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Dime’s 2009 NBA Rookie of the Year

Derrick Rose, Dime #32

Derrick Rose, Dime #32

With 82 games in the books and the playoffs getting started this weekend, Dime presents our ’08-09 NBA regular-season awards. These are the consensus picks from our editorial team; not necessarily who we think is going to win, but who we think should win.


In voting for sports awards, nobody likes the easy choice. (For the most part, that is. Handing an ESPY to somebody like J-Mac makes everyone feel good.) We all like unearthing the diamond in the rough, thinking outside the box, and looking like a genius next to the clowns at rival publications. When picks come along that are too easy, it’s almost like it makes you look lazy.

So as we picked this year’s NBA awards, Rookie of the Year wasn’t fun. Derrick Rose did everything that could have been expected of him and more: Starting from Day One at the toughest position in the League, he took an ’08 Lottery team to the ’09 playoffs (and not as one of those sub-.500 eighth seeds) while making himself a fixture on the nightly highlight reel. Rose averaged 16.8 points and 6.3 assists, leading all rookies in dimes and finishing second in scoring.

There were other rookies who put up better numbers in some categories, but none had the impact on their team’s fortunes like Rose did on the Bulls. He was his team’s MVP, and rightfully should win R.O.Y. almost unanimously.

G – Derrick Rose, Chicago
G – O.J. Mayo, Memphis
F – Michael Beasley, Miami
F – Kevin Love, Minnesota
C – Brook Lopez, New Jersey
Bench – Russell Westbrook (OKC), Eric Gordon (LAC), Marc Gasol (MEM), Jason Thompson (SAC), Mario Chalmers (MIA).

Danilo Gallinari, New York

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  • http://sgausney@gmail.com Ses

    I couldnt have said it better!!!

  • Kermit the Washington

    DIME!!! DIME!!!!

    What is this??

    “Celtics coach Doc Rivers said this morning in a radio interview that All-Star forward Kevin Garnett will likely miss the entire NBA playoffs due to his knee injury.”

    FIGURES. The ONE TIME I need these guys. I needed them to take care of Cleveland for me. I’d rather face Boston than CLEVELAND in the finals! DANG DANG DANG!!!

  • SK

    I’m not a big Gallinari fan, but c’mon you cant blame the kid for injuries. He actually looked good when he did play. Joe Alexander had a worse year in my opinion. He was actaully helathy on a Bucks team filled with injuries and didn’t do anything with it.

  • IGP

    Why anti-rookie of the year? I agree he had a tough year with injuries and all that, but damn.

    Also, espn just said KG might be out for the playoffs.

  • Bruce

    That is obvious………who else is worthy?

  • Michorizo

    Rose is amazing…I can’t wait to see his game get better and better each year…the guys is super quick. There is no way he is supposed to be able to change directions with the ball that fast…he might not be human

  • Gdog

    hey gallinari actually looked pretty good when he played…he’ll be a solid player

  • Guitar Hero

    Gallinari seems like a pretty good prospect to me. He reminds me of Toni Kukoc.

  • IGP

    @ SK

    I like Joe Alexander but I agree he could have had a big year and didn’t do much

  • Shrink This

    I hope Rose develops a three point shot. A lot of really quick and/or athletic guys don’t develop it until their athleticism starts to slip a bit.

    Right now, from 17 feet in, he’s money, but if he develops 3 point range, he might just be unstoppable.

    Where does Rudy Fernandez fit in? Did you guys discount him because of his age? I think he might bump Chalmers off my bench. MC does have better assist numbers and plays a tougher position, he does play about 6 minutes more per game.

  • Shrink This

    Sorry, last sentence should have read:

    MC does have better assist numbers and plays a tougher position, BUT he does play about 6 minutes more per game.

  • funkymunky

    Gotta back up the Gallinari supporters out here. No 6’9 Italian dude who can pull off a shammgod in an actual game (even if it was during a summer league game) will ever earn my enmity, even if he averages 4 ppg for the rest of his career! Peep this:


  • Jay

    It’s abit harsh to name Gallinari as an anti-rookie, when he hasn’t really been healthy all year.

  • dagwaller

    Dime, good job on the piece. I agree except replace OJ Mayo with Eric Gordon. Liiiittle bit of a stretch on calling Chicago “not one of those sub .500 playoff teams” considering they came in at exactly .500, but I get it.

    The thing that Chalmers, Beasley and Rose can say that none of the others can is that they did well for playoff teams. Makes sense, since normally the best rookies play for the worst teams from the year before. Fortunately, the Heat had a late-90s Spurs season (Robinson gets hurt, they come back strong the next year with a good pick), and the Bulls completely lucked out in getting Rose. Otherwise, Beasley and Rose might not be in quite the same conversation. Does anyone think that the Clippers would’ve been at .500 with Rose at the point? Didn’t think so.

  • http://www.twitter.com/austinburton18 Austin Burton, “T.M.P.”

    Funny how everyone jumps to Gallinari’s defense, but is OK with calling Oden a bust. Same problem: Injuries.

    @Shrink — I’d give Chalmers the nod over Rudy ’cause he basically did the same thing as Rose (starting at PG every night for a playoff team) only he obviously has the buffer of D-Wade.

  • flavur

    danillo gallinari is a bust LOL he’s only in the L because his dad knows the coach what a bitch way to get into the L.

  • dagwaller

    Neither Gallo or Oden are busts. Yet.

  • Dre

    OJ Mayo is the best rookie and should get the Rookie of the Year. He had the better numbers and has been amazing. Now if we are choosing the best rookie on the playoff contender team then D. Rose is your man. He has had a good year but OJ has had a better year. Yes, his team is better but OJ out performed any rookie this year.

  • kevin k

    Rose is a stud. BUT it should be co-rookie of the year with Mayo just like JKidd and Ghill back in 94.

    Yea the Bulls are in the playoffs but they play in a weak Eastern Conference except the top 3. They wouldn’t have made the playoffs if they played in the West and they would have ended up with like 30 wins.

    Also look at Rose’s teammates. Gordon, Deng, Hinrich, Thomas, and Noah were all lottery picks and their core players were playoff veterans.

    Mayo?? The team for the most part started 3 rookies, 1 2nd year player, and 1 3rd year player. Rudy Gay is NOT a superstar or someone you can build a team around. He is more of Josh Smith type of a player. The team had a coaching change.

    You replace Mayo with Rose in Memphis and you think they would have more than 24 wins?? I don’t think so.

  • shake&bake

    I think Rose made Ty Thomas and Noah a lot better this year. They were on their way towards getting booed out of the city until this year. One thing I’d like to see out of Rose is for him to get his steals up. I believe he averaged less that 1 per game this year.
    Luc Richard Long Name Moute got playing time over Alexander this year even though Alexander was a lotto pick but Luc was a 2nd rounder.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/djkianoosh djKianoosh

    “anti-rookie of the year” so politically correct, dime. LOL why dont you just call it, Rookie Bust of the Year!

  • http://nune wizard

    just gotta say one thing e-money over mayo!!

  • dagwaller

    Shake and bake – weird, Chalmers got more mpg than Beasley, too.

    kevin k – if you put Rose on the Grizzlies, would they have won more games? Undoubtedly. Rose’s stats would’ve looked a lot better, too.

  • mike

    cmon rose is 100 percent roy he is so unselfish its sick,he had 48 percent fg percentage,and he should of averaged 12 assist per game i cant tell you how many times rose would give a great pass only for one of the bulls players to miss a wide open shot,if rose just shot all day like greedy mayo he would have averaged 25 points a game easy,rose is smarter faster stronger,quicker you name it,the kid is a future hof,and will be the next star in the nba

  • michael

    all you have to do is listen to what all of the nba,almost everytime rose plyed you would hear the opposite coaches and players raving about how great rose is and how smart the kid is how humble he is,chris paul said it the best,he was asked how rose compares to him,and paul said”i think you have to ask how do I compare to rose,he is bigger stronger,and faster than me”

  • doc

    Its a perfect pick to me