College, NBA Draft / Apr 9, 2009 / 1:22 pm

The Most Prolific Scorer In College Basketball

John Grotberg

With the NCAA season over, and the NBA Draft on deck, there is one player that you should know about but probably have never heard of: John Grotberg.

Grotberg scores more times than you blink in a minute. Playing in Grinnell College’s up-tempo system of substituting every 35 seconds, he set the NCAA record, regardless of level, for career 3-pointers with 526 this season. He led the nation and conference in scoring (31.0 points per game) and 3-pointers per game (6.2) this season, and led the MWC in steals per game (3.3), a category in which he ranked seventh nationally. Grotberg also was among the league leaders in free throw percentage at 86.8 percent.

“I got a quick trigger,” says Grotberg. “I think sometimes people tend to underestimate the D-3 player, but I have a fair amount of range and relatively decent size for a point guard. I don’t see myself as other players do.”

Check out his story and baller profile on BallersNetwork.com.

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  • QQ

    One year from now, he will look at this article, and remember it as the only time he was (sort of) relevant.

  • Rafa23

    qq, you are a dumbass. relevant for what? being known as a basketball player? who cares what idiots like you think…

  • Young Lebron 23

    One word why this guy isn’t known, YOUTUBE

  • G

    I actually got recruited by Grinnell to play and went to see a couple of their games. It’s absolutely insane.

    If they don’t get a steal before like 10 seconds into the shot clock they basically let the other team score. Then on the other end they look to get up at least 100 shots a game with at least half of them being 3’s.

    Would have been a fun system to play in though, no defense and just shoot jumpers all day.

  • jp2506
  • QQ

    @ Rafa23:

    Apparently, you do.

  • http://www.bettorfan.com Free Sports Betting

    Never heard of the kid, but I’ll be watching now.

  • teamer

    30 ppg in 20 minutes per game. Scores off the dribble from 25 ft. Talented and smart. VERY relevant.

  • BLong

    I played with him for four years at Grinnell. He is filthy. He is playing pro ball in Germany and Luxemborg this year and still putting up unbelievable numbers in a normal style system. The kid can play!