Video / Apr 3, 2009 / 2:03 pm

J.R. Smith, Fred Jones can’t f*** with Charlie Coley’s dunk

UNC-Charlotte’s Charlie Coley III turned out The Palace at Auburn Hills in last night’s NCAA dunk contest. I used to call this “The Fred Jones” after Fred tried it in the ’04 NBA contest; then I saw Chandler Parsons try it at the Jordan Brand H.S. All-American contest; and J.R. Smith did it over All-Star break. Now I’m calling it “The Charlie Coley.”

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  • zmafuel

    charlay colieeeeeee!

  • nobs6669

    i’ve miss the old slamdunk in the nba that 8 players are competing for the the # 1 spot. the past year what would you expect for a competition with 4 participant

  • W A

    doesnt even bother talkin to the guy who actually dunked the ball. mad interviewin skills

  • Mista TKO

    ^Right that’s what I was thinking…(#3)

    It’s like she forgot about the person that actually dunked and just wanted to talk to the other dude even after he tried to deflect the credit to Cooley.

  • JA

    “If he just had some personality, he MIGHT get a fifty”.


  • Mooks

    Assist was great. Dunk was just ok.

  • SJ


  • siree

    that wasn’t even his best dunk!!! that 360 where he tapped backboard was nasty. and how did you not put tony danridge’s rock into windmill?? that was one of the nastiest dunks in a long time

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Assist = 10
    Dunk = 7 (not enough body crank like Stevie Franchise used to do)

  • lifep

    Like the dunk

    Like the creativity in assisting

    Hate his buffonery!

    Hate the interviewer’s skills…she’s terrible!

  • lifep

    @ JA: they were joking…they said that because he was full of personality!!

    I’m really pissed at the interviewer…

  • wwill

    There’s a reason why the interviewer only talked with the passer. That dunk was all pass, with mediocre finish. I didn’t even think twice when Erin threw it back to the studio, sans Afro commentary.

  • Ian

    the pass was great the dunk wasnt

  • AB_40

    yeah ok ok but jr smith wanted to tho his behind the back he just had a guy who can’t even drible a basketball let alone throw a nice pass throw it at him. it was a great dunk but still I just didn’t feel this dunk contest.

  • http://jdig.com jdig

    yo dime, is this the same kid you had doing this like during midnight madness before the season?