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D-Wade buries the Hawks; Chauncey puts CP3 on the brink

D-Wade (photo. Mannion)

D-Wade (photo. Mannion)

The Hawks should have known Dwyane Wade wasn’t gonna have two bad playoff games in a row. After being held to 19 points in Miami’s ugly Game 1 loss, Wade came out last night with the Terminator scope on, and ATL didn’t help their cause by giving him some wide-open shots. In the second quarter Wade (33 pts, 7 asts, 6 threes) went on a run where he scored 13 straight points in three minutes, hitting up Flip Murray and Mo Evans for buckets. On the trey that capped the run, Evans for some reason decided to switch on a screen and leave Wade, a mistake that Josh Smith (17 pts, 10 rebs, 2 blks) couldn’t cover in time and gave Wade a wide-open triple that was good from the moment he set his feet … Daequan Cook (20 pts, 6 threes) hit the triple with about a minute and a half left that sent them filing out of Phillips Arena, but Flash’s shot a minute before that was the real dagger. With Miami up by seven, Joe Johnson dug in again Wade and wasn’t letting him get past him. With the shot clock winding down, Wade rose from WAY beyond the arc and banked one in. Sick-ass shot, but the death stare he gave the Hawks after it went down — like he expected to make it — was a little much … Mike Beasley‘s cornrows: Bad decision-making by the rookie. B-Easy looks like he’s in the third year of a six-year bid. And Luther Head looks like his public defender … Is it just or does Chris Quinn look like an age-progression photo of H.W. Plainview? … No NBA arena has more C-list celebrity look-alikes than Atlanta. We saw a girl that could have been New York from “Flavor of Love,” a dude who looked exactly like Anthony Anderson, another dude that could’ve been Lil’ Cease, and an older lady who looked like Jackie Joyner-Kersee … Is Courtney Lee gonna become this year’s Rodney Stuckey? Lee played like a seasoned vet while saving Orlando’s ass against the Sixers; initially by stepping in and helping contain Andre Miller when ‘Dre was destroying the Magic early on, then later by hitting big shots and keeping Orlando running with the uptempo Sixers. Lee (24 pts, 3 stls) was calm, under control and hardly made a mistake. He did have one awkward moment, but that was just to see how it felt … Even when Dwight Howard (11 pts, 10 rebs, 4 blks) was kind of a non-factor and eventually fouled out, Orlando was up by as much as 18 in the second half. But Miller (30 pts) and Andre Iguodala (21 pts, 8 rebs, 7 asts, 3 stls) helped get Philly back in it with a run, and late in the fourth quarter it was close … With about 30 seconds left, Orlando was up six and the Sixers were still breathing. Hedo Turkoglu missed a jumper, but out of nowhere came Rashard Lewis for the offensive board and putback while literally FOUR Sixers just stood there and watched him. Like, all of them were within arm’s reach of the ball when it came off the rim, and none of them even jumped for it …

It's all bad for CP

It's all bad for CP

And in Wednesday’s “Oops I Crapped My Pants” Special, the Hornets got smacked around (again) in Denver. Byron Scott put Chris Paul on Chauncey Billups this time after Chauncey declared “Drainage!” on Rasual Butler in Game 1, and it still didn’t matter. Chauncey took CP down to the block, and when he wasn’t hitting turnarounds on him, got to the line and converted. Billups went 11-for-11 at the stripe and scored 31 points … Smooth only had four assists, but made some slick passes in the process: One where he ran a pick-and-roll with Kenyon Martin and skipped him a pass between the legs; another where he deked a defender who thought he was going for the “walk-up three” (as Kenny Smith called it), went into the lane and wrapped a pass behind his back to Nene for a bucket … Peja is kind of a wrap right now. He can still shoot, but that’s literally all he can do. If he’s not spotting up he’s useless on offense, he doesn’t rebound, and his D is comical. Last night Carmelo (22 pts, 9 asts) was shooting Peja’s face off with ease … How great is TNT’s graphic where it lists each guy’s role on his team? For example, K-Mart’s says, “Team role: Elite Defender,” while Chauncey’s says “Team role: Commander-in-Chief.” Can we please get one of these going for every player in the League next year? Al Harrington: Unfeeling Jack Artist. James White: Layup Line Entertainment. DJ Mbenga: Highlight Victim. Greg Oden: Treated with Kid Gloves … There wasn’t much question of whether Derrick Rose would win Rookie of the Year, just by how much. Rose got 111 of the 120 first-place votes; O.J. Mayo got five, and Brook Lopez and Russell Westbrook split the remaining four. Eric Gordon, Kevin Love and Beasley were the next three in the voting … One major problem we had. How in the holy hell did Robin Lopez finish ahead of Mario Chalmers? Lopez only got one vote, but it was for 2nd-place, which trumped Chalmers’ two 3rd-place votes. Whoever actually voted for ROBIN LOPEZ as the 2nd-best rookie in the NBA needs to have their ballot rescinded and should probably be fired. The only acceptable excuse is they meant to vote for Brook Lopez and made a mistake … Welcome to the Brandon Jennings fallout: High school Class of 2010 big man Jeremy Tyler, a top prospect out of San Diego who had been verbally committed to Louisville, said he is skipping his SENIOR YEAR to play pro ball in Europe. Tyler is nice; he’s about 6-11 with a strong inside game and a smooth outside jumper. But he’s still 17 years old with three years of high school experience. We’ve gotta say, he should have waited … We’re out like Beasley’s ‘rows …

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    Someone D up Flash! Boy was nasty!

  • Markito

    @ Dime,

    Never read your reasons why CP3 was your pick for DPOY, but Billups has been owning him. I mean CP3 get the monster steals numbers but he ain’t no lockdown defender.

    Orlando, despite the win, is blowing huge leads. Not a good sign at all.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    The NBA wants nothing more than to see Flash and Gift in Round 2…..and I’d like to see it too–the Hawks are the only squad in the East that can take it from the Cavs right now.

  • Markito

    Somewhere, while watching Billups lead the Nuggets to another W, Dumars is shedding a tear.


    It is me or Austin Burton is the worst Dime writer?

  • siree


  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Oh come on, it’s not exactly like anyone could foresee CP playing this way. He hasn’t played this way 2 games straight all year. He hasn’t played this way against Denver in the past. It is an undeniable truth, however, that New Orleans goes nowhere without Paul and West. And that’s just about where they’re at right now.

    P.S. I was doing those TNT players titles too, all night. “James Posey. Team Role: Hired Killer.” “Devin Brown. Team Role: Garbage Man. Emphasis on Garbage.” Etc.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Bruce — It’s you.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Addendum: Peja can still rebound. Just not since he came back from his most recent injury… he had a string of double doubles in Jan. Problem is, the Hornets in general are looking like they peaked in January. Right before everyone started taking turns going down with injuries. You didn’t mention Tyson Chandler, but NO fans (and players) have clearly been relying on his return to give hope to this team… and… well, he’s something of an emotional leader for them, but he couldn’t even run in the 4th quarter. He was limping up and down the floor. If it wasn’t the playoffs, he wouldn’t be out there. His big return is just not gonna happen. Dude is hurt.

  • K Dizzle

    He did have one awkward moment, but that was just to see how it felt … LOL classic

    Like I said when a certain Dime writer was talkin about the Magic tradin for Wince Carter, give CL Smooth his time. Dude has alls the makins of a legit nba 2 guard and he’s damn near ten years younger than VC, and while no one questions that VC is on the decline of his career, CL is only gonna get better with experience and can grow with Dwight…

  • http://www.myspace.com/losrotos Marcus

    I like Austin Burton’s work.

    B-Easy kinda looks like Rodman

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Anthony Anderson is not C list. Once you get a reoccurring role on Law and Order I’d say you’re at the very least B list.

    Beasley looked like an over grown version of Delonte West when Delonte has his braids but without the funky lip thing.

    If Courtney Lee is this years Rodney Stuckey does that mean next year he will have a disappointing season?

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    “Chris Paul hasn’t played this way for 2 games straight all year.”

    Well he picked a hell of time to start.

  • Phileus

    “Marcus says:

    I like Austin Burton’s work.

    B-Easy kinda looks like Rodman”

    Agree with both of those, but ESPECIALLY the Rodman bit. Christ, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Rodman turned out to be his illegitimate father. You just know Rodman’s got to have churned out dozens of kids over the years.

  • that’s whats up

    I agree with post 8.

    As for post 6, they would be fresh if it was 1999, not 2009.
    B-Easy tryin’ to bring ‘em back, but they just went out

    I also just noticed Mike Woodson’s facial hair. It looks fake, like he has a make-up artist apply it before every game.

    Didn’t expect the Hornuts to get cracked so badly but damn I am enjoying it. CP3 has a top 5 whiny face, if dime could get off his nutz they’d notice.

    Spurs tonight – gotta get that revenge win on the road.

    Rodman is a freak.
    Dude probably impregnated that woman-man that keeps having kids.
    both times

  • that’s whats up

    Chris Quinn = Bastard from a basket



  • q


    April 23rd, 2009 at 2:34 am

    Austin Burton says:

    @Bruce — It’s you.

    Wow, it’s so weak…especially Austin, when you know you’re the worst.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn

    1st, austin os not to bad, people hating on him because he likes the spurs. (unless he had much 2 do with the dpoy article)

    2nd, nobody is going to let you guys at dime off the hook for picking cp3 for dpoy UNLESS you guys come out with an OK WE WHERE WRONG ON THAT ONE FOR SURE article.

    3rd, heres laughing at at all those “james posey signed with NO so they are gonna win it all” people. anyone who honestly thought posey was the missing link to a NO title is/was nuts. NO will never win a title with CP3! he tries to do to much, while he passes well, he really doesnt let his team get involved, he wants to he the hero to much and in the end will be the reason NO gets (this) close but cant get over the hump.

  • flavur

    I think it’s funny what Denver is doing to CP3 cus he’s whining and complaining like a bitch like that one comment he had saying that they were being to physical this just shows that there are so many good players that are sissies. Anytime a player complains about physicality the league needs to cone down pick him up and force him to watch some old heat vs knicks with zo and Ewing playoff games or the pistons vs michael before he started passing the ball that’s real physical play, Chris Paul is being a straight up wuss.

  • that’s whats up

    @17 – unfortunately, the customers are always right.
    Even if the customers might be unpaying, uneducated NBA “fans”.

    No doubt Austin has his true answer in mind, then says – “I gotta nice job that I love, I gotta be cool”.

    With success comes hate from those who haven’t found success
    …and that’s why you probably just signed your name as q; don’t hide, man up

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/djkianoosh djKianoosh

    i’m tellin you, orlando may have won this game, and they might win this series this way, but if they think they can go deep in the playoffs without really getting Howard involved and dominating they’re sadly mistaken. they can push it up for early offense, i get it, but after that, why not feed the big man and see if he can’t go to work? it’s like they go 4-5 minute stretches without even looking for him. granted i haven’t watched the magic that much all year, but the glimpses that I see him physically dominate whoever is on him lead me to believe he should be much more involved in the offense.

    Tyler made the right move. the whole high school/AAU/NCAA system is whacked. they don’t pay these kids, and in these cases where the kid is dominating his peers, the system even retards their basketball growth. He goes to europe, plays real pro ball, learns a lot, gets exposed a little, works on his game full time, makes money. damn, it’s a no brainer.

  • E$

    I knew it was going in…….MV3

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Actually when you’re a sports writer I think getting some hate/controversy is probably a good thing; it ups readership. In Austin’s case I disagree with half the things he says, but he’s one of my favourite writers . . . .

    The East has some pretty entertaining series now. I still say it’s hard to take the Magic seriously as a title threat when its best player is a non-factor down the stretch. This is still a jump-shooting outfit that has ceded homecourt to a brutally flawed Philly team. Every team in the East is so injured or flawed right now that the Cavs should roll until the Finals. If the Lakers have a tough time getting through the rest of the west, I don’t know who wins that series.

  • the_don_mega

    rangerjohn is right… no need for too much hate ’round here… anyway… do you cats think the nuggets can wreck havoc all the way until the west finals with the way they playin’?

  • Patrick

    Anyone know how much the kid is gonna get paid to go oversees and to where? If it is good money in a western european city he probably made a good decision if he is cultured enough to take advantage of it. Everyone speaks english and I could be wrong, but I’m guessing this kid wasn’t going to college to become a doctor. The euroleague only plays about 40 games so the physical toll shouldn’t be too rough and he might even learn how to play.

  • http://www.uneedathink.wordpress.com uneeda

    @ Bruce… Check your grammer

  • Diego

    “No NBA arena has more C-list celebrity look-alikes than Atlanta. We saw a girl that could have been New York from “Flavor of Love,” a dude who looked exactly like Anthony Anderson, another dude that could’ve been Lil’ Cease, and an older lady who looked like Jackie Joyner-Kersee … ”

    I concur absolutely.

    LOL @ AB’s reply, post 5. I agree–it’s you Bruce.

    The Hawks got pounded. The young Heat coach adjusted great. JJ was double-teamed and tried to do way too much–unsuccessfully. Wade and Cook left open. No Zaza, who really gives teams fits with his chicanery and aggressiveness on the offensive boards. Flip couldn’t hit the broad side of a Hawk flying around the arena. (That errant Hawk provided the most excitement of the game for the Hawks fans.)

    Yeah, Woodson with his velcro goatee.

  • Diego

    And TI = biggest Hawks bandwagon fan, but must have greatest publicist/handler since Will Smith’s Hancock.

  • bakedbeing

    I’ve been waiting for Bease to hit the rows, that ging-fro had to git. DWest knew it, Bease knows it.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    Jeremy Tyler, please tell me you are joking. Is this really happening?

    Even with Robin Lopez’s 2nd place vote, this is still a rookie class that is comparible to the 84′,96′,2003′ draft classes.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Jeremy Tyler is a smart man. If you’re that good in high school as a Junior, why would you spend a meaningless Sr. year just to shit on the competition again? Makes sense to me that he leaves high school early. Doesn’t that translate to 2 years of professional ball, a resume that beats out any college kid’s?

    Chauncey is so damn underrated as a point guard it almost makes me sick. Forget everything he’s done in the postseason, just the fact that the Pistons are looking like the Knicks in the East and Denver became 2nd in the West after the AI-Chauncey swap is enough evidence for me…

  • do

    forget c paul and d williams. in the postseason (where it actually counts) no pg has been doing what billups has been doing the past 5 years. He basically did to paul what he had been doing to kidd, payton, parker,…

  • karizmatic

    YOu can’t really call it Brandon Jennings fallout the NBA just needs to rescind the age limitation it’s obviously not going to stop guys from going pro or collecting whatever money they think they can get for their skills. All it has done has had the unintended consequence of opening the European market to young guys.

  • Kudabeen

    Sixers made me feel like a fan last night and I hate them for that…

    Dre I just coasted in the game…He was getting whatever he wanted, but they was running offense through Miller and Lou…Miller was being guarded by Courtney Lee and it was obvious he wasn’t going to get him on pump fakes, but they keep going to him. Iguodala was getting to the basket and actually hitting shots and we totally didn’t adjust…

    We needed scoring and rebounding, but we refused to match up and put to legit bigs in the game…Speights couldn’t be on the floor with Theo or Evans at the same time?? Does Willie Green or Lou Williams have to be 2 guard with Miller Iguodala and Thad? Just lame… You take Dwight out the game, but you leave Lee open continuously while he is clearly killing you…Miller took Rafer and AJ out…I was very frustrated that there was no urgency (greed as the color guys were saying) in the Sixers…

    Philadelphia hasn’t really had a home court advantage like that and the Magic are better road team than home team…A few Dwight dunks Sam turns Puss…Theo should start if Sam is going to play this way…

    Dre I

    That is the best lineup we can play with against the magic to start the game…No Willie Green…I’d rather see Kareem Rush in there than Willie to start…

  • No J Mayo

    Were those cornrows or shitrows on B Easy?
    Chauncey is effing CP3 in his face.
    How does Melo feel to CLEARLY be the 2nd best player on his team?

  • Tom S.

    Webster was in the crowd in Atlanta for Game 1.

  • Kudabeen

    Paul is a better player than Billups

    Billups is a better General than other guards, because he can go in the trenches and come out on the other side…He is big enough and talented enough to change the game…

    Paul like many small guards have limits too how much they can take over…He can play better. We have all seen him go for 30+ points and still get assist…He is due for a monster game…Dontay Jones is a tough match up for him, but in space I know Paul will have his way…Paul gets his calls at home and it is a totally different game…

    CP3 will play better, but he isn’t being killed…Julian Wright, Rasual, Devin are getting killed…

    Chauncey did do Paul dirty on that nasty spin into a mid range J…

    Hornets just don’t have the guns…Their Bigs are suspect…West is not getting dirty…Can’t be Finesse all game in the playoffs…Chandler doesn’t even look as if he works on other skills during off season…

    That said, We’ll see the Hornets best effort game 3. Can Denver handle adversity in the playoffs can they play from behind? We’ll see…Hornets need to man up…

  • dagwaller

    @Bruce – they’re all good.

    I laughed out loud for literally 20 seconds after reading that line about “team roles”…thanks for starting my day right, Dime!

  • bdk23

    woodson and brown brothers from another mother?

  • bdk23

    mike woodson and mike brown brothers from another mother?

  • Sanpitch


    Paul is a better player than Billups

    that statement is making you look like a fool right now. wait ’til the season is over to bring that out, don’t do it right now where all of us can clearly see that is NOT the case.

    cp3 is NOT a lock down defender. i don’t get how he got so many dpoy votes. steals do not = dpoy, just ask allen iverson about that.

    are we shocked that peja is going into oblivion in the playoffs?? isn’t this the same peja that hid under a rock for the kings in their hey-day?? i am surprised people “expect” something out of peja in the playoffs!

  • Dennis Castro

    Beasley looks like an alternate version of Da Brat. Whatever the case, that’s never a good look for a dude.

  • blkrob25

    Little bit more behind Tyler. Not only is the competition whack, but everyone expected him to transfer to a prep school this year (coach was fired). I dont think he could get in, so someone got in his ear and mentioned the europe route. I’m all for getting your money, especially in a recession and you know his mom and pops are strugglin. but he wont even FINISH his junior year. he left the school last week!

  • Taj

    Is it just me or is Dahntay Jones seem trying to get a paycheck by being a goon… The guy plays defense with his body and irritates me, just watching him. If I was CP I would concede a Turnover & throw a bullet pass at his noggin or his jewels to keep him off me! LOL!!

    Other than that NO’s bigs aren’t doing shit vs. Denvers.

  • E$

    @ do – Tony Parker hasn’t been around in the last 5yrs? come on…..

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    the playoffs usually do two things. it allows players to shine. and it shows a teams weakness. you can easily see what a team is lacking when they get to the playoffs.

    the Hornets are lacking a lot. especially at the 2-guard spot. they get NO production from their off guard. they need an off guard who can defend the perimeter, create his own shot on offense – with some 3pt range, handle the ball and be a part time playmaker; especially when Paul is on the bench, and they need a lil toughness outta that position.

    sad to say….but the Hornets really could use…ahem…Larry Hughes of all people. he fits the description of what the Hornets need outta that position. imagine if their starting lineup for this series was:

    chris paul
    larry hughes
    david west
    tyson chandler

    very respectable. and balanced. Hornets need to fill their void at the 2-guard spot

  • LakeShow84

    When i heard they were going to put Paul on Billups it made that game a must watch for me.. Billups is one of the few guards who will actually post up smaller defender with his strength..

    The biggest problem with Hornets?? they aint got NOBODY out there to really compete with Nuggets.. Outside of Paul and West there really isnt anyone who can do it on they own.. and even West NEEDS Paul for his game..

    That bank 3 from Dwade reminded me of the shot Derrick Rose hit in the tourney championship.. talk about a prayer lol..

    And i agree with whoever said it.. Josh Smith has the basketball IQ of a marble.. under 2-3 minutes left and you throw the ball away cuz you think your Marino?? i dont blame Woodson for getting on in his ass..

  • Ian

    @do he did to parker what???? lol

    dude parker has beaten all of them kidd paul deron nash BILLUPS iverson.
    now can someone remind me again why cp3 is the best because of the regular season pleaseee.

    can someone get billups of cp3 damn.

    @bruce sorry man i gotta go with austin on this one its you. except when austin tries to compare baseball to basketball.

    @don mega
    yup they can that second round series billups would kill tha mavs and if they get the spurs with no manu its going to be hard for the spurs.

    i dont get that paul is better but billups is a better general??? isnt the best player the one that makes your team win??? forget stats give me the winner.

  • doc

    CP3 hasnt really been guarding Chauncey,and he’s been putting his numbers up,he just need some help and it will come with homecourt.I swear some of yall brains reset every year because a series dont even start until a team loses at home.Denver held serve.That is all.Melo cool with having another baller.Thats what he been wanted and they went out and got him everybodies favorite person to dickride until like last month but they finally fixed that by trading him for a true teamate.@E$-do said that because the one year Detroit played San An in the Finals.The Spurs won but Chauncey was embarrasing Tony on a daily basis and was about to win the MVP on a losing team.

  • Ian

    sorry doc but chauncey only outplayed parker (he isnt even close to being the same player now the second round will prove this) twice in the seven game series the other games were matched evenly. if anything billups should be embarassed with that 13 pts effort he put up on the deciding game 7 and lets not forget the ass wooping manu gave rip.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN

    “The biggest problem with Hornets?? they aint got NOBODY out there to really compete with Nuggets.. Outside of Paul and West there really isnt anyone who can do it on they own.. and even West NEEDS Paul for his game..”


    When Wade pulled up WAYYYY beyond the arc and DRAINED it, only 2 words came to mind:


    I said it again after I saw Beasley’s hangtime.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    #45 Heckler —

    “the playoffs usually do two things. it allows players to shine. and it shows a teams weakness. you can easily see what a team is lacking when they get to the playoffs.”

    Preach it! I 100% cosign on everything you just said. This is why I wasn’t pleased with the Posey signing when it happened. (I love him now, no denying he singlehandedly won some games in the fall with clutch shots, but.) The Hornets needed a slashing, creating wing and a backup big. Period.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Since he will forego his senior season, does anyone know when Jeremy Tyler becomes eligible for the NBA draft?

    I don’t think situations like Tyler’s are a concern for Stern and the NBA. For every one superstar high school player who goes overseas there is 5 ready to take his place.

    The one way I can see the NBA reacting to this is by simply requiring players to haver a high school degree or equivalency. Then at the very least all draft picks will have to at least have a GED. Although, I don’t know how this would work for international players.

    Karizmatic says earlier that the NBA needs to rescind the age requirement rule but I don’t see that happening. What does the NBA care if a player takes longer to get to the NBA? NBA is the destination. Players can go to Europe after junior high if they want to but they ultimately want to be in the NBA. Europe is just a pit stop and perhaps a smart one. I wouldn’t mind seeing more mature, polished players being drafted rather than unproven, players who are evaluated based on “potential”.

    While this may be big news as far as high school hoops is concerned this should mean little to nothing to the NBA. It certainly doesn’t mean shit to me.

  • max

    Chauncey destroying cp3 proves he should not be a candidate for DPOY. Getting a lot of steals is great but kobe would never get worked like cp3 is, never.

  • Big Island

    Spliff – He has to wait 2 years according to ESPN.

    Beasley looks like Latifah in that bank robber movie with Jada Pinkett-Smith.

  • http://www.twitter.com/austinburton18 Austin Burton, “T.M.P.”

    @Big Island — That’s it. His nickname is “Cleo” until he drops the braids.

  • http://dime sure

    No awards for Phoenix and Denver’s training staff & doctors. They’re something going on there. It’s amazing how their repairing and transforming players into great shape. K.Martin,C.Billups,Melo,Shaqtus,G.Hill,Nash,J.Richardson Unbelievable. Chris Anderson looked like he never took off. Nene having a year like this off injury. Awards to the best team trainers. It’s like they have the fountain of youth in the facilities.

  • K Dizzle

    @ doc
    good post

    Memories are ridiculously short. If the Hornets go home and start gettin some calls, the haters will take a day off and the CP3 fans gonna come out with the recklessness.

    I’m not gonna come out here shittin on CP3 like some dudes on here were shittin on DWade when he was injured last year. First off, nobody was talkin Chauncey as top 3 points all year. It was always CP3, DWill and TP in whatever order. Now two games in Denver and CP is Smush Parker? Give it a rest. Like Chauncey himself said, he in a groove right now and he feelin good. He’s not as dominant as those first two games and CP ain’t as bad as those two games. It would help if Chandler was actually healthy.

    @ Ian – Chauncey’s 13 and 8as were not as embarrassin as Tony’s 8 and 3as….sorry, but you walked into that one

  • Ian

    k dizzle
    lol not my man parker was an ok player back then billups was the finals mvp the allstar and the man on his team parker was easyyyy the third best player on his team not the same player and you know u it (well maybe u dont cuz u rather have fisher but u know what i mean)

  • the cynic

    Chandler is showing a lot of guts trying to play and I have a new respect for him, but he needs to sit out. He is only hurting the team trying to play through the pain