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King James’ ultimate highlight

LeBron James (photo. Nike)

LeBron James (photo. Nike)

Add another bit of history to the LeBron James career highlight reel, which will some day challenge Mike, Vince, Kobe, Barry Sanders and Reggie Bush (the stuff he did in high school and college was just unreal) as the greatest in the history of sports highlight reels. After Hedo Turkoglu hit a tough jumper over Sasha Pavlovic to put Orlando up by two with exactly one second left in last night’s conference finals Game 2, the Cavs had one chance to avoid an 0-2 series deficit as everybody in Cleveland was nauseous on John Elway flashbacks. Mo Williams was the inbound passer — as Mike Brown flagrantly ignored the lessons of George Karl — and held it for 4.5 seconds before LeBron popped open at the top of the key. Catch, shoot, about 26 feet of arc, splash. The Q was a madhouse, cell phones and BlackBerrys around the country were flashing and chirping, and all Stan Van Gundy could do was shrug … The Cavs shouldn’t have even been in that position, though. They led by as much as 23 in the first half, which Orlando cut to 12 by halftime. Going into the fourth quarter, though, it was still the Cavs’ game to lose. And that’s when Mickael Pietrus got involved. He started drawing charges on LeBron (35 pts, 12-23 FG, 6 turnovers) and generally frustrating LBJ defensively, and hit a couple shots of his own as Orlando took their first lead of the game with 5:30 left. If Pietrus wasn’t French and didn’t look like such a douche, he’d have a lot more people singing his praises right now. One time LeBron cut backdoor for an alley-oop from Delonte West, and although Dwight Howard (10 pts, 18 rebs, 2 blks) got up in front of the rim and swatted the pass away, Pietrus played the most effective D imaginable in that scenario and elbowed LeBron in the nuts in mid-air. David Stern said he’ll suspend guys who throw ‘bows in the head area, so Pietrus could be in trouble … After Turkoglu (21 pts) tied it with a three at the 48-second mark, he sauntered back on D cheesing, and you could see him yell, “Yeeeeeeah!” Who knew Hedo was a Young Jeezy fan? … After that shot, LeBron was called for traveling on a drive (shockingly, no “crab dribble” reference by the announcers), then Pavlovic bailed Orlando out of what was turning into a horrible possession when he fouled Hedo. Given new life, Hedo scored on Sasha, which set up LeBron’s game-winner … Whoever picks the Cavs’ in-game music reminds us of the barbershop crew in Coming To America: They’re good and terrible. The occasional brilliance, like playing hip-hop tracks you just don’t hear in other arenas, gets nullified because they have no sense of the big moment. During the timeout before Hedo’s go-ahead bucket, leading up to what was arguably the biggest defensive possession of Cleveland’s season, the speakers pumped out “Great Balls of Fire.” Really. That’s a moment that screams for the Rocky theme, or if you wanna be cutting-edge, “Second Coming” by Juelz Santana … Cleveland’s PA announcer also deserves a shout-out, just because he sounds like Skeletor half the time. He makes “Anderson Varejao” sound like Keyser Soze … Midway through the third, Cleveland was up seven when ‘Bron drove to the rack and took some contact from Dwight with no call. LBJ got the rebound and went back up for an and-one, screaming something along the lines of, “Gimme my f*ckin’ foul!” The free throw made it a 10-point game, and when the ensuing sequence included an ugly Rafer Alston brick, a botched ‘oop between Hedo and Dwight, a terrible foul call on Hedo, and a LeBron layup, it seemed Orlando was done before they later pulled together and made it a ballgame … Back to that foul, which was one of the worst examples of a superstar call we’ve seen in this postseason. It started when LeBron tried to fire a pass between two guys and turned it over. Just as Courtney Lee got the steal and took off for what was gonna be an easy deuce, the refs blew the whistle on Hedo, who allegedly held LeBron back from attempting to run down Lee. Not only was it a ticky-tack call, but Hedo didn’t even really impede LeBron’s progress, and we all know there’s absolutely no way on Oscar Robertson‘s green earth that LeBron would have been called for that had the tables been turned. The best part was that Hedo didn’t even trip, because even though we’re only two games in, the Magic have already accepted that LBJ is going to get almost every call. Which is too bad, because it’s not LeBron’s fault, and he’s good enough to not need the extra help from the zebras … So that’s two amazing games in this series, and two amazing games in Lakers/Nuggets. Tomorrow, Kobe and Carmelo go at it in Denver for Game 3. It’ll be tough to one-up what happened last night, but no doubt we’re all ready for them to try … We’re out like Cleveland’s collective mind …

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  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    godd shot… but have to say it’s a lil bit luck on the side… they REALLY shouldn’t been in that position… props to bron for having the balls to take the shot knowing they could tie it or end up 0-2… that’s what a franchise player has to be… willing to take his team’s fate in his hands…

    all said… this should’ve been a magic win… no doubt… cavs have so much problems matching up with the magic bigs… they’d have to gut it out from here on and stop thinkin’ it’s they birthright to be in the finals… it’d be interesting to see the adjustments by both teams in game 3… personally, i’d like to see this series last the full 7 games… that’d be a treat for all basketball fans…

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Amazing, amazing shot. Right up there with MJ’s best . . . and maybe better, considering it was a catch and shoot with a second left. Best player in the league, and it’s getting less and less close . . . .

    Anyone who gets whistled for multiple charges and a travel late in the fourth is not getting all the calls, by the way. That shit has got to stop. Why can’t we watch a truly transcendent player without resorting to conspiracy theories and nitpicking?

    As for the Cavs: they’ve shown they can get big leads on Orlando, and they’ve shown they can give ‘em up. The backcourt needs to play better and Mo has got to win his matchup with Rafer. Sic Lebron on Lewis as well, I say.

    The next game is close to a must-win for the Magic. Could be a blowout, could be nail biter . . . this has been one hell of a playoffs so far.

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    i think bron needs to play more against rafer for him to roam on defense… but i think mike brown needs to play pavlovic more to avoid match up problems with the magic’s pick and rolls… and big ben needs to play dwight more… he’s old and not the old big ben… but he can still give ‘em quality minutes against him…

    i think the magic can play better offensively that this… and cleveland can play much better defense than this… whoever gets to their regular season form first would win the series…

  • Mr. A

    Good shot, shitty basketball played by the Cavaliers for 47 minutes and 59 seconds. embarrassing. horrid. Insert adjective here. I’m embarrassed.

  • ponky_alolor

    props to lbj. props to hedo. that turk really turned into a nasty closer.
    since when did courtney lee turn into rip and hit big shots? kid is solid.
    im pissed that cavs blow leads by turning into a lazy JUMPSHOT HAPPY team.

  • sideshowbobsux

    Anyone watch Anderson Valjero? The guy’s head and body whip back whenever anything comes close to touching him…always, doesn’t matter when or where. The waterboy tried to give him a cup of gatoraid and the pussy ass mother fucker crumpled to floor holding his face.

    I hope that fag dies, painfully…something like a brain tumor or hemorrhage. He has to be the least skilled guy in the NBA, he ruins the game just by playing.

  • ponky_alolor

    @ dagomar

    im a big lbj fan but our cat needs to develop that mid-range pull up jumper that kobe and pierce has to take out teams CLEANLY.

    teams like orlando are loading up on him when bron goes to the hoop. usually ends with a controversial call or turnover.

    when he gets that jumper down, he will be unstoppable in crunch time.

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    The “foul” Hedo made on LeBron was just terrible. Hedo, like you guys said, just looked as tho he expected it, and tried laugh it off

  • pak-yaw

    anyone care to comment on how the game should have at least gone to overtime had the refs called mo for the tech?

    hedo’s foul? wtf was that????? where the hell was the foul?

  • ponky_alolor

    @sideshow, yeah varejao is paid to flop. as a cavs fan, im sick of it. not good basketball.

  • tobacher

    Gotta give some love to Hedo, guy is mr.clutch on a team in the conference finals and doesn’t even have a nickname…

  • knoc

    how about turkish delight! hahahaha

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Granted they had help from the zebras.yeah i sed it .mo williams non call on howard anyone ?with that being said thats a hell of a shot.iudos.i know qq is sick.i’d be too.

  • mosduff

    nauseous is not a word.

    nauseated is what you’re after there dime.

  • http://nbadraftscouts.com Tyler Whitcomb

    Lebron James will be the best of all-time when he is finished!!!

    He will never have the hype of Jordan, but when it’s all said and done King James will be known as the greatest.

  • Red

    Horrible write up, btw, for whoever publishes this garbage. Otherwise, nice job.

  • Kevin
  • Big Aaron

    “Anyone who gets whistled for multiple charges and a travel late in the fourth is not getting all the calls, by the way.”

    Other than pissy little fouls being called in crucial moments. And if even NBA refs are calling charges Lebron if he blatantly does it. And the travel was obvious but do we really need to rake up Crab-gate again? James has history of travelling. Delonte West took about 4 steps when he got a foul called in the first half as well. Apparently, that’s continuation.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Hedo is da Man. Lebron is He-man.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    @ JOsh…nice

    as a long suffering Cleveland fan I could watch that last shot ALL DAY on replay. ALL DAY. Awesome. Amazing, Call it what you will…but that’s history…

    every Jordan reel ever seen has him killing my Cavs over and over…that was nice…could Dwight be Bron’s Ewing?

  • Coop

    What’s with hate for Peitrus? Tell me it’s not because he’s a ‘Euro’. Crazy racists.

  • http://www.insider-weblog.de herrschel

    nice thought there, relating to ewing. so we got 2 interesting conf. finals. Tonight Kobe getting some of Melo and Chauncy. I’m going with the Lake Show over the Nuggets in Seven and the Magic over the Cavs in Seven… What about you guys?!

  • Pig

    Game 3 in Denver will be the first blowout in the conference finals

  • e

    If Pietrus wasn’t French and didn’t look like such a douche, he’d have a lot more people singing his praises right now.

    first thats a blatant foolish statement how many players in the league are from european countries isnt tony parker from france whos responsible for writting this garbage its basketball i guess youre looking for men you consider handsome on the court SMH LIKE MARVIN SAID WHATS GOING ON

  • Data

    I think the refs did a good job on the mo williams no call. Dwight blatantly hit him in the heqad after the whistle and mo reaacted if anything it should have been a double tech so i think they made the right decision by not calling anything. If Artest had done either of the two things he would have gotten ejected quick.

  • Soopa

    Great game to watch as a neutral fan.

    Amazing shot by Lebron, simply amazing. The one thing that people have said Lebron lacked, he now showed us all that he has. Clutch. Boom.

    But the Cavs have got to be thinking about how they again blew a big lead. The players/staff learnt nothing from game 1? Hmm… And now that they head to Orlando what will they, what CAN they, change?

    Orlando is proving people, including myself, wrong. They got some balls and are more mentally tough then i imagined. Coming back from two big defictis, on the road, against the best home team in the L and almost heading back home 2-0? Damn.


    LBJ= Referee’s love child.

  • QQ

    As a Magic fan.. I should be crushed by this TOUGH, TOUGH loss to the Cavs. But I am not. I am crushed AND elated at this loss at the same time. Lemme explain.

    That Bron game winner has got to be one of the most heartbreaking dagger in my experience as a Magic fan. One second to go, your opponent throws an improbable shot, goes in, you lose. OUCH.

    But… This game was supposed to be the statement game for the Cavs. This is where they will beat us by 40, show the world that they really are the best team in basketball, and that their championship drive will not be hindered by our squad. Down 1-0, common sense says that the Cavs will destroy us in Game 2, and all is well again in the world of playoff basketball.

    Hmmm… Problem is, WE DIDN’T GET THE MEMO ABOUT THEM BEATING US EASILY. We played with the heart of a team that is desperate for a win, instead of the team up 1-0. We played with an intensity (in the second half) like a team with the crowd behind us, instead of the team who are playing in the road, in one of the toughest arena in the L. We played like a team with a championship drive when we were down by 20, instead of the team who are just a speed bump for the Cavs, who already ‘reserved’ their spot in the Finals. We played like a team of motherfuckers, instead of trigger happy soft ass bitches many people are painting us to be.

    DAMN. I am proud of my team.

    Magic in 6.

  • http://BigTmusic.com Balla

    Mo Williams really needs to step it up. Quickly. Big Z is not getting younger and Varejo is not getting better. Mo needs to wake the Fudge Up!

  • the cynic

    Is there any doubt that Sideshow Bob’s favorite player growing up was Vlade Divac? He is like an unskilled Divac out there. I could understand the flops against Howard, but the 4 or 5 flops against guards were hilarious.

    great series

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    @ ponky:

    Lebron leads the league in PER in the clutch and it’s not close. He was the second-leading clutch scorer in the league this year and was first last year (82games.com). He’s dominated in the clutch in the playoffs. Those points have come on all manner of offensive plays, including from midrange (although midrange shots are usually the lowest percentage shots players take, making them generally a last-best option in the clutch or otherwise). So please don’t go talking as if Lebron still has some huge hole in his game during the clutch. He keeps showing us he can do just about anything he wants out there.

  • BrooklynWeGoHard

    LBJ=League’s love child
    You know David Stern’s slowly dieing ’cause he wondering how he helping this team so much & they almost down 0-2 with a lucky shot for a win for a couple of reasons:
    1. that was a tech on punk Williams
    2. some of those foul calls for LBJ were blatantly bias
    3. My Magic just wouldn’t go away
    4. That call on Hedo was so bs, even he knew it
    5. the cadavers can’t keep a lead on these resilient Magics
    6. Magic wasn’t even supposed to be here cause the Celtics don’t lose game 7s
    P.S. 1. Since when punk williams get balls, a year ago he was in some dungeon somewhere now he running around like he used to winning, throwing balls. He dont want to feel a D12 elbow, his little ass wouldn’t survive. 2. Why Mike Brown mouth get so big when he talk, too much teeth. Is it me or does he look a little slow?
    OUT! GO Magic!!!!!!

  • E$

    Laker fans can stop the MVP chants for Kobe, the MVP plays for the Cavs – No Doubt (Will NIKE do a puppet commercial for this one?) I got text messeages that said “Witness” by several people, not Cavs fans either

  • BrooklynWeGoHard

    LBJ=League’s love child
    You know David Stern’s slowly dieing ’cause he wondering how he helping this team so much & they almost down 0-2 with a lucky shot for a win for a couple of reasons:
    1. that was a tech on punk Williams
    2. some of those foul calls for LBJ were blatantly bias
    3. My Magic just wouldn’t go away
    4. That call on Hedo was so bs, even he knew it
    5. the cadavers can’t keep a lead on these resilient Magics
    6. Magic wasn’t even supposed to be here cause the Celtics don’t lose game 7s
    P.S. 1. Since when punk williams get balls, a year ago he was in some dungeon somewhere now he running around like he used to winning, throwing balls. He dont want to feel a D12 elbow, his little ass wouldn’t survive. 2. Why Mike Brown mouth get so big when he talk, too much teeth. Is it me or does he look a little slow? 3. Trust me no one will remember that highlight when they lose, remember Big Baby had one too, now he home doing slurpee reps, trying to get bulldog Perkins to smile, overrated bastard.
    OUT! GO Magic!!!!!!

  • King koopa

    Nice shot, but i would be concerned…
    They almost went 0-2 @ home.
    Lebron is overrated on D tho: who was he guarding? Skip? Cauz he didnt stop hedo/rashard.

  • Jsmoov

    Wow…amazing shot. Haven’t heard a peep about Kobe yet either, whats with that? The ref conspiracies need to stop as well, a number of calls went against LBJ in crunch time. The refs make bad calls against every team.

    Killer instinct, undeniable will to win, cajones, whatever – LBJ has it as well.

  • johnny

    I’ll sing the praises of anybody who takes a charge against LBJ.

    And Barry Sanders’ highlights >>>>>>>>>>>> whoever’s highlights.

  • Big Island

    I hate French people so I can feel the Pietrus line. And everyone is bitching about flopping, but if the refs stopped calling it a charge, people would stop flopping. Simple enough.

    Hedo has some stones.

  • blast to yo face

    seriously the game shouldnt of came down to the final shot, as the cavs were given every call in the damn book. i dont understand how lebron didn’t foul out by the 3rd quarter when he BLATANTLY RUNS STRAIGHT INTO GORTAN TWICE. BOTH TIMES HE HAD HIS FEET SET. i dont get how every time he drives its called a foul. anybody watching the game knows that it was boring as hell, as cleveland just kept the lead FROM THE 1st half by drawing fouls after fouls after fouls throughout the game. anybody who said that game was fair is insane. orlando will still win this series, obviously in 5.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN



    Cavs should be down 2.

    LA should be down 2.

    7 point differential in 4 FANTASTIC games so far.



    LEE was FIRE in the 4th.
    PIETRUS was CLUTCH in the 4th.

    I swear Dwight is a YOUNGBULL for real. I mean, the bol was pick-pocketed so EASILY it seemed. But what makes it funny, you see him dribblin’ real hype like he’s about to do sumptin, and then : .boop. – .gimme dat. : awwwww man I’m dyin’ typin’ raight now. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a problem but the way the Cavs make him look ameliorates my soul with big time laughter and joy.

    Mo and Red get it goin’ early and go COLD.
    Mo just be COLD.

    …with the occasional big bucket.

    Prime example of how Magic’s stars SHINE at the end. And the Cavs stars shine at the BEGINNING. If that’s gonna be your way, that’s the wrong way!

    Top of the 4th – about 11 remaining: Delonte is 1on1 with Hedo. It’s all him. Breaks him down. Pull up. Silkiness.
    Bottom of the 4th – Delonte gifts wrap a pass for Rashard. Ungoodness.

    Top of te 4th – about 11 remaining: Hedo tries to answer back. And fails.
    Bottom of the 4th – clock turned off, 14 seconds dwindles to maybe 3 or 2: Hedo cans a wicked J. A J that basically says, “Q – SHUT DA F*** UP NOW.”
    Like memories of my Sixers game, he MAKES THE BEST USE OUT OF A POSSESSION EVER. {—- Yeah, that’s the way to go.

    Even though Mo and Red been stuggling, especially Mo – they’re gettin’ thier numbers. And they’re outworkin’ Magic’s backcourt on the whole. On O and D.

    It’s MAGIC’S FRONTLINE givin’ them problems. Z causes problems but when his j aint wet and he gettin’ blown by all crazy like, it’s just hard to watch. Andy = Not offensively confident outside of the paint, at all.

    That particular weakness combined with the game situations where Mo or Red is on Hedo or a bigger guard like Pietrus even, it becomes strikingly clear those matchups are very favorable to Orlando.

    Lebron, thier VERY SOLID D OVERALL, and efficient offense are the 3 strengths that seem to compensate for the aformentioned 2 ‘areas of improvement’.

    When JOE, BEN, and PAV are playing good, even better.
    BOOBIE and WALLY, great.
    That doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen.

    If the economy was the NBA, where’s the safest place to invest your last shot?



  • blast to yo face

    A NUMBER OF CALLS WENT AGAINST THE CAVS?? hahah anyone find it hilarious when lebron picked up the ball, used his hand to push a magic player outta the way, then ran to the hoop FROM THE three point line. if the refs didn’t call that a travel, i woulda lost my mind. he took what, 5 steps on the way to the hoop?? whatta dummy, and lebron dickriders, refs would normally give him that. overrated specially considering that hedo gave him no defense on that last shot. after lebron loses this series, will he still be the best (far from it) LOL

  • jzsmoove

    Lebron kept damn passing the ball in the last 6 minutes of the game. Kobe would have gone jacked 7 shots in that span. I aint saying he should not trust his teammates, but at that point they werent even hitting theirs. GO GET YOURS BRON. Given that they blew a big lead the game should have not been close at the end if Lebron simply just took over.

    I’m still rooting for the underdogs though…GO MAGIC, GO NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!

  • nick nick

    you gotta love cavs fans, lebrons now the greatest ever now that he tied the series 1-1 after givin every call in the book in BOTH GAMES. anybody watchin the cavs and sick that all the cavs do to stretch a lead at the start of the game is draw foul after foul after foul. mostly by the king himself??

  • nick nick

    btw, lebron is not good enough to not receive help from the refs. if the refs didnt help the golden boy, he’d be in foul trouble every night will averagin less than 20 points. IF 50% of his points come from the line, hes garbage. product of nba

  • http://mikeleebasketball.com young Leezy

    Im so happy that my main man LBJ can make shots like that. Ok, now with that being said is it just me or does there need to be some adjustments by Mike Brown. First of all, Anderson Verjao cannot, wait I will say it again, cannot guard Rashard Lewis. Second of all, what is going on with Mo Williams in the playoffs? His shot looks flat and he almost looks a tenative when playing in the playoffs. I think more Sasha and some Boobie Gibson could solve a lot of matchup problems. Why not put Mo on Sip, Mr. West can still start the game on Hedo but bring in Sasha to give him a rest. Put Boobie on Courtney Lee and then have LBJ guard Rashard Lewis and have Z on D Howard. I just dont understand sometimes. I know they have been playing well all season but they didnt against the Magic and havent so far int he series. So far in both games in the third quarter it almost seems as if the Cavs are playing not to lose. They are not playing that same way they start out the games. They need to start playing a whole game to win.

  • doc

    All that they coulda won and they came back dont mean a thing.They took that L.Bron hit the shot that he needed to hit.And Cleveland danced the night away.Cleveland fine.Its 1-1.Its supposed to be good games to get to the chip.If u think a 23 point lead means something in the 2nd quarter u need to watch more basketball.the score was 43-20.Now 43 points aint even enough to keep the lead from these dudes at halftime,let alone a whole game.I think sometimes yall think yall watching some rec ball league shit or something where a 20 piece is the end.In the NBA a comeback from a 20 piece happens once or twice a week.Cavs won.Thats all that matter.@blast to ya face-He FAR from the best?Saying he not one thing.Saying he far from the best when he MVP in the East Finals averaging about 44 ends your credibility.Are u Deshawn Stevenson?

  • Skeeter McGee

    I wonder if Jerry West still wants Kobe taking that last second shot…

    “If Pietrus wasn’t French and didn’t look like such a douche, he’d have a lot more people singing his praises right now.”

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I usually don’t even get on during the weekend unless it’s something special. Of course …it’s something special.

    First off I got to pay my respects. As much as I didn’t want to be a witness, last night King James just MADE ME be one lol. Can’t even talk bad on him. Props and amazing and I am slightly a fan. Slightly.

    Funny cause the wife usually goes to bed before the games but last night decided to stay up. I see Hedo with the ball and say ut-oh and she says why you say that? I told her it’s already good he can hit game winners. Hedo proceeds to hit the shot over 3 defenders. She was like crap. 1 sec. left and she says well it’s over. I say no anything is possible, and she says yea anything is possible with GOD. LeBron hits the shot and my pregnant wife is in the bed Wow-ing and I am like….crap (still amazed though).

    Love the shot of the kid in the Cavs Jersey holding his head with the look of horror after Hedo hit his shot. Later that same kid and all you can almost see is his feet is jumping up and down like he just found all the candy in the world after LeBron’s shot. Pure Joy!

    you could see him yell, “Yeeeeeeah!” Who knew Hedo was a Young Jeezy fan?

    Hahah cause I got Hedo singing the Lyrics to “I’m Out Here Grindin” when they played the first game during a lull in action. Hedo is hip hop!

    LeBron’s coach joking talking about that is how we drew it up. More like Coach LeBron told Mo wait and make sure he gets the ball. I don’t like these wack coaches on Denver and Cleveland and Orlando but he pretty much knows he isn’t the best coach and doesn’t try to act.

    On the real I despite all the heroics I do have a prob. with Mo not getting that tech. Pure, uncut, fresh BullSh!

    Well tonight it’s Denver and the refs vs. Kobe and crew. Should be interesting but frustrating.

    Go Magic and Go Lakers! Despite Refs doing the worst job I have ever seen in a playoffs, I am still enjoying.

  • Ian

    so again the houston series reminded me that scola is a monster and should be playin with duncan now hedo is throwing shit in my face also , fuck me.

    spurs should have kept them both


    i think this is why i cant sleep

  • qb#10

    I’m always checkin out this site and I felt like I needed to say something about people’s highlights. NOEL DEVINE! check out that high school highlight… I’m not sure if any compare honestly

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    That would be a crucial 4th quarter line up wow! A lot a floppin and not a lot of D at aaaall, but still a real nice line up for offense.

  • that’s whats up

    They actually called traveling on Lebron’s Cribble

  • Sontas

    more varejao flopping and pro-lebron whistles to come…here we go.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Over 12 thousand voting Kobe as the best clutch shooter against


    ESPN News

    Just food for thought.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Getting kinda tired of people complaining about flopping.

    Think about it. The way the charge/block rule is written, you HAVE to flop to get a call. I mean really, LeBron is running down the lane at you – what else are you supposed to do, basketball-wise?! He WANTS you to foul him. So you’re supposed to get out of the way and hope that he takes it up soft so you can block him?!

    The same thing goes for the jumpshooter jumping into the defender. I HATE how that always goes to the shooter! As if it’s the best play to jump into someone…puh.

    It’s just the way the rules are written. If they weren’t, the Varejaos of the world would still be ok basketball players.

  • George W Kush Sr

    ” One time LeBron cut backdoor for an alley-oop from Delonte West, and although Dwight Howard (10 pts, 18 rebs, 2 blks) got up in front of the rim and swatted the pass away, Pietrus played the most effective D imaginable in that scenario and elbowed LeBron in the nuts in mid-air. ” – Mmmuah ha ha ha ha, LMBAO

  • LakeShow84

    Big shot from Lebron!!

    That was an MVP shot.. if they lose that game its embarassing.. major props to the man-child for draining that shot..

    So does anyone still think Cleveland is the best team in the NBA cuz they been playing scrubs all season??

    Dont believe the hype!

  • K Dizzle

    Seein that Bron shot depressed me to shit cuz that is why you want the ball in your top dog’s hands at Historymakin time. I love fish, but Kobe needs to get the ball with a sec left for the win.

    To the dude sayin the Magic got the early shine players while the Cavs got the late shine players, statement is all false. Hedo was clutch, been clutch all fourth quarters and I know memories are short, but come on- Who won Game 1 and who showed at crunchtime? One amazin shot by Bron doesn’t change the fact that the Magic are for real and coulda been up 2-0

    Lakers tonight, kids. Apparently, Nuggs ain’t lost a homegame in 11 weeks. Well, beatin overconfident teams at their crib is Laker specialty.

  • LakeShow84

    @ DOC

    So Cleveland is fine?? nah bruh Cleveland got major fucking problems.. if Lebron hit one of these in Orlando it would mean more but he hit this to salvage whatever they had left in their first 2 games at home.. once the dust settles bottom line is Cleveland cant handle Orlando in the post and/or pick and roll..

    You guys better hope Orlando dont come out mad in game 3 & 4.. i doubt the star treatment will be there as much for Lebron as well.. it should be leaning more towards Howard and that aint “Fine” for Cleveland..

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Popi Gee: over 17,000 voting Lebron as the best clutch shooter over Kobe: http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/9602888/Cleveland-now-has-a-shot-it-wants-to-remember

    The point? Don’t ever support your arguments with fan voting. It’s BS.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Dagomar

    it’s pretty obvious that people vote based on recent memory. Dudes were talkin about Roger Mason cuz he was killin the Lakers, Suns and whoever with his buzzerbeaters. The rule is this. When a question is asked who’s the best at whatever usually between Kobe and Bron, the answer is usually the guy who just played.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    @ Dagomar …what argument? I said that was food for thought.

    But I mean yea you are right no one should support an argument with fan voting cause it is BS for all the reasons K Dizzle said.

    Still I like the poll I put out there better because it wasn’t just Kobe vs. LeBron.

    Lakeshow I agree Cleveland most def. ain’t fine.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN

    @51 -K DIZZLE, you said :

    To the dude sayin the Magic got the early shine players while the Cavs got the late shine players, statement is all false. —}} UMMMM…

    Nobody said the “Magic got the early shine players.”

    It’s the Cavs that do…it’s the Cavs that don’t shine at the end. That’s what I was saying.

    And as much I love Bron’s squad, the Cavs AINT fine. But what team in the NBA FINAL FOUR is FLAWLESS?


  • S-SiN

    It’s just simply Amazing! but if he’d miss Hedo wins the election in Turkey…

    good for ya Bron hit that too, cuz i’m guessing if u were pressed to write something about Hedo u wouldn’t have a black and white photo session of him with a hoodie on and shit.. Hell, u even had the man traded for Vince Carter a few months back…

  • rocky lobs

    -i think mick boogie is the arena dj
    -i got like 7 texts all sayin “THE MUTHAFUCKIN KING” last night while chillin with shorty and then my phone dies
    -i like when they play cam’s “i used to get it in ohio”
    -derrick rose’s highschool footage is mos def up there with the best ive ever seen.
    -mo willians looks like he’s gonna cry tears of joy when the cam cuts to him holding his head

  • Ian

    You are right if u dont flop ull prob get the foul call against u.

    Now on clutch sportcenter highlights are amazing cuz people voting for kobe should look at the numbers hes good but they are alot of players better.

  • Ian

    I hope u mean denver as the best team cuz a team that went 7 with scola and 4 dudes adelman picked up on his way to work isnt the best team

  • LakeShow84

    Kenyon Martin isnt a thug..

    Hes just a piece of shit.. that tech on Fisher was a joke.. just like JR Smiths airball.. can we just get one game?!

    @ Ian – Your usually smarter than your comment.. Artest, Brooks and Battier were picked up on his way to work?? riiiggghhhttttt.. Spurs fans sounding more and more bitter as OUR season carries on..

  • LakeShow84

    Im not going to start talking shit about the fact we should be up 3-0..

    But i will say the dumb ass plays Kenyon Martin and JR Smith make came back and bit them in this game.. JR Smiths dumb ass Im-straight-from-the-projects tech at the end of the 3rd quarter.. And lets call Kenyon Martin’s great inbounds pass karma for most the crap that PIECE OF SHIT has gotten away with all series.. Billups & Melo are the only two i respect on this team.. and sprinkle in some Anderson and Nene even though Nene is all brawn and little brain

    @ DOC & DIME..

    Sorry but my boy still the hardest in the crunch.. LMAO at the halftime show.. Has no one else hit a buzzer beater to win a game this postseason?? now all of a sudden Lebron is mentioned in the same breath as Bird, Jordan and Kobe as far as being clutch?? fucking spare me..

  • AZ

    I suppose the spurs are the best team, lakers woulda sweep them IANNA

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    I think Lebron’s clutch for many more reasons than that 3, Lakeshow. 48 points ring a bell? This guy has been the most clutch player in the league for a 2, maybe 3 years now. And check the stats at 82games.com. Then come back here and tell me why Kobe deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Lebron when it comes to clutch situations this year.

  • Ian

    Really i kinda exaggerated on purpose damn. Still me and 4 buddies can outscore ( again exaggerating) that houston team the lamers shoulda destroyed them with yao out but the didnt so how is that the best team?

  • Dennis

    Pietrus a douche? He looks kind of like Sidney Poitier to me. A welcome departure from the neck-tattooed, K-Fed bearded types. Yeah, Delonte, I’m talking to you.

  • S-SiN

    Hey Lake, u rite, but sup with #32 Earvin Magic Johnson goin like I’m witness (bout 7 times) and havin Nuggets over Lakers at least twice..

    was u goin like What the fuck 2?

  • Ed

    Lebron’s leg was bleeding and the OFFICIALS called a timeout. Cleveland only had 1 Timeout left.