NBA / Apr 10, 2009 / 10:41 am

The Curious Case of Charles Charles MaGalls

A few weeks back I received a Facebook friend request from someone named “Charles Charles MaGalls.” Never heard of the guy and ignored the request, but did notice two things: 1) His profile pic featured him sitting poolside with two bikini-clad women and 2) His status mentioned something about playing Dwyane Wade 1-on-1.

Amid the connections coming in from people I haven’t seen since the 4th grade and basketball industry people, there are the occasional random characters sending requests (Such as the recent flood of other people named Patrick Cassidy from around the country, including one who is a magician. Really? Really?). And it wasn’t until the following email hit my inbox that I thought of Charles Charles MaGalls again:

First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Charles Charles MaGalls. Yes, THE Charles Charles MaGalls. But this is not important. I have not come here to rest on my reputation.

For weeks now I have been calling Dwyane Wade with one simple request. To play the man one verse one, to ten by one gotta win by two. What is so hard about this challenge? Nothing. I have called him at home. This has not worked. I erected a tall billboard outside of the Miami Heat Areana, challenging Mister Wade directly. This has not work either. No response. I have challenged the man directly. He ignores me.

So now I turn to you, the press in the court of public opinion where you are judge, jury and executioner. Can you help spread my message and/or call Mister Wade on my behalf?

I suggest perhaps running this as your headline: NBA superstar refuses to play basketball player better than him. I am not dictating this, I am just suggesting.

Enclosed are the materials to help you write your story. (You’re welcome.)
My Billboard in Miami

My Challenge

My Re-enactment


I immediately remembered the name and went back to Facebook to accept his friend request. What I found were lots of pics of a “billionaire” named Charles with super-hot girls and lots of trash talk being thrown Dwyane Wade’s way, including one awkward/amusing video where he’s confronting Wade in a parking lot.

Is it real? Definitely not (a quick trip to MaGall Industries Global web site will tell you that). Is it an entertaining viral marketing campaign for one of the many companies Wade has partnered with (most likely Converse)? No doubt. We’ll see how it plays out…


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  • loganlight

    Brilliant marketing campaign.

    Bout time that Wade had something quirky going for him.


  • http://deleted Luigi

    If i were Dwyane…then id take him. beat him…give him my autograph…talk for a bit.. have a few laughs..and leave.

  • fallinup

    Yao said to eat the head.

  • karizmatic

    Those models are ridiculously fine. Where did homegirl on the left get a body like that, is it airbrushed? lol.

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    Definitely viral, definitely cool.

    He reminded me of the dude from “King of Miami” from Mojo TV HD.

  • the antoine


  • MoxWestCoastRep

    This has been done before…
    Mongoose Vs Mamba???

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    So essentially this is a guy contacting you on Wade’s behalf. So it’s almost like Wade contacting you or a rep of his lol.


    Hope they turn this into something big and funny. Seems as if it’s headed that way!

  • howard

    This campaign is amazingly exciting!! And the “Billionaire” is the perfect dude for the part.

  • Godot

    the end of one of the videos says it’s converse…

  • max

    ^funny? you mean 10-0 for wade lmao

  • http://mikenaretta.wordpress.com Mikey

    Charles Charles MaGalls < Lil’ Penny

  • srb

    who the hell plays to 10?

  • miamiVIS3

    Yeah I’ve seen that Billboard and they run an add for this across the banner in the arena periodically there was also a video about a month ago up on the big screen about this at half time. Honestly I fond it kind of bizzare but we’ll see where it goes.

  • AB_40

    i’m with post no. 7 and billy joe cuthbert haha those commercials were the ish haha… lower… LOWER too bad they can’t be found anywhere on the net no more

  • Ra72

    Definitely stupid.

    He’s a crappy NYC stand-up comedian named Matty Goldberg.