NBA / Apr 3, 2009 / 1:39 pm

Pistons running out of time, running low on effort

Rodney Stuckey, Dime #47

Rodney Stuckey, Dime #47

Coming off Wednesday’s loss to the Nets — who’d already appeared to throw in the towel on the ’08-09 season — the Pistons are three games below .500 and just a half-game ahead of Chicago for the 7th seed in the East.

Between injuries to some key veterans, the latest Allen Iverson drama, and the fact that it’s April and the Pistons are still trying to find their identity, the problems are piling up for a team that was supposed to be competing for a championship. And now, Antonio McDyess is questioning Detroit’s effort going down the stretch. From the Detroit Free Press:

“It’s frustrating because each night you don’t know which team (is) going to show up,” McDyess said. “And tonight it wasn’t the Pistons team that you expect to show up against a team like Jersey.

“You expect us to come out here, when our backs already up against the wall, to beat a team like this and we lose by almost 20 points.

“I mean these last seven games? There’s no question what we got to do.”

The loss even had young players such as normally cocksure point guard Rodney Stuckey expressing doubt.

“We’re running out of time, what do we have? Seven games left?” he said. “So yeah, each game that we play is very crucial for us. Hopefully we can get something going.

“A lot of people are frustrated right now and I’m one of them. This has been really frustrating, but I just have to play through it.”

The article says that the Pistons for the first time are openly questioning whether they’ll even make the playoffs, but that’s been on their minds longer than that. During All-Star break I was talking with Stuckey about the Pistons’ underachieving ways. “You’re still in the playoff mix, though,” I told him. “People are talking about you guys like you’re a Lottery team.”

Stuckey responded: “I mean … We might be. There’s no guarantee we’re gonna make the playoffs. We just gotta keep playing hard and hopefully it’ll all work out.”

Source: Detroit Free Press

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  • nobs6669

    welcome to the post knicks era. pistons got the crown

  • G

    Austin whats good with you being the only one working today?

  • nobs6669

    for real they suck. with or with out iverson, wallace. i dont know how the piston decided that this team belongs to stuckey at the stage of his career. bypassing hamilton, iverson, prince, wallace. its all about the love for stuckey. they should let him earn it the hard way and don’t let veteran people be bypass. if they knew if it’s his time they would give way.

    they decide that two superstar (iverson and hamilton) still at the peak of their game choose between them who should sacrifice for a young player who haven’t still has a lot of mile ahead of him. surely that would really blow your chemistry at any given time.

    after all the things. people would point thier finger to iverson as the reason those things happen.

    but all iverson want to say is that you brought me hear as you all know that i am a superstar. and i would give you what you expect of me by giving me minutes to show that i’m a real superstar

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Where the hell has Youngfed been? The Pistons need his moral support on this site.

  • knock knock

    sorry nobs..he was in the starting lineup LOSING GAMES>hence why hes onthe bench pouting.

  • Taj

    One word….


  • nobs6669

    knock knock yup he is in the starting lineup. but not having starter role on most of the game. if you could observe games of the detroit

  • DurrtyInjun

    It really sucks to see my squad stink it up like this. McDyess is on point with the effort comment. It’s like after they let Manu take their championship from them 4 years ago, they have steadily lost the ability to collectively keep their focus and drive for an extended period of time.
    Also, at this point, since they are not gonna be challenging for the Chip, they may as roll the dice with AI starting and Stuckey off the bench to see if that can light a spark. I think that may be the only lineup they haven’t tried and u never know right?

  • karizmatic

    I know everyone is surprised by the Pistons performance, but I look at it this way… Joe Dumars threw away the season when he decided to trade for AI. He was looking at ways to cut payroll and grow through free agency for next year as opposed to performance for this year. So whether they made the playoffs or not, this wasn’t a year I think upper management expected to win everything. This is the beginning of a rebuilding period for Detroit. With Dumars at the helm they may rebuild faster than you think,they have a lot of young players with potential. But look for them to get rid of the veterans in quick succession. That being said, no one could have expected they’d be quite this bad.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BROGDEN

    I think this season’s been all about Stuckey.

    A lot of people claim Stuckey didn’t earn his stripes and didn’t have to undergo some of the trials and tribulations of other seasoned players.

    Well, quick news flash, this IS his year of GROWING UP.

    A sophomore point guard running a veteran-laden team who currently holds the 7 seed, while dealing with all types of off-court/on-court drama including lapses of play where he himself has been stinking it up.

    Man, say what you want, Dumars is WAYYYYYY SMARTER than he appears.

  • isotope

    i havent seen YoungFed on here in a while

  • dmitry of jersey

    pistons are getting swept in the 1st round.

    what i don’t get is Mcdyess.. he could have gone anywhere after the trade and decided to come back to Detroit. dumb ass move for someone trying to win a championship. he should have stayed in Denver or hooked up with Cleveland or Boston. now he’s wasting the his last years in the league with the detroit has-beens. too bad..

  • tim

    Dyess has said he doesn’t want to be a ring chaser…

    And yeah people dont’realize stuckey didn’t play a full year of games until a month into this season….

    Pistons will be fine in a little bit…and yeah Pistons wouldn’t of won WITH Billups, so Joe D is just jumping ahead of the curve with rebuilding….

  • Nic

    There’s a silverlining to this season for the pistons. Joey D is rotating the tires while he bus is moving. He said he learned from being on the bad boys when you stick with a core for too long you become too old and your’re in a deep hole. That’s why the stones didn’t make the playoffs for years after the bad boys. what people aren’t saying here is that Iverson is 15 million of the books this year and Sheed is another 15 million off the books as well.
    Bottom line. Joey D knew this team was going to struggle this season as soon as he traded Billups, but he swallowed his pride and did what was best for the squad and looked ahead to the next season. If they don’t make the playoffs, I’ll take a lottery pick, Carlos Boozer and another free agent for next year. The stones will be back. In Joey D the city of Detroit trusts.

  • knock knock

    look..cavs are have a 60-win season with the answer trade to detroit making them another one of his trademark -.500 teams, wizards with injuries no longer compete, celtics with injuries, back next year we will see that these cavs are no championship team.