NBA / Apr 30, 2009 / 10:40 am

Erik Spoelstra: “I Don’t Think Anybody On Either Side Likes Each Other Anymore”


During the regular season we heard over and over again about how there were chemistry issues in the Hawks’ clubhouse. Josh Smith and Mike Woodson couldn’t seem to get along. But during the post-season, Atlanta seems to turn that inner strife outwards. They did so during last year’s intense first-round matchup with Boston. And now there is some real beef brewing between the Heat and the Hawks.

At the end of the game last night when the Hawks were already up huge, J-Smoove tried a ridiculous between-the-legs dunk on the break, which he bricked off the back of the rim. That didn’t go over too well with Dwyane Wade or Erik Spoelstra.

“We were very insulted by it,” Wade said.

“There at the end it turned into a highlight show, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “Really trying to embarrass us. Now we’ve played five games against each other. I don’t think anybody on either side likes each other anymore.”

I’m with Wade and Spoelstra. That’s a punk move. Smith has to realize that his dunking expo was going to incite something, especially when 20-piecing a team in the playoffs. But maybe that’s what he wants. With Horford, Pachulia, Smith and even Solomon Jones, the Hawks are more likely to come out on top in a physical, ugly game.

However, he’s now given Wade chalkboard material. Look what Flash has done when he feels like he has something extra to prove. He felt that way before the Olympics this summer and came out as Team USA’s best player (or maybe No. 2 behind LeBron). He felt that way before this season, and proceeded to then lead the League in scoring. All eyes will be on D-Wade to see how he responds now.

Source: Rotoworld

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  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Good for basketball. Tired of the “Don’t touch me” games. Enforce your will on others and make nothing easy. Earn your win.

    Almost 100% likely that a fight will happen in the next game. Dudes better be ready. Most def. Josh Smith better be ready.

    Might bring back the bounty!

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    “We were very insulted by it,” Wade said. “I’m with Wade and Spoelstra. That’s a punk move”.

    Are you serious? that might be a punk move in college or high school and NJB or the BNG clubs. But this is the pros. People pay hundreds if not thousands to watch these guys at their best. I guess Miami’s bitch team should have showed up and played some “D”. If this was the middle of the game no one would say ish about it.

  • Scott

    Reminds me of all those Heat/Knicks series that were just awesomely physical. Those were better to watch because of the ingrained rivalry, but loving the intensity of this years playoffs. Especially in the east.

  • jason

    haha, check-out what Charley Rosen on foxsports has to say about it: “A botched between-the-legs dunk attempt on a breakaway. (The Heat shouldn’t take it personally because Smith is such a knucklehead he would have done the same thing had the Hawks trailed by 20 points.)” Still, gotta love J-Smoove for trying to entertain!

  • len-e

    ridiculous. why shouldn’t a player that free to the basket be allowed to try an insane dunk up a gazillion points (even though the nuggets recently put “a gazillion” out of perspective)? its sports not ballet goddamnit, grow some balls!

  • Diego

    Whoopty freakin doo, D.Wade. Put it on the chalkboard, buddy. Atlanta was on the receiving end of a lot of cheap shots last night, so a few more in Miami will be nothing new. (Besides, I think everone on the Heat, except Magloire, is afraid of Zaza.)

  • LakeShow

    Why’s that a punk move? If they are insulted they should play some D

    Since you’re mentioning the Olympics … did Wade finish with a simple layup or with a spectacular slam while beeing up 20 points against Angola and guys like that

    Those are pussies talking nowadays

  • Alf

    With comment #2 on this one…

    In a ‘recessive’ time; people are still paying the extra mark-ups for playoff tickets.

    The players should put on a show where possible and add value to that extra mark-up $$$.

    And lets be honest, that was the perfect time to try that type of dunk….Josh Smith doesn’t seem stupid, he would never try that stuff in the middle of a close game (if it were a close game)…so why give him a hard time?

    Let the man be.

  • Jay Jay

    I love it!

    People shouldn’t criticize Josh Smith, he was playing infront of his home fans and they came to watch a show.
    If he did it in Miami’s gym than maybe they have something to complain about.

    Wade should be more insulted that his team got their pants pulled down.
    He played like a spoiled bitch the other night, he was more interested in fighting rather than being 100% focus in playing ball!

  • fiyaman

    I loved the attempt my JS and was watching the game and I was ready to go crazy if he made it.. I was excited just at the attempt(people dont try those type of dunks in games).. It would have brought the house down had he made it. I dont think it was anyhting mean, the game was over, he was alone on a fast break , y not play for the crowd? its not like he was trying to stick in a guys mug..

    NOW did u see the attempt when he tried to THROW it down on J Oneal and Beasley but they fouled him… now if he made that , that would have been dunk of the century.. just the look on his face when he cocked it back

  • Simon

    I am with Drink the Haterade on this one. It’s not a punk move whatsoever. Give the fans what they came to see! If Miami doesn’t do anything about it in the game, then what gives them the right to complain afterwards?

    It’s like that time when Derrick Martin hit a three at the end of a Raptors game. The raps were in jeoporday of ending their streak of games with a 3 pointer, so he launched one up. Some people thought this was disrespectful, but you take your opportunities where you can get them. J-Smoov saw an opportunity to try something exciting for him and the fans, so he took it. Big deal.

  • Ashlov

    Josh Smith is a douche bag who apparently is very low is the common sense department. Bullshit like that comes back to bite you in the ass.

    You people that don’t think it was a big deal have apparently never played ball. Some things are just about respect, and it goes to show that Smith is just an immature punk.

  • fiyaman


    its obvious u never played ball bc anyone who played ball would not let someone try to do that to them.. but worst of all they wouldn’t BITCH about it if it did happen because it makes them seem more like a big pussy for crying instead of doing somethign about it.. now u go back to ur hood and cry when some dude duns the ball on a fastbreak to finish off a SKUNK and u can bitch and complain about respect and see where that gets u

  • jay26th

    There is no such thing as a ‘too flashy dunk’ foul. Let the man attempt what he wants.

  • Ashlov


    Your point would be better taken if you used actual words.
    You can’t control everything that happens on the court. Difference is, on the street, you don’t have the press asking you questions. They were asked about it, and some of them chose to answer.

    I have absolutely no doubt in my mind Smith will be held accountable for what he did. You can count on that more than your shitty grammatical skills.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN


    As a baller, NBA enthusiast, and plain ol’ fan of the game – I WANT TO SEE ISH LIKE THAT!

    So Josh, if you hear Wade and Keanu Reeves cryin’…think lil’ Wayne:

    F### ‘EM! F### ‘EM! F### ‘EM


  • http://www.niketalk.yuku.com/forums/8 NTstateOFmind

    gettin salty at JSmoove is like supporting the no touchdown celebrations in the NFL
    …F’n kiljoy

  • fiyaman

    lmao.. great comeback…1st i cant play bball now i cant talk.. lol ..u sound like 1 of those keyboard talkers.. so this is the perfect forum for you

  • the_don_mega

    cocky move but not that much disrespectful… i’d call it a dis if he did that stuff in Miami…

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    Fuck all of you with the “give the fans what they want” nonsense because it’s PART entertainment and PART these guys jobs.

    I can’t imagine that most of you would appreciate someone from Burger King rolling up on your spot and knocking the special sauce off the Big Mac you worked hard on preparing.

  • johnny

    Good job, J-Smoove!

    If Dwade gets in a fight, Stern is gonna slide him a folding chair like Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

  • Chaos

    shit, the dunk attempt was i guess in bad tastes…but i would have tried that shit too if i was josh….and punk move maybe but as the saying goes “if you dont want the other team to do that to you, dont let them.” wade should have said,”okay, thats alright. we will see whats up in game 6″ and proceed to drop 60 points

  • doug

    Katz ur a rider, no one says anything when Dwayne Wade jumps on the score table after he hits a buzzer beater to win a game and ultimately bring his team back to a .500 record. Your hypocrisy and bias is so evident you don’t even try to hide it. It’s obvious you have LeBron James and D-Wade fatheads on the wall of your master bedroom and if it took a Josh Smith doing that at the end of the game to motivate Wade, the Heat are in bigger trouble than initially thought. And this is just hysterical”Olympics this summer and came out as Team USA’s best player (or maybe No. 2 behind LeBron)”.Are you serious…come on Man. Correct me if i’m wrong but D-Wade and Lebron were on the team together before and that was the team that finished third which is why they had to put together the redeem team. KOBE was the best player and when he came to the team they won the GOLD…Kobe took over down the stretch to win the championship game and he was the teams best defender he opted not to be the #1 scoring option because he wanted to challeng himself on the defensive end and you know aw well as I do if Kobe asserted himself to be the offensive aggresor he would have lead the team in scoring easy. Why do you think players around the association namely Dirk Nowitzi were saying in response to U.S finishing third in the Olympics with your man crushes Bron and D-Wade, that if Kobe were on that team they would’ve have won every game and the gold easy. D-Wade piled on Dirk for that comment and what happened next?They picked up Kobe and the team won the GOLD.wow it still amazes me how much you bias blinds you.

  • Prof. TX

    So the Heat’s perspective is “be nice to us because we were losing?” That sounds like some little league advice where you spare the feelings of a lesser squad by not crushing them too much. These aren’t kids here, and nobody cheated (on that particular play) so what’s the problem? Press conferences should be about skill, strategy, and heart; not about who got their feelings hurt.

  • doug

    Katz your riding of D-Wade and Bron rivals that of only Rick Kamla and his opinion carries as much credibility as Ron Artest quotable.

  • doug

    Log24 exactly Professor TX.Do these cats want orange slices and caprisuns from the team mom too? Yall these are grown men being paid lots of money it shouldn’t take stuff like that to motivate them in the midst of a 20 point blow out.

  • karizmatic

    It’s not about be nice to us because we’re losing or anything like that. It’s just a respect factor, you don’t do things like that in a game. Furthermore, in a playoff game it’s really too serious a time to be trying a between the legs dunk. In the regular season maybe I could see it. But in the playoffs every point counts even if you’re up 20. I was surprised Coach Woodson wasn’t just as angry about it. From the Hawks perspective it shows that Josh Smith still doesn’t realize how serious the game is.

  • doug

    Karizmatic get off your soap box, stop overlooking D-Wades rant on the scorers table in Miami when he hit that buzzer beater to win the game and put his team at .500, like dude just won the ship…That’s like KG talking about winning with class..please.

  • doug

    BTW theres nothing respectful about beating a team by 20 Karizmatic I don’t know why your mentioning respect I think your focusing on something that is not there when the Hawks beat yall by 20. In fact it’s the opposite it’s all about disrespect in lieu of a 20 point beat down the under the leg dunk attempt by Josh Smith was just the cherry on top…He was disrespecting yall the whole game. I think dude is the best defensive player in the L, he just don’t get pub. because he plays for the hawks.

  • B-Balla#1

    This is how ball should be.. like back in the Pistons-Lakers days when real man played… enough of this baby ish and incessant whining and crying. Time to see the REAL ballaz come out and prove themselves on the court!

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    nerditry says:

    Fuck all of you with the “give the fans what they want” nonsense because it’s PART entertainment and PART these guys jobs.

    I can’t imagine that most of you would appreciate someone from Burger King rolling up on your spot and knocking the special sauce off the Big Mac you worked hard on preparing.

    For all who are saying this is disrespectful, you must be crazy. The Miami team obviously didn’t prepare for this game. And If you don’t want somebody kickin your ass then maybe you should step up and do something about it. It’s not like it was 4 on 5, it was 5 on 5 and dude got a break away. Let’s just say that if that was Lebron or DWade, you wouldn’t be sayin ish!

  • flavur

    This series reminds me of the old knicks vs heat series it was physical people were disrespecting each and there were fights this is a great series.

  • Ashlov

    So because I’m literate, I’m a keyboard talker? I’m not sure how having an education and being able to ball is an unimaginable thing.

  • doug

    Log#30 exactly

  • Let’s Go Hawks

    Obviously, I’m slightly biased, but come on. If this is what has to provide motivation for the Heat, that is just stupid.

    It was in kinda bad taste but be real. He had no reason NOT to try it. The best part was the announcer’s reaction: “you wonder sometimes if he [Smith] even understands where he is.”

  • kevin k

    cry me a river

  • BxBaller

    personally didn’t see a problem with J-Smooth’s dunk. I do however have a problem with the analysts throwing Josh under the bus. First if Miami has to use that dunk as motivation, then they have a serious problem. They should be using the fact that they have lost everygame this series by more than 10 points. Second, if Josh would’ve pulled the dunk off, cats would be “that was nasty, Josh putting out highlights” etc. As for the point that Kenny Smith was making of if even if he did complete the dunk, it would still be in bad taste. Now iirc, Bron pulled out a windmill against Detroit in game 2, while they were up by 22. So what is the difference in that situation? All I’m saying is lets be fair in criticizing cats.

  • Blue

    what’s funny is that everyone in the post game interviews and analysis and even in game analysis (kenny smith, barkley, c-webb, even flip murray, and mike fratello) thought it was stupid and disrespectful. so y’all think that because you buy the jordans and wear the jerseys, you have better perspective than those who have lived the game for most of their life? c’mon now…

    no disrespect to anyone, but that’s just plain silly!

  • fiyaman

    just bc they got paid to play doesnt mean they know the game any better than anyone else that played for fun or never made the L.. just bc those guys been in the L doesnt make them GOD of everything BBall .. Barkley is the same person that said it was OK to elbow someone aslong as it was below the neck but dunking when ur wide open is considered disrespectful… cmon lets be real here.. like a lot of people said here the only reason it was disrespectful is bc it wasnt almighty Lebron or Wade or Kobe that was doing the dunking

  • Mark

    Tell that to the Nugs, especially JR ‘Milhouse’ Smith.

    Kid’s good, but not intelligent.

  • Blue

    but it wasn’t that he dunked in the open floor. joe johnson had a dunk out in the open like that just two or so plays later and he didn’t try any of that between the legs crap.

    you don’t want to give the other team any more fire. and don’t say that if it takes that to motivate them then they have problems, because i’m sure it’s hard to get up for 82+ games a season.

    and wade or kobe wouldn’t do shit like that…

  • Citizen B

    I am a HEAT fan and would like to say/point out a few things:

    -Thank you Josh Smith. It’s been a while since we’ve had a hatred for a player much like this feeling towards you. I am a fan of J-Smooves game but man he makes it real easy to hate him in a playoff series.

    -Thank you Atlanta radio announcer. Your words are being used right now for motivation. Don’t believe me? Please watch Friday night.

    -A lot of people have counted Wade out before. Let’s see if he comes thru yet again.

    -I don’t care if a player tries to embarass another team by highlight reel worthy plays. They earned that right by beating us that badly. Just remember the series still isn’t over.

  • Mark

    Blue: Kobe does 360 dunks, need I remind you. Jason Richardson does too, at that, except he gets blocked.

    Josh Smith just isn’t as knowledgeable as Kobe on his limitations during the game.

  • Guitar Hero

    wahhh, wahhh, wahhh
    disrespect, wahh wahh wahh.

    shut the feck up and play some D. if your team did put a decent effort out there, they would have been competing until the final buzzer.
    the hawks did, and smith did it as well.

  • Blue

    @ Mark
    believe me, i hate kobe, but a 360 dunk at least half the league can do, so it’s not really as spectacular as a between the legs.
    i mean, i know it doesn’t seem like there would be too much of a difference between a 360 and between the legs, but for some reason it just seems disrespectful. that’s just my opinion though.

  • playboy

    haha of course its “disrespectful” haha its a big F*** YOU but who cares. and why would he tell the media that. atlantas not that good of a team to be blowing out the heat. i remember when a lotta analysts picked the heat to win the series. dwade is overrated considering he doesn’t let anyone else on his team get anywhere near his ammount of shots. he isn’t good enough to win a series by himself–

  • bola

    Nice show JSmoove..

    Miami Heat are cry babies.. sheesh!

  • doc

    Um I thought u do highlight dunks when u in the open court.And if they felt so disrespected,why did Joe Johnson get a dunk 1 minute later.Josh aint do shit wrong he tried a fancy dunk like everybody with hops do.Wade and them feel disrespected from that ass whipping not that dunk.And so waht Barkley said its wrong.Just because u was in the league dont mean u know what u talking about.Michael Jordan the greatest player ever but u obviously cant ask him to draft a motherfucker.