NBA, Video / Apr 30, 2009 / 1:19 pm

Ron Artest: “Brandon Roy Is The Best Player I’ve Played Against”

This morning I got a text message from my buddy Craig Gilden. The fact that we went to college in Portland and he’s from Houston has made this first week of the playoffs amazing from him. All his text said was this: “please tell me u have seen artests interview and are currently trying to find mike chapps for an exclusive.” You’ll know what he’s talking about after you watch this clip.

Other than the fact that he says B-Roy is best player he’s faced, Artest also manages to say Charles Barkley was a little overrated and claims Michael Jordan wished he could have faced him in his prime. Wow.

Source: You Been Blinded

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  • nic

    The Natural. I’ll take this as a compliment and hope Roy lives up to Artest’s words tonight. The BBQ will be hot tonight in Blazernation and the trumpets will be sounded at full blast. Count it, and the foul.

  • Kudabeen

    This interview was hilarious…Charles didn’t even reply he just smiled it off…

    I really can see why Artest says that…Kobe and LeBron are more dynamic players and Kobe knows best how to take advantage of a defenders mistakes, but Roy seems to be under control just about all the time. He has size, deceptive quicks and athleticism, and he J is legit all over the floor.

    As great as LeBron is developing his O game a lot of it is just him being a beast…His footwork is sloppy as hell, but you can’t take advantage, because he is always the best athlete on the floor…

    Kobe is Kobe, but he can be out of control at times and some times his mean streak can get the best of the team concept…I would like to hear Artest break down each players styles…

  • http://www.twitter.com/lakersnation @lakersnation

    RonRon’s still bitter at the beat down Kobe put on him which was then splattered all over ESPN and the internet . . . RonRon’s washed up and will forever be known as the thug that went into the stands of Detroit . . .

  • http://www.examiner.com/x-490-Chicago-Bulls-Examiner Chris Cason

    That does mean something. I would love to hear Charles reaction though.

  • http://www.twitter.com/austinburton18 Austin Burton, “T.M.P.”

    He’s serious. A couple years ago I asked Ron “Who’s the toughest player you’ve played against?” and he started talking about a guy named Mike that he grew up with, but ended up in jail.

  • Michorizo

    The prophet has spoken…now pass the “J”

  • chee4three

    i remembered in past MJ did say he wish he played artest in his prime. No way Artest can check MJ.
    Roy is a smaller version of Duncan.

    All fundemental = boring

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  • Kudabeen

    Boring?? Don’t see that…He has a nasty crossover and step back…He will rise up on you going to the hole…I don’t see boring. His game is understated, but he is a great team player…

    Duncan was the same way. I remember him demanding to guard Shaq and giving Shaq the Bizness in 03…Duncan when zeroed in is a beast…

  • doug

    Kudabeen, your really giving that statement from Ron Artest creedence and validity. Your mental condition is worse than his if so…This guy went on to say the best player he ever guarded is now in a QB jail and he said that because Roy scored 42 points on him. Kobe or Bron could easily score that on dude if he would gaurd them for more than a couple of possessions but dude usually has to get switched off of them because of his poor conditioning. The whole statement is ridiculous and your ridiculous for giving it any serious thought. WOW!Kobe will see dude in the next series and torch him like he always does

  • doug

    exactly POPPI Gee, blog 8,these are the type of responses his comments should solicit not serious thought like Kudabeen…WOW

  • shake&bake

    No chance that Roy is the best in the League. Maybe Artest hasn’t gotten enough attention since he has been well behaved this year. He had to do something to cause a commotion.

  • doug

    Chris Cason, Charles already reacted this on TNT last night with full bellied laughter and somewhere in between laughing he discredited all of his statement because of his reference to his homie in the QB jail being the best player he ever gaurded and went on to talk about dudes poor up keep saying he needs to do something with his hair. Essentially Barkley,Kenny,EJ,C-webb gave this all the commentary it needed…pure laughter and moved onto the next subject.

  • G

    Wow you guys know how to take the fun out of anything. Just enjoy the clip for what it is.

  • doug

    That’s what is being done until cats like Kudabeen start really looking into the statement and giving it some type of validity.

  • Kudabeen


    With Kobe’s nut in your eyes you may not be able to see the game as clear…

    My mental state is just fine. Roy is a top level performer with all the tools you would want a player to have. Artest didn’t say Roy is the best basketball player to ever live. He said he is the best player he has had to guard. That was his personal perspective…

    Dick riders like you can’t stand when you the players you have a crush on seem to be slighted, but for me I can see the what is really being said. Great offense always beat great defense, but some guys you can make uncomfortable or you know even if they are making shots they won’t punish you are take you out the game. For Artest he is letting you know that Roy makes him the most uncomfortable, because his style leaves you guessing.

    He wasn’t joking when he said it, so for him it has validity…I don’t assume to know a I’ve never met like pretentious fans like you…

    He said it, seemed to mean it…I can understand it…

  • rkirby

    bulletin board material for kobe

  • Big Shot BOB

    Yeah none of you know who Mike Chapps is so who knows maybe he is the best player Ron has played. There are alot of cats out there that are probably better than what we see in the NBA.

    Like Jadakiss said “Why is there some cat out there better than Jordan but didn’t get that break.”

  • BxBaller

    I agree Kudabeen. People are forgetting that it’s Ron’s OPINION of who is the best he’s played against. Now watch the media spin this if Houston makes it to the next round against LA.

  • isotope

    this is hillarious! Whats even funnier is that y’all are taking him seriously. I dont think i’ve ever heard/seen dude give a serious interview.

  • dk

    Ron Artest is the poster child for mental retardation, bottom line. If the idiot was 5’10’ he would be the tool helping you at Circuit City telling you that Atari is the best system hes ever seen….

  • http://dime sure

    Mike Chatfield and E Chatfield. Were monsters. E is playing overseas now from lasalle with Shamgod. Mike was better than him just got caught up. Used to play against him in a few rec leagues. Scored 40-50 at will. Was like a young ATL Jason Terry with a better handle. He’s an old era guard. A lot of people, coaches, scouts, fans don’t know talent. They go off what they hear or see. Some guys barring an injury, timing, luck, or politics. You’d be blown away. Remember they say the best basketball is in JAIL. Wonder Why? B.Roy is a beast though. Ron is still a scottie pippen clone w/o the rings. If he’d went to L.A. man. He bulked up to guard 4 and 5’s. Hopefully he sheds some weight and gets back to all-star form. It’s funny how many people say Will Bynum came from no-where. He’s always been the best from crane,Arizona,GT, and so on. He’s just been overlooked by the people in charge.??? Where’s Sean Dockery,Jason Gardener. Not even close. N.B.A. has some of the best but mostly the best you’ve got to see. Not the best around. Every player has a story of someone they knew better or who taught them the game. The D-League should do a better job of having and molding the best talent. It would generate more money. When that’s the big picture anyway. WIN WIN.

  • G

    @18 Dont you love it when a Jada line can be effectively used in an argument?!

    Also Doug needs to stop hating. Why you so worried about what other people think homie? I would say Ron’s opinion (no matter how skewed it may be) probably has more credibility than yours when it comes to NBA issues. And dude please don’t post back about how I don’t know shit about ball and blah blah blah. Internet beef is played out. This was a funny post, can’t you let people enjoy how they want?

  • doug

    Kudabeen your an idiot”He wasn’t joking when he said it, so for him it has validity…I don’t assume to know a I’ve never met like pretentious fans like you…”he wasn’t joking? So let me ask you this was he joking about the part of Charles Barkley being overrated..your listening to a guy who went WWF on a fan for throwing a cup at him….your a real idiot Kudabeen. Nobody that plays professional ball takes this guy serious but you do? your an idiot..You feel me Isotope these cats are really taking Artest serious…G your an idiot to”Also Doug needs to stop hating. Why you so worried about what other people think homie? I would say Ron’s opinion (no matter how skewed it may be) probably has more credibility than yours when it comes to NBA issues” i would say i’m more credible because I can spell my name, I don’t starve my dogs for entertainment purposes and I would punch a fan who throw a 10 cent plastic cup at me knowing I could get suspended while I’m making millions of dollars. Do the world a favor G & Kudabeen please don’t procreate there are enough idiots in the world and we don’t need your offspring to add to this already huge number.

  • doug

    and yall really need to stop with the somebody being better than Jordan but we don’t know about it thing…please if there was somebody that good all rules would be broken to get him in uniform theres ball players in the L that served time and are still playing and none of them are as good as J was. It’s a business and if your that good, someone will be willing to break the rules to make money off you. I’ve seen it at all levels playing highschool and college ball,none of those scrubs were as good as J and coach would bail them out of jail on more than one occasion. Please stop.

  • doug

    Mike Chatfield is where he belongs, not on the hardwood being mentioned in the same sentence with J but in the bing….stop naming cats off your block in the biggest unknown stars category…Those cats are where they are at for a reason.

  • Oliver Oyster
  • Sallo

    You can’t fault Artest for stating his opinion. I seem to remember Charles Barkley saying that Kevin McHale was te best basketball player he ever played against. No one never got on him for saying that, so why can’t Ron say what he wants?

  • doug

    no one fault Ron for having an opinion Sallo,dudes entitled it’s the fact that people like G and Kudabeen are actually esteeming and valuing his opinion when it’s being shrugged off by NBA players around the L and everybody with even an ounce of common sense.

  • Kudabeen

    Doug you are so sensitive…you sound upset…lol

    My post gets you that worked up? lol

    Grow up clown…Keep reading my post though…Don’t worry about me procreating dude…You need to figure out your situation. The country is actually a lot better with adoption for same sex partners these days…you and your partner have a good chance…Your name is Doug…LOL…just stop already.


    Just for entertainment and old Artest profile with Pacers. He seems to be consistent in mentioning Mike Chatfield:


  • doug

    Kudabeen I don’t know if you have a camera that’s surveying all blog posters but if you do your cameras not working. I’m chillin,nothing you’ve said has me worked up.I don’t even know you..but what could get me worked up would be information that your having kids…as I don’t want your ignorance spread.”Just for entertainment and old Artest profile with Pacers. He seems to be consistent in mentioning Mike Chatfield”that’s choice note a crazy man’s consistencies…an I need to grow up? LMAO.Kudabeen how do you make the transition from basketball to a mans sexual preference?Oh yeah you are the blogger giving Artest quotables creedence. Anyway your accusations about my sexuality eventhough you don’t know me are taken as a diary of mad confessions you only wish you could tell your parents but are much comfortable telling bloggers you don’t know. It’s okay Kudabeen let it out as you hold yourself fully clothed while taking a cold shower in your moms bathroom and crying profusely…but you should tell your parents…I think they would be more understanding and empathetic than us dime bloggers.

  • SayItAintSo

    Doug…I promise you everything is going to be ok. Take a deep breath, drink a cold one, find some tail and relax homie.

  • KnicksFan84

    Some of it was tongue and cheek, some of it was legit. The toughest player Ron Artest played against AT THAT time/age he was not who he’s become now so it could have been his toughest opponent ever in life at that point.

    He could have been 12 and the QB jailbird could have been 19 at the time. So I wouldn’t discredit that statement yet without further details.

    As for the rest of it. Yes MJ made that comment about wishing to face Artest in his prime. Barkley overrated comment didn’t really say he was a bad player, just not a great player and he tryna take a mini shot at Barkley. But yeah Roy being the hardest in NBA right now for him, quite feasably possible. No offense to Lebron or Kobe but each of those 3 players have different skillsets and obviously what Roy has as major strengths, aren’t for Lebron or Kobe and that’s what probably is giving Artest a tough time.

    From what I see on TV watching those players, Roy seems to have a lot more deceptive hoop game than Kobe or Lebron. Lebron is simply pure athleticism, no otherway to say it.

    Kobe is great no question but can be sloppy and distracted at times even if he puts up great numbers at end of game.

  • Kudabeen

    You speaking from experience in coming out Doug…That is sweet, but I’m good.

    I’m done with you though. You did wake me up a little bit. I was dragging today. You are posting in reply to my post in response to another man’s opinion…

    “I was enjoying it until guys like G and Kudabeen…” That’s you sounding like someone pissed on your parade.

    I have a healthy baby girl on the way, so be scared…That is just funny. Just because you don’t understand doesn’t make things idiotic not understanding things makes you idiotic…

    Again grow up clown and good luck…The idiot Kudabeen is out…

    Doug…lol…too funny

  • doug

    Wow…say it aint so..you trying to jump in on this too..how do you get voice tone or anger from a blog..no capital letters no exclamation points…I don’t know you man..I got more tail than I can handle…I’m relaxed man…fall back and mind your buisness…where the hell did you crawl out from…we 30 blogs in and you adding commentary fall back.

  • doug

    “That is sweet, but I’m good”LOL.That’s sweet my gadar is firing on all cylinder kudabeen. I think you have to disconnect from the blog session to go tend to your scarf collection. WOW this man calls out another dudes sexuality and when I meet your challenge you fall back and say I’m done. Yeah I’m sticking with my blog of these being your diary confessions.

  • zaboo

    I think Ron’s just building Roy up so he can enjoy tearing him down tonight. I predict Roy has less than 15pts tonight. Go rox! You’re next Kobe.

  • SayItAintSo

    Again…it’s just a blog, man. You don’t have to defend yourself little buddy…life WILL go on. Hahaha

  • Clayton Bigsby

    He is actually right in saying Jordan wished he could play Artest in his prime. Refer to this article(apparently he was once Jordan’s favorite Bull) http://vault.sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1141436/index.htm

  • doug

    SayItAintSo your an idiot,blog#38 I don’t have to defend myself as your defending yourself…Don’t get mad because I met your challenge and made you look stupid. If you go at me on a blog I’ll go back at you. If you did this to my face I’d go back at you. That’s how it is where i’m from? Yall are so brave over the net but I’m willing to bet none of yall are like this in person. I’m the same on the net and in person. Fallback cowards.

  • G

    sigh, some people just dont get it

  • ?


  • -_-

    doug sucks

  • Big Shot BOB

    So Doug who’s been to jail before they got to the league? As far as I know GM’s try to stay away from criminals as well as college programs.

  • sylas

    Have you seen B-roy play? If you don’t think he’s legit it’s because you don’t want to believe it.

  • quest??

    doug= kobe’s dick rider.

  • SayItAintSo

    Ok Doug…I concede to your incredible blogging prowess. I’m intimidated. I’ll stop defending myself so you can sit back and relax.

    P.S. I think you meant YOU’RE an idiot…not your but I get your point. I’m sorry for being so stupid, playa.

  • G

    @44 I can’t remember exactly but I think amare and I know caron butler had some questionable pasts before their NBA careers. But I think caron butler is an excellent case of a young kid who just needed someone to give him a chance to do some growing up away from a bad environment. You look at him now and he has taken an active role in trying to keep young kids from going down the same path. Anyway just thought that might be an interesting topic for dime to write about. Get your boys on that pat!

  • Amos Leak

    U know what..U gotta respect it…he’s RON ARTEST…HE HAS PLAYED AGAINST SOME OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE LEAGUE AND PLAYERS EVER AND HE’S LOCKED MANY OF THEM UP..HE’S A PHENOM ON DEFENSE..BUT I AGREE WIT chee4three…HE IS A SMALLER DUNCAN..THAT’S WHY HE’S SO DANGEROUS…CUZ DUNCAN ON THE REAL CAN’T BE STOPPED..DUNCAN GOT HIS RINGS AND WOULDN’T BE SUPRISED IF ROY GOT 2 BEFORE HIS CAREER IS OVER..he knows how to win!..comes thru in the clutch..the thing about charles..i don’t know..charles was all that..but once again..that’s why he gets paid to do what he does and we sit here and talk about it!

  • dk

    @27 rofl, unbelievable!

  • dk

    @27 I almost feel bad for him…

  • Ian

    all fundamentals = boring = rings
    but you keep you thug players like iverson and capt jack ill keep the rings.

    artest is awesome “charles is overrated” lol. chuck was laughing but that was because he was on tv you can beat dude wanted to say something.

    which is it charles now made fun of the statements by artest and hes right but when he talks spurs or bron hes an idiot??? take a side damn. i can bet that there are some players out there that can be better than mj so give that a rest (remember the movie manigault he didnt make it did he hehehehe).
    he didnt single out one player he just said roy is the best he guards them doesnt he? so why cant he say what he wants. if d howard says that the best post player hes ever played against is garnett i couldnt care less.

    bulls celts damnnnnnnnn
    that garnett look after the loss priceless.

  • E$
  • doc

    He said Barkley was Overrated because he didnt play no D.Being from Philly,he DIDN’T play no D.He said B-Roy was the best player HE played against.Who cares if u on Kobe’s dick thats what this man thinks.He said Roy D was suspect but on O he’s the one.And guess what Kobe dickriders,hes up there.And its plenty of dudes that got booked before they got that shot.@Doug-U dont just get a bail for anything.Anytime somebody give somebody else props besides Kobe u have a fit.Let me find out u wishing u was that hotel worker in Colorado.

  • Jowgee

    Artest is a nut! We will see kobe get 43 on him just because he can. Lakeshow all da way

  • John

    Let me break it down for all of you who thinks there are players out there better than MJ, Kobe, Lebron but never made it to the NBA:

    1. You have to have talent.

    Sure there might be people out there with just as much as talent.

    2. You have to be hardworking as hell to continuously improve your game.

    The guys who went to jail were the guys that were out there causing trouble instead of working on their game. It’s why they weren’t spotted. They didn’t bother to show up to school or games. They used their talent to show off on the streets.

    In the end, that’s all it is…talent. It doesn’t make you the next MJ or Kobe or Bird or Magic. The only lazy player who got to the top was Shaq, who is a different story entirely.

  • KChill

    I’m sorry, but there ARE guys who never made it to the pros who would have torn the league to pieces. Unlike Doug who thinks that “if you have talent, they’ll make a way for you..”, I’ve seen plenty of players as an example of this. To take comparisons to Jordan as a baseline, what about Len Bias? He destroyed Jordan several times in college, and there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t have gone on destroying him in the pros if he hadn’t died.

  • http://yahoo.com maris Gibson

    Hey Doug you dumb ass cracker, Roy could of scored more if he wanted too so shut the fuck up. why does it piss you off if Ron said Roy was the best player he ever played against? Is it because it’s not your favorite player that he doesn’t mention. He’s not saying he’s better than Lebron and Kobe he simply saying that Roy was harder to gaurd. Maybe it’s because He can’t read Roy as well as he could read Lebron and Kobe. And everybody needs to stop bashing on players and saying that they ain’t good and shit, because they obviously good because there in the nba…

  • http://yahoo.com maris Gibson

    Hey Doug you dumb ass cracker, Roy could of scored more if he wanted too so shut the fuck up. why does it piss you off if Ron said Roy was the best player he ever played against? Is it because it’s not your favorite player that he doesn’t mention. He’s not saying he’s better than Lebron and Kobe he simply saying that Roy was harder to gaurd. Maybe it’s because He can’t read Roy as well as he could read Lebron and Kobe. And everybody needs to stop bashing on players and saying that they ain’t good and shit, because they obviously good because there in the nba…