NBA / May 25, 2009 / 12:00 pm

NBA Fantasy Finals: 2008 Celtics vs. 1993 Suns

KG on Dime #45

KG on Dime #45

To clarify: Our NBA Fantasy Finals have nothing to do with the stat-driven “fantasy basketball” you play online. We’re taking NBA Finals teams throughout history and pitting them against each other to see what you think would happen. Assume both lineups are healthy, and the older team gets homecourt. Today it’s arguably two of the top three power forwards of all-time (and their star-studded teams) going head-to-head …

2008 BOSTON CELTICS (66-16)
G – Rajon Rondo (10.6 ppg, 5.1 apg, 1.7 spg)
G – Ray Allen (17.4 ppg)
F – Paul Pierce (19.6 ppg, 5.1 rpg, 4.5 apg)
F – Kevin Garnett (18.8 ppg, 9.2 rpg)
C – Kendrick Perkins (6.9 ppg, 6.1 rpg)
BenchJames Posey, Eddie House, Leon Powe, P.J. Brown, Sam Cassell
CoachDoc Rivers

1993 PHOENIX SUNS (62-20)
G – Kevin Johnson (16.1 ppg, 7.8 apg)
G – Dan Majerle (16.9 ppg, 4.7 rpg)
F – Richard Dumas (15.8 ppg, 1.8 spg)
F – Charles Barkley (25.6 ppg, 12.2 rpg, 5.1 apg)
C – Mark West (5.3 ppg, 5.6 rpg)
BenchCedric Ceballos, Danny Ainge, Tom Chambers, Oliver Miller, Frank Johnson
CoachPaul Westphal

Who would win a best-of-seven series?

2004 Pistons vs. 1994 Knicks
2006 Heat vs. 2001 Sixers
2007 Spurs vs. 1998 Bulls
2008 Lakers vs. 1995 Magic

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  • Lee

    I really though Richard Dumas would be a greaat player … unfortunately he was lost to drugs. The Suns might have beaten the bulls if Cabalos had remained un-injured.

  • http://deleted Luigi

    Kudos to Lee for mentioning Richard Dumas. dude had it all…but the addiction took it all.

  • Biggie Rection

    Danny Ainge playing against the team he put together…oh the irony. $5 says sir charles will fight perk. i wish he’d cold clock the rappaport too. oh yea, boston in 6


    Dumas had mad skills. I still have his rookie card!

  • Simon

    That is a crazy stat line from Sir Charles! Both benches are pretty deep here. I think the Suns would have won it, but I always favour the old school teams so what do I know. I think everyone holds the old school in such high regard because of the great memories. This makes it very difficult to have an unbiased opinion.

  • doc

    I like Beantown in 7.They D was VISCIOUS last June and thats enough to do it for me.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Matchup problems with Chuck Wagon, but Boston in 7.

  • rell

    If we are playing at today’s rules and since we would have home court, I say Boston in 7. Barkley playing at today’s rule would probably be kicked out of the game for taking a swing at Perks or trying to hard foul Pierce coming though the lane. I think both KJ and Barkley would be a problem but I think KG would do enough to slow down Barkley. I think our advantage would be Pierce against the Suns defense and Barkley inability to guard KG at the perimeter.

    Now if we played the 93 Bulls we would lose in 5. Pierce would struggled badly against Pippen and Jordan would make Ray Ray look like a bench player. KG would have to play out of his mind just for us to win 1 maybe 2 games.

  • doc

    IDK about making him look like a bench player Rell,U selling Ray a little short.He better than John Starks right?

  • JA

    Now wouldn’t that have been a match-up?

    Sir Charles vs the League’s fake tough guy KG. We all know KG wouldn’t be clapping and yelling in Chuck’s face.

  • Ranjit C

    JA you are RIGHT !!! KG would pee AND crap his pants just by looking at Chuck’s face !!! :)


    THUNDER DAN that’s all i gotta SUNS by 7 AND garnett would be scerd to talk smack to Sir Charles

  • Ian

    id give it to the suns because kgs yelling and when he decides to get in ainges face sir charles would beat his ass.


    austin you prob saw this but scroll down to check the best individual winning percentages no surprise seeing that they are all spurs , bulls , celts and lakers.

    manu is 2 and damn magics playoffs percentage.

  • kmart

    Id rather see 08 boston vs 03-05 spurs or 08 boston vs 00-02 lakers. Fuck it how bout 08 celtics vs 09 lakers with a healthy bynum

  • K Dizzle

    Finally, somebody mentions thunder dan and his ridiculous unlimited ramge. Celts crush my lakers last year cuz they only had to stop Kobe and nobody else showed up. This Suns squad lost to Mike`s Bulls on one of the beautiful setplays EVER for a 3 by Paxson in 6 games. They would beat the Celtics. Man for man, the Suns had more options and wouldn`t be outtoughed by last year`s celts. Ken Perkins is like Mark West lite. Dude was a throwback, no chance of throwin shit in when he fouled you. Suns have 5 guys averagin over 15 a game, it`s not that easy stop Kobe and Pau and it`s done. KG can`t roam off Barkley and help out, Rondo can`t leave KJ, Ray ain`t leavin Majerle and Pierce gonna have to stay with Dumas. Then Ced comes off the bench and gotta deal with Posey. Sweet matchups.

  • doc

    Yeah Barkley would whip KG’s ass because he’s such a G.Yall funny as shit.The same way people bash KG they were bashing Barkley.Im from Philly they was calling him a punk the same way.Yall aint seen Barkley do nothing but talk shit just like KG but because he from the 80’s/90’s hes supertough.Only thing Mark West is is a throwback bum.Thunder Dan was okay but not all star okay even though he probably made it that year as the 93 Mo Williams.KJ and Rondo and Barkley/KG are the only matchups that are even/mismatches for the Suns.I know the nostalga factor kicks in but the players today are just as good if not better than the ballers from way back when.I mean yall act like KG never went up against Barkley and did good.He came in the league 2 years later.

  • F.L.A.S.H.

    barkley in his MVP season, the dude was a madman, NO ONE on the celtics can even try to guard him and his big booty (think warriors mavericks 07 with baron davis’ booty)

  • Ian

    i didnt say barkley would woop kg cuz hes tuff i said cuz kg might be a bigger punk btw i do agree players today are better.

  • doc

    Wasnt coming at u ian.I just read like 5 comments in a row along the lines of KG would fold up because Barkley out there like he aint go toe to toe with the greats before.

  • Ian

    well number wise kg will get his barkley isnt exactly known for his defense ask artest

  • dragonyeuw

    This is a tough call.

    KJ>Rondo( this year’s Rondo would be a better matchup)

    Majerle=Allen- I think they cancel out each other

    Pierce>Dumas- mind you, Dumas werent no slouch

    Barkley>Garnett- MVP Barkley has the edge on 08 Garnett.
    MVP Garnett would be more even, but that’s not the issue here

    Perkins= West- I don’t recall West’s game exactly,but I don’t think it’s a big edge one way or another, so I’ll call it even.

    Two great benches, I can’t decide who wins out here. Rivers over Wesphal coaching-wise.

    I think Suns in 6 with homecourt, or Celtics in 7 with homecourt

  • KG18

    Y’all know the Suns lost, right? C’s in 6.

  • Fresh

    The Suns in 7 games

  • dragonyeuw

    “Y’all know the Suns lost, right? C’s in 6.”

    To the Bulls. What does that have to do with this hypothetical matchup?

  • Nigel
  • method526

    damn…kj and barkley are a good combo

  • mcw88

    wtf???? Aren’t people selling the Celts a little short? They are only one of the greatest defensive teams in history! Celts in 6

  • ctkennedy

    who would close for the suns we know that pierce gon close for the celtics and remember the main thing that bothers barkley on the court is length who got more than kg (we also got a five second backdown rule now)

  • Patrick

    Are we playing with mid 90’s rules or are we playing with todays 90 free throws a game it’s a foul to look at someone too long rules?

  • QQ

    Suns in 6, Barkley wins MVP, calls himself the ‘best player in the world’, injuries decimates their roster the next season, still reached the 2nd round playoffs with their scrubs talking trash every possession, finally losing to a much, much better team in 7 games. Barkley played like shit in the final game, proving that he is a fool for calling himself the best player in the world.

  • hucklebuck

    This is another very good matchup, because it pins one of the best offensive teams of the 90s versus one of the best defensive teams of the 00s. And not to be overlooked but both teams were pretty good on the other end as well.

    with that said, here is my opinion of matchups-

    Rondo/KJ-good matchup, both speed demons. Rondo would lose this head to head only because of his small offensive playbook
    Allen/Marjerle-this one is tough. both guys can gun 3s, one runs everywhere while the other spots up from 30ft. Even tho Thunder Dan is bigger and stronger, he might be tired of chasing Allen by the end of the game.
    Pierce/Dumas-ugly matchup for Dumas. He is athletic, and this was his best season. He might disrupt Pierce on defense, but Pierce eventually would start racking up fouls on him for biting on shots fakes.
    Garnett/Barkley-another tough one. as intense as Garnett plays, Barkley plays just as intense. I would go with Barkley cuz of the quickness factor, and he would probably end up elbowing Garnett at some point.
    Perkins/West-West was a good fill in center, but Perkins is deceptively quick. I say this one is pretty even.

    Bench-both really good sparks, Celtics may have slight edge.

    Boston in 7 only cuz Boston has played in game 7.

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    Coin flip, anybodies series.

    I’m picking the Suns in 7 in a very entertaining series between two teams with very different styles.

  • Alex Akopyan

    i didnt say barkley would woop kg cuz hes tuff i said cuz kg might be a bigger punk btw i do agree players today are better.

    Hey Doc. You make it sound like we’re talking about a team from the 50s here. In the 90s, guys were just as tall, just as fast running the 40s & had just as high of vertical jumps as guys today.

    Now to the matchup. Kevin Johnson was much more of a pure point guard than Rajon Rondo. Athletically, Rajon’s no slouch, but he wasn’t dunking over 7-foot shot-blockers like John Hot Rod Williams, Mark Eaton or Hakeem Olajuwon. And while Rajon’s a legit point guard, he’s no 20/10 threat night-in & night-out like KJ was. KJ had the explosiveness of Allen Iverson coupled with the unselfishness of John Stockton. He was sooo underrated! I don’t remember who compared Dan Majerle to Mo Williams, but Thunder Dan was a more than legit all-star. His offensive production was on par with that of Mo, but Dan was a way better defender. Charles Barkley’s 93′ season was one of the single greatest individual offensive seasons in NBA history. And while KG was DOP, I don’t even see him being able to single-handedly contain the versatility of a prime-Charles Barkley. I see Majerle doing a much better contain job defensively on Paul Pierce than he did on Jordan, since Pierce is nowhere near as athletically capable as a Jordan, Kobe or Drexler. The biggest matchup nightmare for Phoenix would be Ray Allen, as the Suns have no one they could put on him. I see Ray Allen averaging an efficient 25ppg in the series, but I feel that the Suns supporting cast with Tom Chambers, Danny Ainge, Cedric Ceballous & Richard Dumas would just really space the Celtics out with such a deep array of spot up shooting & cutting. Suns in 6.