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NBA Draft Measurements Released, Great For Earl Clark

Louisville's Earl Clark

Louisville's Earl Clark

The first relevant phase of the NBA Draft combine is upon us. This was the moment when the world freaked out about Michael Beasley not being 6-9 last year, officially sealing Derrick Rose‘s fate as the No. 1 overall pick. From a first look at the measurements, there aren’t any real disappointing numbers. But there are a couple of pleasant surprises.

The one guy who will really benefit from this day is Earl Clark. The Louisville SF stands a shade over 6-10 in shoes with a wingspan just under 7-3. Add in that he’s been shooting really well from outside during the first day of the combine, and it’s easy to see why scouts are raving about his upside.

We knew all along that DeJuan Blair‘s ability to dominate the offensive glass wasn’t just because he’s got a big ass. Even if he stands 6-feet, 6.5 inches in shoes, he has a ridiculous 7-2 wingspan. That won’t impact his draft stock drastically either way.

The James Harden-as-the-next-Paul Pierce campaign took a step in the right direction. Though the southpaw SG isn’t as tall as the Truth, Harden has incredibly long arms. He stands just over 6-5, but his reach is almost 6-11. That’s going to be key for a player who likes to use his stocky frame to finish in and around the paint without incredible athleticism.

Here are some other interesting prospects:

* Blake Griffin: 6-10 in shoes, 6-11 wingspan
* Hasheem Thabeet: 7-feet, 2.5 inches in shoes, 7-6 wingspan
* Tyler Hansbrough: 6-feet, 9.5 inches in shoes, 6-11 wingspan
* Stephen Curry: 6-3 in shoes, 6-3 wingspan
* Jeff Teague: 6-feet, 1.5 inches in shoes, 6-7 wingspan
* B.J. Mullens: 7-1 in shoes, 7-1 wingspan
* Jordan Hill: 6-10 in shoes, 7-1 wingspan
* Jonny Flynn: 6-1 in shoes, 6-4 wingspan
* Tyreke Evans: 6-5 in shoes, 6-11 wingspan
* Ty Lawson: 6-feet, 0.5 inches in shoes, 6-1 wingspan
* Gani Lawal: 6-9 in shoes, 7-foot wingspan
* James Johnson: 6-8 in shoes, 7-1 wingspan
* Sam Young: 6-7 in shoes, 6-11 wingspan
* Jrue Holiday: 6-4 in shoes, 6-7 wingspan

Source: Draft Express

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  • http://dimemag.com hotSHOTZ

    Jrue Holiday, Earl Clark, or Jordan Hill for Washington.

  • Kudabeen

    I’m going to keep saying it, but people are sleeping on Sam Young. Not just the measurements, but he is a gamer. A Team like San Antonio will be very excited if falls to them as insurance/upgrade over Bowen/Finley or an injured Manu.

    Clark is building major Buzz on and off the court for his focus and talent.

    Where is Terrence Williams going? He is another gamer that I think people are sleeping on. I’m sure Orlando would love to be able to put a Sam Young or Terrence Williams on LeBron right now. Pietrus can’t do it alone and he rather reach than take the contact…

    Hansbrough measured better than I thought…Plus for him. I think he is taking more criticism than he should. He will contribute to a winning team if he falls in the draft.

  • Jah

    Good lookin’ out, DIME!

  • Scott

    Dime had the Raps taking Earl Clark, the only mock that has that, and I’ll be damned if I don’t want that to happen in a major way. Hope his stock doesn’t soar so far that he gets snatched up early.

  • Ekstor

    Surprising that Griffin’s wingspan isn’t in excess of 7ft. When his athleticism subsides, he may have a harder time getting his shot off over taller, longer players.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    alot of t rex arm’d guys on that list.

  • Rafa23

    funny how hansbrough was criticized for being not tall enough, but he is almost the same height as griffin. now i know griffin is 10 leagues above him athletically.

    its also funny griffin has the same wingspan as evans.

  • Kobeef

    I think this seals the Thabeet to Memphis decision. Thabeet’s length combined with improving skill is rare – he has a 9’5″ standing reach!!

    I think Harden – with these numbers to back up his awesome skill set – will be very hard to pass by. If he’s not the second coming of the truth he is certainly the second coming of Brandon Roy – who those who are informed will remember was projected as the same “great skill set but limited “upside” type player coming into the 2006 draft (showing that it isn’t all about “upside”).

    Stephen Curry will have major issues getting his shots off as a SG in the NBA. Remember Redick’s first few years? It will be just like that.

    Finally – and I think this is HUGE – Griffin measures out about the same size as Josh Smith, Lebron or Mike Beasley…which is a big deal – Griffin does not have the skill set to be a SF in the NBA.

  • Rafa23

    @ kobeef
    lebron, josh and beas were/are 6-8 with shoes on. griffin is 6-10. 2 inches make a big difference.

  • Kobeef

    Actually they were 6’8.25″ with shoes and all have a 7’0.25″ wingspan.

    Griffin is 6-8.25 w/out shoes and apparently wears shoes that make him 1.75 inches taller (that is a THICK shoe!)

    If we assume that Griffin is 1.75 inches taller but has a 1.25 inch shorter reach, Griffin’s standing reach is only .5 inches longer than Lebron, Smoove and Beasley.

    1/2 an inch isn’t much…it’s less than a fingernail length. I’d say it’s a draw.

  • SayItAintSo

    I’m curious to know how tall J. Brockman measured. I’m hearing that he wasn’t as tall as listed, and his wingspan was underwhelming? Can anyone confirm this information?

  • Rizwan

    Here’s hoping Earl Clark drops to the Suns at 14. he could be what Shawn Marion was a few years ago but a better shooter.

  • Rafa23

    @ kobeef
    ok, makes sense. lets see how he does.

  • Celts Fan

    @Kudabeen – agree completely. Dude’s gonna be a solid player in the League. Outside the lottery, he’s a steal

  • Kobeef

    Another way to put Griffin in perspective is that Earl Clark’s standing reach (a combo of height + wingspan) is about 5 inches longer than Griffin’s – and Clark has the skill set to be a SF in the NBA.

    5 inches is a lot.

    I am fascinated to see how the Clips handle this news.

  • Rafa23

    besides that i know what standing reach is(come on man)…
    i agree with what you said. i still think griffin will be dominant, but not sure how much because how will he play against a tim duncan or kevin garnett etc…
    no way he can play sf.
    but if clark can overcome some of his problems (shooting mechanics,consitency, motor?), he could be awesome.

  • Jei

    I agree with Kudabeen, aside from Blake Griffin, Sam Young and Wayne Ellington are guys who are going to make an impact immediately.

  • K Dizzle

    Man, I look at Earl Clark and I see Lamar Odom…

  • niro

    …maybe this shows my lack of knowledge… but why measure these guys in shoes?

  • hansosword

    tyreke needs to become faster or grow… then again I thought the same thing about OJ Majo, and he seems to be doing just fine…

  • K Dizzle

    Cuz they don’t play barefooted…

  • Knoc Knock

    There should be no measurements in shoes, as some guys shoe’s add 1 inch up to 2 inches!? Griffin looks like a football player so matching up against some people who are a few inches taller shouldn’t be a problem. He’s a beast and if the clippers don’t choose him, they’re lost.

  • siree

    james is a beast!!!

  • doc

    I think them dum ass scouts should be more worried about game then wingspan.Give me the short arm dude that will bust ya ass instead of thew long arm scrub anyday.

  • willie

    @ 20…Tyreke Evans might be the biggest point guard in the NBA next year.. and he needs to grow?

  • moneybags

    @25…If Tyreke is a point guard then Lebron is also a point guard…just because he dribbles the ball up the court and is labled “point guard” in memphis’ system doesn’t make him one. Tyreke is strictly a scoring guard who will need to improve his handles and athleticism in order to be a star in the nba.

  • flavur


  • WetCoast

    Kobeef the difference between Redick and Curry is Redick can create his shot a lot better then Redick ever could. How well that translates to the NBA is yet to be seen. In college, there isn’t a comparison. Curry also played on a team where every opposing team knew he was shooting the ball. While this is true for Redick, there were other players at Duke that chipped in.