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How the Knicks Can Blow A Golden Opportunity

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio

In the event that the basketball gods smile upon the Knicks when the NBA Draft Lottery rolls around on Tuesday and they land the No. 1 overall pick, they plan on blowing that golden opportunity. Right now, they reportedly prefer Spanish PG Ricky Rubio at No. 1 over OU’s terminator Blake Griffin. No matter what people say about the mediocre track record of big men taken at the top of the draft board, make no mistake about Griffin – he’s going to be an all-star multiple times over.

Blake Griffin, the bullish Oklahoma forward, is the consensus No. 1 pick, but the Knicks prefer the Spanish playmaker.

Realistically, the Knicks won’t have to worry about making the choice between these two guys. But the notion that they’d pass up a guy who has proven to be a blend between Amar’e Stoudemire and Karl Malone for someone who is rumored to be another Pistol Pete is downright stupid.

Though it might not be the best business decision, all signs point to the Knicks prepping for their future with LeBron as the centerpiece. As we’ve seen, he can lead a team to a really successful season without having a true point guard running the ship because he spends so much time with the ball in his hands. It’s important to have other guys who can score – shooters who knock down open three’s, and maybe someone else who can create his own shot. Pairing LeBron and Griffin together could be the most athletic duo in the history of the game. That’s an opportunity that the Knicks couldn’t afford to screw up.

Source: NY Post

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  • dmitry of jersey

    nah that is a good choice. griffin hasnt proven anything. derrick coleman was supposed to be the shit and it didn’t happen.

    and i’m putting my money on amare playing in NY in 2010, so if anything they will be set at PF and need an elite PG.

  • http://www.mylakersnation.com Lakers Nation

    The league and it’s rules are made for quick point guards who can blow by people and set up their teammates – i mean, look at Aaron Brooks succeeding the playoffs when in reality, he has no business being in this league, being that small . . . . Griffin is a man and is ready to play now! The knicks track record for drafts is pretty horrible and I’m counting on them to F it up again . . . Knicks already have too many guards anyways and we all know Nate Rob is going to punk Ricky so bad, he’s gonna be crying all the way back to Espana!

  • BxBaller

    I keep telling people Rubio is overrated.

  • http://www.mylakersnation.com Lakers Nation

    LEBRON is NOT COMING TO NYC in 2010 . . . why would he f-ck up his career that badly for the limelight . . . winners get the checks, winners get the women, winners get the respect . . . knicks – pay the checks, harass the women and can’t even spell respect . . . seriously . . why? with that being said . . build for the realistic future, not this pipe dream

  • J

    please tell me this is a joke…if the knicks take rubio i will never watch a knicks game again…

  • Jeronimo

    @ Lakers Nation: Ain’t nobody’s gonna make Rubio cry, that you can bet on.

  • JuiceMode

    seems awfully familiar from last year choosing between big and small, rose and beasley in 2008, terminator and la pistola this year.

  • OC

    It’s a no brainer. Have the Knicks learned nothing?

  • dk

    When your blessed with a lottery pick ( Thank Isiah ) its a gamble, so Im not one to gamble but when gambling calls, you gotta gamble. That mess being said you def. chance your pick on a Pg or legit C

  • dk

    Im not so sure betting on a one handed PG is the way to go but I also wouldnt jump on Grif. . I mean wheres it say your posed to pick the proj. I may even have taken Jennings at the 1 def. not a Bowie

  • karizmatic

    The Knicks aren’t getting Lebron, he’s not leaving Cleveland, and some teams don’t have a history of winning for a reason. The fact that they prefer Rubio over Griffin is another in a huge pile of evidence that the Knicks ownership doesn’t know anything about how to construct a winning basketball team.

  • hahns

    yeah- this judgement is way too harsh.

    how many first pick busts have we seen in..why, all of a sudden, is griffin a lock to be an all star? nothing in the draft is a sure thing.

  • Dukesman2000

    Come on, I am not surprise. Don’t y’all know that D’Antoni cream in his drawers every time has a chance at a European player? If it was up to him, he would have a team looking like the U.N.

    Basically what d’Antoni is doing is putting his career in the hands of Rubio. If Rubio turns out to be a poor man’s Ginobli and Griffin lives up to his beast hype, NYers will personally go to the Garden and escort Mike out of the builing.

  • http://www.ragingspaniard.com Xavier

    Kind of weird that Dime of all places, whos been hyping Rubio as the future for like 2 years now, is backing down on that trend.

    Griffin will be a good payer, but nobody was sold on him last year and now hes supposed to be the second coming all of a sudden? Rubio has been considered to be a future #1 pick for how many years now?

  • Aaron

    Rubio is legit and in coach Mike’s system, makes a lot of sense. You saw how dependent the Suns were on Nash and the Knicks could very well be the same way with Rubio. We have him number three on our draft at http://www.nbadraftdaycountdown.com .

  • scully

    Of course Knicks will blow this draft. We are cursed and ownedd by the evill empire of the Dolans. They have no conception of how to run a sports team, and refuse to listen to the fans. They do what they want, and in the end they are left with crap. All they need to do is make a big suggestion box and put it in the lobby and theyd have winning teams. Trading marcus camby and lattrel spreewell was stupid. Weve stunk ever since. We should get Artest, mortgage the farm while he still has some good years, we could even squeeze two more years out of him because hell be playing for his home team. Black sneakers guys, lets take it back to the Oak tree days guys.

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine


    Nothing is a sure thing, agreed. But if your option is to pick between a freak of nature who is a legit 6-10, 255 lbs monster with a 40-ish inch vertical, or a creative ball handler who hasn’t proved to have the athleticism to get to the rack, who do you go with?

    Blake has one-of-a-kind athleticism. When you can take a dude who is 6-10 with his physical tools, you jump at the opportunity. Derrick Coleman was a different player – especially as he got older. He could have been something really special, but his body broke down (drinking).

    What was the last time you saw a guy with these physical tools?

    – AK

  • doc

    Im sure Mike Dan aint gonna pick the youngin unless he sees him play against NBA comp in workouts and things like that.As far as potential I can see them saying this wasnt he like the top PG for like 5 years now.i been hearing about this cat.The good thing is we about to find out.

  • dk

    @16 I dont watch much, if any, college ball so… If BG is a ” legit ” 6’10” you have to take him. Rubio has way to many question marks. BG is no Bowie, Kwame or DC.

  • Yoooo

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let the Knicks take Rubio. That will be THE funniest thing EVER. I can just imagine the glee of Knick fans when they realize they have a core nucleus of Danilo, Rubio, David Lee & Wilson Chandler for the next 5 years. LOL!!! that sounds like money in the bank!

  • Yoooo

    O and what has Rubio proved that Blake Griffin hasnt??? I didnt know you could be a proven player averaging single digit points and assists playing against Pepe

  • George W Kush Sr

    I dont agree.
    Beasley was supposed to be a Super Forward this year also, so what happened?
    Chicago did the right thing in getting pg in Rose, the Knicks would be smart to do the same with Rubio.
    Not to mention that Rubio showed some serious game against Team USA’s backcourt of Kidd/Paul/Williams. Who has Blake been tested against?
    I’m sorry, but when you’ve got examples like Oden, Darko, Kwame, etc, etc, floating around you should do the smart thing and go with the point guard.

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine


    There’s one key difference between Rubio and Nash. Rubio really isn’t a proven shooter. He’s shooting 39% from the floor in a league where efficiency is put at a premium. That’s an improvement from the 30% he shot a year earlier.

    From Draft Express…

    “…Consider that he takes under 2.5 jump shots per game, has made only 5 of his 25 logged pull up jumpers, and is still gaining confidence in his improved catch and shoot ability…”

    Nash shot over 41% all four years of college, and right around 40% from three.

    – AK

  • Kevin K

    The Hawks needs to draft Rubio.


    Nash is one of the best, most efficient shooters in the world… it’s kinda unfair to compare a 17-18 year old to Nash… Tony Parker couldn’t shoot when he came into the league and look at him now…

    What Rubio has over Nash is his DEFENSE and it’s not even close.

  • mules

    @Kevin K
    I was hoping to see the Hawks draft Johnny Flynn. Dude’s lighting quick with a solid jumper and great b-ball IQ…kinda like Bibby circa 2002. Rubio may be a good look for them too, I just haven’t seen him play all that much.

  • CDouble

    I thought the whole issue with Blake Griffin was that he wasn’t a legit 6’10, he was more like 6’8.

  • Dave

    Blake Griffin is just another pompous, spoiled player who thinks the world revolves around him. He’ll be an average NBA player with flashes of what he could be IF he had the heart and work ethic of a Karl Malone but will ultimately make a ton of money and be another average underachiever. I was very disappointed in how he played in the NCAA tourney, it was like a bother to him to have to keep playing games when he should be on a beach somewhere cashing his illegitimate checks he got from his soon to maybe be his agent.

  • heavy d

    Wow, I want the Hawks to draft Flynn as well.

    Perhaps, the Knicks preference of Rubio is also tied to the likely mover in 2010 being Bosh not Lebron. Bosh plays the same position as Griffin and I can’t fathom him wanting to stay in Toronto once he’s unrestricted.

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    Dave how in the world did you get that impression? And your disappointed in how he played during the Dance?

    First he walked away from that dude who tried to incite a fight on Morgan State, and then finished that game 11-12 from the field for 28 points and 13 boards. Pretty good night.

    He then went for 33 and 17 vs. Michigan, 30 and 14 vs. Syracuse, and 23 and 16 vs. UNC.

    I thought he was a class act who put forth a great effort.

    – ak

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    Kevin K –

    Agreed that would be an unfair comparison. But that’s why I was comparing Nash in college to Rubio right now. Granted Rubio is still younger than Nash was during three of his four years. But even so, Nash was still more accurate during his freshman year at Santa Clara than Rubio is now.

    – AK

  • JJ

    ‘But the notion that they’d pass up a guy who has proven to be a blend between Amar’e Stoudemire and Karl Malone for someone who is rumored to be another Pistol Pete is downright stupid’

    – tak ethe best player, which seems to be BG., however the above piece of writig makes it seem like ricky is some player with nothing to offer, wont he be going #2 in the draft?

  • http://www.kingsfans.com Willis

    this shouldn’t even be discussed right now. You could talk about how the WORST team in the league is thinking Rubio over Griffin, but instead you are talking about retarded NBA pipe dream that doesn’t have a great chance of happening.

    You wanna talk draft? Talk Kings, Thunder, Wizards, T-pups. Not another mainstream media market like the Knicks. Goddamn.

  • Dave

    Dime….I only saw him play a few games is all during the season and then all of the games in the tourney. Against inferior opponents he was very good, I’ll give you that, but it seemed to me that he absolutely disappeared during the NC game when he was the only player OK had that would be able to make a difference. He bailed out on defense, wasn’t nearly as aggressive as I thought he could’ve been on offense, and it seemed like he had no intensity and gave up in that NC game.
    I’m sure you’ve seen more of his games and I’m the last one to say I know more about the kid than you or many others, but having covered the NBA and NCAA professionally for many years, and as a coach I just see a softness to Griffin that I think will translate poorly to the NBA.

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine


    I didn’t mean to get after you earlier with my comment. But let me point you to this video of Blake when he came back after a concussion against Texas Tech earlier this year. Here’s the back story:

    His last time on the court before this game was against Texas Tech – he went for 40 points and 23 boards. He then got a concussion early in the game against Texas when he caught an elbow in the temple. He was forced to sit out against Kansas a couple of days later. And then he basically begged to play against Texas Tech a couple of days thereafter, though many people thought he should’ve still sat out.

    Here’s what happened in that TTU game:


    – ak

  • Arno

    Griffin is a no-brainer, as Greg Oden over Kevin Durant was a no-brainer in 2007…

  • pitball

    Griffin put up great numbers in his freshman campaign, and ridiculous numbers this year. NOBODY is EVER a sure thing…but whoever ends up with the #1 pick is taking Griffin. It’s a lock. It doesn’t matter what pieces they already have, or what they’re hoping to do in 2010. Your team is better now and in the future with this kid on the squad. He gets buckets and boards like an animal.

    For whoever made the Beasley comment…”what did Beasley do this year?” Beasley averaged 12 & 7 this year in 24 minutes/game. He essentially played a half, and came off the bench (something he’s never done in his LIFE.) Carry those stats out to a per-48 avg and he’s got 24 & 14…numbers that we can likely expect out of him in the future, and I would guess similar to the numbers we’ll see from Griffin after 2-3 years in the league.

    Also, maybe I’m the only one that sees it like this, but Rubio is a Euroballer. Parker and Manu are sweet, Dirk can score, and there are a number of other Euroball role players in the league, but for each success story there’s 10 epic fails to go along with it. I’m not saying he’s going to blow, and yes, he played well against the Redeem Team in ONE GAME, but let’s not put too much stock in ONE GAME.

    “With the first overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, the Oklahoma City Thunder select Forward, Blake Griffin, from the University of Oklahoma.”

  • Korver

    But the notion that they’d pass up a guy who has proven to be a blend between Amar’e Stoudemire and Karl Malone for someone who is rumored to be another Pistol Pete is downright stupid.

    that’s stupid, griffin hasn’t proven anything since he’s never put a foot on an nba floor. Rubio is a rumor because he’s playing overseas … this guy plays professional since he’s 14, and already best in assists and steals in the best non-NBA domestic league in the world. I’ve nothing against griffin but summing up the debate like that is not very smart

  • qUeSt???

    Im sorry katz but you are wrong, just like when you predicted that the knicks were going to the playoffs. Didnt the so called experts say kwame brown was going to change the position, that greg oden was going to be one of the greatest ever, and the M beasley was going to be an allstar his first year? and what happened?? Kwame was a bust, oden is on his way to bust status, and beasley was good but not an allstar. They should pick the point guard who is solid right now, can play D, and has tremendous upside. They will get a legit pf in 2010. I bet money lebron wont go to new york. So i say pick the point guard, get a legit pf in 2010 and around the way find a solid center and you are set.

  • Guitar Hero

    Rubio is amazing.

    Of course it would be a gamble picking him with the 1st pick, but it isn’t nearly as stupid as you guys make it look like.

  • Yoooo

    Yall are Nuts man. Rubio is the same damn age as Griffin, I dont care what ANYBODY says, cuz they’ve been saying he’s 17-18 for like 3 years now… But in any event, they are the same age and Rubio has NEVER averaged more than 11ppg in a season. Has NEVER lead a league in ANY statistical categorie and has been playing against 2nd tier talent. Griffin has consistently put up gaudy #’s in the third best conference and even when he plays ranked out of conference opponents. Im tired of people in the US dickriding these foreginers just because they’re not from around here and have rules to play professionally at a young age. If Rubio played college he would NOT be dominant, but if Blake played in Spain he would be a perennial MVP. If the US gov’t and all these rich white men would allow BASKETBALL players to make MONEY PROFESSIONALLY at the age of 14 then I’m sure there would have been some youngin who played in the CBA too at some point. So I dont want to hear that, he’s been playing professionally nonsense either, cuz he has NEVER dominated. He is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW and not athletic. Has a set shot that RARELY goes in and will NEVER be able to play defense against American PG’s the way he can on those bums where he’s at. IMO Johnny Flynn is a WAY better prospect than this guy, size or no size. If Flynn was overseas I bet he’d be wrecking shop. It’s like when one person says something about a kid, everyone else just falls in line and repeats it. I mean be serious, is he even better than a Dyson from UCONN??? Dyson will eat his ass up. I cant WAIT til he gets drafted and stinks it up. Maybe then these dumbass GM’s will start to realize the grass isn’t always greener… Look at this bums stats man: http://www.euroleague.net/competition/players/showplayer?pcode=LFW

    Career Stats

    Season Team G Pts Avg 2FG
    M-A % 3FG
    M-A % FT
    M-A % Reb St As Bl
    2005/06 Badalona 14 36 2.6 5/13 38.5 4/6 66.7 14/20 70 15 14 10 1
    2006/07 Badalona 43 192 4.5 38/78 48.7 17/66 25.8 65/94 69.1 112 83 92 2
    2007/08 Badalona 39 397 10.2 75/176 42.6 31/117 26.5 154/194 79.4 128 79 154 0
    2006/07 Badalona 16 58 3.6 13/28 46.4 3/18 16.7 23/30 76.7 38 51 44 1
    2007/08 Badalona 16 122 7.6 34/56 60.7 9/25 36 27/35 77.1 54 38 72 1

    WHAT HAS HE EVER DONE??? He’s like the little kid at the park who crossed up someone decent, and now he keeps getting burn off of that one move. EFF OUT OF HERE

  • blah

    neither of those is a good choice for the knicks. Actually if they get the #1 pick, they should work out some trade that gets them 2 first rounders this year and maybe one more next year. They’ll need cheap contracts once the get their 2 superstars.

    I’m not sold on griffin at all. bust written all over him.
    Rubio will be good, but he’ll never blow up in NY. That’s the wrong situation for him.

  • http://dimemag.com Andrew Katz


    The fact that Kwame, Oden and Beasley were busts has absolutely no bearing on Blake’s career. Because Derrick Rose was good does that mean that Rubio is going to be good too?

    Even if the Knicks aren’t going to get LeBron, I think they’d be better off taking a game-changer who can really put points on the board and control the glass. He proved that he can do that against the best competition in college basketball all year. Kwame proved nothing before being chosen straight out of high school. I wouldn’t call Greg Oden a complete bust already, but even if you think that Greg Oden’s on the road to being Sam Bowie, his college #’s were NOWHERE nearly as good as Griffin’s. G.O. put up 16 points and 9 boards per game. People liked him as a shot blocker because he swatted 3.3 shots per game. Griffin’s 22.7 points, 14.6 boards per game shows a much greater offensive arsenal, a higher motor on the glass, and superior athleticism.

    – AK

  • A$$Cube aka You Got Ricky’ed

    Ricky has that feel for the game that very, very few players have. You can’t knock on a teenage point guard for not being the beast a guy like Blake is. It’s just like comparing apples with oranges.

    The Knicks have D’Antoni at their head, so they need D’Antoni-type players. Griffin could/would be a very nice inside presence somewhere, but he just does not fit in what the Knicks are trying to build.

    Ricky does. Just like Gallo did last year. The Knicks want an offensive-minded, ball-sharing, three-point shooting team. You need a MC too run the show –which Duhon is not and never will be.

    Taking Ricky over Griffin is arguable, and vice versa. But you can’t jump to the Knicks throat for thinking about drafting a kid who’s been seen as a legit future 1st overall pick since he was 15 or so. You just can’t.

    Today’s League is a guards league. Look at the last four teams gunning for the chip. All of them have an All-Star player at those spots : Mo (CLE), Nelson (ORL), Chauncey (DEN), Kobe (LAL).

    It’s kinda sad, yes, but “it is what it is”.

  • Aaron

    I was never comparing Rubio’s shooting to Nash as there are few people that really can. I was comparing on a standpoint of vision and if you need someone to push tempo and create for others, Rubio is that guy. You don’t play as well as he did in the second best league in the world for no reason.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I’m all for the Knicks picking the worst guy they possibly can . . . why? because the jazz own the knicks 1st round (unprotected) pick next year.

  • Big Island

    The Bulls took Rose because they were deep at the forward spot and their team is built around guards scoring and big guys crashing boards, getting dunks, and hustle. Beasley doesn’t do any of those things, but clear out for him on offense and he will get buckets. The Knicks don’t need a guard because of D’Antoni’s offense. Anyone can get buckets there. If they take Griffin they have a big guy who can start and finish the break.

    Rubio could be nice, but he will need a few years. Everyone was on Rudy Fernandez for awhile, and he is decent, but not at all a great player. A big guy who can run and jump and is nasty doesn’t come along too often. In the Knicks offense Griffin will be a beast. David Lee puts up good numbers in that system, and while I like him, he is nowhere near Blake Griffin. He will put up his college numbers if he goes to the Knicks. Amare dunked his way to 20+ a game in Phoenix. Griffin is the same type of player.

    None of this matters if the Knicks don’t get the #1 pick though. Furthermore, LeBron is not going to NY.

  • tim

    Rubio has been balling in those Spanish leagues…the problem with Rubio…he sucked against the US team in the olympics…and he has not jump shot…He does play defense…so he could be a spanish Rajon Rondo

  • johnjohn75

    I’ve seen Rubio play. He’ll be a bust. He’s all hype.

  • http://dime sure

    How many GM’s in the N.B.A actually know what they’re doing? Can’t keep recycling. The N.B.A. needs some fresh faces and a different outlook. I like a lot of what it has become. Lets not forget the actual talent level. Continue Globalizing but there’s to much wasted talent home doing nothing or Overseas. Bring the best home compensate them. Everybody wins. Better basketball. MORE RATINGS. MORE $$$$$$$$$$. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Knicks had a starting line-up of Skip,Ron,L,Harrington,Bynum- NY/NJ-Representing. The Knicks could use Smush Parker for the cheap. Daryll Hill even after his abuse of N.B.A caliber guards last summer. Even Jerel Blassingame from UNLV(Overseas) now could help the team. Duhon is a back-up. Give Nate& Lee to LA or Boston for Pruitt and Baby or for Farmar Powell. We have to start over. Why is it D-League and some N.B.A talent can’t even hang in regular summerleague comp. It because the competiton is better a lot of the times. Due to lack of connections or politcal machine they’re home keeping in shape for that chance that never comes. Fix the D-League to be like baseballs farm system. Send N.B.A. scouts to regular city leagues and you’ll be blown away by the talent not on radar. Ask the B.Davis,R.Gomes,B.Jennings,K.Lowry,F.Murray.R.Artest,M.James,R.Alston all players who come back and master their craft against the guys who help mold them into what you see today. Sebastian Telfair isn’t close to being the best guard from N.Y. According to the media and scouts he is. I love and respect his game and he’ll come around to have a solid N.B.A career. Due to his lack of living of to the hype/expectation. Scouts,GM’s along w/ all the other decision makers believe NY guards aren’t capable of winning/running a team. NY guards just have a swagger which propels us to play at our level. Stars are born not made. If you draft off potential. Why expect players to stay in school and put an age limit on the draft.

  • kevin k

    @ AK

    I dont know what the stats were of NASH when he was in college, but I am pretty sure that Rubio is facing much tougher competition than NASH was. That being said, I’m not arguing that Rubio is a better shooter than NASH was at the same age because he’s not. BUT Nash was a late round 1st pick and how long did it take NASH to become a star? Rubio has been facing MEN when he was a teen and played pretty well against the best in the world PGs in the olympics while it seems like every PG has their career high when they play against NASH…

  • kevin k

    In argument of Griffin and Rubio matched with Lebron, you gotta go with Griffin. Rubio is a prototypical PG. He would be perfect with guys like Carmelo or Amare.

    Knicks will not get Lebron so quit dreaming. Knicks have bunch of me-shoot-1st type of players. Rubio would be perfect in that system especially with Mike D’Antoni as the coach. It might take Rubio couple years to reach his potential but think about how long it took Nash to be at the all star/MVP level.

    The Knicks are going to get AMARE and pair him up with RUBIO!!

  • Big T

    Rubio is going to be a flop in the NBA.

  • Korver

    you’re wrong Rubio has ended 1st for assists and steals in Spain, by the way your stupid stats are useless since he had to come back from a swollen ankle. All your bullshit seems very comparable to all that every random US guy can say about players and leagues he doesn’t know. I’m sure people were saying the same when Dirk Petrovic or Parker came

  • que

    This article sucks, its all like: Griffin better, D’ Antoni only likes Euros (not true, he just apreciates their game). Look if the Knicks get the #1 pick we’ll all be dancing in the streets. It’s a nice problem to have. They have a nice young core in Gallo and Chandler, they just need a star.

  • Korver

    by the way badalona just won in Playoffs against Real Madrid who happens to be one of the best teams in Europe. Ricky posted 16 pts ( 5/9 , 1/3 )7 rebonds, 6 assists and 4 steals in 29 minutes ( efficiency 24 ). i think that deserves consideration

  • doc

    Whoever called Beasly a bust needs to get off the site.12 and 7 and didnt even play like that.He gonna be a 20-10 man multiple times.

  • Yoooo

    I dont care what #’s Rubio put up against the NBA’s scraps. Id rather take Sun Yue, at least he’s 6’9. Im not talking about Dirk, Drazen or Parker. Im talking about this bum Rubio. Dirk was a 7foot shooter, Drazen was a shooter with size and tough as nails, parker was faster than the roadrunner. Rubio throws bounce passes between slew footed dumb faced giants who have NO game. I cant even see him going to the rack and scoring over Eddy Curry much less the ELITE big men in the NBA. Them 1970 moves and passes aint gonna work around here bruh, I dont care what you say. Money is shooting set shots??? Come on I’ve seen the lad play. I’d take Stephen Curry over him. They’re about the same size, Steph is WAY more crafty and a WAY better shooter. Rubio might have quicker hands and more passion to play D, but thats it. He aint shat.

    And word up, anybody who calls Beasley a bust is a dumbass. Go watch golf

  • Yoooo

    How can a dude putting up below average #’s against average competition be so great??? If he’s on the #1 team in that country, then he SHOULD be able to rack up assists! If its the #1 team then they likely have the BEST players and with the GREAT offenses they run overseas that allows for inflated #’s. Match those sets with great shooters and Obama would be #1 in the country in assists…

    And stop bringing this guy Nash up. NEVER should have been an MVP. He stole one from Shaq, and one from Kobe. He’s a system player, albeit a good one. But take him out of that system and he’s jailbait. Put ANY other PG on Phoenix those years and not only do they have the same #’s they probably win a chip! JKidd, Parker, Billups, B.Davis, Devin Harris anybody who’s slightly above average would have done the EXACT same things, but probably BETTER. This guy has played with more All-Stars than Hugh has bunny’s, AND NEVER ONE NATHAN!!! If it wasnt for those 2 years with those inflated ass #’s he wouldnt even be in ANYBODYS hall of fame discussion. He’s like the QB’s and WR’s from Texas Tech, ITS JUST THE SYSTEM. When he played with Dirk and a younger Finley he couldnt cut it. And he didnt make the playoffs with the squad he had this year! WHY DIDNT HE MAKE IT??? Cuz the system changed!!! The nigga is GROSSLY overrated

  • Eazy Yi

    Either pick is good. Both players fit the system, both would put up big numbers. If they are trying to land LeBeon then Griffin is the perfect choice, because Lebron was able to make Ben Wallace look like a vaulable contributor, imagine what he’d do for Blake. Rubio needs finishers around him, imagine ricky in Toronto? They’re a team that gave up on run and gun but when they did it they made the playoffs…

  • Aaron

    As the league migrates to a more point guard centric mentality, how valuable is a potentially great point guard in this day and age? Most people on here that are scoffing at Ricky either have not watched him play or do not understand exactly how good the league is that he is coming from. If Rubio were playing at say North Carolina, most of you would change your tune. But wait, he was playing against better competition on a nightly basis and still won defensive player of the year as well as best point guard in the league last year at 17. 17!!

  • jamesinva

    At #1, derrick coleman WAS the shit. yea he didnt take his team to so many playoff runs but #s wise, dude was ballin. Go look up his stats. All star teams, even dream team 2. dude put up great numbers, just went down due to injuries and such. coleman and kenny anderson were great and if the nets had kept them and petrovic hadnt had passed away, nets woulda been a much much scarier team

  • Tha Boddy (SouthPaw)

    The Basketball God’s are going to reward the #1 pick to the Washington Wizards and they will become a very dangerous team in less than 2years as Griffin develops

  • rick773

    I think you take the more clear cut choice in Griffin. I think he’ll be solid maybe good but I don’t think he’ll be a STAT or a Karl Malone he’ll show some flashes but I don’t he’ll be great. And @ 36 that per 48 minute stat is garbage theres a reason he only played 24 minutes a game and that reason was he wasn’t good enough to start.

  • vince

    Can I laugh at this: “and i’m putting my money on amare playing in NY in 2010, so if anything they will be set at PF and need an elite PG.”

    if ‘anything’ they’re ‘set’ because you like to gamble on stupid bets?

    Good one mate.

    Also: Rubio = Shaun Livingstons sans length: great vision, good pass, slow footwork, not really physical, weak shot, no range.

  • Todd X

    Ricky is not overrated. The guy is money he showed his game in the olympics, taking on the pros and playing very well. However, you take a big. They clog lanes on defense, they open them up on offense. Blake Griffin appears to be a special player. He looks to be one of those naturals, LBJ, Howard, Rose, all of them were naturals.

    Ricky could be hall of fame and so could Blake. The big always gets the push.

    They make everyones jobs easier. Front court players help to win championships, back court players help to win scoring titles. Just take a look at the NBA champions, everyone that comes to mind had serviceable bigs.

    So take Griffin if you have a shot.

  • DUBZ

    i think they should stick with Curry cuz what if next year they get lebron and chris bosh then they might be good. if the cavs win it this year i think LeBron he’ll stay in Cleveland if they lose i think he’ll leave next year

  • Seven Duece

    Sorry, but Vince & T-Mac have that “most athletic duo” title locked. And aren’t the Knicks still waiting for Galinari to be something, anything really? Pretty sure David Lee wants some rebounding help before his back gives out.

  • mumadone

    There are no basketball gods! There is only one God.

  • http://dime sure

    Brandon Jennings is the answer. He’s the next coming of future stars in the league. He could lead the league in assist. He’s a better PG than rose. Time will tell. Has the NY flair. a la Clyde Frazier. Kenny Anderson with a 3 ball. Brandon and Corey Maggette in the backcourt. With R.Artest/D.Lee and a 5.

  • jwm

    Griffin will be the Tom Tolbert of his era, a good, strong player that will need lead any team to a championship. Rubio? A nice player, but not a franchise player. I hope these aren’t the only players the front office is considering. If James wins this year, he stays in Cleveland ala Jordan because he wants to have his own legacy on his own team. If he loses, he might leave, but the Knicks better have some talent or he won’t be coming here.

  • hooper5013

    Griffin will be better than Amare Staudemire period. You take him. Rubio will be decent…time to pass the torch…Chuck and Malone…gave it to TD and KG, and they wiil pass the reigns to Griffin and which ever power forward of this era rises to the occasion.

  • http://www.google.com crossovr15

    honestly, rubio can go wherever he wants. all he has to do is contact his lawyer and its a done deal.
    even though the knicks have sucked as of late, everyone wants to come to the ny because of its history and what it brings. patrick ewing..ny knicks…michael jordan..chicago. i can go on forever but the bottom line is everyone wants to play in the most famous cities. lebron wants it, danilo wanted it and had it and rubio wants it