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NBA Trade Rumor: Tayshaun and Rip to the Hornets

Richard Hamilton

Lessons learned during the first round of the ’09 playoffs: (1) KG makes a bit of a difference. (2) The Pistons cannot start next season with the same roster. Some parts of the Rasheed/Rip/Tayshaun trio need to go. (3) James Posey isn’t enough help for Chris Paul. (4) The Spurs are human.

We’ll hear a million rumors over the off-season about how to address these four problems. Here’s the first one – merging Nos. 2 and 3.

A few league sources whom I respect have said that the Hornets may try to take advantage of Detroit’s possible housecleaning this off-season, with their eyes focused on Richard Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince (or both). David West could be part of one of those deals, but it’s all speculation at this point. Still, you can’t help but wonder if it’s time to start over in New Orleans.

As a quick reminder, Rip is slated to make about $11 next year and Tayshaun gets about $21 million over the next two seasons. The Hornets don’t have any really attractive contracts – if these two teams were to make a deal, it would have to be for a player instead of the prospect of financial freedom. I can’t imagine New Orleans deciding to part with West to bring those two guys on board. If they were to do so, would they really be in a better position than they’re in right now?

Source: Fan Nation

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  • Kudabeen

    They would be def upgrades…Julian Wright is a non-factor and Rasual never developed into a starting 2…

  • craig990

    I don’t like that trade.. plus
    The Hornets are already thin up front!.. West and Chandler are their only 2 big men that aren’t well below average.

    If they trade West for Rip and Tay.. would would be the starting P.F?… Hilton Armstrong?.. Sean Marks?

    I think you get the point.. Bad trade!

  • Prof. TX

    Ben Gordon in a sign-and-trade to the Rockets for McGrady’s expiring contract? The Rockets could use a good scoring 2-guard (Artest may not stick around), and Chicago would get a big contract that ends just in time for the 2010 free agent crowd. The Bulls don’t want to pay Gordon alot anyway, and it’s better than letting him walk for nothing.

    No truth to it, but since we’re starting rumors…

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    “Still, you can’t help but wonder if it’s time to start over in New Orleans.”

    Start over? When did they even begin? The Pistons I can see starting over because they have been a force for the better part of a decade but the phrase “starting over” can’t be used with the Hornets. I think everybody is making too much of the Hornets disappointing post season. They still had a pretty good regualr season and are still in the building mode. They need to continue to build around CP and West. They need to get rid of Peja’s contract and try to add a piece like Rip or Tayshaun. We all know they’re not a contender as is but to say the need to start over or is a little extreme.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    The last sentence of my previous post should read:

    We all know they’re not a contender as is but to say they need to start over is a little extreme.

  • dmitry of jersey

    more interesting is the rumor that Rasheed will sign with san antonio. i think he can be damn effective for the next 2 years playing 20-25 minutes off the bench

  • Chris

    Why should the Pistons trade Tayshaun or Rip ? They have the expiring contracts of Iverson and Rasheed.

    I think positions 1-3 in the Pistons starting five are ok.With McDyess they have strong guy on the 4/5. Bynum from the bench with the roleplayers Maxiell, Afflalo and Johnson.

    All the Pistons need is a good offensiv option in their frontcourt. If you have a look on the free agents 2009 they should try to get one of the two guys from the Jazz, Boozer or Millsap.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Personally, I think any retooling (I say that rather than rebuilding, because i also think they’re “still building”) the Hornets do needs to retain David West. Check out his salary compared to similar PFs. He’s the one great contract and great value they have. They can’t replace him at remotely close to the $9 million he makes (frontloaded too, so that’s actually going down). He and Paul are untouchable as far as i’m concerned– unless you are gonna package West with someone else for no less than Chris Bosh or someone equally big. One bad series doesn’t change that.

  • Jeronimo

    Rip will only make eleven dollars!!?? No wonder he’s not motivated!!

  • Sanpitch

    Do the spurs make any big off-season deals?

    Who do the Jazz keep Boozer or Millsap? and can/should they sign and trade one of those players for Chris Kaman?

    The Pistons/NO trade would be interesting. I see the Hornets more interested in getting Rip at the 2 spot. But if they have to give up Chandler or West to do it, then I wouldn’t. But you KNOW they are getting rid of Chandler this off-season. You don’t trade a guy mid-season like that and then keep the dude around. I think money wise the Rip for Tyson trade works. I wouldn’t give up my thin front line for a stellar back court though.

  • http://www.saltytexan.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=35 rangerjohn

    prof tx
    i think artest sticks in houston, my wife is building a house here for him right now.(his people have been talking to them about buying it anyway) nice little place on the golf course for about 2.8 mil. has a sweet walk in refrigurated wine ROOM. that way he can keep the crystal chilled lmao or what ever he drinks, wine in a box? OE? bud light? who knows. has like a 25 person stadium seating media room that is NICCCEE!

    (scroll down to 3610 st tropez)

  • Sanpitch


    artest living on a golf course is not good. you know he’ll go all “the palace” on the first person who hits a golf ball through a window.

  • Sanpitch

    lol @ rip’s pic

    is that a beard or a hive of bees on his chin??

  • abpin

    Jeronimo, you’re f’n hilarious. haha

  • http://www.saltytexan.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=35 rangerjohn

    @11 YEAH i placed the foundation on this house, and we found like 3-5 golfballs a day in the slab.

    on a side note, nick van exel lives about 5 blocks away. as does the owner of the houston astros (well one of his houses) and i believe tracy has a house in there as well.

  • Kudabeen

    Post 8:

    Too Funny

  • Big Island

    Sanpitch – LOLOL!!!!

    NO needs to do something, and West is pretty garbage. They tried to get rid of Chandler already. Detroit, well yeah… They get West, who is garbage and keeps Maxiell on the bench, and give up two of the most overrated players. Actually, I take that back, Rip is cool. So, Detroit keeps their most energetic hustle guy who is the only one who even goes after it on D on the bench. NO gets a small 2 guard and a forward who doesn’t score and can’t stop anyone and all they have to give up is their only inside scoring threat? Awesome.

    I think I just contradicted myself…

  • Diego

    Regarding lesson (1), Big Baby has been phenomenal in the playoffs. Production-wise, KG likely would be making a bit of a difference, but not a big tangible difference from what Baby has done statistically.

  • Big V

    LOL @ Jeronimo!

  • doc

    2-Diego-If u dont think theres not a hell of a difference in KG not being there I dont know what to tell u.KG LOCKS THE PAINT DOWN.D-Rose is just waltzing through there.

  • rban

    Joe D will not swing this deal, either prince or rip will be traded, but not both,

  • tim

    Tayshaun should go…Prince for a more offensive powerful SF would be ideal…as i wrote before…get a new SF, go make a run for Boozer. Try and get Chandler from New Orleans for Cheap (Amir and a pick?)….

    And one of Rip or Tay should go….yes they are both good players…but Tay is getting worn on with all these seasons…he’s been to the conference finals every year since he’s been in the league…that’s probably what, another full season and a half of games right there?

    I’d love to see him go to Washington for Caron Butler…sure the contracts probably don’t match and Washington probably wouldn’t do it…but Caron’s fire and intensity is something the Pistons could really use…

    Prince is a great all purpose defender, but he can’t “lock down” much, and his offense is good, but he’s not gonna take over a stretch…

    I say hang on to Rip, he can still shoot it up…Plus him and Stuckey make for one big backcourt. 6’4″ PG and a 6’7″ SG is nice to have.

    So if you had:


    tell me that team wouldn’t make noise….thoughts?

    Joe D will make something great happen…

  • rban

    I want Marvin Williams at the 3.

  • tim

    i dont mind marvin williams…the thing is…and a friend told me this, the Pistons need to get someone with a strong personality, with some fire and intensity on the court… right now they are just a bunch of lost dogs looking for the pack leader…they need someone who can come in and go LETS GO NOW!…not saying Butler is a bonafide leader, but i think his energy and hustle can spark the team to follow by example…

  • ctkennedy

    the player they need to sign is iverson and just start him and paul i know u gon say iverson cant guard no 2 guards u cant guard no 2s in the league one on one if u wanted to so u might as well become a gamblin d with the guards and just try to cause havoc cause last i check peja cant guard me mo pete and devin brown cant even drop buckets in the d-league

  • tim


    Iverson is a bum…especially off the court…dude’s gotten kicked out of Detroit casinos for his sorry attitude…and you want him on YOUR basketball team..you’re crazy.

    People really need to stop giving him a free ride because he was great 5 years ago…he isn’t great anymore…

    Yes he was a great individual basketball player…but last time I checked it was a team sport…stop defending the guy…you can watch the Jordan crossover highlight as long as you want, or whatever other highlight is your Iverson favorite, but the fact is the closest he’ll get to being a champion is playing against them, not playing with them. He’s not a winner, plain and simple.

  • Tha Boddy “Agent Zero Still DMV Hero”

    @ Tim
    Iverson was just averaging around 25ppg and 6apg last season…That along with his 2spg are still possible he just had a bad season.Hell as long as he has been in the league dropping those stats he can have one slum season and get away with it

  • Big Shot BOB

    I think the Spurs should pick up Tracy McGrady. The way the Rockets are winning wihtout him makes him expendable. If he can stay healthy he’ll be a great fit with that veteran squad. Plus Pop always looks for character guys. He can play the two and the three when Manu’s comes in the game. He would also help with the scoring which was their most glaring weakness in this years playoffs.

  • tim

    at Tha Boddy…
    what was his assist to turnover ratio?
    what was his shooting percentage?
    how many easy layups did he miss?

    you say he had 6 apg…what if he actually passed to open teammates? how much more would that be?

    My point was 5 years ago, that 25 point/6 assists/2 steals game was able to carry a team…its not anymore…and he shouldn’t be pampered like he can.

    heres a question for all the dime readers? Would you rather make the Hall of Fame or be a World Champion for a year???