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KG’s knee changes everything

Kevin Garnett

Not exactly worth getting up at 9:30 a.m. on a Saturday before (if you’re on the West Coast), this Celtics/Bulls series just got a whole lot more interesting. After Chicago sloughed their way through a loss to the Raptors and gave up the 6th seed Wednesday night, nobody would have picked the Bulls to make much of a dent against a healthy, focused Celtics team that’s feeling disrespected with everybody penciling the Cavs into the Finals. But then Thursday morning came around, and with it, the news that Kevin Garnett (knee) could be out for the duration of the playoffs. While some of us saw this coming weeks ago, there is still a slight chance they’re playing up the injury for more than it’s worth. But — and this is going to sound awful — the fact that Danny Ainge had a minor heart attack yesterday (he’s reportedly OK and recovering at a hospital) lends even more credibility to the idea that KG is in really bad shape … So without KG, how does this series play out? Tyrus Thomas is the biggest benefactor, and he’s already been playing consistently well since the All-Star break. Derrick Rose also becomes much more dangerous without Garnett guarding the rim, but is that enough for the Bulls to make the defending champs sweat a little bit? On DimeMag.com this afternoon we’ll argue that, as well as the rest of the playoffs, in our NBA Playoff Blogger Face-Off. Some of our favorite team bloggers will go head-to-head to debate why their team will win its first-round matchup … Tomorrow’s TV schedule tips off with Celtics/Bulls (12:30 p.m. EST), followed by Cavs/Pistons (3 p.m. EST), Spurs/Mavs (8 p.m. EST) and Blazers/Rockets (10:30 p.m. EST), with each game on ESPN or ABC. On Sunday, the other first-round series open: Lakers/Jazz, Magic/Sixers, Hawks/Heat and Nuggets/Hornets … And while we wait for the postseason, it’s time to hand out the regular-season hardware. You can probably guess who copped Dime’s Rookie of the Year. Jason Terry is the Sixth Man of the Year, and “Senor Buckets” took Most Improved Player. You can also see which Hall of Fame lock earned a spot on our Least Improved Team … The latest NBA Draft early entrants include Syracuse PG Jonny Flynn, St. Mary’s PG Patty Mills, Texas G/F Damion James, Kentucky PF Patrick Patterson, Memphis PF/C Shawn Taggart, Notre Dame PF Luke “Lenny” Harangody, and Xavier F Derrick Brown. Flynn is the only one who’s signing with an agent right now, but you should expect James, Mills and probably Patterson to eventually do the same … Meanwhile, a few guys announced they’re staying in school: Oklahoma PG Willie Warren (showing he can produce without relying on Blake Griffin), Kansas PG Sherron Collins (needs to play more under control), Kansas C Cole Aldrich (should have gone; his stock is high in a weak class of centers), Georgetown PF/C Greg Monroe (not quite ready yet), and Wake Forest SF/PF Al-Farouq Aminu (still raw). Not saying anything about this group, but it’s always funny when dudes who have no business thinking about going pro hold a press conference to tell everyone the obvious. Remember Oregon making a big deal about Malik Hairston‘s annual “I’m coming back” announcement? … All the downtime between playoff games for the next couple weeks means we’re destined to get a lot of classic games on NBA TV between the teams currently playing each other. For example, there’s a 100% chance they show Mike‘s 63-point game at Boston Garden. We’re also looking out for that Spurs/Mavs overtime Game 7 from ’06 (Dirk‘s 37-15 vs. Duncan‘s 41-16), the Kobe Airball game from ’97, LeBron‘s 48-point game against the Pistons, and there’s gotta be some old Drexler vs. Hakeem games from the early-’90s that we can’t think of right now … We’re out like Flynn …

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  • jk

    Go Patty Mills!! Go Australia!! Good luck son!!

  • http://deleted Luigi

    damn. playoffs should be fun….

    in the west. every one is auditioning to lose to the lakers..
    in the east. if some team upsets one of the top 3 seeds…oh boy

  • Shrink This

    Aldrich should’ve declared. Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but I don’t see him being any better as a pro than a guy like Adam Keefe (granted Cole is taller).

  • SparkyJ23

    Kg’s knee look like it gave Danny Ainge a heart attack for real.

    That shit is fucked up

    I Still think The Truth and Jesus got enough to get them past the Cavs but its gonna be close

  • Lee

    Boston had a hard tine getting past the hawks, the bulls might upset them.

  • that’s whats up

    All those dudes need to stay in school; their games are nowhere near NBA ready.

    Just what the NBA needs…. more washouts. Potential does not equal production and these cats don’t understand that. You would think with all the available knowledge and the COUNTLESS stories of busts that came out too early these dudes would wise up and stay in school, but they don’t. They see some big money and jump for it when the smart thing to do would be:
    1) stay in school, enjoy a few more college chicks while improving your game AND getting a degree
    2) really hone your skills and learn to play within a team, which improves your chances of some longevity in the NBA

    Regardless, good luck to all of them – I hope your stories have a happy ending, but it will be a very tough road ahead.

  • My 2 Cents

    I think Patty Mills will be a good pro, his game for Australia vs USA at the olympic was solid and he held his own.

  • Mr. A


    Without KG, the Cavs opened up a 40 point ass whooping on the Celts. You REALLY think they can get by them without their #1 guy? …

  • mules

    I really wish Flynn would’ve stayed at ‘Cuse another year but I gotta say I think he’s ready to make the jump. Hopefully he’ll get drafted by a fast-paced team with a good veteran pg he can gradually take over for…someplace like Atlanta

  • 92021SpurMD

    Am I the only one who notices how everyone is giving the lake show an easy pass to the finals? If they see Portland in the second round, they’ve got trouble. I sure hope the Spurs see them in the West finals again…

  • Shrink This


    I completely agree.

    And the more I think about it maybe Aldrich is destined to be more like a Bryant Reeves than anyone else (who was a lottery pick too)….

  • jryu


    ^ why you can never take what college athletes say at face value.

    who am i to say, “no stay in school and give up millions of dollars” but at least be a man and don’t lie to your fans/school/coaches like that. ironic that he’s the only that’s signed with an agent so far thereby giving up his ncaa eligibility.

    im not a ‘cuse fan, im just saying..

  • K.I.R

    @10- even the jazz could be a test – nothing guraunteed

  • aj

    Here’s my saving hope that the Lakers won’t win the title: If a couple teams (especially the Jazz or their second round opponent) can really push them and steal several games to make it real interesting, Kobe is gonna stop trusting his teammates to get him where he wants to go.

    You really think he’ll trust LO or Bynum after last year and all the injuries if things get tough? Not a chance and that’s when they’ll be vulnerable.

    Of course, if everything goes peachy and they’re steamrolling everyone, Kobe’s more than happy to play nice.

    Here’s to hoping the Jazz push it to a game 7. I’m not sure Kobe could win a game 7 by himself.

  • http://www.alltexasforums.com rangerjohn


    there is sooo much laker love EVERYWHERE, kinda makes you sick right.

    utah WILL win AT LEAST 2 games, maybe even 3, houston or portland either one will take the lakeshow to AT LEAST 6, and provided the spurs get past dallas and denver (dont see NO winning) they will take the lakers to 6 maybe 7 games. we have no manu but we do have the best supporting cast yet, things will be different this year (well somewhat)

    here, i think this applys to the lakers right now


    and if i remember correctly, the bears lost that year

  • http://www.CalmYoSelf.com Kermit the Washington

    Boston might lose that first round homie…but assuming they don’t, they don’t want no parts of Orlando. Dwight against a Celtics team with NO KG? Ouch

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Houston Up!

    Seems as though Rick is taking the right approach. He let the guys know, if you make stupid mistakes and don’t be consistent then the playoffs will be like that Mavs game, a lot on the line and Houston coming up short.

    Bottom line is Yao has to go to work, and they have to get the ball to Yao so he can work.

    All the college kids should stay in school this year that are going early lol, they shouldn’t even have a draft lol, just let cats stay. That would be funny and like the ultimate shocker if the NBA announced they weren’t having a draft for a year. Dude’s would be crushed.

    Boston will be ok, and I still expect KG to play.

    Even if he don’t, please dont sleep on Big Baby, he come off as gay a lot but he can give you 19 easy.

    Playoff time! Yes!

  • GayforRudy

    So Ainge allegedly had a heart attack because Garnett is hurt? That’s bush league commentary at its finest. And I HATE the Celtics. And Ainge. And Garnett.

    Go Sixers!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Garnett’s looks like one of them aliens with a long head in that pic lol.

    What if his heart attack actually did have to do with Garnett being hurt. You know some cats take their jobs way to seriously.

    I am really wishin Wade could get that MVP. That lil dude has come back stronger and really been on it. I like both Kobe and LeBron but Wade has just been after it this year. Oh well hopefully he just keeps bringing it.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Did the Knicks make the playoffs this year?

  • QQ

    I literally can’t wait for the playoffs.

    Without KG, the Celts-Bulls match up got a little more interesting. Yeah.

  • Diego

    KG is not Boston’s no. 1 guy. Pierce is the guy who is tough to stop and clearly is no. 1. I’d say Ray is no. 2. KG? Yeah, that’s right–I’m saying he is overrated these days. He puts fear in no one’s eyes these days (not even the little euro white guys he picks on). Boston still will squeek out wins over Chicago and likely Orlando and then will lose to the Cavs, just as they would with a healthy KG. But of course Boston is a better team with a healthy KG.

  • 92021SpurMD

    Would it be a bad idea to rest duncan if they were to get up 3-0 or 3-1 in either first or second round series’?

  • that’s whats up

    yeah, Duncan has to play. The largest amount of games he’ll play now is 28, the fewest is 4 – This is no time to rest him.
    He has to play.
    We can piss off a game in Denver mid-season, but this is the playoffs.
    Everybody is bringin’ it

  • that’s whats up

    no series lead is safe

  • calvin brodus


    thats an incredibly hypothetical question. thats like me asking, “if i have the chance tonight to knock boots with Jessica Simpson or the Octomom, and i definitely can’t talk them into a ménage, which one should i nail?”

    i’m going with Octomom. what can I say? i love milfs.

  • Tha Boddy “Agent Zero Still DMV Hero”

    I can’t wait for next season…GO WIZARDS!!!

  • tim

    what ever happened to YOUNGFED?

  • that’s whats up

    pistons grabbed the 8th spot and went 39-43 on the season.
    that’s what happened to fed

  • QQ

    @ post 22:

    KG might be a bitch who always screams, but you can’t argue that he IS Boston’s best player. It’s not about the numbers, but as cliche as it may sound, when Boston got him last year, he changed the whole team’s concept and mindset. Pierce never did that.

  • LakeShow84

    Im about to be glued on that Houston match up tomorrow baby! i can see that going 7 fasho..

    I love how we are the most hated team in bball.. to all Jazz fans, you guys have a chance to win ONE game.. thats about it.. that midget front line cant see us and you know.. and ill base it on that ALONE..

    @ RangerJohn.. first off this site shows the Lakers no kinda love.. 2/3 of the Dime office would love to see us out the playoffs the first round.. everyone spitting in the face of good competition like the Spurs&Lakers or Lakers&Blazers, you guys want us eliminated in the FIRST ROUND?? but fear breeds ignorance am i right?? dont hate on a 60 win team.. you KNOW we will make the Finals.. as much as it makes you guys squirm.. we aint the Mavericks in the sense that our best player will be mystically shut down.. AK47 going to take a HUNGRY Kobe out of the first round?? please RonRon AND Battier cant even hold Kobe down if he gets pissed enough..

    shit the sky has a better chance of falling..

  • oohbz

    ^^ they love to hate your team coz of fans like you.. ^-^

  • Rangerjohn

    Lakeshow, you are way off base there is more laker/Kobe love here then even labron gets. Don’t try to act like the lakers are the spurs or something with all the hate.

  • aj

    Poor LakeShow…his team gets no love cause all they’ve done since their last title is whine, lose 2 Finals, be a lottery team, complain that they didn’t trade their best player (Kobe), complain that they didn’t trade their probable future best player (Bynum), want the GM fired for not pulling either trade, and now their back on the bandwagon and the GM is a genius.

  • QQ

    @ aj:

    ‘(Lakers) gets no love cause all they’ve done since their last title is whine, LOSE 2 FINALS, etc’.

    As a ‘semi Laker fan’, Im gonna ask you some questions: Really? Lose 2 finals? That’s a bad thing? What the fuck has your team accomplished?

  • QQ

    @ aj:

    ‘(Lakers) gets no love cause all they’ve done since their last title is whine, LOSE 2 FINALS, etc’.

    As a ‘minor’ Laker fan, Im gonna ask you some questions: Really? Lose 2 finals? That’s a bad thing? What the fuck has your team accomplished?

  • aj

    Dude, I ain’t putting down Finals appearances at all. They count for something. I’m a Buffalo Bills fan so I know all about heartbreak, but I also don’t talk like they’re the greatest thing since, well, of all-time when they ain’t done crap with Kobe as their leader.

    Yeah, I don’t like the Lakers cause I’m a Spurs fan. But the dopes that blog up the Lakers are really what draws the hate.

  • LakeShow84

    Tsk tsk.. bitter fans..

    And yes AJ but we still at the top of the mountain as of TODAY.. i cant help it if i am cocky in this sense.. i have had to put up with all Kobe/Laker hate for 5-6 years now.. and when people hate your best player they hate your whole TEAM.. Especially if that player is a arrogant magnet like Kobe.. the lottery year with everyone talkin shit.. The Phoenix years where everyone was talkin shit.. The Finals year with everyone talkin shit.. everything post Shaq is people talking shit and hatin..

    shit people hate on Bynum and the boy is solid besides 2 freak knee injuries.. so in other words kiss my ass cuz its us against the world.. for the next couple of years as a matter of fact so get used to it chumps.. and yes besides a select few of you, you foos are CHUMPS who are reppin CHUMP teams.. take ur guys bitter hopes and be ready to get smashed!!

    Cuz we back baby!

  • LakeShow84

    Spurs fans crack me up.. you guys get on Phil for having Jordan/Kobe yet Pop has had the greatest PF of all time his whole coaching career and now a HOF PG in a PG’s league.. but yeah Pop just finds ways to make it happen all on his own right??

    You guys are ill.. most Laker fans give nothing but props to the Spurs, who btw have eliminated us a couple of times and been our MAIN Rival for a decade but yet i still give Duncan mad props and the same to the Spurs organization.. i even take it a step further and say Timmay is my second favorite player..

    whatever happened to respecting the comptetion? bitter fans like i said.. your TEAM shows too much respect for you guys to act the way you do..

  • aj

    People hate on Bynum cause we all jealous the Lakers didn’t do something stupid like trade him. He’s what gives the Lakers hope for the future. He may or may not be the next great center but he’s gonna be good.

    & if you woulda asked me last year who the best player in the L was, I probably woulda said Kobe. I’m changing my tune this year, but Kobe is great. Kobe just ain’t done nothing for quite some time now.

  • hansosword

    Willie Warren should have left for the league…. Is there really a better pro prospect in college right now?

  • hansosword

    Willie Warren should have left for the league…. Is there really a better pro prospect point in college right now?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow

    Kill em all, baby!!! lol

  • yeah right

    so why is iverson a HOF lock and dirk doesn’t get in according to dime?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Because Iverson’s had a better career.

  • Diego


    SO FAR, by a bit (perhaps a big bit). BUT, if AI hits the skids, and Dirk pops in 5 or 6 more seasons scoring in the mid-20s, Dirk’s stats/career (except points per game) may knock AI’s–with likely more career points by then, more games played, more rebounds (of course, but less assists), likely more all-star games, and if he can pull a Garnett/Ray Allen–i.e., jump to another team for a title, maybe a title (although, AI very likely may do the same (and be sought to do so). See, e.g., S. Marbury with Celtics perhaps). Five (perhaps less) more solid years = Dirk in HOF. (and greater than AI, by then? the German KG then?)

  • Shrink This

    I agree AI’s had a better career, but Dirk will be (if he’s not already) a HOF lock.

    My humble observation has been that over the years, Dime hasn’t really been a particularly Dirk-friendly zone (a notable exception being when HoopsTV.com pitted him against Dirk Diggler; which was funny as hell).

    And while everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I think he has all the credentials needed for the hall (despite not having won a title).

  • doc

    Dirk a hall of famer.@lakeshow-Yall aint been on top of shit since like 02 pimp u having flashbacks or something.U would think Kobe aint get his ass handed to him last year for the chip just like he got his ass handed to him the time before that one how confident yall are.

  • LakeShow84

    ahhhh i miss u too Doc..