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Chauncey owns CP3; Iguodala takes Orlando’s homecourt

Chauncey Billups (photo. NBA)

Chauncey Billups (photo. NBA)

All this time we’ve been arguing Chris Paul vs. Deron Williams vs. Tony Parker for Best Point Guard in the League, and no one ever seems to remember Chauncey Billups. It makes sense; all Smooth does is bang home threes, dole out forearm bruises, win more games than almost anyone at his position, cash those playoff bonuses and go home. He acts like he doesn’t care who gets the hype, but try and tell us CB didn’t look like he had a point to prove last night. Chauncey DESTROYED the comp in the Nuggets’ Game 1 blowout of New Orleans, putting up 36 points and eight dimes — his eight threes were one shy of the NBA playoff record owned by Ray Allen, Vince Carter and King Rex Chapman — and making us look kind of silly for naming CP3 our NBA Defensive Player of the Year the other day … It’s wasn’t just Paul (21 pts, 11 asts) feeling the wrath, though. While CP definitely saw his share of buckets, Byron Scott had Rasual Butler guarding Chauncey a lot of the time. For Game 2 the Hornets might wanna try something else, because Butler doesn’t have much of a face left … Tyson Chandler was back in the lineup, but the Hornets’ bigs still couldn’t match the energy of Nene, Birdman and K-Mart and just got out-played. Between those three and Chauncey, it didn’t matter that Carmelo (13 pts, 4-12 FG) had a bad game … As sick as Chauncey was, the M-V-P chants from the Denver crowd was a little much. Somebody needs to put a note in every seat in every NBA arena that you can’t just go around chanting M-V-P all willy-nilly … Dime’s Andrew Katz, our Jazz-blogger-for-a-day, laid out the blueprint for what Utah has to do if they stand a chance of upsetting the Lakers. It included: Carlos Boozer playing like an All-Star, Utah’s bigs drawing L.A.’s bigs away from the rim, and finding some way to not get rung up on defense while keeping Kobe off the free-throw line. Basically, the Jazz will have to be close to perfect, and yesterday they fell behind 0-1 because they just weren’t close enough …



Boozer did his part, putting up 27 points and nine boards, but with Memo sidelined (hamstring), L.A.’s big didn’t have to venture too far away from the rim. Jerry Sloan‘s D gave up 62 points in the first half, and while they tightened up in the second, it wasn’t enough to overcome an off shooting game from Deron Williams (16 pts, 4-14 FG, 17 asts). And Kobe (24 pts, 8 asts, 6-7 FT) didn’t live at the line, but after the Jazz got to within single digits midway through the fourth quarter, he found himself there often enough down the stretch to close it out … Seeing James Worthy at the game, isn’t he a good role model for Greg Oden? Worthy looked like he was 30 years old when he was in the college, too, but he really hasn’t aged much since then. That’s a good sign for Oden. By the time he’s 45, he’ll be a relative babyface … Not a good for the Magic: Dwight Howard had his best playoff game ever (31 pts, 16 rebs), they had all their guys (except Jameer) back healthy, they led by as much as 18 at home, and they STILL managed to lose … Andre Iguodala was the hero. After missing two huge free throws with a minute left when Philly was down one, A.I.2 got a shot to redeem himself in a tie game in the final 10 seconds. Being guarded by Hedo, Iguodala (20 pts, 8 rebs, 8 asts) worked his way into a step-back J from the top of the key, which he drained with 2.2 seconds for the game-winner … That came after Donyell Marshall hit a three to tie with 35 seconds left, capping a big Sixers comeback. Of course, Philly fans can’t just be happy with that; they’re too busy wondering why the hell Donyell and Theo Ratliff were getting crunch-time minutes. One of our boys who’s a big Sixers fan e-mailed during the fourth: “A fat, barrel-chested Marshall. A 36-year-old Theo. Gross doesn’t even begin to describe it.” … How about Anthony Johnson dunking on Ratliff? Seriously, Anthony Johnson. Marcin Gortat‘s full-body convulsions on the bench were justified for that one … Miami is probably gonna need Dwyane Wade to win this Atlanta series by himself, but there’s no way he can pull that off if the Hawks continue to come out as focused on both end of the court as they did last night. The defense held the Heat to 64 points (Wade had 19) and forced a ton of turnovers, and the offense was a highlight factory. Josh Smith had 23 points, 10 boards, three steals and like 10-11 dunks. Whatever it was, J-Smoove found that spark he had in the middle of last year’s Boston series and looked like he had an extra couple inches on the vertical … And now we get to that extra-long drawn-out part of the first round. Only two games tonight: Bulls/Celtics and Mavs/Spurs. Kendrick Perkins was in the media talking crazy about Derrick Rose — basically guaranteeing D-Rose won’t ever have another huge game like he did on Saturday against the Celts. Which is weird because he’s the last dude who can really do anything about it, unless he’s planning a dramatic re-enactment of Andrew Bynum vs. Gerald Wallace‘s Whole Left Side … We’re out like Rasual …

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  • Benoit Benjamin

    Boozer this year il a lot like Zach Randolph. he puts up nice numbers, but it doesn’t translate to his team winning. Play Millsap, at least he acts like he cares on defense.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    that anthony carter dunk was hilarious…not even his mother thought he could throw down like that.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Chauncey deserves some MVP talk. He fixed the Nuggets, made AI look expendable and guided Denver to a 2 seed, something that no one expected. Not to the degree that Bron and DWade deserve talk, but Chauncey deserves at least a few 3rd or 4th votes.

  • http://nba.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    my lone buck says it wont be good for d-rose… perkins’ gonna be a bad, bad, bad man… hated even… i see a retro knicks / bulls type of hard foul, dirty series coming up…

  • JT$

    @ sans, it was Anthony Johnson, not Carter. Honest mistake.
    @ Solomon, as big of a beast as Perk is, if you think D-Rose is scared of anyone, you’re out of your skull. He’s from THE SouthSide, the Chi loves him like Jordan. The United Center is gonna be crazzzzy for games 3 and 4, the C’s will be lucky to make it out alive.

    As far as Boozer is concerned, the dude is a dbag, which is why he left Cleveland in the first place, LeBron couldnt stand his ass. Greg Oden will be lucky if he doesn’t look older than James Worthy next season. And WHAT IS UP WITH SC TOP 10? J-Smoove throws down like 10 dunks and cant even get a number?? Phillies weak ass walk off HR takes the 1 spot??? Over Iggy?? WEEEEEEEEEAK

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Naming CP 3 as your defensive player of the year wasn’t a good idea for a couple reasons: 1) steals are the most overrated defensive stat in the game (often caused through gambling), 2) Paul is undersized and at least last year the Hornets were statistically a better defensive team when he was on the bench, 3) Just how much D do/can points play on each other anyway?

    Another thing I don’t like about DPOY awards: everybody seems to think it means “best two-way game.” Granted, Lebron and Kobe and Dwight are great defenders, but they don’t defend hard on every possession. Give it to the guy who busts his all all game long defending – give it for defense ONLY. Players like Battier or Artest at least merit some discussion.

  • JT$

    I just saw Kobe talking to Big Game James pregame again, and I changed my mind – Oden already does look older than Worthy. And Ariza’s dunk was filthyyy

  • AB_40

    problem with the first comment is that millsap is whwat 6-6? he’s short and la’s best bigs are at least 6-9

    y’all saw 6-11 collins standing next to 7 ft gasol and look like he was 3 inches shorter… well he probably is haha

    and GP won it once as a pg but he’s the only guard besides MJ who I can name who won it.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    yeah CP3 looked like the dpoy all right, good call dime!

  • Kobeef

    Didn’t we already discuss how Perkins, more than any other NBA player, thinks he is better than he really is?

    Who the hell is Kendrick Perkins to make promises about shutting down Derrick Rose?? I see a double-pump dunk landing on Perkins head in the near future.

  • caloy

    #3 i dont think dwade will be in any MVP conversations for a while after that abysmal game by the heat yesterday

  • http://www.imeem.com/dialogs/standaloneplaylist/?p=ztKqfEZj smoove chips

    To mention Billups as a runner up in the MVP ballots is more than justified.His presence is calming to the whole Nugget team.I didn’t think he was trying to prove anything.they left him open,he made em pay.simple.To declare him the MVP is ludicrous.That’s.the.Honest.Truth.

    Utah didn’t know what to do in LA.And if by a miscue of fate Deron would have missed this game.That shyt would have been ugly real bloody quick.A massacre of barbaric proportions to be frank.Maybe I was seeing things but did is seem like Dwill was thinking in the last 2 minutes “I’ll be damned if you fluckers get tacos.”For real he’d would have killed for that last layup imo.

    this orlando/philly series isn’t doing a damn thing for me.I tried.

    Miami is done.can’t nobody hit jack.And the one cat who can is contantly double teamed.It’s wrap.They might win one from mad home cooking by the refs in Miami but that about it.On another note,wonder what kinda player Beasley mighta morphed into in Cleveland ?I’m just saying..

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Houston Up!

    Naw Dime I been saying Billups is top 2 or 3 depending on what you want. I like him most def. over Parker cause he plays good team and individual D.

    Glad he is getting his shine on.

    Perkins needs to be more concerned about helping Ray Allen find his shot.

    As hype as the Hawks get at home, you would think they really would have went after a higher seed this year for that homecourt.

    A.I.2 went and got his own redemption. That was fresh.
    Orlando betta pull it together. I most def. was thinking game over after Skip’s drive and Dwight’s dunk to end all mankind.

    Chauncy Billups is coach of the year!

  • rick773

    Considering they historical type of game Rose played he’s not exactly going out on a limb.

    @ Solomon:I can see it happening too..But if he does he better not show for game 3. It’s dudes still looking for Hugh Hollins

  • Kobeef

    You make it sound like the Jazz almost beat the Lakers but the truth is the Lakers were up by 20 at the half and the only reason the Jazz closed the gap is because Josh Powell and crew were on the floor for most of the 3rd quarter while Kobe and Pau were relaxing on the bench.

    The Lakers have this series in the bag.

  • Kobeef

    one last post: Great quote (and subtle jab at Adam Morrison) by Lamar Odom

    “I’d like to see Adam Morrison get in the game,” Odom said. “I think this was a game we could have won by 25.”

  • Chaos

    ANTHONY FRIGGIN CARTER?! WTF?!?! HOW?! wasnt Theo like one of the most feared shot blockers in the league for a while? he jus gambling on shit now. even Deke dont gamble like that anymore and block shots and he like 50. Yea we need to rethink the best PG in the league list one more time. Chauncy is easily top 5, and as far as being a winner, top 2 along with TP. The dude just knows how to win and thats that. hes a hard match up cuz hes a big guard that lights out shooter, a floor leader and great defender and can pass the rock. he may not get the stats other guys gets but he is a winner and can possibly take Denver deep into the playoffs (til they face the Lakers). Give respect where respect is due.

  • 92021SpurMD

    Some of you may call this a stretch from a Spurs fan, but an interesting “stat”… The spurs, along with winning the titles in the odd years since 2003, have also lost their opening playoff games in the 03, 05, 07 championship seasons. The years they won the opening playoff game, they failed to win the title. Something to watch out for…

  • dk

    Right, Right, right, Billups, greatest PG of all time…..

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn


    and look at tims stats, with the exception of 2003, his numbers look pretty close as well, didnt he have some leg problems in 2005?

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/djkianoosh djKianoosh

    I can’t believe my sixers won. is Orlando that DUMB?! I’m telling you, if Dwight Howard doesn’t average 40 and 20 in this series it’s all on van gundy and the rest of that team. the sixers have no answer for him. nothing. dalembert? puhleeeease! theo did aight but come on. Howard needs to be force fed in this series. put it this way, a real contender would recognize that advantage and run that play ragged, you know what i mean? so what if hedo and rashard and whoever else likes to shoot threes? Howard needs to be touching that ball twice on every trip down the court, and three times on sunday! lol.. seriously. this series is all about how the Magic get the ball to Howard, or not. frankly, as a fan of just basketball, it will be disgusting if he doesn’t get 40-20 and 5+ blocks. and I’m a sixers fan, sheesh.

  • that’s whats up

    comment 18 gives me hope…

    CP3 – well you all know I hate his little cheatin’ ass already…

    Calvin Brodus has got to be happy as hell today
    Nuggets cracked the Hornuts

    Gee, the Rockets look good… didn’t see that ass-whuppin’ coming the other night – play on playas

    SPURS – if they falter tonight the wake for the 2008-2009 season will be held early next week.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    @ thats whats up

    i just see the loss from saturday as the spurs saying “you know dallas we feel so bad for you that we will spot you one game, here you go”

    its just to make things more interesting is all.

  • that’s whats up

    ranger, I like where your head is at

    GO SPURS !!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN

    (except Jameer) — this lil’ paranthesis is a MAJOR PROBLEM for Orlando.

    My SIXERS won! Damn! I was so proud of my boyz! Bulls and Sixers in the ECF!!!!!!!!

    LOL. maybe.

    Let’s stop callin’ him AI2 and let’s only call him Iggy from now on. I just don’t like that connotation attached to him…that AI2 nickname incorporates an inherent “benchmark” type of entity that sort of adulterates his originality. Nuffboutdat.

    He was a good look last night.
    I think the Sixers outshot the Magic on THREES. MADE THREES! Word?
    Yup, that’s what I said.

    Onto some other stuff on my mind…

    I said it before, I’ll say it again – once D.Rose gets a SWAG! Lights out! It’s a WRAP! Mark my words.
    That interview yesterday…that “is he slow?” or “is he just shy?” or “how damn humble can you be?”…yeah, that one! Nah, once he gets that SWAG…PSHHHHH – CURTAINS! Won’t be no “Yes, Ma’am this. Yes, Ma’am that.”
    It’s gonna be, “Yes Ma’am. Sure! I’d hit. Come to my suite later tonight, Ma’am”

    Perkins needs to shut up.
    Bulls just stole one from the Celts at home and the Celts talkin’ ish.

    With all of that said: Pierce could’ve ended that game and none of us would be talkin bout Rose like that. We’d be sayin’ how Rondo and him were goin at it but Rondo walks away with the win.

    AND!!!!!!!! Especially to DOUBLE Q –
    Yeah, it was a blow-out, but GREG ODEN was beastin’ down low. Don’t dare say nuffin. Y’all tryna make this old looking rookie ass knee hurtin mofo to be Sam Bowie and he’s not. Yet. Not yet. Hopefully, never yet.

    I’m out like the SHOT OF SHUTTLESWORTH!

  • 92021SpurMD

    I honestly only see Dallas winning maybe 1 more game in this series. The spurs just seemed TOTALLY out of sinc in the 4th quarter, and TP wasn’t himself AT ALL. Like he was trying too hard. Pretty sure those two things wont happen again.

  • Ian

    dagomar i agree on the your dopy take

    billups is the 4th best guard no doubt now remind me again why cp3 is the best defensive pg when parker , deron and now billups seem to drop 30 on him easy.

    now someone told me in their iverson defense that denver improving and detroit going south was a fluke YEAH FUCKING RIGHT give me billups everyday iverson woulda been wooped by cp3.

    funny thing is that before the championship runs the spurs were like 0-1000 in playoffs series when losing game one.

  • zcw

    “I say all the time he’s a winner but he doesn’t have a lot of skills,” Nuggets coach George Karl said. “Tonight he had a lot of skills.”
    Karl said that about Billups.
    That Paul DPoY has blown up in your face dime. Doesn’t A.I. record a healthy amount of steals… all I ever here from coaches, analysts, etc is that steals are overrated because you gamble, which can cause a defensive lapse that leaves your big to step up and the point guard can either draw contact or dish to the open player in the paint…..

  • jackass

    no mention of some wacko ass whiteboy throwing a beer bottle onto the court in denver??

  • Sanpitch

    why the hell did dime pick cp3 as the dpoy?? wow! just cuz dude gets a lot of steals don’t mean jack. he is a good defender definitely NOT a GREAT defender. iverson has led the league in steals 3 times and has never been considered a great defender. don’t get caught up in the hype! wow, not a good pick at all! i would have birdman a lot higher on dpoy then i would cp3.

    where the hell has ai2 been hiding? i feel sorry for ‘6ers fans cause you know he is going to shoot you guys out of the series now that he hit that game winner.

    atlanta took miami to the woodshed yesterday. i expected more from miami. atlanta made them look ugly.

    billups is awesome. he’ll never be considered a top pg in this league but the dude deserves to be considered. he better get more mvp nods than cp3 this year.

    jazz need to get rid of ak47 and boozer this summer. boozer has to be one of the worst defenders. and that cram that ariza laid on him, boozer was slow as hell getting down the court. it’s like he just gave up and didn’t want to get posterized, but i have watched enough jazz games to realize that is boozer giving you his full effort. boozer makes yao seem like speedy gonzalez from the wb cartoons.

    shout out to dime for the rex chapman mention. he was one of my favorite dunkers.

  • dagwaller

    D Wade’s line: 8-21, 1-6 from 3, 2-4 ft, 5 assists, 5 boards, 0 blocks, 3 steals, 8 TO. If D Wade keeps “carrying” his team like that, I’m thinking series over in 4? Maybe 5?

  • K Dizzle

    Anybody catch CWebb losin it on Kenny about Dwight’s support not givin him the rock against Philly’s weak front line. Dude was seriously heated. Funny how they were callin Iggy’s stepback “lucky”. Damn near true tho. Hedo had him locked up. Tried to go left, tried to cross and then finally just stepped back and barely got it over the fingertips. How else you explain a dude hittin a game winner and NOBODY comes over to give any love…

    CP3 – loss
    DWill – loss
    TP – loss

    Top 3 points on the weekend were Rose, Chauncey and Brooks with honorable mention to Rondo and my hometown pick, Shannon Brown. This dude was really a throwin in a salary dump? D’s up and 3 of 3 from distance

  • Sanpitch


    8 to’s! wow! but wade is a turnover machine.

    i always think back to a miami heat game this past season when wade had just picked up his 5th foul and went to the bench. about a minute of sitting on the bench he just put himself back in the game as he walked past spoelstra. makes me wonder if spoelstra rips d-wade for turnovers or if he just keeps his mouth shut and lets wade do what wade does??

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN

    “NOBODY comes over to give any love…”
    — pure fiction.

    Sure looks like DONYELL, mid-court mind you, screamin’ DIRECTLY at him to me…on ESPN’s Sportscenter Highlight of the Night.

    Sure looks like REGGIE EVANS givin’ Iggy a hug in the Philadelphia Daily News, on the court of course.

    Everyone CLEARED out on that last play. Maybe THAT can “explain a dude hittin a game winner and NOBODY comes over to give any love…”

  • K Dizzle

    @ Sanpitch

    you know he lettin d-wade do WHATEVER he wanna do. He probably do what Phil does when he talkin to Kobe, but he can’t say shit to Kobe so he says “Take care of the ball, Sasha, Luke, Ariza.”

  • K Dizzle

    Yeah, my bad lol DONYELL MARSHALL and REGGIE EVANS gave love……as the rest of the starters don’t even react as it goes thru. Youtube that play and tell me what Lou Williams and guys who actually played durin the season do…

  • dagwaller

    @ Sanpitch and KDizzle, hahaha.

    In response to my George Karl for COY, someone said that Karl deserves less credit than Chauncey Billups for the Nuggets turnaround, then someone else said that Spoelstra deserved some shine for COY. Yet in my opinion, the Heat are the biggest one man team in the league.

    As Wade goes, so go the Heat. 2-4 from the line? Sounds like he wasn’t getting any help from the refs…doesn’t look good for them.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN

    Yet in my opinion, the Heat are the biggest one man team in the league.—}}


    Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with you, Mr. Dagwaller.

  • Sanpitch

    lol @37
    “…2-4 from the line? Sounds like he wasn’t getting any help from the refs…doesn’t look good for them.”

    good stuff



    what would sprewell have done if he was playing for spoelstra?

  • Me


    The only good thing for magic fans last night.

  • http://dimemag.com Melo2TDot

    no mention of the Bottle thrown on the court in Denver?

  • E$
  • LakeShow84

    I would like to apologize to everyone who heard me say Orlando has a chance at beating Orlando..

    It wasnt hating on Cleveland as much as everyone thinks but i was more admiring Orlando’s inside out game at the time.. They’ve beat who they have had to beat all this year.. They won the season series against ALL the elite teams..

    If they fail to the SIXERS Shaq is right.. Van Gundy panics come playoff time.. i remember a game towards the end of this season when Van Gundy said he was “trying some new things out there” with the lineups.. First thing that popped in my mind was why try anything when your team has been that succesful throughout the season?? he just might be a goober..

  • baron von faulk

    You’ll have to excuse those Nuggets fans chanting “M-V-P!” for Chauncey Billups last night…they were desperate to try something different than the “S-O-S!” from the Allen Iverson era.

  • Diego

    Well, the Hawks spanked the Heat last night. No surprise there. Although that was one UGLY fourth quarter! There was like a 6 minute scoring drought by both teams.

    J-Smoove had FIVE ridiculous highlight dunks. I didn’t think he’d make it up to that 1-handed alley oop! Two funniest (?) scenes from the game:

    (i) TI scored some sweet seats (with 2 ladies) behind the broadcaster table near midcourt. Sometime during the game a concession guy trying to deliver food to TI (I knew it was for TI (and it was confirmed) because you can’t otherwise even get food delivered to you on that side of the arena) by walking in front of the Heat Bench to deliver the food! (I was thinking, did D. Wade order a hot dog and some curly fries?!)

    (ii) J-Smoove’s mom (who comes to every home game and is well-known) got rejected by a security guard at half-time from exiting out the tunnel she exits out at every halftime. (I guess she didn’t have right badge on her–security was on strict behaviour–like the bar that cards EVERYONE, even your granddad.)

  • Dave

    Chauncey is the man. If only the Jazz wouldn’t have messed their pants down the stretch it would’ve been good to see DWill and Billups head to head for 7 games. CP3 is nice when it’s a soft regular season game, but I just don’t think he’ll be able to counter the big pg’s in the West anytime in the near future.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @Dave: Liiiike how he completely embarrassed the mummified corpse of Jason Kidd last year? Right.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @ticktock6 — You kind of answered your own question by referring to Kidd as a mummified corpse. But the numbers say D-Will always gets W’s over CP, and CP lost the series to Parker last year. And seeing what Chauncey did last night, Dave might have a point. Just saying…

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN

    they all play up to CP when they play CP ’cause they know he’s the best, benchmark whatever…look at thier head to heads over a season and CP has better stats all the way around…including tp, big shot, and dwill.

    just saying….

  • Big Island

    Kendrick Perkins is the sorriest human ever. I love when someone says there is no way that happens again when the guy talking doesn’t even guard him. Perk is terrible and his little chin hair thing looks like he cut Drew Gooden’s rabbit tail off and glued it to the tip of his chin. Terrible. He’s garbage.

    I hope Rose flips a little lob to Tyrus and when Perk looks over he gets all kinds of meat in his mouth.

  • SwedishMooze

    How much of the Iggy dagger was actually redemption against his own coach? For those that didn’t see, he actually had Hedo 1on1 with about 20 seconds left at the same spot he had him with 9 seconds, but the coach called a TO… AI2 was not pleased. He walks to the sideline PISSED OFF.. listens to his interim coach babble and scribble… walks back on the floor… probably demands the ball from his teamates or at the very least sabotages whatever play was drawn up… gets the ball back on top against Hedo again, jukes, wiggles and sticks the dagger in Hedo’s grill… I’m guessing the Sixers haven’t found their long term answer at the helm.

  • tim

    I’m pulling for the Nuggets to make some big time noise…even though the Pistons suck his year, Chauncey will always be a Pistons to me…great to see him dominating the opposition…

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @ Austin: No doubt he has trouble against D-Will. He has trouble against Derek Fisher sometimes too. But Parker is really more speedy than physical, so I think that’s a different animal. CP had crazy numbers in that series, SA just did a great job of taking away his shooters. I’m just not sure how much of it is CP not being able to beat big guys, or his team not doing well against physical TEAMS (they don’t. At all). So I guess I wouldn’t say he’s always going to have trouble with them. I mean, everyone on the floor is bigger than him. If it mattered to him that much, he wouldn’t be able to get the numbers he gets.

  • Dave

    CP3 is touted by everyone as the best, the NBA uses him constantly, they all love him, so if the other g’s in the league get up for him it’s to show everyone that the media can make up anything they like, regardless of the truth, just saying…

  • http://www.youtube.com/jskcknit JSKCKNIT

    Yeah what now…All y’all that talked smack about what D. Rose and the Bulls were going to do…WHERE YA AT??

    Perk’s words rang true in game 2. You wanna say B. Gordon went off….Look at game 3.

    #50 Big Island…..stick to what you do best…commenting about basketball is it.