NBA / Apr 21, 2009 / 2:23 pm

The Celtics Are In Trouble

Leon Powe

I had been celebrating last night’s victory over the Bulls until an hour ago. Reliving Rondo‘s jumper over Noah, Ray‘s ridiculous second half and KG trash talking in a suit. All of these made for a very entertaining morning. That was until I heard that the Celtics lost Leon Powe for rest of playoffs.

For a guy that I thought was practically invincible, apparently I was wrong. I guess it’s kind of tough to bounce back from a torn knee ligament. Without Garnett, I thought we still had a chance to repeat, but without Powe I’m not so sure anymore.

No KG, no Powe and Rondo’s playing with a sprained ankle. Not exactly the storyline I envisioned en route to winning their 18th NBA Championship. But no one ever said it was going to be easy.

If Paul Pierce is reading this, it’s time to step up. Where were you last night? Doc Rivers really had to ask the team for someone to pick up the slack and you weren’t the first one to respond? That baffles me.

Do you think the Celtics still have a shot to win it all this year?

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  • jkidd5

    1at!!! and no theyre struggling against the bulls!

  • doc

    Fuck no.As soon as number 5 wasnt playing they hopes was a wrap.

  • kg fan

    i hope they do, but the odds are definitely against them. I dont see them beating the Cavs unless everyone is on their game. The bulls are taking advantage of all their injuries and giving them a hell of a fight. D Rose is the next truth tho. Screw Noah though.

  • Eddy K

    Get pass the bulls yes, coz bulls have no interior offense.

    Cavs? No chance. Ilgaukas alone will be enough to kill them.

    They wont repeat.

  • k-smooth

    HEll no, they lost that chance when they lost garnett

  • Chaos

    nope not a chance.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Why the hate towards Noah?

  • Kobeef

    Not a chance in hell to repeat this year…unless KG comes back.

    Without Powe and KG the Celtics are very thin in the froncourt (well…not really..big baby is a fatass but you get my point) and won’t be able to manage another narrow victory.

  • kg fan

    @ big freeze
    Good question, I guess just one of those guys you like if he’s on your team, but hate him if he’s not.

  • Kidd

    We hate Noah because he has screwed up big time at the end of both games. Game 1 – majorly hacks Pierce and gets very lucky Pierce missed the FT. Game 2 – Sticks to Davis instead of switching/helping on Ray Allen who was ON FIRE.

    You can play great all game, but you need to make smart plays down the stretch. Seriously, how do you not help on Ray Allen!?!?

  • doc

    Noah a winner everywhere he go he contribute to winners but if you on the other team side you hate him because he get on your nerves with his hustle and emotion.Like when Spurs fans say everybody dirty when Bruce Bowen is a god to them when he fucked people up for 15 years helping them win chips.Everybody else trying to get they Bowen.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    It’s over. Powe was a pretty good player to sub in for KG – he has spurts when he’s actually very competent. No KG, but a presence. Now that front court consists of Big Baby and Perkins. That’s nice coming off the bench, horrible otherwise. This is now a jump shooting team with no bench and a huge hole up front on both ends of the court. Even if the Celts manage to get past the Bulls, even if the Magic totally fall apart, they will get roasted by the Cavs.

  • karizmatic

    Nah they don’t they didn’t really without KG. It’s unfortunate. I don’t like the Celtics by I always want to see the champions come out and be able to defend their title 100%. It’s unfortunate they aren’t going to be able to do that. They’ll need to find some good mid level youth from somewhere next year to reach the same level.

  • mules

    It’s the WNBA hair…that’s why I hate Noah. Honestly dude, a pony tail? It’d be great/awful to see him matched up against Varejao if Chi can get by the first 2 rounds.

  • tim

    why couldn’t the pistons get the 7th seed and play the Celtics…dangit…

  • http://dimemag Rio

    The Bulls will win in 6! They went to Boston and nearly took two games from them. They Bulls play even better on their homecourt. They will have to crowd roaring and they just play alot better at home(comfortable). The Celtics play with no energy and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are Great players but they NEED KG bad. bulls by ten in game 3. Bulls beat Boston March 17th 127 121 with the same lineup(no KG).

  • dk

    @10 Because Ray allen is a bum.

  • dk

    @10 Because Ray allen is a bum. Better off just leaving the cat wide open…

  • yoda

    i don’t like celtics, but i feel sorry for powe, he plays with this heart on court. as for pierce, is he that guy who said he’s best player in the world?

  • Bruce

    Purest Shooter debate………….In today game.

    If the game is one the line and you have your choice of Kobe or Ray,,,,,,,,,who do you pass the ball to?

  • SJ

    They still have a chance. It’s not a good chance and hasn’t been since the midpoint of the season. They have a very tough road if they plan to make it to the Finals. I can’t see it happening, but there’s always a chance.

  • Lets Go Hawks

    Winning the Title was out with KG. Winning the East is out with Powe.

    @15- The Pistons still would have been swept. They are so dysfuctional now.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’m more feeling bad for Leon Powe. He’s already had multiple major knee surgeries in H.S. and college, now this torn ACL, and he’s a free agent this summer.

  • F.L.A.S.H.

    hey dime, thx for pointing it out to me, as i was watchin the game on an internet feed of comcast sportsnet and had to endure the celtics announcers, Tommy Heinsohn is truly the worst/biggest homer in sports broadcast history, this guy’s complaining tone on one play is worst than duncan/kobe/lebron/wade’s in a whole season

  • knoc

    if they make it to conference finals u bet ur ass KG is gona be playing.

  • Kid Juicey

    Boston is a Brotherhood

  • Biglang Liko

    @ austin, yeah Leon Powe’s a warrior. Hate to see him go down like that. I think he plays so hard and gets these kinds of injuries. Still would like to watch him play. Does all the dirty work ala Millsap.

    I’m sure other teams are interested although this ACL injury is indeed a step back.

  • Bifflefeet Bigsby

    It’s nice to think that they will come out of this first round, but they won’t. Can you really see them getting far in the playoffs if they’re struggling this much already? It’s all over, all over.

  • rick773

    @ Bruce It’s kobe without a doubt.

    I think the Bulls will win but they definitely need to rebound better. Del Negro needs to use his Timeouts better too. Not having any at the end of both games is bad management and then justifying it by saying I’M THE COACH AND I’LL MAKE THE DECSIONS is inexcusable. And finally I’m all for the Champs and we’re confident look but Pierce claiming we only played our “C” game seems like he’s grasping for straws

  • http://dimemag.com ur brother

    lets go chicago