allen blew his ass up and his shot always been streaky.. he needs to shoot that baseline midrange more, thats his shot.. Powell gives good minutes but he cant be the catalyst.. When Odom and Ariza left the bench is messed with the youngsters heads and they trying to do too much now.. but we are the team to beat right now.. not just because of the record but because everyone hates the Mamba..

    I second that homerism and raise the Will Bynum foul call on Lebrons spin move in the open court.. THAT is my only worry about playing the Cavs in the Finals.. the bullshit calls they get on their home court.. but they still too slow to see us if we clicking.. Ilgauskas and Varejao cant see Bynum & Gasol.. Lebron is Lebron and the MVP but MVP dont mean best player in the league.. as much as Lebron fans hate to even ponder it..

  • that’s whats up

    do they make Rogaine for beards? Brandon Roy could use some

  • LakeShow84

    Lol thats what up..

    Roy lookin like a f’ed up lightskin Keanu Reeves..

  • johnsacrimoni

    Korver’s defense isn’t as bad as reputed. I’ve watched several Jazz games this season and his d has looked surprisingly solid.

  • Mo

    Lil Wayne was actin a fool courtside at the Hornets/Kings game last night.

  • Mo

    Yeah ticktock6, that was some gutsy sh*t West pulled off last night. Dude grinded it out like a soldier. After Sual hit the shot even Tyson went hobbling over to the bunch with that boot on his foot.

  • Big Island


    Dirk is my favorite player and I get demoralized all the time when he scores like 15 straight to tie the game and then misses something to win. Demoralizing….

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    FLEXING is NOT taunting.

    It’s PURE GAMEMANSHIP at it’s best.

    BULLDOZING is NOT a charge.


    I could’ve swore I heard Lebron say to Tayshaun right before contact :
    “And so we meet again.”

    They should do one of those NBA “WHERE AMAZING HAPPENS…” commercials of that CHARGE/BLOCK.

    It would go something like…

    Camera picks up on Lebron coming full steam ahead:
    The video slows to a still-image as soon as Lebron is about to make contact:
    A black n white replay shows Lebron dunking on the entire Detroit squad a couple of years ago:
    The video resumes:
    “Where meeting again happens”

    “Where will “meeting again” happen this year?”

  • the cynic

    i completely wrote off the spurs last night after there embarrassing defeat, but then I watch the lakers get smacked around for 48minutes. Now i’m starting to think the real finals is going to take place in the eastern conference finals while everyone out west are a bunch of pretenders. How do blow gimme games on the stretch run?

  • LakeShow84

    u cry right after Cynic..

    You cry..

  • baron von faulk

    Well let’s see…

    Tony Parker was playing like ass and the Thunder’s YOUNG guns were smokin’ the Spurs, so they play an ancient Finley a million minutes yet again.

    Hmmm…insert YOUNG George Hill to combat Russell Westbrook, but no, keep him on the bench and play Jacque freakin’ Vaughn instead.

    Also be sure you don’t call a timeout with 15 seconds left and get your cold-blooded assassin Roger Mason in the game for the final play.

    Great coaching yesterday!

    What the frikk is Pop doing with the rotation?? Trying to tire out Finley and Tony before the playoffs and get Vaughn going? Making sure George Hill has the confidence of Beno Udrih?

  • Lee

    Wow .. The Chauncy trade worked out well for the nuggets .. could they get to the finals ?? They have two good closers in Melo and Billups.

  • doc

    What?u mean to tell me Westbrook bust Tony the Gods ass yeasterday.Yall looking real fragile LaLa Land.Not that it means much today but keep hating on Bron nights while yall can because in June yall gonna all jump in the Pacific.

  • IGP

    it’s like people only do things because they’re getting paid, and that’s just really sad.

  • K Dizzle

    Chris Bosh just nailed a cold blooded 22 foot step back on Dwight Howard’s family….game