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Amar’e: I’m better than Chris Bosh

Amar'e Stoudemire

Amar'e Stoudemire

At the moment, Amar’e Stoudemire‘s future in Phoenix is uncertain. While it seems like the Suns are committed to STAT being their guy long-term — hence their ditching Terry Porter and going back to Stoudemire’s favored up-tempo system under coach Alvin Gentry — Amar’e is the one who will decide things. And seeing as the Suns almost traded him earlier this year, he might want to get out of town no matter how the team is catered to fit his style.

If Amar’s doesn’t sign a contract extension with Phoenix this offseason, he has a player-option in 2010, and could add his name to the A-list of free agents along with LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh. And in a recent interview with ESPN Radio’s Brandon Tierney, he made his pitch to New York that he’s the power forward they should chase instead of Bosh. From the New York Post:

When Tierney asked Stoudemire if he’s better than Bosh, the Suns forward said, “Oooh man, are you kidding me? Ask Chris Bosh that question.”

So that’s a yes?

“No doubt about it, I’m better than Chris Bosh”

“How serious will you consider the Knicks in 2010″?

“I will be totally serious about that, I spent a lot of my childhood there, I have a connection with the state, and I also love the entire coaching staff”

” I think Coach D’Antoni’s doing a phenomenal job with the Knicks, NY’s a great city, I follow them closely.”

If the money was the same, would you rather have Amar’e or Bosh?

Source: New York Post

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  • ugly_fish

    Amare isn’t a franchise guy (just like Bosh) but he is better than CB4. More agressive offensively but lacking on defence.

  • K Dizzle

    Bosh. Amare startin to be that dude that misses HUGE chunks of the season with injuries.Knees, eyes?!?.
    I can’t depend on you. Bosh plays thru the pain and they both need an alpha dog so they can be the Pau, the Manu, the Pip, the Worthy, but Bosh plays defense too and he’s more versatile offensively and for some reason, rebounds better than Amare

  • David_Brandon

    i pretty much agree w/ k dizzle.

    i like amar’e’s talent more, but his personality isn’t what i’d want. and we all know chemistry is just as important as talent to win in the L. so i’d take chris and work from there. plus, chris would be cheaper anyway so i’d have more room to go get my boy dwyane! lol

  • TL

    Amare can’t play D worth crap. It’s so frustrating to watch him play. Plus, Amare lives off of Nash. Bosh > Amare

  • Detroit Dave

    This would be so much more interesting these guys were in a playoff series against each other.

  • hahns

    i think bosh has a better attitude about the game and is more willing to “play the right way.” i think in NY, after the famine we’ve been through, we need some goody two shoe revival, ie the trailblazers

  • Rafa23

    amare cant play any D, bosh is at least average. offensively, bosh is more versatile. and i wouldn’t trust a guy who depends a lot more on his athlticism but already had some huge knee problems.
    and bosh is 2 years younger…

  • http://www.CalmYoSelf.com Kermit the Washington

    Amare’s a poor defender, and a complainer. Bosh seems to be neither of those things.

    Bosh > STAT

  • JoeCozi

    Really had to think about this one for a second…but Bosh is better provides a more overall game!!..Amare lives and dies with the pick and roll and although his jumper is pretty wet from the elbow he doesn’t rebound like a madman..has amare ever had a 20-20 game? idk but highly doubt it…

  • http://madbuckets.blogspot.com madbuckets

    Amar’e is a raw beast. but i have to agree, for the long term, versatility, team work/hard work and defensive end i would take Bosh.

    If you see Chris Bosh on the Spurs in a year, don’t be surprised…

  • Billy Hoyle

    any one who knows enough about Chris Bosh (Raptors Fans) can attest that he’s no franchise player . As much as Amare isn’t either , he’s more of one than Chris is … I’ve watched enough Suns games over the years to honestly say that Amare is better . Chris Bosh is too soft , and highly inconsistent . Amare trumps Bosh .

  • Notorious

    Amare is a self absorbed, childish, no-defense playing a-hole. I wouldn’t want him on my team at all. Agree with others, neither of them is a franchise player, both are nice complimentary pieces. But at least Bosh isn’t a selfish moron who only cares about his self and offensive STATs. F*** Amare and his injury riddled arse.

  • me

    Everything you said can apply to either player.

    I dunno who would rather have amare, but i’d go with bosh easily. Even before this article it’s a no brainer.

  • Billy Hoyle

    @ 13 :

    If you were Bryan Colangelo , would you not trade Bosh for Amare right now , straight up ?

  • Andrej

    amare plays defense when he wants to if he tried hed be better then bosh no doubt amare>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>bosh this just wasent amares year he had some bad luck

  • George W Kush Sr

    Lets face it, we’re not talking about the franchise player but the compliment player, 2nd in command.

    While Amare is just a beast offensively he can’t guard anyone. Since we’re talking about second fiddles, who wouldnt want the guy who does a lil bit of everything well over the guy who is only effective on one end?

    Bosh can score, he plays defense, he plays team ball and he toughs it out. Amare is older and needs a skilled point guard to be his most effective. So while they play the same spot, I’d rather pick up Bosh as my team’s Pippen.

  • Scott

    Considering Amare hasn’t avg’d 10 rpg ever for a season, and Bosh has been part of the 20-10 club twice. I’d prefer a guy who can also grab boards as well as score. I’d also prefer the guy with more range but still quick enough to cause Dwight Howard problems. Remember Dwight is the next Superstar Big Man and Bosh OWNS him. Dig around, its in the stats. I only know cuz they bring it up on the telecast everytime the Raps play the Magic.

  • Ian

    “amare plays defense when he wants to if he tried hed be better then bosh no doubt amare>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>bosh this just wasent amares year he had some bad luck”

    LOL we are starting the sheed excuses now with amare pleaseeeeeee. what love that “if he wanted to” bs excuses people make for players either u do it or u dont simple.

    bosh is better both ways this isnt even close.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Wow, both players frustrate me. Neither is a great defender by any stretch but Bosh is better at that than Amare, which is a joke because Amare’s a far better athlete. Neither are shot blockers, period. Neither are good passers, though again I give the edge to Bosh there. Both have impressive offensive games with great jumpshots; Bosh is quicker but doesn’t get inside as much as he should, and Amare has much more power. Both are decent rebounders; not spectacular by any stretch – particularly not in the clutch – but they’re decent. Overall what separates Bosh from Amare is that Bosh knows how to play a team game and by all counts is a great teammate. Amare? That’s a joke. Both are better suited as (really good) second options, but give me Bosh any day.

  • Rizwan

    I dont know really how I feel about this. Bosh has never done it in the playoffs while Amare has when he averaged 38 ppg against the Spurs in 2005. During the regular season, Bosh is good if not great and so is Amare. However, if one wanted to push a bit more it would be Amare. He is more talented offensively. He could easily average 28 a game. So offense Amare is better and he has a better record in the playoffs – Amare 2 Bosh 0

    Defensively, there is no question Bosh is better. This is not cuz Bosh is like Duncan or Garnett but because Amare is that bad. He is lazy defensively, often makes as little an effort as I have seen. Whats worse is that he could be a better defender if he tried. I hate Steve Kerr for what he has done to Phoenix, as I am a Suns fan, but one thing he was on the money with was trying to hire Tom Thibodeau during D’Antoni’s last year. He could have had a positive impact on Amare, but those days are now dead. He’s not gonna pick it up now because he has a licence to do what he wants. Bosh is solid and dependable for the most part so I’ll give it to Bosh. So Bosh 1 and Amare 2.

    In terms of being a better teammate, I’m not so sure also. Bosh has had issues as well – with dissing Jamario Moon publicly. Amare is a bit of a hypocrite for saying D’Antoni is crap then saying he wants to go to New York but I have never read him saying bad stuff about his teammates.

    In the end, to choose one of these players really depends on who is partnering them in the frontcourt. If you had a Kendrick Perkins, I’m taking Amare. And you rarely find a combo of offense from both PF and C, so I’d probably take Amare overall. Bosh would need to step up wither offensively or defensively for me to take him if I was James Dolan. But it all depends on who plays with them. David Lee currently? I would take Bosh.

  • hooper5013

    I am willing to bet next years Salary that Amare just got his self a face full of buckets from Chris Bosh each and everytime they play next year. At least once next year Chris will hit him with 40. Amare might drop out of the top 5 PF’s here soon if he don’t shut the fuck up and just hoop. FUCK OUTTTA HERRRRREEEEEEEE! Bosh ain’t gonna say yeah Amare’s way better than me. Amare man you making me wanna beat your ass. Shut up. HOOP! Duncan, KG (KG has Amare’s soul everytime they play) Dirk, Bosh, Pau Gasol, Blake Griffin? Amare shut the fuck up and hoop you ain’t that fresh. Just cuz you got a elbow jumper now, you fresh? No you’re not, shut up. Get better…play D, Rebound!

  • LakeShow84

    I’d go with Bosh..

    While Bosh has had Calderon he hasnt had a Steve Nash and all those peremeter assassins that Amare has had..

    Bosh been born through fire.. the only rough year Amare had was his rookie and he still had Stephon and Marion..

  • doc

    Give me Mya Moore on my team fuck these 2 clowns.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN aka BINO BROWN

    BOSH be girlin’ and acting sensitive off court…but he be BALLIN’

    on both ends of the court, on court.

    AMARE is a certified beast but I’ve seen him grab only one rebound for an entire game. I’ve seen him clank some joints. And I’ve definitely seen a no-name blow by him.

    Bosh is beast too in his own right.
    His jumper at the elbow be crushin’ ‘em. And he crushes the best young big man in the game, most of the time.

    I mean, he’s a Raptor. He looks like a velociraptor…
    he’s a certifed beast.

    They’re both gonna be coveted come next $ummer.

    On top of that, I think they’d be excellent role players and/or main big guys on a winning team. Just takes the right mix of personnel to surround these guys.

    With Amare, as the main guy, you definitely need an athletic center and wing big so they can fortify Amare’s glaring apathy on d. You need strong, quick guards who can stay in front of thier…solid pg and an “offensive dynamo” who gets it done on d at the 2. That combo does much to insulate his team from his own shortcomings as much as it does to highlight his strengths.
    NY does have some pieces that would seem to mesh.

    Bosh would thrive in a role where he’s the 3rd best player. Like Raw Lew’s situation. That team would and should be fun to watch.

  • Ekstor

    No way can either be a 3rd option… it’ll be hard enough for either to be a 2nd option… if for no other reason, both players will probably seek max money.

    I’m not saying they’re worthy… I’m just saying they’ll demand it and likely get it.

  • Jay Jay

    Would it be fair to say that Bosh and Amare should dominate like D. Howard? They’re all similar height, howard is stronger but in thoery would it be safe to say they are similar players who should dominate like Howard?

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    I think Bosh’s all round game — rebounding, passing, defense — sets him apart from Amare.

    It’s a shame Amare never developed his game outside of scoring. A lot of unfulfilled potential. It’s been going on so long that it now looks unlikely that he’ll ever figure it out.

  • MBE18

    Where in New York did he spend part of his childhood?

  • johnsacrimoni

    Bosh career rpg: 9.1
    Amare career rpg: 8.9

  • M Intellect

    Who would be THAT surprised if Amare averaged 35ppg on the Raptors? Amare gives dudes buckets. Ask TD.

  • Big V

    I’d go with Bosh right now. He’s less injury-prone and he plays better defense. He’s also better, IMO, at getting buckets in the low post than Amare.

    If I could have the luxury of an elite PG, I might lean toward Amare, but absent that, I’m forced to roll with Bosh here.

  • Guitar Hero

    Probably Bosh would be a better match with Lee.
    But anyone would be nice. Our Knicks need help.

  • Seven Duece

    “Scott says:
    Remember Dwight is the next Superstar Big Man and Bosh OWNS him. Dig around, its in the stats. I only know cuz they bring it up on the telecast everytime the Raps play the Magic.”

    You must turn the channel as soon as they show the game then. He gets all those points on Hedo & Lewis. Sometimes, he’ll go inside, but not much farther than that turnaround J. He’d fit in well on the team though. It’s a tough call between Bosh & Amar’e because they have such contrasting games. I guess it all depends on who else is on the team.

  • Fumble

    Bosh all the way. Its a close match up but I’ll give it to Bosh. Hes much more versatile and is actually really efficient despite having only high end 40% to barely 50% type field goal percentage. He is the only one people double team on raptors and due to lack of offensive talents on raptors on many nights, he is forced to take a lot of shots when his team is cold. He can’t take over a game but he’ll get you those solid 20 points – 30 points a night. However his surge on the first month of this season was at MVP type caliber. I’ve never seen this type of solid production from him ever. Maybe it was due to off court issues hes suffered this season or maybe injurty problems but suddenly he slipped and didnt show that brillance till the end of the season. If he can bring that back next season then Bosh dominates amare.

  • Caleb

    Amare is sick but come on lol Better than Cb. Only in an inflated system can he look as good as Bosh. And Bosh is thin he is not soft, people are stupid when they say that. And who ever said Bosh was inconsistent should watch basketball, he is only consistent. Nothing but. Only people who feel like underdogs say stupid babyiesh things like this.

  • QQ

    Bosh and Amare: two bitches who never won anything.

    Why the fuck would we still care about these two? The best big man is already in the Finals, and he’s wearing a Magic jersey.

  • f19ure

    Seven Deuce says:

    “You must turn the channel as soon as they show the game then. He gets all those points on Hedo & Lewis. Sometimes, he’ll go inside, but not much farther than that turnaround J. He’d fit in well on the team though. It’s a tough call between Bosh & Amar’e because they have such contrasting games. I guess it all depends on who else is on the team.”

    Actually he does get a lot of his points off Dwight. For some reason, Bosh causes him match-up problems one-on-one (on both ends of the floor). Lewis actually makes Bosh work, and has fared much better defensively (and offensively) against CB4.

  • Vishal Jasser

    Amare is probably a better finisher, bosh has a jumpshot
    and bosh hasnt had a point gurad like nash

  • Clembot

    Chris Bosh plays on the terrible Raptors. They have no one else of any calibre or consistency. If Bosh were somehow traded to Miami or Chicago, his play would be better than it already is.

    But I don’t think Amare can play any better than he already has.

  • http://mediocreforever.blogspot.com Shayan

    Both are great players, but not even a question Bosh is better. Bosh can create his own shit, is way more versatile, and plays some semblance of defense. Amare needs Nash to set up everything for him. Amar’e saying he’s better than Bosh is a joke, just like when Zach Randolph said he’s better than Bosh.

  • http://raptors.com Cb4 forever

    bosh is better. #1 reason-is only other pf in top 10 scoring + is in top 6 boards. amare only looks good cas he gettin them amazin sick pass from nash and he still aint even in top 10 ppg. also amare has played on better teams, bosh went in hell early but that gave him time to develop, amare plays shit defence and cant get boards, bosh is 20-10 guy, bosh does not have a cp3, nash, kidd, d williams on his team