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Don’t blame King James

LeBron James, Dime #47

LeBron James, Dime #47

I’m not gonna say it’s impossible. Once upon a time, I watched Buster Douglas knock out Mike Tyson in his prime. I saw the ’95 Mariners damn near make it to the World Series. I remember Mankind surviving the Corporate Ministry and beating The Rock for the WWF belt. You all heard KG: Anything is possibuuuuullll.

That said, it’s looking grim for the Cavs trying to make it out of this 3-1 series hole to the Magic. And if/when Cleveland does take that fourth L, there’s one thing that I know will definitely happen in some circles that really needs to NOT happen:

Nobody had better blame LeBron James.

I know it may be fun for the psycho Kobe Cult members and everyone else who’s grown sick of the mainstream media’s season-long servicing of LeBron to see his team make an earlier-than-expected playoff exit. And it might make sense for them to blame LeBron, who is, after all, Cleveland’s alpha and omega.

But if we’re being realistic, there’s no way ‘Bron should take the fall for this one, and even the biggest LBJ-hater should know better. Going into tonight’s Game 5, LeBron is averaging 42.3 points, 7.3 boards and 7.3 assists against Orlando while shooting 50.9 percent from the floor. He hit the game-winner in Game 2; he was the sole reason the Cavs even had a chance in Games 1 and 4; and he kept them within striking distance in the fourth quarter of Game 3. And did I mention he’s averaging FORTY-TWO EFFIN’ POINTS?

While the “His teammates didn’t step up” company line might sound like just another media excuse to absolve LeBron of any criticism (especially considering those same teammates helped ‘Bron win 66 games in the regular season and rip through the first two rounds of the postseason), it’s nonetheless 100 percent accurate. I’m not saying ‘Bron has been perfect in this series — he was turnover-prone late in Game 4, and he’s missed some big free throws here and there — but, damn, what else can he do? If Mo, Delonte and Boobie aren’t hitting open shots, how long is LeBron supposed to keep passing to them? If guys aren’t moving on offense, how long is LeBron supposed to stand next to them before he just attacks the basket himself?

By now it’s obvious the Cavs don’t match up well with Orlando. Their small backcourt has trouble dealing with the physicality of Courtney Lee and Mickael Pietrus. Their plodding forwards are getting stretched out by Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu. Their no-vertical-having center and his creaky feet are trying to hang with the most athletic center the game has ever seen. Cleveland’s biggest advantage is LeBron, and he’s more than done his job. If it was Kobe dropping 42-7-7 or Chris Paul getting 30 points and 13 dimes a night with their teams down 3-1, nobody would be placing any blame at their feet.

The difference? LeBron is just coming into that stage of his career where everybody not only expects the world from him, they aren’t satisfied if he only gives them 90 percent of the solar system. The same critics who will get on Vince Carter for “settling for jumpers” also say LeBron isn’t taking enough jumpers. The same critics who get on Joe Johnson for not being selfish enough also say LeBron needs to pass the ball more.

Sometimes you just can’t win. LeBron knows that, and those who defend him against overzealous nit-pickers know that. But if LeBron ends up taking the hit for losing this series, where he’s dominated about as much as one man can dominate a five-man sport, that lesson will never ring more true.

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  • PALakerFan

    It is definitely not Lebron’s fault. His supporting cast blows.

  • PALakerFan

    Think about it… Howard, Turk, Lewis, Pietrus, Lee, Alston, and maybe even Gortat are playing better than all the Cavs except Lebron.

    Cleveland better enjoy this win tonight cause their team is done in Game 6.

  • justice

    If the cavs pull this off it will be the greatest solo performance since mike beat phoenix by himself.How dangerous is rashard lewis but as much of a mismatch he is with every other team in the league the lake show have the answer in lamar, dwight will over power pau on one end then get pumped faked out of his shoes on the other, that should be a great series

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    articles’s on point AB… bron is hated for the reason that the media/NBA front office are buildin’ him up to be the next big thing… its not the cat’s fault that he’s bein’ pushed ahead of his time… hell, it aint even his fault the refs are givin’ him the benefit of the calls all the time… by sheer talent alone the cat has it… no doubt… cat also got his share of flaws as well… bron hatin’ would never stop… but just like @doc said last time out… we all should just appreciate the talents of cats like kobe/bron/cp3/d-wade etc… they be givin’ us the best games since the G.O.A.T. called it quits….

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    As always well done Austin.

    – AK

  • PALakerFan

    Assuming we win the WCF, in 7 I imagine, I am not looking forward to playing Orlando. Too many 3 pt shooters for us to ignore. Kleiza is the only dead-eye shooter Denver has and we leave him open all the time!!!

    Pietrus will be open the whole series against us!

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    @PALakerFan – i think orlando really is a mismatch nightmare for most teams… the only team i can remember that has their number is the pistons…

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    I’m all for the points above, Bron is playing with a bunch of bums. Down the road, we’ll look back at this season and be AMAZED that he MADE MO WILLIAMS AN ALL-STAR! Mo Williams who wasn’t and now isn’t putting up 20 points per game was somehow an All-Star. Even Jamaal Magloire had to do work by himself at center the season he made it in.

    Like I’ve been saying, put any other Small Forward from the East in Bron’s place and no better than an 8 seed. Now, I couldn’t see them beating a motivated Pacers team without Bron.

    @Austin : Wilt Chamberlain is the most athletic center of all time until Dwight is asked to be in the Olympics for something other than basketball. Check out The Stilt’s non-NBA resume. And dude was in Conan the Barbarian.

  • Data

    I’ll be the first to admit that I was swept up in the cavs hype. After watching every game in the series I’ve realized that Orlando hasn’t stole any games, they are clearly the better team. It’s easy to say that LeBron is the MVP but when you look at the rosters and you watch the games it becomes quite clear that records aside Orlando is the much better team and should have been favored to win. I think this is series that will push LeBron to decide to leave Cleveland. This was suppose to be his year. When you look at it his team is not that good. Mo Williams has been exposed, he might be the worst off the ball defender I’ve ever seen. How many corner threes does pietrus have to hit before you realize that maybe he shouldn’t help off him so much. All that being said superstars are supposed to take the fall when there teams lose but LeBron has done everything possible to help his team but they aren’t doing anything to help themselves. Besides they’re going to lose to a better team.

  • http://www.themavenreport.com Kyle

    MY prediction: Howard gets two techs in a game 5 Cleveland win. He’ll miss game 6 and Cleveland will win. Game 7 in Cleveland.

    Let’s GO Lakers!!!

  • AznPeoplesChamp

    I respect Lebron and his game, but I guess all the love he’s been getting has made people haters. It reminds me of when the WWE kept trying to push The Rock back in 90’s and everyone started to boo the crap out of him.

  • PALakerFan

    IMO, to beat Orlando you have to resist double teaming Dwight. I know it’s hard when he crams a couple on your big, but that team cooks when all the perimeter guys start hitting. On the other end, you have to attack Dwight early and get him into foul trouble. I know LBJ loves his new and improved jumper but he needs to drive it straight into Dwight the whole first quarter tonight. The refs love him as much as the media does so he’s bound to get the calls.

    If Cleveland can do that, they should be able to build a lead and hang on for dear life in the 4th.

  • Rafa23

    the article is on point. and lebron is great.
    but could we please stop saying lebron made mo williams an allstar?
    the only difference for was being on a winning team. he had almost the exact same stats for the bucks last year.

  • loganlight

    OK… Yes, I agree. Let me get that out first. What I don’t agree on is that LeBron is doing everything he can. Too many times he has settled for the long jump shot after dribbling down the shot clock. He has shown that he can get to the rim whenever he wants and subsequently get to the free throw line, all while putting the cornerstone of the Magic (Howard) in foul trouble. Why doesn’t he stick with that? Why does he rely on his jumper time and time again?

    You’re right Austin, we can’t blame LeBron for the Cavs losing steam this late in the playoffs. We could blame the Coach for pushing his team at a breakneck pace all season, we could blame Mo for not the right kind of ball hog, we could blame Big Z for not hitting those midrange jumpers and drawing Dwight out, but we can’t blame LeBron. He is certainly leaving everything on the court… I just wish he could leave it closer to the rim.


  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    @AznPeoplesChamp – the analogy to THE ROCK is on point… but what could bron do for the haters to love him??? cat would retire and haters would still be up his grill

  • PALakerFan

    Mo made it cause 3-4 other guys got hurt. He wasn’t deserving. Plus, all the hubub about no team that had the most wins at the All-Star break had ever had less than 2…blah, blah, blah.

  • Scott

    Forget blaming LeBron, you know Danny Ferry shit his pants when they went down 3-1… not something that really helps you promote your franchise to your soon to be free agent franchise player.

  • Arno

    “The most athletic center the game has ever seen” ??????

    Have you ever seen Shaq when he was 24-28 ? Breaking boards, going to the rim with a couple of helpless defensers attached to his arms and running the break like a PG.
    Taller than DH, heavier and probably as fast as DH. Only in his vertical leaping ability is DH probably better than young Shaq.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Lebron is just an absolute monster. I wouldn’t compare him to Joe Johnson or Vince Carter – let’s compare what people say about him now to what people said about Mike when he was struggling against the Pistons.

  • PALakerFan

    The thing with Lebron is the same as it is with Tiger Woods. When the media and analysts gush on and on about a guy “Nobody can do what he does…He’s the greatest athlete ever…How many titles will he win…” it just makes the average fan wanna puke. I think Lebron and Tiger are both phenominal and I love to watch them, but I’ll root against them forever, just to be on the opposite side of all the pretend fans.

    That is, of course, unless Lebron wears the purple and gold someday, then I’ll have his picture in my game room.

  • D Nice

    There’s no way the referees will allow the Lebrons
    to lose tonight.Expect them to call 3 quick fouls on
    Dwight in the 1st half & take him out of the game.The
    Magic will have to win convincingly because if its a close
    game,Lebron will get every call.

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    Couple of people have mentioned it but the real underlying story here is what Lebron will do if the Cavs end up getting bounced this season. This may indeed be his best look at a chip, if Boston is back and healthy next year Cleveland is in big trouble. Not to mention Orlando will be one year better as well. Its been astounding to me how much Mo has just disappeared in this postseason. Cleveland got punched right in the mouth during the first game and have looked dazed ever since. Lebron has been a one man wrecking crew and the evolution of his game this year has been amazing to watch. Sadly I think Lebron is really done with Cleveland if they tank the rest of this series

  • http://twitter.com/LakersNation Lakers Nation Twitter

    First time in Lebron’s career that he’s not living up to the hype . . . total east coast bias or maybe it’s a “hood” bias that’s letting lebron off the hook . . . all I know is if Kobe went into a conference finals with the

    – best record in the League
    – the MVP in hand
    – the coach of the year
    – an actual all-star team mate to help with the load (after all the begging they did to get him on as a replacement)

    and then not even making the finals, much less than winning a ring . . . everyone would question his leadership, how selfish he was being for scoring all these points, how bad of a team mate he is, conflicts with his coach, how he’s overrated because he hasn’t won anything without Shaq . . . i know sh!t ain’t fair, but i’m just pointing this out . . I’m honestly just glad Cleveland isn’t making it because it makes it easier for Lebron to say “f-this” once he becomes a Free Agent . . . Lebron will win a ring one day, but I really think it could be for LA some day!

  • Curtis G

    I would agree with you here but getting the MVP award is all about giving it to a person that makes their team better and that is NOT what I see right now with Lebron (although it was evident during the year). I think the Cavs are losing precisely because of his 42 ppg; it clearly demonstrates that he is taking away shots that others could have had… shots that his teammates were used to taking in the regular season. And you can’t argue that he has to take them because his teammates aren’t hitting their shots because he has been averaging that from day one of this series, and a sizable portion of that in the previous two series as well. My point is this; you can’t miss shots if you aren’t getting them. And while it is true that his teammates haven’t hit the shots that they have been given, maybe that is because they are being force fed shots that they aren’t neccessarily prepared to take. I argued this same point about Kobe a few weeks ago when I said that Houston could pull off the upset of the Lake Show if they got Kobe to distrust his teammates and get him to thinking he had to do it all himself. The same is true with Lebron, except, he really DOES think he has to (or can) do it by himself! In thinking so, he has taken his teammates right out of their game. To be fair though, it isn’t mostly his fault (although he should be able to recognize what is happening) since the comprehensive Mike Brown play book probably has only five plays that all have some iteration of “get Lebron the ball”. The truth is that the way Lebron is playing now (as impressive as it is) is not the way the Cavs won 66 games and ended the season as the best team in the NBA. However, this is a learning process and all the great ones have had seasons like this where they went statistically nuts but got nowhere in the end. All this series shows is that Lebron still has some learning to do… and I suspect he will get there pretty soon. In any case, I wouls also like to point out that I said weeks ago that the Cavs would not get past the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals. As I remember, Poppi Gee and a few others called me crazy and said my basketball IQ was low… among other things. And Poppi, if I am unfairly including your name, I apologize, but I will try to find those posts from a few weeks ago so I can call out the right people. Regardless though, to all of you that doubted me, I guess I do know a little sum-sum about this game of basketball, don’t I?

  • dmitry of jersey

    if cavs lose i hope it motivates lebron like the losses to the pistons motivated MJ.

    and also i hope the cavs bring in BEN GORDON as a free agent. also, gortat is a free agent. he would fit in well on Cle.

  • knock knock

    Your right, Don’t blame the mvp on the number 1 team in the nba who’s one goal this season is to get a championship. It’s everybody else’s fault. This is the kind of article i’d expect to read on ESPN-

  • ping pong playa

    How bout an article about how the cavs are choking worse than the mavs did in the finals against dwade n co. Hilarious since AT LEAST THEY MADE THE FINALS AS THE NUMBA ONE TEAM.

  • dk

    Cleavland sucks. They have no shot of winning it, Im not even gonna entertain the argument. There is no way they can counter Orlando on defense or keep up with their scoring. I said it last week that they will have no chance of rotating to guard Orlandos height on the perimeter with their small ass guards… Their arrogant asses should have been swept and sent packing. If it wasnt for a miraculous three pointer at the buzzer the series would be done. You cant blame the refs or James but maybe you can blame their egos and the time spent practicing ridiculous and disgusting sideline celebrations when they should have been learning how to rotate to guard a much bigger offense team. This wouldnt have happened in Phils house but hell, whos Mike Brown anyways? The new Captain Panic? The coach who briefly has figured out a way to put a squad on the floor to compete? Four fucking games later! lmao. With all the technology we have today its taking him 4 games to figure out a strategy when Orlando has been pounding them for seasons?! Good luck Brown on trying to keep up offensively, you will need it. Im glad to see Stan is letting LeBron get his and shutting down the supporting cast, I said he should last week and obviously Pat Riley and him are still close.

    How you dumb ass fans feeling now after sweeping two shit teams and getting nearly swept yourself? Hahaha, I guess you bandwagon fans are all going to buy new Bron, Bron jerseys in 2010 because that dudes out and the only ring he will have is the wedding band some stripper puts on his finger!

    PS: By the way this wouldnt have happened to MJ and Phil Jackson…

  • rell

    “but, damn, what else can he do?”
    – He can stop leaving Skip wide open for open 3’s.
    – He can tell Mike Brown to let him hold Turkoglu and lock him down instead of holding a point guard.

    “If it was Kobe dropping 42-7-7 or Chris Paul getting 30 points and 13 dimes a night with their teams down 3-1, nobody would be placing any blame at their feet.”
    This is not true. Kobe got the blame when the Lakers lost against the Suns 2 years in a row. He was playing with a bunch of scrubs and an inconsistent Lamar Odom. The Suns was a much better team but Kobe got the blame even though he was balling the entire series. And like everyone say when they criticize a player, this is coming from a Celtics fan.

  • Drink the Haterade (KB24 Chip 09)

    OK, I will admit as painful as it is, LBJ is a beast, but like it was said above, LBJ is constantly shoved down our throats by the media. He’s so hyped up and everyone always talks about how great he is and this and that and yada yada yada… I’m so sick of hearing about how great LBJ is sometimes I think I might puke…

    Now when KB24 was beastin teams back in the day they always called him out about how he’s supposed to lead his squad to the victory.

    Let me just say this, If you are the boss (manager) at work you are supposed to be the leader of those people who work under you. If they mess up, then who gets the blame from the higher ups? You or the one who made the mistake? It’s you cause you are the leader. Stop making diff rules for LBJ!

  • itsakademiks

    “If it was Kobe dropping 42-7-7 or Chris Paul getting 30 points and 13 dimes a night with their teams down 3-1″

    i have a problem with that statement because those yrs when kobe was losing to the suns in the first round everybody was getting on son saying he wasnt doing this and that so yea lebron my dude and all but its his teams its up to him to figure out a way to get the job done…

  • dk

    @30 You dont have to be able to build a rocket or have a theology degree to figure out that Bron would have to be in 5 places at the same time on Defense, only Jesus could do that!

  • itsakademiks

    and nobody can hate on mike brown’s offensive sets… HE DOESN’T EVEN DRAW UP THE PLAYS lol first time i really paid attention but watch the team huddle during the next game one of his assistant coaches draws up a play while brown sits on the outskirts of the huddle like some kind of bench player….

  • G-unot

    blame the entire cavaliers team. lebron is part of that team

  • Blue

    you know what’s funny…
    this is the EXACT REASON people hate on Lebron!

    i’m not sayin’ your article isn’t on point, but c’mon man! people live and die by their star player. d-wade doesn’t get out of the first round and people say it’s because he’s not as good as lebron or kobe. kobe doesn’t get out of the first round two years in a row, and it’s because he can’t win shit without shaq. lebron doesn’t get to the finals again, and it’s not his fault! WTF?!?

    we can’t blame the refs either…they did all they can to help the cavs, also!


  • Billy Bob

    I love how no one brings up the missed FT’s that Lebron had in most of these losses. Along with the big turnovers… people just wanna look past that. The fact of the matter is that he has come up short in the 4th quarter in most of these games. You can go out and get 35 in the first 3 quarters but if you cant finish it out then whats the point?

    Even game 2 when he hit that BS shot, he had 3 turnovers in a row before that shot. In game 4, he missed a FT with like a minute left that would have won the game but no one brings that up either (he missed a lot more also)….

  • Curtis G

    My sincerest apologies Poppi Gee… you weren’t the person that called my basketball IQ into question. In fact, you are a fellow Houstonian and Rocket’s fan!

    In any case, I found the link to my former post comments I made about Cleveland not beating the Magic. It’s funny because I wrote all of that stuff back on March 31 and the reasons I said Cleveland wouldn’t beat Orlando are the EXACT reasons why Clevelnad is losing. Check it out. My posts start at post 11 and continue bantering with Ranger John and doc from there who ARE the ones that called my basketball IQ into question! Now who is laughing?!


  • K Dizzle

    If it was Kobe droppin 42-7-7 and were down 3-1, he’d be gettin shredded in the media. This gotta be an AB article cuz I’m annoyed. Why the phuck shouldn’t I blame Lebron? What happened to the unselfish dude who’s team had 66 wins? I’ll tell you what happened. They already swept the shit teams. Now it’s time to man up and they one buzzer beater away from bein swept. They went from a team to Bron puttin up 30 shots a game and turnin the rock over almost 5 times a game. When Kobe shoots 30 times, the media jumpos all over him. When Mike was gettin punked by Detroit, nobody blamed Pip or Horace. Mike was the one they blamed. Everybody, even Phil, told him he had to use his teammates cuz NOBODY does it on their own. Well, if it’s good enough for MJ or Kobe, then it’s good enough for Lebron. You wanna be the man when shit is gravy, then you better be the man when it ain’t

  • GoEasy

    King James

  • Blue

    @ GoEasy…


  • tp



    remember when kobe scored 40++ for TEN straight games and WON all ten of them and STILL got ostracized??


  • JuiceMode

    There some things (teams and players) that aren’t as great we all thought they were. Just like Tyson. Just like that Mariners team. Just like The Rock? Nah, wrestling is scripted. But then again so is the NBA…? Maybe the Cavs aren’t as great as we all they would be…? Maybe just this year, at least we all hope so.

    And props to the Magic, they are on the verge of doing something special, like what the Nuggets did to the Sonics back in 1994.

  • Yoooo

    Kobe was blamed for losing the Phoenix series two years in a row… And he had BUMS around him as the 8th seed… Give Bron the same treatment, bump it. Money is great, but he gets more love than Kob and I cant rock with that

  • K Dizzle

    @ Juice

    Denver over Seattle was a major upset.
    This ain’t an upset cuz Orlando the better team.

  • dk


    Kobe > Bron

    Kobe ( the play maker and opponent focal point )


    Bron ( dont give me the assist shit people )

    Lakers > NBA

  • dk


    VanGundy > Brown

    Cleavland ( supporting cast ) < Orlando ( ” )

  • LakeShow84

    @ All the Realists

    Thanks you.. If Kobe scores 40PPG for a series and we lose, even if he has 7APG, it’ll come back to him.. The Phoenix series when we were CLEARLY overmatched and last years Finals runs.. “Lebron took the Celtics to 7.. what did Kobe do?” that kinda bullshit..

    LMAO @ AB – your coo doo but come on.. “Its not his fault!”

    The problem with Cleveland is its all about Lebron.. he touches the ball on EVERY possession and is either expected to score or throw the assisting pass.. it WILL NOT WORK in the long run.. sure you can blow through the regular but when u run into a good defensive team it wont hold up.. Hes a bomb ass PG/SF but his position isnt played like that.. his team doesnt even really run pick&rolls without him.. SORRY!

    And while he is avgin those 40+PPG it will fall squarely on his shoulders cuz the refs are trying to hand him shit and he is the main man with the ball in his hands for the “favorite to win it all”..

    # 23 hit that shit dead on.. Let Kobe have all that going for him in a season and lose in WCF.. shhhhiiittttt.. it would be murder..

  • L

    When kobe’s teams are down the media is blaming him for all their faults. Now when lebron’s team is down and on the verge of elimination the media is making up excuses for him…..get the fuck out.

  • A.R.

    Oh please trust and believe LeBron needs to get ALL the blame. Either way you put it, he’s the star, the franchise player, he has the ball in his hand 90 percent of the time. To put it plainly he is the Cleveland Cavs. At some point during the game he isn’t doing something right which is causing them to lose. He’s supposed to be the leader right? Well how bout he leads somebody to get a hand in Alston face once in a while? Or for somebody to get a hold Lewis? If Kobe can get the blame for being eliminated by the Suns a couple of years ago and for not winning the chip last year, LeBron has to absorb every bit of blame if they lose. I don’t wanna hear it! I don’t care if he was average 60 points 25 rebounds and 30 assists if you lose…you lose. Period. And not to mention he had the final shot in the last game which he missed. I know it was a tough shot and he would of needed a miracle for it to go in but…he missed and they lost. Don’t try to baby him Austin he’s already the leagues golden boy he deserve another person holding his hand and telling him its okay. He has to win to be in the discussion of great and right now Dwight Howard is closer to that status than he his in my opinion. Why? Check the series…

  • Yoooo

    1 seeds are NOT supposed to lose before the finals. Especially the Overall #1 seed… Besided Dallas when is the last time that the overall #1 seed didnt make the finals?

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    I love the “IF KOBE DID THIS” argument.

    Here’s why it’s stupid: assuming the Cavs lose, this has happened to Kobe TWICE in the Finals, and he sure as hell wasn’t averaging 42 PPG.

    In 2004 the Lakers were massively favoured over the Pistons. They lost in 5 games, with Kobe having a quiet series. Last year the Lakers were favoured over the Celtics. They lost in 6 games, with Kobe having a quiet series.

    And yet, people still call Kobe a winner, a closer, one of the greatest ever. Why? Body of work.

    C’mon Lakers fans. Come up with something better.

  • A.R.

    Oh and to Lakeshow84 you hit the nail on the head. You probably just said the most realistic thing I’ve read in this thread.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    @ K Dizzle: so Mo Williams and Delonte West aren’t hitting shots. Nobody is hitting shots. Would you be content to see Lebron keep passing to them all game and not look for his own shot? Or would you shred him for not having Kobe or MJ’s killer instinct and scoring himself? That’s what I thought.

  • since89

    Kobe’s fault for not taking the Sun’s with Atkins and Parker, not Lebrons fault for loosing with Mo and West…

    24>23 all day…

    Winners find a way to win

  • weng santos

    Just to qualify, LeBron makes the game-winning shots for the Cavs because he’s the only one who takes them.

  • tp

    @ dagomar

    you just unknowningly (and unwittingly) proved our point.

    look, i respect lebron. read the other thread, i think he has surpassed kobe this year.

    kobe has a body of work, and gets criticized more than ANYONE

    lebron has minimal body of work, and has already been crowned king and gets a free pass whenever his teams lose..

    somethings gotta give bro..

  • dk

    @48 Why, I dont speak English!

  • Yoooo

    The Lakers were favored over the Celtics? What are you smoking? 3 Hall of Famers vs 1 Hall of famer and 1 All-Star? You sound dumb…

    And he was NEVER favored against Phx who was the #1 seed. The fact that Kobe MADE it to the playoffs in the WEST with Kwame Brown and Smush Parker starting is AMAZING. Even Luke Walton started… Come on man bag back

  • dmitry of jersey

    kobe would never average 42-7-7… it would be more like 42-1-2.

    anyway, im not trying to hate on kobe bc i’ve sung that tune many times and he has improved his ability to trust teammates etc etc.

    i agree with AB. this series is much less a reflection on Lebron than a reflection on the Cavs team/ coaching. for example, compare the 4th quarter the Lakers played last night vs the Cavs in game 4. Lakers continued to move the ball, kept their poise, and executed. The Cavs just stopped. I dont get how a team that won 66 games can lose confidence in its offense like that. i guess lebron deserves some blame bc he contributed to that shit-fest, but the other 4 guys — especially Mo(st undeserving all-star ever) Williams have got to contribute more for the cavs to win.

  • tp

    how about giving lebron some blame for bricking 10 straight jumpers? THATS the biggest reason why the magic are able to lock the rest of the cavs down.

  • AB_40

    talkin bout VC they should’ve traded for HIM dumb folks in cleveland you can’t win with a short backcourt there will come a time and a series where you’re just to short to guard your oponent sorry. but still 3-1

    didn’t chris bousard or sheridan write that cleveland was the better team but orlanda had the better matchups that’s BS Boston made Orlando the team it is today with learning them how to close out games.

    MIKE BROWN SUCKS can somebody please make that poster. He still doesn’t get it. and mo williams I ain’t even gonna talk about him what he did was so dumb but hey.

    and LBJ was tired he is tired and they might not even win game 5…

    LA Orlando probably somewhere shaq is screaming I MADE THOSE FRANCHISES :D

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    @ Yoooo, yes the Lakers were heavily favoured over the Celtics. By almost every analyst, and by Vegas. Look it up . . . .

    TP: Lebron doesn’t have a body of work? This is the sort of polarization that ruins the Kobe/Lebron debate. Obviously Kobe has a larger body of work than Lebron, but what has he produced since Shaq left LA? Less postseason success than Lebron, suffice to say. Granted, overall Lebron doesn’t have the same body of work as Kobe, but Lebron has his share of great postseason moments. Ultimately my point was that Kobe has been in worse situations but it has not impacted his standing, which undermines the “Kobe would be bashed for this” arguments.

    Also, yeah Kobe wasn’t favoured over Phoenix in that series. Kobe caught criticism because his team was UP 3-1 in that series, and because he proceeded to lay an egg the rest of the way. He wasn’t averaging 42-8-7, suffice to say.

  • knock knock

    Whats funnier.. that Damon Jones has hit more game winners for the cavs than lebron has in 6 years, or that today’s the last game for lebron’s #1 team?

    *that is of course unless the refs want to hand the cavs the game again.

  • A.R.

    To Dagomar…

    I’m sorry did not Kobe drop 50 points in the game six of that series and the rest of the team couldn’t back him up? Yeah I thought so. Last I checked 50 points isn’t exactly laying eggs.

  • dk

    Honest reasons Cleavland is not LA…

    I would rather have the defense, swagger, and experience of a Derrick Fisher type then of a ( Garbage shoot first “PG” ) Mo Williams.

    Delonte is to emotionally unstable ( I do like him alot though ) to run a team…

    Zeke, Wallace, Smith and… What is this the 90’s ?

    Anderson “to small minded, but I wont knock the hustle ” Varejao

    The rest of the bench < then crap

  • rell

    I think you are missing the point. Most of the Lakers fans are not complaining about the criticism Kobe got in ’04 and ’08. Kobe deserved to be criticized about those series. I’m glad he struggled against last year because he was playing my Celtics. However, in those 2 playoffs series against Phoenix, Kobe was blamed for losing against a much better Phoenix squad. The Lakers starting lineup that year was Smush Parker, Luke Walton, Odom, and Kwame freaking Brown. If Kobe that year was blamed for losing those Phoenix series when he was balling, why shouldn’t King James be blamed for losing against the Cavs?

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar


    Kobe, if I remember correctly, had 8 points in game 7 and only 2 points after halftime (again, if I remember correctly). Barkley called him out on it and said he “quit.”

    The bottom line, though, is not that Lebron should be blamed unfairly because Kobe was blamed unfairly. It’s that NEITHER should be blamed if they are dominating and their teammates aren’t stepping up. Jordan didn’t win until Pippin became a great player either. All of this speaks to the absurd reality of NBA branding and how we look at basketball as a sport. It’s a team game, but the NBA (and especially sneaker companies) market a small number of individuals. Therefore we identify those players with their team, as though the Lakers losing is Kobe losing, for example. Great players can play great, but a team has to play great to win a championship. That’s why this blame game is absurd when Lebron is the only reason are even in this series to begin with.

  • K Dizzle

    @ tp
    No doubt. I’m watchin Lebron dribblin till the clock runs down then risin for a j 3 straight times and brickin em thinkin to myself – This dude fakes like he’s goin into the paint and the whistles blow and he’s shootin js? All that wasn’t as embarrassin as him drivin into Pietrus and fallin down (NO FOUL, we rolled that scene back and slowed it down like 20 times and there was no foul)

    @ Dagomar
    I’ll put it like this
    When Kobe was gettin crushed by the Suns, he was killin himself tryin to score his way to the win, but he caught so much hate that he had that game where he took like 2 shots in the 2nd half and just started dishin then he caught hate cuz heads EXPECTED Kobe to jack if the Lakers were down so now he’s a quitter. Kobe can’t win.
    I think it’s funny that on a squad with Shaq, Mailman, and the Glove, you talkin about Kobe havin a quiet series. Kobe can’t win. When we were stackin 3 in a row, it was ALL Shaq, when we choke vs Detroit, it’s Kobe’s fault. (On a sidenote, if Malone is healthy, we cop 4 in a row. Dudes conveniently forget that we started the season somethin like 18-3, then Malone got hurt and there went the Finals)

    I don’t hate Lebron, but I’m all about takin responsiblity for your team when you the man. When Lakers lost to the Spurs when Kobe gave it to Ariza and he “travelled”, heads were blamin Kobe for not takin the shot. If Steve Kerr and Paxson miss those shots, heads blame Mike. SO I blame lebron. It’s not all about scoring. OBVIOUSLY, puttin up 50 a game AIN’T workin.You got the MVP and the COY and all you got is LeBron shootin js or drivin into a crowd? Why Bron guardin Rafer? Why ain’t he on Hedo? It makes sense. Hedo killin them with his playmakin but Bron’s on Rafer?
    Chauncey starts gettin off, they put Kobe on him, put him on Melo in the post. Dudes were talkin about Bron as DPOY and he on Rafer? Dude goes from shootin like 15-18 shots a game to takin damn near 30 shots and you blamin West and Mo? Those 10-12 shots came from somewhere…

  • bsteezy3

    It’s not LeBron’s fault, but still… If the Cavs lose, two people will receive more blame than they should: COACH Mike Brown, and MVP LeBron James. I remember TMAC losing his last series with Houston; dude gets a triple-double and they lose; it wasn’t his fault, but he got ALL the blame (I guess he shoulda got a quadruple-double); then his coach got fired. Shouldn’t be any different for LeBRon. The minute he won the MVP trophy, his accountability went up…

  • Yoooo

    @ DK: Are you kidding me? You’d rather have Derek Fisher over Mo Williams? Derek Fisher DOES NOT play D dog, where u been? He just cant do it anymore on a consistent basis. Clevelands whole team has bought into the notion of playing D. The Lakers struggle mightily with the concept of Defense. How many WIDE open dunks/layups/threes do they give up??? It gets sickening. Bynums dumbass doesnt even try to ACT like he’s going for the ball…

  • LakeShow84


    You crack me up.. First off.. THIS ISNT THE FINALS.. ok pal?? dont talk Finals resume because with or without Shaq Kobe got ONE, count em 1, win in the Finals..

    That 2004 Finals?? Funny how are starting PF got injured and our starting PG “lost his confidence”.. dont u remember that?? the two HOF’s we added not playing in the last 2-3 games?? Nah all you remember is Kobe had a quiet series.. and dont forget FUCKING Ben Wallace actually outplaying Shaq.. but ur right it was about Kobe right??

    Last years Finals?? going against a statistaclly record setting Defense they did what they had to do.. They took Kobe out the equation with great D.. nobody else showed but once again its all about Kobe have a quiet series right??

    Bottom line my man you proved the point of our arguement so GREAT JOB!! even though the TEAMMATES aint showed up all GENIOUS’s like yourself can remember is the main man didnt pull it off..

  • LakeShow84

    And let me drop my 2 cents on the that game 7 loss to Phoenix..

    Does anyone remember game 6?? Raja Bell was suspended for his clothesline on Kobe and Kobe went off for 50.. WE STILL LOST.. that WHOLE series since there was a competent defender on Kobe he played team ball and it got us a 3-1 lead.. we lost a hard fought game 5 after that and game 6 Kobe went off like he should have and we lost..

    Game 7 rolls around and Bell is back so Kobe had to go back to his playmaking game.. little problem however with the fact that Odom was the only who showed and Phoenix was HOT.. So the second half Kobe realized he couldnt do it on his own and started deferring trying to get his teammates going.. You mean to tell me if we made a run in the 4th of that game Kobe wouldnt have shot it still?? Negroid please.. he wouldve but the situation was hopeless.. we waited until game 7 to start playing like 7 seed..

    Game over..

  • dk

    @70 Derrick Fisher is way more valuable in the playoffs than Williams… Bynum isnt healthy dude, have you ever watched him play at 100%?

  • dk

    Cleavland’s sorry ass eastern conference padded record is beginning to show! ( As much as this pains me to say ) If Boston had KG they also would have dominated Cleavland. That makes them the same 3 seed out the East they should be. Adding some old ass dudes and garbage ass Williams isnt going to push them over the hump. Cleavland needs to rebuild.

  • Yoooo

    Derek Fisher has been TERRIBLE in these playoffs, what the hell are you watching?

    If you’re hurt sit down. If you on the court, dont make excuses.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Booga

    I don’t think there would be alot of Lebron Haters out there if dude jus kept his mouth shut and try 2 act like he is tha G.O.A.T, all tha hype jus gone 2 his head, this is tha reality check he needs in order 2b better…… I wonder where Lebron would be right now if he was on a WesternConference struggl’n squad like Melo has been on tha past couple of yrs.

  • A.R.

    to Dagomar…

    Well I sure as hell don’t know what game 7 you were watching but 8 points? Might wanna check the stat sheet on that one. And yea I recall that incident and yes Kobe did indeed quit. However I’d be in the wrong to blame him. He came out the gate firing but his teammates were terrified of the what was going on in front on them. They simply disappeared. At the half I think just decided he’d see if the team would respond without his scoring then he’d takeover…yet they didn’t. He’d be hated either way. If he went for 50 again or settled for the 23 he got the Lakers were more than likely going to lose that game. They didn’t rise to the occasion simply put.

  • Chaos

    Good article Ab and you are right, he will unfairly blamed for the lost series when he is actually playing his heart out. you dont average 42 points by accident, you gotta go get them but the thing is, he has a team that always stands in awe of him rather than stepping up to his level or intensity and passion. they’ve looked like shit and this proves that mike brown should not have been COY. every one said he developed an offensive scheme…yea well that consisted of giving the ball to lebron at the perimeter and letting him do whatever he wants

  • stilllow

    King James deserves better than this his team has let him down. You do not leave one man to fight by himself in the post season not to mention the Olympics and not show up for the biggest games of the year. Mo Williams and Delonte West better produce and those big men are weak as hell Ilgauskus is 7’3 he is pitiful I always said get LeBron a good power forward and a decent big man. Ben Wallace is not the same not to mention a offensive liability. It is all on the King’s shoulders and he has had no damn rest plus I would of made him guard Turkoglu or Lewis until he picked up 2 fouls come on coach of the year.

  • Lady Luck

    I think Magic Johnson said it best the other night. Lebron needs to lay back in the 1st quarter and become more of a decoy and facilitator on offense. The Cavs during the season would start the game running plays more Big Z. Then Mo and Delonte would get involved. This gets their shot going for the game because all 3 of these guys play better when they get going early. Then the Cavs definitely need to get to the free throw line. If they can get Howard in foul trouble, then Z should get open shots on the pick and pop. Also, the Cavs are going to have to go small putting Lebron on Rashard at the 4. Nobody else on the Cavs can guard him. You can speed the game up that way and get in the open court. Then you have 4 centers, that’s 24 fouls to use on Howard.

    I think the Cavs will win tonight. If they lose the series however, I absolutely don’t place blame on Lebron. I start with the coach and his lack of adjustments and movement on offense. And I blame the supporting cast for missing too many shots. And I blame Lebron for being a ball stopper and turnover prone at times.

    We win as a team, lose as a team, and take the blame as a team.

  • kowtz

    Why is it that when KB24 averages 40+ points he’s a hog… (starting Lineup featured walton, Kwame, Odom, and Smush Parker)

    When Lebron does it he’s the MVP and his team blows…

    Lebron needs to give up the ball more…

  • Sccob

    I agree with this article. Even though Mo Williams was a great pick up, I knew the pieces around him were going to a be a liability sooner or later. I also laughed when people said that although the Magic took the season series, they couldn’t take the Conference finals. Orlando’s squad is bigger and more athletic than the Cavs. And contrary to popular belied, the Magic’s bench is deeper than the Cavs. I think this series ends tonight. For the Cavs to win they have to jump out to an early lead and sustain it throughout the whole game. They cannot play a close game because Orlando seems to thrive in those situations.

    Last note…shout out to Skip. I wonder where all his naysayers are at now…chumps.

  • Metropolitan’s Finest

    @ Austin

    I can’t blame him for this early exit…

    But then why do I praise him for being MVP
    then Why is it ok to have 66 wins but not his fault for this early exit

    In my opinion, you take the limelight when everything is “picture perfect” and you take the blame when your team loses

    It’s his team and he should know his team…it’s his fault for not helping them and now being frustrated.

    His team doesn’t suck…i don’t care what the skeptics say, his team beat who they needed to and now they / Him are losing

  • dk

    @80 lmao He cant facilitate when their not gonna be dumb enough to double him outside of the post… Wake up and watch a game….

  • http://dime sure

    The Cavs didn’t miss 5 freebies in the 4th qtr. (Game 3). They also didn’t have several or 7 TO’s to be exact in the 4th. He did. Almost missed the free throw to tie it. Also was scared to miss the jumper at the end and got bailed out on the foul. He’s special and is going to be possibly better than Jordan & Kobe. Not yet. Stats mean nothing. It all comes down to winning. He’s a winner but he had just as much to do w/ losing as his teamates struggling. You go where your star takes you. Pippen was great w/ Mike. W/O him he was very good. The lose might be what’s best for him. No rings by accident. Still King James. Kobe for Vice President we got Obama LOL. Killer bean Bryant against a better dumb Denver Nuggets team. Kenyon,Melo,JR fighting themselves and reverting to the ways of the past. Lebron come to N.Y. and win us one. We need you more than you think. Lebron and Ron Ron with Brandon Jennings and Amare. Chocolate CHIPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. LOL

  • Kevin

    Can we PLEASE stop using Kobe as the standard of winning and of being a winner? KB hasn’t won a chip since 2002, a.k.a. SEVEN YEARS AGO. Duncan/Parker/Manu have won THREE chips since then. Billups won a chip. D-Wade/Shaq won a chip. KG/Ray/Pierce got one. Yet whenever people talk about winning, they use Kobe as the A-1 example. If he wins it this year, fine. Until then, use somebody else as the example.

  • dk

    @86 Are you high or were you born a complete fuck up? Everyone you mentioned won one ring, besides Shaq. Kobe has a three rings ( in back to back to back fashion ) , an MVP, and his team is always a play off threat. Thats more than we can say about you or your moms…

  • dk

    @86 Hes also been to the Finals twice since then…

  • dk

    @86 Also, Kobe was 23 I believe when he won his first, the youngest EVER to win 3, not to mention 3 in a row. Im sure he will get 4 before its over giving him the best career in basketball history, outside of Jordan, for a modern day wing player…

  • Kevin

    @dk — Take Kobe’s balls out of your mouth for a second and think. Kobe wasn’t even the best player on his team for ANY of those three rings. Not sayin he was a role player, but he was clearly the #2 guy. Real talk, he’s below Chauncey when it comes to being a winner; Chauncey has two Finals appearances as a #1 guy, and one ring. Kobe has one Finals appearance, and he lost. If you wanna use somebody as the main example of a winner in 2009, it should be Duncan. He got 4 chips, the best player on his team every time, and he won more recently than Kobe. Kobe ain’t won since 2002!

  • NC

    After watching game 4, Mo Williams has officially disappeared off the face of the planet. And why would you put someone as slow footed at Ben Wallace on Rashard Lewis in the dying seconds?

  • K.i.n.G.

    LOL at all the haters, do y’all actually think lebron himself will pass the blame to others? He will put the entire series and the failures that come with it on himself and only himself. The only thing that pisses me off is that the haters are actually saying lebron is shit which unfathomably untrue. NOW that makes me wanna puke!

  • K.i.n.G.

    as a lebron fan, he must be blamed just as much as he is congratulated. He IS the cavaliers, and when they lose, he loses. And trust me when i tell you, he won’t only be expecting it, he’ll welcome it with open arms and only add more to his young legacy

  • K.i.n.G.

    as a lebron fan, he must be blamed just as much as he is congratulated. He IS the cavaliers, and when they lose, he loses. And trust me when i tell you, he won’t only be expecting the blame, he’ll welcome it with open arms, while also taking the blame away from his teammates and coaches, and only add more to his young legacy

  • doc

    It should be his and everybody elses fault.But more than Kobe getting whored when he loses when he supposed to like them Suns series.I killed him for losing when he supposed to win which was last year.I cant nevert blame somebody averaging 40 for it all.But I seen games where Kobe just quit.Its a difference.I dont got Bron taking 1 shot in the second half of a playoff game.

  • heartbreaker85

    lol at The Rock comment.

    nah kid, lebron’s more like john cena. at least the rock was entertaining on the mic. cena got skills and media love, but he isn’t fun to watch.

  • jones

    LeBron shot 44.8% and his teammates shot 44.8% against the Magic. If LeBron can’t be blamed because he’s scoring a lot then his teammates can’t be blamed because they are scoring at the same rate.

    LeBron is taking them out of the game with his selfish play looking for his numbers.

    He who takes the glory during the victory should take the ignominy during the defeat.

  • doc

    It should be his and everybody elses fault on the team.But we all know he is fucking killing.Good write-up AB,but the hate wont stop.When he retire he can have 7 chips and there gonna be haters.Just like Kobe will always have haters.,Just like Timmy.Its a part of being great.So if u dont got people with common b-ball knowledge turning stupid when its time to talk about your game u not shit.

  • dk

    @ Kevin, Your an idiot bro’ . Kobe was the best player not a center on the team… And if you dont think Rip Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace, and Ben Wallace were huge, huge factors in the lousy ring Chauncey has you have real issues….. Kobe will be the reason Chauncey dont get a ring this year to even though he is once agin the second best player on the team with mad help… Chauncey, one ring playing with an all star player, a defensive player of the year for a decade, and a awesome SG on the wing ( not to mention TP as a role player )… Great job….

  • MrBuckets

    Didn’t read all the other posts so I don’t know if somebody said this..but i’ll get to the point…

    Miami gets smashed, Wade gets blamed no matter how good he performed

    Lakers get smashed, Kobe takes the blame no matter how good he performs

    Rockets get smashed. McGrady takes the blame no matter how good he performs.

    Cavs get smashed, Lebron gets a pass n his team is to blame?

    I thought when you are a star/mvp, you fail when your team fails? How can you succeed but your team fails?How can you be the “man” on your team and not take blame when your team fails? How can you “guarantee” a championship and not take blame if you don’t get it? How can they say Lebron is the next Jordan, Lebron is better than Kobe, when everybody would argue that you have to make your team better to be a great player? Suddenly there are already excuses popping up for the Child of the Media n the series isn’t even over yet. I don’t think it’s genuine hate for Lebron, It’s more that the media is completely biased towrds him and real basketball fans look for equality.

    Should have known this was coming when you never hear, “Lebron threw a bad pass”, but you only hear, “his teammates weren’t ready to catch the ball”

    Lebron will never be a true champion until you can place blame on his shoulders, no matter the numbers he puts up.

  • Kevin

    @dk — So again, if Kobe is the ultimate winner, why hasn’t he won anything since 2002? Give LeBron one thing, he’s never been knocked out in the first round like Kobe. He never gave up in an elimination game like Kobe (Suns, Celtics). The “ultimate winner” still hasn’t won any rings as the best player on a team.

  • dk

    @100 By the time he was LeBrons age he was a two time world Champion, moron…

  • LakeShow84

    @ KEVIN

    Doo you said Chauncey was the main guy on that Pistons team?? you mean the team that showed TEAMWORK would beat out a one man show?? you mean the team thats own headcoach said there was no major piece but as a WHOLE they are the best?? even the PLAYERS said that silly rabbit..

    here we go with the Kobe aint done shit since 02′ speech..

    And yeah ill give it to Lebron he aint never been knocked out of first round of the playoffs.. but then again i dont think he has ever played a 40 win team in the first round.. and if it was a 40 win team they damn sure wasnt over 45 wins.. what beating up a kid with one arm makes u tough?? shit the WIZARDS!? is that right!? we play the 50-60 win Phoenix suns who were murdering EVERYONE and you talking about the first round?? LMAO

    The east is a joke.. Yes a team might come out of it and win it all but every year in the playoffs teams 3-8 is a joke.. Let Lebron play Nash, Stoudemire & Marion along with the bench horde they had and see if he makes it out the first round.. shhiiiiieeeettt..


  • dk

    @ Kevin

    Hes won 600 + games in his career and carried the Lakers through a rebuilding phase. Since his THREE peat
    ( youngest player ever ), he has led the Lakers to either the Western conference finals or Finals in 5 of the last 6 seasons, idiot… He has missed being in the Western Finals or Finals once in his career…lmao This is so retarded… Its obvious this man is the son of Christ… What more number do you need? I guess he’ll add a couple more rings in this day and age to make idiots like you happy…

    Its alot easier being Duncan in the NBA then a 6’7″ dime a dozen guard too smart guy…. How many ” awesome ” wing players com out every year compared to 7′ centers that have skills….

  • dk


    Your so right, Lebron has played crap in the East and in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs every year, lmao…

  • dk

    Kevin = Hater

    LeBron is the shit but < less then Kobe and he will never be the shooter Kobe was born to be. Take away his size and he would never have equaled Kobe ,but Oh well he is that big and may be the best player ever one day…

  • LakeShow84

    @ 100 aka MrBuckets

    one of your sentences sums up how i feel about Lebron PERFECTLY..

    “It’s more that the media is completely biased towrds him and real basketball fans look for equality.”

    and even in the game he isnt equal.. Getting bullshit calls in PLAYOFFS games.. at the end of playoff games at that.. come on now.. i dont respect that shit.. that was why i hated Dwade so much during the his Finals appearance and a little after.. NOBODY deserves the one-up in a supposedly “fairly” officiated game..

    No he deserves all the blame and more cuz everyone is trying to help him get it.. what you want to feel sorry for him while im watching my superstar get tripped and clotheslined with ONE plain foul to show for it??

    Fuck Lebron James and the horse he rode in on!

  • doc

    Man all this Kobe aint won shit without Shaq is ridiculous.How many Magic won without Kareem?How many Bird won without Mchale and Parish?How manyOscar won without Kareem?How many West won without Wilt?Want the answer?All of them together have 0 chips without the other.Why should Kobe have to win one without Shaq to be validated?Why should Bron have to win one by himself to get validated?Man learn some basketball and stop talking out yall asses because yall like one better and appreciate these cats because when they leave we gonna be sad.

  • LakeShow84

    ok my last sentence was a little much lol

    and for the record i hated Dwade and nobody was talking about him being the best in the NBA.. its about EARNING your shit..

    Dwades phantom call in game 5?? that shit wasnt earned.. and neither was the silly amount of FT’s he shot in that Finals..

  • doc

    I say we all get off Michael Jordan dick and not say anybody who came after him is garbage because they aint doing what he did.Who did what he did before him?Nobody right?So let Kobe be Kobe and Bron be Bron.

  • dk


    No doubt, point being is that Kobe is the greatest winner of his time. Greatest guard ever next to Jordan. In this day and age to always be in the finals or in the discussion because of losses in the WEST ( which is way tougher than the east ) conference finals, means the mans a fucking hero…..

  • doc

    Only thing Im worried about is when 2010 come and Bron goes to LA just as Kobe is falling back.Now THAT wouldnt be fair.And I would put every single dollar I got that Bron favorite bashers would automatically think hes the second coming.

  • doc

    @dk-I would say Shaq and Timmy are the greatest winners of Kobe time.But as far as wings go he is the ultimate winner so I get what u saying.My whole point is EVERYBODY need a team to win.If Bron can just get somebody to drop 20 he good.Yall know the last team to not get more than 1 player to score 20 points in the conference finals.The 89 Bulls.Thats crazy.

  • tp


    i respect ur opinions dude, but the pt of everyones posts is that lebron should get lots of blame considering the amount of blame kobe has gotten for his shortcomings

  • doc

    @tp-I also said the whole team should get the blame in my first post.I feel that dog.Whole team includes Bron ass.He just putting in crazy work but if u losing that means u can do more.So Im with that.I feel where AB coming from though because the kid gets a lot of hate.Even more than Kobe and that was hard to do.

  • Kevin

    @doc — The different is most of the guys you mention were still the best player on their team: Magic, Bird, (maybe) Oscar. Nobody said Kobe should have won until he got a legit big in Gasol, but I don’t get why Kobe is anointed as this great all-time winner when he’s never really done it as the top dog on his squad. His “will to win” never gets questioned, yet he’s the same dude who quit on his team against the Suns, quit against the Celtics, and quit when he demanded a trade and told them to trade Bynum.

  • tp

    heres a short reason why i think lebron deserves a lot of blame against the magic

    we all saw how the nuggets had to defend kobe yesterday, you dont have to do that against lebron because his jumper just isnt “there” yet.. without a consistent jumper, it makes it easier to stop his drive and easier to cover everyone else.. so until lebron develops his J, he is also at fault here.

  • doc

    @kev-I hear u but they all quit on they team in a game before.Even the holy one.And really his will to win gets questioned everyday.Just like his supporters say Bron never gets bashed but half our comments daily are bashing him.Man we cant have it both ways.They either the 2 baddest in the game or both scrubs how we describe them.And we know the latter aint true.And nobody diminishes Scottie Pip for being number 2.When we did all time starting 5’s he haD as much votes as Larry.U only can play with what u got.He had Shaq he won 3.I aint mad at him for that.

  • dk

    @tp OMG someone has a valid point………………..

  • doc

    @tp-yeah but we all knew before these series started he dont have a J like Kobe.He need like a million more hours of practice to get that J.They got totally different games.He cant do some shit Kobe do and Kob cant do some shit he do.But Kobe worked into that J remember when he first stepped on the scene he was shooting airballs in clutch situations.So yeah its Bron fault totally if u looking at it like they gotta guard Kobe this way and not Bron,but they do certain shit to Bron out there they dont do for the Mamba Man too.So it evens out.His team just stinks.I mean even if Bron wanted to fall back like Kobe did who is he gonna tell Andy just go strong when he trying to give him the rock like Kobe did because Andy aint no dam Pau and it aint gonna work the same.

  • Lady Luck

    @dk….I’m awake….and I’ve watched all of every game. funny that the pregame interview Lebron basically said the same thing I said, and if YOU are watching the game, then you will see that in the first quarter, that’s exactly what they did, and they had a 23 point lead. However, they don’t match up well defensively, as I said. I’ve watched the Cavs all season and they are more successful when Lebron gets the other guys going early.

    Additionally, DK why be an asshole? Why don’t you just offer your weak ass opinion and respect everyone else’s???

  • kevin k

    I agree 100% completely with the article EXCEPT “JOE JOHNSON FOR NOT BEING SELFISH ENOUGH” part

    You Effing kidding me Austin?? You just threw away your entire credentials with that statement. I could write an article length of a bible about how a scrub Joe Johnson really is.

  • dk


    Seems to me their up every first quarter…

  • Iceman

    Coaching and personnel. Use your differences to get mismatches unfortunately Orlando is doing this betetr than the Cavs. Maybe starting Lebron at the PF position could help, where he should then match up with Rashard. West needs to come off the bench and start Wally/Pavlovic to counter Hedo. Work a Hack-a-Dwight with Z, Ben, Joe & Varejao. At this point you have got to be desperate and make changes for the other team to counter. Failing that give the ball to the Lebrons and get outta their way.

    Team needs a serious upgrade in talent. Z and West should be coming off the bench, so find a starting center (or upgrade at PF (Boozer/Bosh)?and move Varejao to center and a shooting guard should be on the Cavs summer plans.

  • bola

    Mike Brown failed to adjust each game that is why the cavs are facing elimination.. I still do not agree with him winning the COY trophy..

    you can blame LBJ and the rest of the Cavs for not being able to live up with their league-leading effort during the regular season but you can’t deny that the dude is working harder than anyone on his team. it is also ain’t his fault that the NBA “cares” for him so much (as many of you wanted to see it that way, providing your own stupid versions on how this series will “dramatically and amazingly” ends. This ain’t WWE, no one calls the shot, no one can control whether the last shot will go in or not. The officiating has been crappy, phantom calls are everywhere (not exclusive to LBJ.. Wade, Kobe and others do get the same privilege.. this one you all must admit..even MJ was a beneficiary.. it pays to be a superstar among the superstars).

    Hating just proves how dangerous or big of a threat the other player from the other team is.. take KB24 for instance, he was hated because he can kick your sorry ass team any given night. the same goes with bron, dwade and all other superstars who made watching your favorite team a nightmare by pouring out hoop after hoop. I won’t be surprised if Dwight goes unscathed if ever the Magic beats the Lakers on the finals, unless Hedo is the one who shoots them out.

    Hating just vindicate how good/great a player is.. nobody gives a damn on Longley during the Bull’s run ‘coz it does not matter. Maybe he was even getting more heat from the chicago faithfuls.

    So AB, stop making ridiculous requests/articles such as this.. Hating will never stop. That is how passionate we are for our game, team and player.

    Gonna be a busy off-season for Danny Ferry or all is lost by summer of 2010.

  • bola

    Mike Brown failed to adjust each game that is why the cavs are facing elimination.. I still do not agree with him winning the COY trophy..

    you can blame LBJ and the rest of the Cavs for not being able to live up with their league-leading effort during the regular season but you can’t deny that the dude is working harder than anyone on his team. it is also ain’t his fault that the NBA “cares” for him so much (as many of you wanted to see it that way, providing your own stupid versions on how this series will “dramatically and amazingly” ends. This ain’t WWE, no one calls the shot, no one can control whether the last shot will go in or not. The officiating has been crappy, phantom calls are everywhere (not exclusive to LBJ.. Wade, Kobe and others do get the same privilege.. this one you all must admit..even MJ was a beneficiary.. it pays to be a superstar among the superstars).

    Hating just proves how dangerous or big of a threat the other player from the other team is.. take KB24 for instance, he was hated because he can kick your sorry ass team any given night. the same goes with bron, dwade and all other superstars who made watching your favorite team a nightmare by pouring out hoop after hoop. I WILL be surprised if Dwight goes unscathed if ever the Magic beats the Lakers on the finals, unless Hedo is the one who shoots them out.

    Hating just vindicate how good/great a player is.. nobody gives a damn on Longley during the Bull’s run ‘coz it does not matter. Maybe he was even getting more heat from the chicago faithfuls.

    So AB, stop making ridiculous requests/articles such as this.. Hating will never stop. That is how passionate we are for our game, team and player.

    Gonna be a busy off-season for Danny Ferry or all is lost by summer of 2010.

  • QQ

    Cleveland isn’t a bunch of bums. Orlando is just playing better.

  • SagJism

    If it was Kobe dropping 42-7-7 or Chris Paul getting 30 points and 13 dimes a night with their teams down 3-1, nobody would be placing any blame at their feet.

    Whomever wrote this article is a Bron – Tool Suker. They did blame kobe, specially when he lost the 3-1 lead that he had over Phoenix so dont give me that crap. So what he average 42 points, doesnt sound like he got his team involved. Specially when he scored their last 35 points, he is a ball hogg, just like they used to say about kobe when he had srubs to play with. Plus LBJis an a-hole for not living up to his profesion duty after the loss. Good riddance, maybe next year fake king. How can you be king when you have not won shit and you were elected? Oh, thats right like the supreme court in Florida with Bush, he was selected. just food for thought.

  • http://82games.com just facts 101

    well well,
    number 23 & 24 and the others. you’re saying the man is a ballhog pretty much. he’s shooting over 50%, dishing out 7 dimes,which should be 10 dimes, but he can’t help his teammates fumbling the ball and missing open shots. the difference between lbj and kobe wouldn’t have the cavs in same pos. when as lbj we saw that when he had better talent in 04,05 first rd exits, also boston last yr(40pt lost).lbj 7gm series and lost ny 1,7gms same yr while plating with the 7dwarfs. if lbj was with lakers, they would be working on a 3pesat easily. if you ever want to tell someone greatness, mlet them switch places. when kobe score over 40 he, and you’ll can only dream of consistenly avg 7dimes lbj does it on a reg, and don’t 4get about his tms.