Smack / May 25, 2009 / 6:53 am

Orlando goes up 2-1 despite LeBron’s 41

Dwight Howard (photo. Mannion)

Dwight Howard (photo. Mannion)

If there was a defining sound from Game 1 of the Cavs/Magic series, it was the crash of the shot clock hitting the basket support after Dwight Howard‘s dunk wrecked Cleveland’s gym. In Game 2, it was the roar of the crowd after LeBron‘s game-winner. What was the defining sound of last night’s Game 3 in Orlando? A whistle. Clearly not interested in that old saying, “Nobody pays to see the refs,” Joey Crawford’s crew sent both teams to the foul line 86 times — with LeBron (18-24 FT) and Dwight (14-19 FT) practically living there — and issued two technicals and one flagrant foul. Fittingly, the team that won the battle of the free throws won the game, as the Magic pulled out a double-digit win to grab a 2-1 series lead … The most controversial play came in the second quarter, when Anthony Johnson drove on Mo Williams and clocked him in the eye with an elbow, drawing a lot of blood and giving Mo an ugly bruise. Johnson was hit with a Flagrant-1, and LeBron later said he thought it was a cheap shot, but we didn’t see any intent to harm on AJ’s part. First of all, unless Johnson was exacting some kind of revenge for Mo throwing the ball at Dwight in Game 2, what would be the point? (Plus it’s not like Dwight’s big ass needs aging PG’s to protect him.) More likely, AJ was just driving reckless and Mo’s face got in the way … You knew the Cavs were in for a rough night on their first possession, when Delonte West and LeBron bricked a pair of threes, and Anderson Varejao missed a jumper on their third-chance opportunity. Rafer Alston (18 pts, 3 stls) hit a couple jumpers to help the Magic get out to an early lead, which they pretty much held throughout. Cleveland got to within four late in the fourth quarter, but in a key sequence right after that, Dwight (24 pts, 9 rebs) went to the line and made two in a row to extend the lead to six, then LeBron (41 pts, 7 rebs, 9 asts) got fouled and missed both of his. A free throw contest ensued, and Mickael Pietrus (16 pts, 6 rebs, 2 stls), Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu made theirs while Cleveland bricked shot after shot from the field and the stripe … For the second time in the series, Courtney Lee caught LeBron with a dunk in transition where LBJ whiffed trying to block him from behind … After the game, when Mo Williams said, “They create so many matchup problems for us. I know it. They know it. Everybody knows it,” do you think Varejao knew Mo was talking about his inability to guard Rashard Lewis, or did somebody have to tell him? … We saw the NBA’s example of a full solar eclipse, when Stan Van Gundy actually had Dwight and Marcin Gortat on the court together. Some of us in the Dime office have been saying for months that SVG should play his two best post players together more often, but throughout the regular season it only happened for a total of 39 minutes, and before last night, The Centaur and The Polish Hammer shared the court in the postseason a grand total of TWO SECONDS. True, putting those two out there means Orlando would only have three guys on the court who can hit a trey instead of four, but the defense/rebounding improves automatically, and with the way this series is going in terms of physical play, it makes sense. Surely we’ll see that lineup more if Orlando advances and has to play the Lakers … Spotted in the crowd: D-Wade, Carlos Boozer, Tiger Woods, Lil’ Wayne and Ray Lewis. Speaking of celebrity sightings, has anybody seen Boobie Gibson lately? Is he still on the Cavs? … We’re out like Boobie …

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  • knock knock

    Heartbreaking loss for the referees. Let’s see if they can rebound in game 4 and win the game for Cleveland.

  • bakedbeing



  • Quedas

    Great, solid win for my Magic. Just one thing you guys need to correct on the article. LeBron went 18-24 from the stripe, not 21-24. His misses were a big part of the Cavs loss.

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    cavs finally had the test they were talkin’ about… either walk the walk… or stfu…

  • mcw88

    Cavs should be thankful they’re not done 0-3. Magic in 6.

  • M Intellect

    Out like Boobie? Dude played last night…

    But yo – Do ‘superstar calls’ get called on other superstars?

    There was one play late when Dwight Howard was running back on D and dude blocked a LeBron 3 from the front. ALL BALL. Guess what, LeBron’s shooting 3.

    I know it ain’t him but that shit makes it feel like LeBron’s cheating.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6


    Amen. That was a clean block. The worst part is they replayed it to see if LeBron was shooting 2 or 3. How about, here’s a crazy idea, realizing after watching the replay that it was COMPLETELY WRONG and overturning it? Just a thought.

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    @M Intellect

    that call was crazy. i’m surprised it got no mention in smack. has the officiating always been as bad as people complain it is now?

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    @ ticktock

    the league wouldn’t have allowed them to do that even if the refs had wanted to. has anyone ever seen a foul overturned in any basketball game (outside of the league)?

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6


    OK, why not though? I’m talking rule change. I’ve never been clear on what replay can be used for and what it cannot. Partly because I’ve seen refs use it inconsistently. How could it possibly drag out the game more to be able to use replay to determine controversial calls, say, just in the last two minutes? The teams are taking timeouts if it’s a close game anyway. Or go NFL and put headsets on the head official and allow each coach one challenge or something.

    All this stuff where the NBA office plays takebacks hours after the game hurts the league (they look like idiots), the teams (what if Ron Artest had scored like 10 points after he was wrongly ejected and the Rockets won?), and the fans (we already think the whole league is a Kobe/LeBron conspiracy, those two players don’t need any help to be great, and it just makes people mad).

  • e

    magic in 6 lebrons supporting cast not doing much in their first competitive series sorry lebron you go home and kobe will be going home as well.

  • djKianoosh

    ticktock6 is right, they need to find a way to put in some mechanism late in quarters/halves/games/whatever to give the officials the ability to look at some of those bang-bang calls. it’s friggin stardate 2009.5 already! catch up to civilization already, mr. stern!

    lebron getting bad calls go his way literally had me up and out of my comfortable couch 4 or 5 times last night. it’s the kind of thing that turns a likable lebron into a player you like to hate, like kobe.

    cavs fans can’t like the post game comments from their players. they seemed a bit defeatist.

  • doc

    Yall know I call it like I see it.RIGHT NOW Bron and them bitching.I mean he doing all he can do by putting up videogame numbers but when u putting up 40 and dear near a triple dub and coulda lost all 3 games,he might have to score 60 to get some comfy wins.He cut his dick on the line last night.Them 2 in the last minute hurt and then it got worse because he tried 2 dum ass passes after that because he was shook daddy when it came to going to the line.When they gave him 3 shots at the end he was as pissed as Dwight.He still killing the Magic but he gonna have to beat them by hiself because they are showing and proving if you count their roster man for man and Clevelands and compare they shitting on them everywhere right now except for Bron.I didnt believe they had it in their tickers to want to win a chip,but they showed me they do.This shit still aint over by any strech of the imagination though.Mo Williams all star selections I think its safe to say are finished.And Delonte fucked up his Bron reject appearance for next year too so far.Still got time for redemption though.

  • Young Lebron 23


  • jzsmoove

    Lebron was the Ref’s personal video game cheat last night. A clean block Howard aint enough as the zebras were in cheat mode. Lebron shoots, he scores…he’s on fire!…he’s on fire! actually scratch that, the whistles were on fire!

    The NBA should start calling technical fouls for flopping just like in the NHL. I doubt it will happen, soon or if at all, since the refs in this league are very inadequate. If the NBA does this, I hope floppers like Varejao (annnnoyyying) and Vujabitch (really annnoyying)could try to be better basketball players instead.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    First bad game Lebron’s had in the playoffs, and he still scores 41. That said, he should have had 50+. Going 1-8 on threes and missing freethrows is no way to get your team a W.

    That said, Mo Williams hasn’t shown up for the entire playoffs. A big part of what made the Cavs lethal during the regular season is the combination of West and Williams in the backcourt. The Lebron James show can tear through lesser teams, but the Cavs need to be firing on all cylinders to nab a title. Next game is a must-win for them. We’ll see what happens.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Oh, and for those people bitching about Lebron’s freethrows: he was driving to the hoop ALL the time, constantly, into Dwight Howard. Do you guys even watch the game? And Howard took 19 freebies for his part. Seriously.

  • Bron42 aka Told you Lebrons not a shooter

    You know the series isn’t looking good when dwight shoots a better free throw % than lebron in the clutch lol.

    And the way their giving lebron every call, even the ones that never happen is gettin gross. They foul out dwight on a 3 point attempt where the replay CLEARLY shows dwight didn’t even touch him. And even a few plays before that, peitrus got called for a foul when lebron pushed off him and then ran right back into him. Somewhere MJ is sittin there thinkin “man, if I got calls like that in my day, I’d still be playing”

  • http://www.dimemag.com boogs

    NBA needs 2 do a complete overhaul w/ their refs! They need 2 start bring’n in some young refs w/ young eyes. Some of these refs cannot get up and down like they use 2, jus like athletes they endure the wear and tear of games over the years. BRING IN SOME ROOKS!!! LOL

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slam ball

    @Dagomar, The difference is, dwight got 19 foul shots because the cavs even said before the game “were gonna foul him each time he touches the ball” meanwhile, the magic weren’t tryin to foul lebron….they could just breath on him as he dribbles past and he’d get the foul call. Just cuz ur driving doesnt mean you deserve a million calls specially when your the one intiating the contact all the time. Luckily dude still isn’t clutch from the line to take advantage of it. Perfect example what when lebron came down, got a phantom call and mised both his shots then Side show bob fouled dwight on the other end and he made both of his (and no, hitting 2 buzzer beater game winners his WHOLE CAREER does not make lebron a clutch shooter)I see Dwight jumping Varejao in some dark orlando alley once the series is over cuz Varejao is takin crazy cheap shots tryin to get under his skin

  • jayslay

    y is it so hard 2 see that orlando is simply the better team? its not jus about the playoffs…they are just better…lets remember these are the same cavs who lost by 30 aout a month ago to the same team.im not sayin that im going 4 orlando but it should be clear that orlando is the best team..not to mention mo williams of all people said this team couldnt beat them 4 times.lol… and the crazy part is they’re better without nelson…if he was playin this might be 3-0 like it should be

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    @ticktock and djKianoosh

    of course, ticktock is right. people have been waiting on the league for the longest.

    whatever logic there is behind Not giving refs the ability to overturn foul calls by way of video replay seems flawed when you have something like last night with a clean block on bron resulting in dwights 6th. to my understanding replay can’t be used to make decisions on fouls that don’t involve time expiration. is that right or wrong. i’d still like to know if anybody has ever seen a ref overturn a call without the input of other refs. or if they’ve used replay to overturn foul calls in any other basketball forum (cause we know they don’t in the league)

  • knock knock

    Big Shot James shoulda had at least 6 offensive fouls in this game alone. The fact that he has accumulated about 15 fouls these WHOLE PLAYOFFS says something else.

  • alex “robocop” murphy

    Like Shaq, Lebron is a physical freak. Ultimately they changed some rules of the game because of how people were playing Shaq. Basically Shaq is bigger and more agile than any center in his prime. And half the time Shaq had bad calls (offensive fouls) against him because he was simply bigger and stronger than the other guy. What bothers me is although Lebron is somewhat like Shaq (bigger, more agile, quicker, stronger etc than the competition in his prime), he rarely gets called for any “bad calls” whether it is offensive or defensive.

    Unlike Wade crashing to the basket for a layup I see the contact for the foul. With Lebron, half the time I don’t see it and sometimes it does look like he dislodges people for an offensive foul.

  • http://www.dimemag.com boogs

    Dwight Howard is gonna get called 4 a foul everytime Lebron drives 2 tha hoop, he needs 2 realize that David Sterns refs are gonna give Lebron tha call everytime, so he needs 2 actually FOUL him, make him earn those calls.

  • BxBaller

    I found Boobie Gibson, here he is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnIaFTDyrHQ

  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    @ boogs

    i hear what you sayin

  • QQ

    @ 6:

    Nailed it, man.

    Those of you who still think Lebron isn’t getting superstar calls, you just need to look at that play. Dwight running back, perfect timing, perfect block, Lebron twitches, whistle blows, foul.


    To all Cav fans here today:

    …. Oops my bad. No one’s here.

  • M Intellect

    @ Dagomar – Don’t try and compare Dwight Howard and LeBron James when it comes to fouls. Dwight earned every trip to the line. LeBron got some bullshit calls. Straight Up. I’m not saying they were ALL bullshit but a lot of them were. The ref’s are his best team-mate.

    Orlando are just better though. Hedo was off and Dwight was in foul trouble but they just pulled it out. SVG got these cats disciplined. Courtney Lee is like their glue.

    ALSO – The Cavs front court needs to be traded for a undisclosed donation to the ‘Mike Brown needs a new suit Fund’.

    Ben Wallace only plays defence and it isn’t like he’s the monster he was, dude has average D at best. He’s like the oppposite of Eddy ‘Average Offense, No Defence’ Curry.

    Anderson Vaerjao needs to have his players license revoked. He’s not even a ball player he’s a just heckler who can come on the court.

    Big Z can’t fuck with the Magic. Dude is too slow and too weak.

    Just another question for them cats RIDING LeBron’s dick. You know there’s a lot of you.

    Whose better Denver or Orlando?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @QQ, and think about it, if the roles were reversed, u think they woulda fouled lebron out on something like that? no, they woulda just hyped it up like all his blocks from behind. Meanwhile dwight gets ALL BALL in a crucial posession and they foul him out the game.

    @alex “robocop” murphy, lebron is no where near like shaq when it comes to foul. If anything ur logic makes more sense to dwight deservin calls. Shaq got bad calls cuz people flopped or as he was backin them down. Lebron just puts his head down and runs into the lane with his truck stick on. He intiates the contact and even when people move out his way he still gets the bogus call. Dwights block ooppp i mean 3 point foul on lebron sums it all up…bogus shit to give the prince a chance

  • parker

    You guys are drinking too much kool-aid. If you think Turkglu, Pietrus, Lewis, and Rafer can kill anyone for a 7 game series then this must be your first week watching bball. Orlando is playing great but I can’t see them keeping this up. On the other hand the Cavs average players are playing below average. What happens when one of them gets hot? The Cavs were up 20 both games at home. Orlando isn’t going to keep coming back down 20 like a movie script.
    They are playing there ass off right now though.

  • Rafa23

    come one guys, dont hate. did you see lebrons block last night?
    thats definitely #2 on the all time playoffs block list…

  • the cynic


    guess this is your first week watching the magic; despite what nike might tell you there are more then 2 teams in the league. The cavs have pounded cupcakes all year and been smacked around by the good teams.

    The Magic are way too deep for the Cavs, the magic are toying with the Cavs at this point. I think the Cavs can still push this series to 7, but have little chance of winning

    SVG should bring Adonal Foyle for one play and let him punch Sideshow Bob

  • itsakademiks

    now lebron and kobe are my 2 favorite players prolly moreso lebron cus we the same age been following son since we was jr.s but lets keep it real did anybody really think cleveland was better then orlando? i mean lebron is that dude but like the poster above said man for man cleveland cant matchup i knew it before the series even started.

  • QQ

    @ 29:


    Game 1 – Cavs have the lead most of the way, gets all the calls, etc. Everything is well, because this is how it is supposed to be. The Cavs is the number seed; this is their season. The East finals is just a formality because the Cavs are already on their way to the finals. This is where Lebron will claim his spot in the GOAT discussion and win one of his many championships. Oops, my Magic didn’t get the memo, got back in the game, and WON in one of the toughest arenas in the NBA. AND YOU’RE HATIN?

    Game 2: The statement game for the Cavs. The game where they will annihilate the Magic to show everyone that they really are BEST. Damn, the Magic just got lucky, surely, this time the Cavs will show them fools who’s boss. Oops, Magic played like they’re the team desperate for a win, losing to a last second shot. Come on, Cavs down 1-0 and the best thing they could do to show that they are the best team in the East was a last second situation where they could either win or lose? Where’s the shit that they’ll win by double digits to prove a point? AND YOU’RE HATIN?

    Game 3: You watched the game didn’t you? AND YOU’RE HATIN?

  • bone0315

    I don’t know why everyone is hating on Lebron for getting calls. It’s not HIS fault the refs are in awe of him and whistle guys for fouls when they are clearly clean plays (see Howard’s sick block on that three).

    As for the replay on fouls, the NFL has Instant Replay does not allow for “judgement calls” to be reviewed. You cannot have refs review a foul aka a “judgement call”. Not everyone is a clear as Howards block on Lebron. I am all for being able to review out of bounds, two/three pointers, shot clock violations, in the last few minutes because those are not at the judgement of the ref. Either you stepped out of bounds or you didnt. You can’t have Joey Crawford calling a foul and then Danny Crawford looking at the replay and saying “I didn’t think that was a foul” and over-turning it.

    Here is the easy solution: get rid of all the current refs except for about the six-eight good ones. By my count, the only refs I would feel comfortable with if they were on the floor for a Game 7 of the Finals for me are Danny Crawford, Ron Garretson, Jim Clark, Bob Delaney, Mike Callahan, Zach Zarba, Sean Corbin, and maybe Steve Javie, who despite his quick whistle for T’s calls a pretty fair game. That’s eight out of about forty-five refs. Not a good ratio.

  • rlf

    that the refs give all the calls to lebron, it’s not his fault.

    like van gundy said yesterday, you see what happens(to the press) and you don’t write about it. write about what you see. be honest. the press will NEVER bring up something that will have a negative comment about something related to lebron.

    the media is so in love with him, that if he kills someone on the court. they will look away. it has gotten that bad. not even the defensive player of the year gets a break. that fouled on the 3, was not a fouled. it was a CLEAR block. that “block” lebron had, was not a block it was gold tending.

    i’ve never seen a player get away with so much. not even the ref championship given to wade. at least wade ‘killed’ his body to get those calls.

  • -SEIZ-

    The Cavs are an amazing team but they’ve have been sooo over hyped this season. Yah they had the best record in the league… so what?? Against the other top 3 teams in the league what was their record??? 2-6!! The Cavs can mash up inferior competition which is evident in their two series sweeps on their way to the Eastern Conference finals. But when it comes to teams that are up to par with them, they can’t show that “dominance”. Orlando won the season series 2-1 against the Cavs.. so I don’t even know why people are surprised by the current outcome… The Cavs need to win on Tuesday or things will be very bleak…

  • liukz

    cant believe DIME didnt talk about the STUPID foul call on Howard
    IT was all ball and the zebras went cheating mode calling it a foul
    Shit !

    The NBA : Where a King without a crown happens

    PS: DIME didnt talk about Pietrus and Gortats blocks on the KING

    PSS: actually The king got “CROWNED” by LEE …again…ouch

  • dog

    Yo QQ think post 29 was not hatin on the magic..

  • doc

    And the funny7 thing is all the bron haters come out fullforce today.Where was yall Friday.If yall didnt know its only 2-1.As long as they get it back to Cleveland for game 7 i LIKE THEY CHANCES.

  • Brutal…

    first off…when did every little bump etc become a foul…the refs are playing out this entire road to the finals…its pathetic…

    I am a cavs fan…flew and drove over 1800 miles to watch a game live…BUT…they need to get there act together…LB cant win the game himself…if Mo etc cant get their shit together…Orl in 6…hands down…

    One other thing…quit hating on the Cavs players for bad calls made by the officials…D12’s block was totally clean…but Lebron didnt make the call…old ass Joey Crawford did…

    One last thing…

    GO DENVER!!! F%&$ Kobe and his whiny ass lakers…

  • money

    the worst part about the bogus call against dwight for the clean block on lebron’s three is that when he protested, he got his fifth technical. the refs in this league are so terrible.

  • money

    ah no wait, i just checked, that wasn’t the play, my bad. it was a play earlier with ben wallace. Still, i wonder how he gets 5 technicals. Dwight doesn’t seem to complain any more than lebron

  • M Intellect

    @ Dog – That shit confused me too. LOL.

  • QQ

    Yall know how these post numbers change because the Dime server cannot generate some of the earlier comments? Causing the numbers to be mixed up?

    That’s what happened. LOL

    My post is for parker, originally 29, now 31.

    Apologies to M Intellect.

    PS: Kepp reppin my magic, bro! LOL.

  • rg

    the series should be 3-0 orlando. refs suck at there job in this years playoffs

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slamball

    @doc, its not about bein a lebron hater, its just way too many people r ridin his dick now… i mean they make it like dude is god when hes one lucky shot away from being 0-3 this series. Hes hit 2 career buzzer beaters his whole career and people wanna make it like hes reggie miller.

    @Rafa23, if lebrons block was #2 block all time in playoffs, than courtney lee dunkin on his was a #2 dunk all time…dude blocked/goaltended a 6’5 guy from behind when it didn’t even really effect the game…whoopie..and then got dunked on the next time he tried it…how is that #2 all time on ur list?

    @parker, have you just started watchin ball? the magic have smashed the cavs even before the playoffs started. Not to mention the magics top guys are playin crappy too. Hedo is shooting like shit, dwights in foul trouble and their still winning. They also smacked the cavs by like 40 in the regular season and everyone goes “o that wont happen in the playoffs” dude is one lucky shot away from being 0-3 and your talkin about how the magic can’t keep it up? Stats talk man and the magic have won what?10 of the last 13 games they’ve played against the cavs? so ya, your right, thinking the magic have a chance to win is really far fetched i guess….

  • parker

    cynic and qq,
    Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying Cleveland is clearly better. I’m saying this series really boils down to DHoward and Lebron both winning their individual mathcups handidly(thus a wash) so the supporting casts are going to have to come through. I like the Magic’s supporting cast but I don’t think they can keep up what they’ve started(playing out of their mind and completely annihilating Clevelan’d supporting cast). This is probably a 7 game series where if Orlando can win game 7 in Cleveland then I will lose my bets and give it to Orlando for winning when noone else thought they could

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slamball

    @itsakademiks, funny cuz a month and 1/2 ago when i said orlando would beat the cavs (they still might not but ya kno what i mean) everyone here jumped on my case and was sayin how the magic couldn’t stop lebron (which they don’t have to) and dwight can’t do anything etc… and now that its 2-1 and was almost 3-0, everyone jumped to the “o orlando is obviously better” scenerio..just like the lakers fans last year against boston…first it was “o bostons too old yadda yadda” and then when they were smackin the lakers it became “well the lakers had no chance, its just kobe and bums” bunch of front runners man

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slamball

    @parker, dude, the magics supporting cast has manhandled the cavs cast all every matchup going back to the regular season and last year…what are you talking about…the magic aren’t playing out of their minds…hedo was 1/11 and they still won pretty easy last night even with lebron gettin every call possible. I mean think about it…this is one lucky shot away from almost being a sweep in 4 games….so give the magic some real credit.

  • K Dizzle

    Who did cleveland sweep in the first round again? I honestly don’t remember. It’s lookin more like if Joe Johnson woulda shown up and Al Horford was healthy, we mighta had a more excitin series.

    @ Parker – hatin on the dudes you named after how they been playin so far and the Magic up 2-1 and a buzzer-beater away from a 3-0 lead is a real bad look. It looks even worse for Clev. that Hedo goes 1-11 and Bron goes 41-9-7 and they still get slammed. The NBA is all matchups and the Magic own the Cavs EVERYWHERE except with Bron.
    The bench is invisible and if anybody thinks Boobie Gibson gonna do anythin, he won’t.

    Clev. in trouble even if they win and tie up the series next game cuz their homecourt got no effect on Orlando and Delonte, Mo and Big Z have zero confidence right now while the Orlando role players are takin the challenge. Basically, it’s lookin like ‘Let Bron get his and shut everybody else down’

    @ Austin – You still think the Magic need to trade Hedo for Vince? I seen more heart from CL Smooth and Pietrus than I seen from vince in years

    LaKkers tonight, baby.

  • Rafa23

    @ bron

    that was sarcasm because le(ref)brons buzzer was hyped by espn as #2 alltime…

  • Moneybags

    The whining about the refs and David stern really has to stop. Refs aren’t machines and reffing a high speed game where there are so many details ain’t easy. Dwights block was clean In the replay but in real time it seemed like a foul, and it’s a cardinal sin in basketball to try to block a jumpshooter from behind anyway. If you support your team that’s fine, but all these comments about lebron, Kobe, and even wade is disgusting. There’s a reason they get so many calls, their ability and athleticism allows them to put their defenders in a position where all they can do is foul. I’ve also heard some comments about lebron not being a basketball player, but more of a football player. What about people like josh smith and corey maggette. They’re built very close to the king but you don’t see them handling and pawing like lebron dies. Sure refs make bad calls all the time, but it’s been happening since the NBA has been invented.

  • parker

    kdizzle and bron42,
    Keep on mentioning that Hedo went 1-11 without mentioning the 11/12 fts made or the 10 boards or the 7 assists. That guy had a great game yesterday. If he gives 13, 10, and 7 every night the Magic would never lose to anyone.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Parker

    The point was you said Orl role players can’t possibly keep it up for the whole series. Well, yeah, Hedo put up 13, 10 and 7 but he still shot less than 10% from the field and they STILL won by 10

  • parker

    Yeah but the 10 and 7 with 11 made free throws more than erase the 1-11 shooting. Like a I said, if he gives those numbers every night the Magic will never lose. DHoward is too much of a beast all he needs is a little help. Shooters get hot and cold. The key to those ups and downs is to fill up the rest of the stats sheet. I don’t think the Magic bench can keep filling up the box score.

  • Rafa23

    lol, parker you sound as if 10 and 7 is great for hedo. and if he brings it every night the magic will never lose?
    that statement most def means orlando has the series because those numbers aren’t hard to get.(i dont think that btw)

  • LakeShow84

    @ DAGOMAR..

    DUDE yous a straight front runner.. i understand Lebron takes it to the rack a lot and that CAN result in a lot of calls but yesterday was horrible for any basketball fan not believing in conspiracy theories.. i saw TOO many violations from “the chosen one” that were not called for shit.. goaltending, traveling, charges, etc, etc.. NO CALLS?! also the DPOY of the year gets called on any borderline call involving Lebron..

    And for some more Lebron bashing (and ill admit im doing it cuz im tired of watching that buzzer beater) how is that man voted so highly defensive wise and all he does is freelance on D?? Rashard and Hedo are KILLING them and Lebron is still guarding Alston?? yet hes second in DPOY voting?! once again fucking spare me..

    Good game for the Magic.. they looking kinda scary right now.. Cleveland is too small to hang with the Magic.. but so is any other team for that matter.. Hedo is a 6’10 guard and Rashards in and out game can burn you REAL fast.. whether he got it going all game or he hits a big 3 in the last couple of minutes..

    thats going to be a rough out for us.. but it will be fun.. i dont see the refs favoring either team if we both get thereso that will be good.. neither team has any real gritty cheap players.. or any ALPHASTARS to deal with cuz as much as Kobe haters like to hate you cant say Kobe is called anywhere near the delicacy they show when they ref Lebron.. Lol Kobe gets called for charges..

    Lets go!!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Im late on this i know.massive hangover.laughed my ass off at sterns’s and his goons tried to change the outcome of this shyt.i wanna see the lebrons meet my kobes as much as anyone else,but the way some of those zebras been acting but you end up rooting for the magic.btw rafa youz a genius.that shit about brons block being no 2 of all time.priceless. lakers in six boyee!!

  • parker

    Hedo is automatic for 13, 10 and 7 a night? What do you smoke? How do you get it to this country? Can I give you my address?

  • doc

    @bron-u was saying they cant match up with Orlando for like 2 years.U know what Im saying because u balled when I say Bron squad just cant stay with Orlando.If u put Bron on Shard Hedo gonna kill.If u put him on Hedo Shard kill.Its like this.Peitrus would start 4 the cavs easy.And all they starters besides Shard would start also.And Shard would be Clevelands second best player.If u get what Im saying is.Bron GOTTA pull it out so he need to stop the team play shit THIS SERIES in the CLUTCH.Shoot everytime fuck it u see they GIVING u fouls.See if they gonna let u foul the whole damn team out so for the first time in history a team gotta forfeit.Because I think I see that one coming if his team gonna keep laying eggs and they actually trying to giftwrap the boy a finals appearance.

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slam ball

    @parker, i gotta agree wit rafa this time cuz you sound dumb… You make it like the magic are playin amazing when their really not…Their stars aren’t even doing that much. Its not like dwight is goin 20-20 each game…hedo isn’t puttin up 20 points..lewis isn’t puttin up 30 points like in boston. their just gettin stops when needed..and the only games the cavs got, was when they got lucky and couldnt get that stop. And hedo gettin 13 and 7 isn’t really that big of a deal. The fact is, unlike your dudes, hedo missing shots doesn’t stop him from doin other stuff. The magic is doin the old pistons method..let lebron do his junk and close everyone else off. When the magic 40 piece the cavs like they did the second game of the regular season, thats when you can say the guys are playing above themselves…right now their just playin their B-game and working the mismatches. Hell the only time the cavs beat the magic this whole season was by 4 in the regular season after some questionable calls and by 1 point with a lucky shot in the playoffs. U make it like its a fluke their losing right now.

  • M Intellect


    Rafer ain’t starting over Mo Williams. Jameer and Mo would be a 50-50.

    You say Rashard ain’t starting for Cleveland but I could see him at the 4 or 3 even, with LeBron at the 2. Dude would probably be perfect for the Cavs because he got an inside-outside game and the Cavs need offense everywhere because everyones offence outside of LeBron is mad streaky.

  • doc

    @m-Idk about Mo starting over Raf.He’s a vet that get it done I mean not this season because Mo played with Bron but Skip might’ve done the same shit playing with dude.Shit put me out there with Bron and I know Ima get like 5 open treys AT LEAST every game.Ramon Sessions took Mo job to me in Milwaukee at the end of that season which is why they told him holla.Yeah I guess Shard could find a way to start I just was refering to him having to chalk that 3 spot up u dig!

  • M Intellect

    @ Doc – Yeah, I can eat that. Ramon did come with those crazy stat lines for Mo’s spot and if Rafer was with ‘Bron I wouldn’t be surprised if he broke out that Miami stroke on dudes.

    Generally though, I think cats only saw there record and overlooked how many holes there are in this Cav’s team. Their whole front court is ASS and when a team is starting Delonte West at the 2 there is a serious problem. When I think about it, dude is the worst two in the whole ’09 play-offs.

  • doc

    @M-Well reality here brother and Bron and the chain gang is BACK its just all about can he score 29 out of 30 again like in 07.Real shit is I believe he gonna do it.

  • K Dizzle

    @ M – I`d take Delonte over whoever New Orleans had at the two, Dahntay Jones and I don`t even remember who the rockets had at the 2. It`s too bad Mo and Delonte are strugglin right now cuz they both really combo guards who can get theirs, finish at the hoop, shoot with range and set up a scrub like Varejoa, who ain`t really gettin nuthin on his own as well as take pressure off Bron and play great defense. Bron may be the mvp, but he about to find out like Kobe did in the finals last season that you really ain`t shit without your soldiers

  • M Intellect

    LOL – New Orleans are hurtin’ at the 2! The Rockets got Battier and Artest on the wing and I’d take either over Delonte. Before you say it, I know both are really 3’s but they got both on the wings so one of ‘em is playin’ 2.

    Delonte got game, I wouldn’t take that away from him but as a 2, I feel at his size he needs to be either a better shooter (Ben Gordon) or a better slasher (D-Wade) to really be starting.

    One thing though is if Orlando is troubling the Cavs, what would they do with the Lakers? They got a better scorer/leader/closer and better back-to-the-basket scorers as well as guys who are similar to the dudes who are troubling them the most, Ariza = Courtney Lee and Odom = Lewis.

    If LBJ pulls it out against Orlando, I think this Lakers team might be a bit too much…

  • .K.i.n.G.

    bron42 i am a lebron fan and i totally agree with you on post 50. If the cavaliers lose this series it’s because they were outplayed, NOT because cleveland sucks. I still laugh at all those l.a fans who first said lakers would annihilate boston in 5, and then when the lakers lost by 41 it was because they were shit…pissin me offf. On tha real yo, there are so many lbj haters writin on smack right now it’s hard not to laugh at you guys, mans is dropping 41 7 and 9 and had A BAD GAME! no one in this league can do that

  • Dave

    to think that the NBA marketing machine will screw up one of the best playoff’s in history really pisses me off. I could’ve cared less who was in the Finals once the Jazz lost, but to see how blatant the officiating has been in favor of the Cavs and Lakers has made me a Magic/Nuggs fan (for the playoffs only, then it’s back to hatin).
    How PATHETIC has the NBA become that now Vince McMahon’s gig is less of a farce.

  • blast

    how does a player get 40pts shooting 11-28??

    A. a lot of threes
    B. and ones
    C. spend the whole game at the freethrow line

  • jones

    mans is dropping 41 7 and 9 and had A BAD GAME! no one in this league can do that
    Yes. 11-28 is the stuff of legends.
    You need to be the GOAT to take that many shots.
    LeBron is the King and we’re all witnesses.

  • that’s whats up

    I busted a Gortat on this girl last night – she was freak nasty

  • ponky_alolor

    okay let’s get real here:

    1. refs always suck – unfortunately for lebron, his talent gets depreciated from all the superstar calls.

    2. bron needs help – anyone, even boobie gibson would do. desperate times. step up or go home.

    3. magic to their full credit have a real good system working for them – pick-and-roll spread out offense with Dwight as defensive anchor. plus their playing with a ton of confidence. bashed them for signing rashard for big money but at least it’s working out for them in the play-offs.

    4. bron’s free throws are what separates him from kobe. real talk. badass kobe still best closer in the game, and unless bron gets to refine his crunch-time game, there would always be debate here.

  • bookkwormmaster

    Gotta give props to the Orlando Magic for taking it to the Cleveland Cavaliers but on that same note its not like they’re really rolling against them. Cavs were up 20+ in the first 2 games only for the Magic to make a comeback in both games and in game 3 despite LeBron not getting any help from his teammates still managed to cut the lead to 4 only to really lose the game on missed free throws. LeBron and co can make this a series but he has to have at least 1 other teammate step up and have a good game. Game 4 is gonna be crucial for both teams. For the Cavs they need to win to salvage their season and mental physche (and LeBron possibly leaning more towards leaving Cleveland during free-agency because this team isn’t really that good). For the Magic they need to win just so they dont give Cleveland some hope that they aren’t out of this series.

    Watching and hearing talk about how LeBron needs to shut down either Rashard Lewis or Hedo Turkoglu has got to have the front office kicking themselves in the ass. They had a legit shot leading up to the trade dealine to acquire Shawn Marion from the Maimi Heat, if I can recall correctly, Wally Szczerbiak’s expiring contract and some other player but they didn’t because they were afraid of messing up the team chemistry. Adding a talent like the Matrix I think really would have boosted Cleveland’s overhyped D because as a team they are solid but individually (including King James) they aren’t squat. Matrix could have helped in that regard because he is one of the league’s more versatile defenders and he and LeBron could have teamed together to lock up Lewis and Turkoglu. I think he also could have helped them offensively as well because like Charles Barkley said they play much better when they play at a more faster pace and that is a pace that he and LeBron excel in because of their great athletic ability. Irregardless of the outcome of this series the Cavs desperately need to look into acquring another tall athletic wing player (like a 6’6″ 2-guard or a 6’8″ small forward) to pair with LeBron with a back-to-the-basket post player being a close second

  • ponky_alolor

    @ 76, i do agree that lebron still needs help but i think where they are really weak now is at PF and C. Varejao is just flopping around with no real back to the basket game that lebron can rely on much like Kobe does with Gasol.

    Or maybe a floor-spreading forward like rashard perhaps.

    Marion might have been a pick-up and upgrade but i’m not sold on how he can offensively jive with LBJ.

  • Big Aaron

    @Boogs: Thing is, if Dwight puts LeBron on his ass, he’ll get called for a flagrant or probably get suspended for injuring poor LeBwon.

    It’s sickening the calls in this series. It just makes me smile that my Magic boys, who have been written off all season, are shoving it all back into Stern’s face and going it alone.