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NBA Draft Rumor: Knicks Promise to Take Stephen Curry at No. 8

Stephen Curry
Yesterday NBADraft.net posted this rumor:

A rumor that has been gaining steam is that the Knicks will select Stephen Curry with their 8th pick. We’ve received word that there could be truth to this from inside sources claiming that Curry chose to put his name into the draft this year based on the Knicks assuring Curry that they would use their lottery selection to draft him.

Obviously a lot could happen between now and the draft. The Knicks could always win the lottery (they’re not using a top 3 pick on him) or trade their pick.

But it appears to be a legitimate possibility that if the Knicks have the 8th pick on draft night they will use it on Curry. Curry’s game would fit extremely well in Mike D’Antoni’s wide open style and his scoring ability would be enhanced.

The article is right – a lot can happen between now and then. And while Curry’s skill set would work in D’Antoni’s system, is there another guy out there with a bigger upside than Curry who could bring more to the table for the long run? We’re thinking guys like with all-around game like Earl Clark or with freakish athleticism like DeMar DeRozan (should he fall that far). D’Antoni’s system would run infinitely better with a guy like DeMar flying up and down the floor than, say, plodders like Quentin Richardson.

Source: NBADraft.net

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  • MoxWestCoastRep

    I can see it down… Lebron driving and kicking to a wide open Curry all day. Buckets!

  • Big Shot BOB

    Ha Lebron’s would have to leave Clevland for that to happen.

  • Big Shot BOB

    Ha Lebron would have to leave Clevland for that to happen.

  • doc

    i might pick him there depending on whos around.

  • ProphetGK

    The RAPS NEED STEPHEN CURRY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ahoapap

    Doesn’t Utah own that pick?

  • http://www.twitter.com/lakersnation Twitter.com/LakersNation

    Still don’t understand why Lebron would leave a championship caliber team in Cleveland for NYC when it’s the internet has made the world a smaller place . . . Lebron doesn’t need to go to NY to become a world-wide label . . . Knicks should be making a play for Dwayne if anything . that guy is a advertising whore who’ll do anything to get up to Lebron and Kobe’s marketing level!

  • Chaos

    Curry would fit into any run and gun style such as D’Antonis and Torontos. keep bosh, put him on the wing with calderon kicking it out to him or kapono…and he can possibly run the O with Calderon out of the line up but the issue still remains is how his defense will look on the nba level, especially on a team with absolutely no concept of it(TO, NYK, GSW, PHO).

  • George W Kush Sr

    They already have Chandler running up and down. They need a shooter because QRich is a bum. Curry would fit in nicely with the Knicks.

    I hate it when teams like Toronto and Portland wasted their picks for players they didn’t really need. Bargs got much better, but can you imagine where T.O. would be with Brandon Roy? Or, if Roy and the Blazers would have Durant on the roster instead of Oden?

  • http://www.nbadraftdaycountdown.com JP

    sorry, im just not buying into curry. at http://www.nbadraftdaycountdown.com we have curry slotted 12th, but i think anywhere in the lottery is going to be a let down. making a promise at 8, with knowing who may slip, is insane. with the likes of derozan, evans, harden, and clark all in that second 5 i just dont see it.

  • Markito

    it’s just insane for the knicks to make promises on draft picks. creates false expectations for everyone, unless they’re trying to boost curry’s stock – – which i don’t understand why.


    Funny I heard the Pistons were gonna take him.