NBA / Apr 22, 2009 / 3:31 pm

The right coach for your team

Andre Iguodala (photo. Kelly Turso)

Andre Iguodala (photo. Kelly Turso)

When Smack reader “SwedishMooze” suggested that Andre Iguodala‘s game-winner against Orlando the other night doubled as a big F-U to Sixers coach Tony DiLeo — who’d called timeout when Iguodala had the ball where he wanted it a few seconds earlier and may have drawn up a different play than “Andre iso on Hedo” — I asked the biggest Sixers fan I know, Dime’s Pat Cassidy, who he wants coaching his team next year.

Assuming that DiLeo is sent back to the front office, Pat’s short list was headlined by Jay Wright, and included Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Billy Donovan.

There are going to be a handful of NBA coaching openings this offseason, with Sacramento, Minnesota, Toronto, Philly, Phoenix, and the Clippers being the most likely destinations.

If your favorite team is on that list, who do you want management go after? If your team isn’t on that list, is there still another coach out there who you think would be a better fit?

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  • marcus the great

    Isaiah Thomas!! oh, wait…

  • http://Dime Youngwood

    @ marcus the great

    Dont u mean Isaiah Thompson ? :P

  • David Brandon

    kings should try to grab eddie jordan again. but his contract should have a clause that keeps the maloofs outta his sh*t… lol!

  • Kudabeen

    I always wished John Thompson was still coaching…

    For Sixers Jay Wright would get eaten alive in this city with the ridiculous expectations, but maybe he can handle it…I like Mark Jackson as long as he has some real Vet assistants with him like Jim Lynam…

  • Jayo

    Not my team but Thibodeaux from Boston seems exactly like the tough defensive-minded SOB that Toronto needs

  • Scott

    Paul Silas.

  • doc

    I like who we got.We need a running coach and Dileo proved thats what he is.Jay Wright need to stay where he at.And fuck Mark Jackson,he aint no Sixer.He can go caoch the Pacers or Knicks.

  • Michorizo

    A proven Mexican

  • Big Shot BOB

    I like Eddie Jordan for Golden State… Or anyone instead of Don Nellie for that matter.

  • djKianoosh

    forget the coach, the sixers need to stay healthy. especially our bigs. invest in the training/medical staff and get these guys ready to play a full season.

  • http://www.statenets.blogspot.com Cliffy

    How about the Nets? Lawrence Frank’s fate is still not sure as of the moment.

  • Jay Jay

    Avery Johnson?

  • Tha Boddy “Agent Zero Still DMV Hero”

    Well my team already got their new coach and will welcome him in a press conference thursday…Welcome to DC Flip Saunders!!!

  • flavur

    Send avery Johnson to Toronto to toughen them up
    Send eddie Jordan to Sacramento
    Send Sam Mitchell to Minnesota

  • Kudabeen

    I think Sixers just need a coach that knows how to motivate guys…Mark Jackson won’t stand on the sideline and watch the wrong guys take shots or Let Iguodala disappear without getting at him…

    There is only 5 guys in the League that I can say Dre I is just out matched and all 5 of those guys he has played pretty even of late…He needs a coach to pull it out of him…He does the work, but needs a “Mickey Goldmill” to push him further…

    Dileo is just following orders from the Eds…He isn’t coaching…Sixers need a voice first and then X and O guy…

  • Sean

    Sixers need Eddie Jordan plus a dedicated Defensive Coordinator from one of the Texas 2(SA/Houston). Jordan’s offensive background will work wonders with their current talent, especially Thad Young who could end up as a rich man’s Jamison anyway.

  • Rizwan

    Steve Kerr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!