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NBA Trade Rumor: The Thunder Will Try To Trade For Blake Griffin

Oklahoma's Blake Griffin

Oklahoma's Blake Griffin

Every Lottery team has to ask themselves the same question at some point before the draft: what would it take for us to get Blake Griffin? With his connections to the Oklahoma community, the Thunder obviously have some extra incentive to try to answer to that question. So how far are they willing to go to get him into an OKC uni?

There will be no shortage of competition, however, particularly from Oklahoma City, which has the third pick in the draft. The Thunder is expected to make a play for Griffin, using the third pick and one of their young core players (Jeff Green or Russell Westbrook) as bait for the top overall pick, which would allow them to keep Griffin in his hometown.

That would be a huge move in terms of local interest and, by extension, ticket sales.

So instead of running with a core of Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Green, and perhaps Arizona’s Jordan Hill at PF, the Thunder are willing to part with one of their three core guys to get BG. If I’m OKC’s GM, I’d offer up Jeff Green and the No. 3 pick – but I’m not sure that I’d be so quick to give up Westbrook. It’s not that Green isn’t a really solid player – he is. It’s that Westbrook could be really special if he continues to develop.

There have been some rumblings around the internet today about the Clippers not being totally sold on taking Griffin first. However, none of that includes a single quote from anyone in the Clippers organization. As we wrote in Smack, they’ve had their eyes on Griffin for too long now.

What do you think of this deal?

Source: Star Telegram

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  • Ashlov

    Green and the #3 is as far as it should go, and I’d pull the trigger asap.

  • doc

    Id trade Green and the 3rd too.

  • kevin k

    wtf, keep the pick and draft Thabeet

    Freaking group of Westbrook, Durant, Green and Thabeet is freaking solid. Also, they have another late round 1st pick which they could use to draft either Blair or Hansbourgh. How freaking sick would that be?

  • jksonics


  • Fabferu

    Kevin k

    why give up a solid starter in green AND Thabeet for griffin?!? and why would the clippers be interested in green?!? they have already thornton!?!?

  • Haslem

    The Heat would be stupid enough to give up Haslem and some other filler for Rubio.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    It’s worth a shot to offer Green and #3. I’d think twice about Westbrook too. If the Clips don’t go for it then the worst case scenario is you get Rubio or Thabeet with that 3rd pick.

  • Haslem

    That was what I meant. They get Rubio at 3 and trade him to the Heat for Beasley/Haslem and filler.


    Is a very good lineup.

  • Big Shot BOB

    No way the Clips go for this. After being the bud of all the draft jokes. The Clips are going to take BG with the first pick and head for the hills.

  • len

    totally agree no way westbrook should be given up he made the thunder (kind of) roll.

  • Kobeef

    THis trade doesn’t have much potential but the rumour brings to light that the Clips announced they are drafting Griffin with the sole purpose of seeing what they can get for him.

    THink about it – the clips have some pretty good (not great) low post players right now. Griffin will probably be a very good player…but he could also be just good. The best thing to happen to the clips would be to pull off a huge trade for an elite vetran to pair with Boom Dizzle, Camby, Z-Bo, etc.

    Griffin + Eric Gordon to Golden State for Steven Jackson?
    Griffin + Kaman to Washington for Caron Butler?
    Griffin + Kaman + ? to Milwaukee for Redd and/or RJ or Charlie V?

    Griffin + Thornton to NJ for Vince?

    If the clips decide their cast of players is closer to “win now” than “rebuild” it makes sense to move griffin to the highest bidder.

  • shake&bake

    I agree that they should keep their players and draft Thabeet. He fills their need at center and doesn’t need to be a scorer for them.

  • Timmy D

    The Grizzlies should offer the #2 and Rudy and I think that is way better than Green and the #3.

    The Grizzlies need Griffin more than OKC

  • IG

    What if Thabeet goes #2? Sonics, uhh..Thunder will be screwed.

  • nowwhatyo

    if the thunder could get the clips to take green and the 3rd pick for blake griffin, the thunder would be very dangerous! durant and green are both small forwards, so green is somewhat dispensible. but there’s no way the clips would pull the trigger on that. why would the clips want green when they already have thornton at the 3?

  • Daniel Bui

    Clippers has confirmed that they will take BG.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jkwryter Gunner J. Matthews

    I wouldnt do it

  • flavur

    This is a dumb trade talent is a big part of winning but so is chemistry (good example are the clips) and this year with that core group they have has built a lot of chemistry I say keep all three and draft thabeet cus they need help defensively and then draft dejuan Blair who is a great rebounder and low post scorer the chemistry they’ve built will help in 2 years when they make the playoffs.

  • ProphetGK

    Are you kidding me? Putting BG with Westbrook and Durant? Dare I say, re-incarnation of 07′- Spurs? Pull the trigger before you even load the damn clip…

  • http://mylakersnation.com Lakers Nation

    I’d ask for Durant . . . give them Kaman and #1 for that . . totally fair and both teams benefit!

  • ProphetGK

    Trade Durant? Are you mad? Durant’s the next Kobe.

  • Eddy K

    wtf, keep the pick and draft Thabeet

  • Da Good

    Clippers have done a good job driving up BG’s trade value by making him out to be a can’t-miss number one pick.

    In reality he is a solid NBA starter, but not a guaranteed All-Star from what I’ve seen.

  • heavy d

    Well, if I’m the Clippers I want the deal to look like this:

    Chris Kaman

    Jeff Green
    Earl Watson (salary match if needed, if not needed to make it work under the cap remove him)
    and 2 additional 1st round picks Phoenix’s 2010 1st and OKC 2011 1st.

    If OKC wants Griffin that bad then I do the deal and remain content with either Thabeet or Rubio. I save money by dumping 2 years of Kaman for 1 year of Watson. With the unprotected Phoenix pick added to the 2011 unprotected Minnesota pick we hold as well as 2 more Clipper picks give us the opportunity to restock the franchise with plenty of talent around a core of Eric Gordon, Al Thornton, Jeff Green and either Rubio or Thabeet.

    If OKC doesn’t want to go that high I could live without the 2011 OKC pick, or I could just stick with Griffin.

    If a draft with only one consensus stud the price has got to be high.

  • Marian
  • Borgs

    As long as OKC have Kevin Durant and a reasonable supporting cast they won’t need to do anything to maintain local interest or consistently strong attendances. They’ll draft the best player available – obviously not Griffin – and go from there.

  • Kudabeen

    Green was more than solid. He defended all 5 positions at different points this year. He made plays for himself and others. His J improved a lot and he showed that he could attack the basket. He was a perfect compliment/supplement to Durant.

    I don’t know that it is a cinch that Hasheem will be at #3. the Griz has “bigs” (Darko, Gasol,), but who’s to say that can’t find another team that thinks they can get more out of Darko and move him? Or just keep him in a really solid line up of bigs at the 4/5 positions…

    If Memphis makes moves and looks like they are going to grab Rubio (still doesn’t make sense) I still don’t see the benefit for the Clippers being as great as just getting the best player in this draft.

    I don’t see this trade happening…

  • karizmatic

    I don’t think Westbrook is going to be all that. But I’d give up Jeff Green as well.

  • QQ

    Westbrrok is going to be all that. Watch him play in person, and yall know.

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    They’ll certainly offer Green + #3 and I think that’s a lousy offer that should be rejected out of hand.

    Now if they offered Green + Westbrook + #3, and took Zach’s contract of their hands … that may … may … may be worth doing.

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    The Clippers have a great opportunity in 2010.

    If they move Kaman, and I think they can move him, for an expiring contract. They could get far enough below the cap to offer a max contract that summer.

    They’d be building their franchise around Player X (max contract free agent), Blake Griffin, Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, their #2010 lottery pick and maybe Al Thornton. That would be a great place to be for the Clippers.

    That’s an excellent opportunity, and the Oklahoma City Thunder will be hard pressed to offer an opportunity that surpasses that with their trade offer.


    Then in 2011, they can get rid of Randolph and sign another high paid free agent if they wish.