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Nike Air Trainer 1 x Manny Pacquiao, Adrian Peterson


If the Nike Air Trainer 1 collaborated with Anthony Carter, it would officially be the greatest shoe of all time. Right now, it’s on the cusp. Nike has already created exclusive makeups for some of the sweetest athletes in the universe: Manny Pacquiao, Adrian Peterson, Brandon Roy, Larry Fitzgerald, and Troy Polomalu. Add AC in there and it’d be a sealed deal.

The Pacquiao collab is the red/white shoe above. It’s release is pretty limited.

A release date is set for May 2nd with 200 pairs created. 100 pairs will be given to Manny as friends & family giveaways while the rest will be retailed through UNDFTD, Fatlace, Niketown SF and Las Vegas.


Here is the Adrian Peterson makeup. Though I’m partial to AD, I think that Pacquiao’s colorway is nicer. The black and purple really works only if you’re a Viking.

I’ve clearly made my push for the Anthony Carter makeup, but don’t you think that these kicks would look phenomenal in a Nuggets colorway? Instead of the Manny Pacquiao logo on the back of his shoes, a nice “ABC” (for Anthony Bernard Carter) logo would work even better.

Source: Hypebeast and Sneakerfiles

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  • Pinoy7 boy

    The Pac Man make up is so dope!!!

  • stanaeciouz

    pacquiao G.O.A.T

  • kg fan

    I like these pacquaio kicks better, but the trainers are clean.

    Sorry, but why anthony carter?

  • Kimbie

    manny pacquiao is an arrogant dimwit. He embarrasses the rp to other countries. compared to lang lang of china, pacman does not fit to be a hero.

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    W… T… F…

    wazzup with anthony carter?

    the pacman kicks are dope, though

  • tres equis


    Please enlighten us.

    I’m Filipino, and although Pacquiao is very wrongly regarded as a hero (what the hell has he done except win boxing matches and give politicians votes from illiterate voters?) here, he has put the Philippines on the map.

  • Mikey F Baby

    anthony carter…really?

  • QQ

    @ 4:

    Stop using girly names (‘Kimbie?’ Really?) to hide yourself, Ricky Hatton.

  • Shaq

    Where’s Nike’s Floyd Mayweather Jr’s model? He SAID he is the best P4P boxer that ever lived.

  • Jason

    Kimbie, you’re an idiot. Pacquiao is one of the most humble boxers in the history of the sport.

  • budz

    kimbie is gay and has no business talking shit about pacman.

  • driveatsleep

    damn! i want one of these!

  • skywarp

    i love pacquiao but wth is up with pacman is 1 of the most humble boxer?.. isnt he the guy who blamed his sox when he got beat??

  • shoe lover

    I have the nike air pacquiao’s…1 of the 100 (other then his family and friends) to get a pair and I am willing to sell them. They are a size 8.5 if anyone is interested?!

  • ramachandra

    He may be hardup in speaking english when he’s on cam… But say, how about asking mayweather or any american for that matter trying to say a few words in Filipino? Hell, the TV commentators are don’t even know how to pronounce Donaire’s name (Do-nay-re)