NBA, Video / May 23, 2009 / 1:15 am

LeBron’s game-winner

What more can you say?

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  • springz

    You could hear the whole of Cleveland collectively sigh from here…

    Though it sounded more like a roar.

  • Marci

    Lucky shot…
    Magic in 6.

  • fallinup

    That’ll be the play you see over and over again once bron retires. Pretty damn nice, no need to hate on that.

  • chester

    lucky is the shot rashard made in game 1 coz rashard is juz a medicoire athlete.and for lebron its just all skills

  • joshlee9

    the best part of that clip, besides that crazy shot, is craig sager rushing the court in his lollipop suit right afterwards. he was sprinting right for lebron hahah

  • http://www.tropicanacommunity.org Khalvin

    Nice Game, Nice Shot… is it really that special though??
    Not hating just being honest.
    Great player and I will keep an eye on his career.. but that shot meh…

  • doc

    That shot aint shit.Kobe woulda made the shot got the ball out the net before it hit the ground then dunk that shit in Dwight face to win by 3!

  • http://deleted Luigi

    lol @ doc

    you kno what i dont undestand…whats a defender for the magic doing wayy out there at halfcourt when he could of helped defend LeBron i mean if Mo passed it to that guy at half court wouldnt u think he wouldnt make it?. kmon Magic…use bball IQ

  • http://deleted Luigi

    look at the video n pause it at 0:06-0:07. n ull see what i mean

  • Ian

    lucky shot??? why?? did lebron shot to miss and somehow made it?? cuz then it would be lucky

  • beejay

    shoulda swished it. dont look nice.

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    Agree with you Luigi. Just not very smart players on the Magic team. First was Pietrus (?) not helping when LeBron flashed up WIDE FREAKING OPEN on the top. Second was Shard not putting pressure on Mo Williams. Third was Courtney Lee not helping off Delonte West, since West is a lefty and would have had a real difficult shot seeing where Shard was denying the ball.

    But you gotta put the blame, if anybody, on SVG. Having nobody double LeBron and putting him on an island with HEDO TURKOGLU was a ridiculous decision.

  • robert

    anyone notice that marv albert blew the call…”lebron for 3 from the wing…” that ish was from straightaway…even broadcasters get nervous…

  • Lets Go Hawks


    Albert said “3 for the win”