NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / May 5, 2009 / 1:47 pm

Nike Zoom LeBron VI – MVP Edition


It’s pretty safe to say that LeBron MVP madness is just getting started – and you knew Nike was going to bring the heat for the King. Check out this limited edition MVP version of the Nike Zoom LeBron VI. Ridiculous.

Tees go on sale today at Nike.com for $30 and will be in stores tomorrow. As for the kicks, it’s believed that LeBron will be wearing them tonight for Game 1 in Cleveland, but they’ll be dropping to the general public at House of Hoops and Nike.com on May 30. Starting waiting in line now…


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  • bliz289

    wow…you knew Nike was going to bring it!

  • A$$Cube aka LeBored

    Not that I don’t acknowledge how good a player and athlete BronBron is, but really, really do not like how he’s getting in everybody’s wallets 24/7. I just don’t get it. If fed up with it. So much craze for a guy who hasn’t won a title yet, and might not win one at all –who knows? That is so sad. Remember that the “Tribute to Akron” kicks that Nike made last winter could hardly by found by people in Bron’s birthplace.

    Nike was darn right to market MJ that much, but dude was the GOAT, the Champ of the Champs, and played in a big city -speaking of marketability and sport tradition– in the C.H.I.

    That’s why Bron’s heading to the Big Apple no matter what. There’s too much money, too many TV shows and billboards for him to love/take profit of. Plus, New York’s going to need a clean-slate Superstar after all the drama A-Rod’s going through.

    I’m a Knicksfan, and I’m really sad THAT the only way this ballclub is going to make it will be if this product of a guy comes on board…

  • bliz289

    I’ll take that bet. I say LBJ stays in Cleveland.

  • dc

    what, exactly, have i witnessed?? have i witnessed a championship? please explain why he’s the mvp this year? and it shouldn’t be because he was the best player on the best team in the league this season (being that Kobe won last year when the Celtics had the best record). nor should it be because, like Kobe last year, he did more with less (because DWade got a JUCO squad to the playoffs). someone please explain…

    i’m not saying he’s not good, nor am i saying he didn’t put together a great season. i am saying that i’m TIRED of LeBron being EVERYWHERE! the over-saturation makes me not want to give credence to his accomplishments.

  • goonther

    pretty sure Kobe has the same exact team this year that he did last (+/- a few role players that are interchangeable) so dont give me the more with less BS

    why can’t certain people on this site be thankful a man like this came along to the NBA? the L was stagnant for years after Jordan.

    Kobe doesn’t have the personality/ charisma that Bron does, nor does he have the physical gifts.

    and i guarantee that if Jordan were in his prime in 2009 like Bron is now – the media saturation would be the same if not worse. in an age where everyone has an opinion AND can broadcast it somewhere on the internet – Jordan would be on TMZ nightly for all the high roller poker games he used to/ and still does attend….

    and honestly guys, if you had the choice of being a “global icon” or just “one of those black guys in the NBA that’s really good” what would you f’in choose?

    right, that’s what i thought.

  • goonther

    btw … im coppin those shoes….

    straight fiya

  • A$$Cube aka LeBored

    @5. goonther:

    LeBron didn’t sign the petition that Ira Newble offered about Darfur because Nike had/has interests in Chino –and so did/does LeBron, even more pre-Beijing.

    LeBron’s all about making profit. I cannot respect that. I grew up idolizing guys like Chuck who were getting less paper than Brian Scalabrine is making today!

    It used to be a man’s league. A ballers league. Now, the business side is getting fairly important compared to what happens on-court. Look at how foolish the selection of the few last MVP have been. Now they’re giving the hardwood away because “dude still doesn’t have one, but he’s pretty good so…”. Now we do know that CP3 and Dwight are next in line.

    LeBron is the KING of the over-exposed/edulcorated basketball kingdom the League has turned into.

  • Taj

    Man they didnt waste no time!

  • goonther

    ^^^^^^ cube

    “dude still doesn’t have one, but he’s pretty good so…”

    08-09 LeBron James Cleveland
    07-08 Kobe Bryant Lakers
    06-07 Dirk Nowitzki Dallas
    05-06 Steve Nash Phoenix
    04-05 Steve Nash Phoenix
    03-04 Kevin Garnett Minnesota
    02-03 Tim Duncan San Antonio

    How are any of these guys classified as “he’s pretty good so we’ll just give it to him…”?

    i’d say that each of them deserved the award every year. there’s always going to be a complaint cause someone always has a favorite player, team, mascot, etc.

    and everyone has a favorite villain who they hate the most. and the reason why: he fucked his fav team somewhere along the way with clutch buckets, steals, plays in general….

    or in my case hitting a jumper over craig ehlo

    …*sniffle…. single tear…..*

  • stilllow

    All I am going to say is the boy definitely gets his vitamins he is one bad mother I don’t care how you slice it.

  • Sweet English


    Bron is another level. And my man ‘A$$Cube aka LeBored’ if your gonna hate Lebron cos hes getting paid then YOU gotta take another look at life.

    Nothing he has done has weakened his game, he is no worse off as a player for any decisions he has made, and we all still get to see him tear down the gym every night, so whats the problem?

    Your telling me that if you were one of the most talented men on the planet, you wouldnt take every oppertunity to get paid? Bron is a player first and a businessman second, but at the end of the day, its still his job and his career and you gotta make the right moves no matter what your job or your gonna be fetching coffee till you retire. I dont care if your Mother Jesus Teresa Mohammed Charity loving Saint, looking after yourself and your family is always priority one.

    Enjoy your studio apartment fool.

    And last of all AssFace or whatever your name is, Basketball is a sport, and therefore a form of entertainment. Dude, Lebron getting paid has NO affect on you or your life. Just enjoy the NBA for what it is. Overhyped media sensationolised drama. But shit, im hooked.

  • doc

    Asscube u sound dumb.U mad because Lebron all about profits.Because he sided with somebody paying him 100 mil over Ira bum ass newble?What did u do for Dafur Mr. Humanitarian.Not a dam thing!Barkley wasnt about his paper?Do u forget he has Nikes also.Nike didnt market Mike until he won a chip?So when Mars blackmon was running around on commercials in 88 when Mike got D player of year and MVP in the same year he won the chip/Because if I remember correctly he was getting that ass bounced by Zeke and them when they were already calling him god in Basketball shoes.We knowledgable on here about ball dog u cant just run anything on here.

  • http://dimemag.com/2009/05/nike-zoom-lebron-vi-mvp-edition/ LeMVP23

    I agree with Sweet English. LeBron is an NBA icon. He is the reason why people turn on the TV to atch basketball because of his spectaular athletic ability. He was drafted straight from high school and was making more than 20 million dollars at the age of 19. So I not gonna judge anyones opinions but if you makin that much money at 19 then I say the man can do wateva he wants. Besides like alot of people are saying if you had that kind of talent and ability you would do the same thing so stop hatin on LeBron becuz of his talents and the fact that he is better and one of the many best NBA players of all time