NBA, Video / May 12, 2009 / 12:09 pm

People Are the Worst

They really are. For example, take this guy in Orlando who is the father of the kid that Big Baby bumped after knocking down that game-winner on Sunday night. The dad has A) written to the League office demanding an apology from Davis and B) claims that Glen Davis acted like a “raging animal with no regard for fans’ personal safety.” Hey dude, that’s why you drop $1,000 for front row seats – so that you can be in the middle of the action. Take little Timmy up to a luxury box if you don’t want him to be in danger of coming into contact with any of the players.

See the video below – other than his kid being sad because the Magic lost, is there any way this guy has legitimate gripe? And does it really warrant writing a letter to the League and calling Big Baby names?

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  • doc

    Dude salty his team got that ass whipped.And he should teach his son to be more aware of his surroundings.When I was that age if I seen a motherfucker that was THAT hype and THAT big running my way I would’ve got out of dodge just like the ref did.

  • Big Shot BOB

    LOL if this is coming from a front row seat fan he definitely has an apology coming. The league has to look out for it’s precious image and has to please the customers. Does he deserve it “F” no he should quit crying like a little itch and say something to his face instead of writing a letter.

  • E$

    It wouldn’t be a story if it was Dwight

  • Diego

    Total garbage, man. Whiney rich jerk. They jam the fans close to the floor and there was just some inadvertant contact. Kid should be happy for some real NBA contact.

    (I’d bet those tix go for more than $1,000 each too.)

  • LaMont

    Dad is just trying to send his 15 minutes of fame into overtime. Maybe the league should remove fans from the stands when they reach out to touch the stars as they run by after making a shot or some other great play. The league may apologize as stated above to keep their image intact and pacify their fans but before they do they should look at all the tape and see if in fact the kid or his dad did indeed try to give a Magic player dap and take recourse (maybe they own those seats as season ticket holders in which case suspend their rights for a year).

  • Rock

    How sad. The kid showed up at school and the big bullies started calling him ‘Big Baby’.

  • http://www.CalmYoSelf.com Kermit the Washington

    The kid didn’t even fall down, he moved like an inch. Wow. I probably hate Big Baby just as much as that little kid, but c’mon. He barely even touched him. What if Big Baby was diving for a loose ball and actually knocked the kid down? Would he have to issue an apology for that? Get the heck outa here

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    I love how the dad claims his kid was humiliated by the incident… how much of an idiot are you as a parent? Thanks to you he’s on the front page of ESPN.com and every other news source. I bet he’s 10 times more humiliated now.

    Rich People Parenting FAIL.

  • Steve A

    It really is amazing how some people are like this. Now this is the kind of guy Ron Ron should have gone after….

  • Ian

    if orlando woulda won the dad wouldnt prob mind since nothing happened to the kid he didnt even fall i bet that kid was more pissed at his team than davis.

  • Banga

    Big baby was running… his arm hit the kid during the running motion… the dad just wants some free tickets

  • Tbone

    Thank you Patrick for writing exactly what was on my mind. I agree with all you guys too, I’m not a Big Baby fan, but the only reason this is a story is because the Magic lost. E$ said it too, if it was Dwight, this would be a non issue. lmao at ticktock6, sooooo true.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME. Are you all serious? That fat shit pushed a child. I have damn near taken the head off of the guy in front of me for not holding the door for my niece. I almost went ape shit on a guy in the parking lot of a grocery store for bumping my 4yr old daughter while I was holding her. Only a complete p^$$y with the brain of Rain-man would consider pushing a child “not a big deal” or “dad is looking for 15min of fame”.
    I would love to see how any of you react when I walk past and shove your child out of my way. Hell, if big baby shoved me I would have chased him down and beat 60lbs off his ass.
    All of you should double check yourself in the mirror to make sure a clitoris hasn’t starting growing on your forehead. Congratulations, you idiots have actually managed to piss me off.


    POINT BLANK if someone puts there hands on my kid even not on purpose and or doesnt say sorry after or during, im beatin the shit out of them, and that includes big baby or even mike jordan. you guys clearly either dont have kids or your pus@y.

  • mules

    sounds to me like the dude’s looking for a few free tickets to game 6…can’t say I blame him for trying.

  • Kudabeen

    They should appease the fans, but a written apology would suffice. The “raging animal” comment tells me a lot about this guy. He came be talking about the ape exhibit in a Zoo or a Basketball game…He choose to be in direct contact with the “animals”, so deal with it. Glen Davis will ultimately make the concession to do a public apology, but I wouldn’t give the guy the pleasure.

    I hope the guys is there Game 6 and Big Baby Pancake dives on him going after a lose ball.


    I hear you, but I can only meet you half way. Only a real pu$$y of a father would coddle his teenage son in this fashion, so don’t make it about the valor and honor in Fatherhood. You continue to protect your daughter and her honor, that is what Dad’s do. That boy in the crowd wasn’t a little tyke. He didn’t target the boy. If you are sitting courtside and you are up out of your seat you are officially in the way (IMO)…Hell if you are in the seat you are in the way…That is why you by the seat to be apart of the action.

    This isn’t hockey. There’s not Plexiglas dividers…

    If it is my son who looked to be a decent sized boy, I’d be mad purely, because my team loss and my son was touched, but to demand an apology and whine about it…really? Apologize for what?

    The animal comment is just too much for me. I get it and it shouldn’t be a big deal, but that guy loses sympathy points…

    Also you would have chased him down and beat 60lbs off him? Word? LOL…Cool down. I admire your affinity to protect your young, but there is a point (To channel Chappelle) where “Keeping it Real can go Wrong”…

  • Celts Fan

    @12 and 13 OR realize that the kid was barely touched. He didn’t even fall down from a guy twice his size running full speed (and Baby actually moved him outta the way so he didn’t run over him.) Come on now…

  • dk

    Are you kidding. Two inches to the right and the kid would be dead! Hes lucky to have got off with the scrapes and bruises coupled with the emotional damage! Hows his father gonna explain that it is the result of Ronald McDonald and a deadly sin, gluttony! It will forever change this childs view of the entire cast of charachters he loved for so many years and ruin the taste of Happy Meals! He definitely deserves a few hundred dollars for this!

  • Michorizo

    Big Baby was showing true emotion after making the biggest play of his career…I don’t think he singled out the little kid…I bet if he could take it back, he would, and he would push the kid’s sorry Fkn dad on his ass…

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla


    Lets not get to carried away with Big Baby and his size. I’m a good 270 myself and grew up on the west side of chicago where i actually have been in fights. While Big baby was beeing brought to tears by the harsh word of KG on the sidelines of an NBA game. That right there should let you know he’s p^$$y.

    2nd, boy or girl, teen or toddler, it’s my right to protect my child and defend their honor. Courtside seats doesn’t mean you get to run on the court and swing at Jermaine O’Neal/Artest, but it also doesn’t mean Big Shitty gets to run OUT OF BOUNDS and push my child out of his way. He knew exactly what he was doing, he just didn’t care…kinda like when he was putting on those extra pounds at the buffet table…he just didn’t give a Sh!t. He was thinking…without thinking….

  • SWAT

    first off chicagorilla your name says it all…you and your wacked out opinion are not just suspect but borderline ridiculous. it wasnt as if they were in a grocery store or even on the street and big baby was running down the street and knocked you over. it was at an NBA game where they easily paid more than a couple of grand for courtside seats. like someone said earlier if dude was rushing for a loose ball and flys into the crowd would he have to apologize…no. hey would say good hustle. damn if you go to seaworld and go to see shamu then the big ass whale gets you wet are you gonna write that the damn whale shoudl say sorry. no you dont sit so damn close next time…and the lil kid was standing up almost where the coaches were at. sit yo’ lil thundercat ass down and get off the damn court. you not playin you have no business being tht much on the court.

  • hucklebuck

    Chicagorilla and Windycitybull-

    I agree with you to a certain extent. a 4yr old daughter is not the same as a 12yr old kid sittin in the front row.

    Dad knew the kid was RIGHT with the players on the court. the kid should be smart enough to know if he sits in the front, he may get a nudge from a player. What if it was a player diving for a loose ball? if he hits the kid, I’m sure it ain’t no big deal.

    it was the kids choice to sit there AND if you see a 6’8″ 300 pound man in your VICINITY, you should get out the way!

    by the way, where was DAD? was he sitting next to him? was he in the building? come on dad, don’t be a punk.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    @Chicagorilla —
    I think the point is more “you chose to sit there knowing there were risks of contact.” Have you ever read the back of an NBA ticket? I happen to have one right here in my bag. It says the team isn’t responsible for things like this. Period. You purchased an item that disclaims your right to demand stuff like this guy is demanding. I’m an NBA season ticketholder, and there is this family that sits a couple seats down from my team’s bench with LITTLE kids, and I mean like 4-7 year old kids. What language are they hearing? What’s the chance of them getting seriously hurt if, say, Shaq falls on them? I always wonder about that when I see these people.

    I also have to– I hate to throw this card in there– say that if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable on *some* level that some rich white guy is calling a person of color a “raging animal” it probably should. The fact is there is a lot of contact down there and people get hit/fallen on/whatever all the time. And I have heard players say that the crowd around them doesn’t really register, in that they are focused on the court and everything else is just background. If you watch the clip, Big Baby isn’t even looking at the kid. It is pretty self-centered to assume the players are looking at you just because you’re sitting courtside. He tried not to hit the ref, and then hit the kid. Should he apologize? It’s really up to Davis, but I certainly wouldn’t want to now if I were him.

    And yeah, I have a clitoris, but it’s just in the usual place.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    “sit yo’ lil thundercat ass down and get off the damn court.”

    Funniest thing I’ve read all week.

  • Ian

    coincidence that the two posts saying they would throw down and that big baby targeted the kid are chicago fans???

    chicagorilla if the father was goin to do something he should have done it when the kid was shoved not this bs they are up they are in the way. you walking by and pushing my kid on purpose is one thing but barely moving him because he was near you by mistake doesnt get you shot.

  • Notorious

    The only failure is the Father here. There is ALWAYS the possibility of becoming part of the action when you sit courtside at an NBA game. Same goes for Baseball and sitting on the 1st/3rd base lines and line drives. The father chose to put his son in the line of fire, then gets mad when he gets bumped? Come on now, what kind of gutless loser blames the player?

    Damn right the kid is embarrassed and humiliated, his father is a full blown pussy and telling the world he is. No letter, no apology, just revoke his season tickets for being a complete tool and move him to the upper deck, problem solved.

    Chicagorilla, your ignorance is almost as bad as this kid’s dad. Blame everyone but yourself, no wonder the US of A is turning as soft as toilet paper. Be a better parent and keep your child out of harms way. Sure if someone bumps your child out in public you are going to be protective. But if you put your child in front of a parade and he/she gets ran over, who is to blame?

    The pussification of America continues…

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla


    “Your name says it all” brilliant line. You should be on Def Comedy Jam. Your one liners are unparallel in the gay community.

    And paying for a court side seat doesn’t mean you should be pushed by a player. I agree that the seats are too close to the floor, but would Big Shitty have pushed a kid after hitting the game winning shot at Rucker Park…where the crowd is basically on top of you and you can’t even see the sideline. I highly doubt it.
    Also, 90% of the time when a player dives into the seats to save a ball, he lands on someone or near them perhaps even accidentally kicking them in the process. They get up and check to make sure that person is ok, and then go back to playing.

    In the same instance, when a broken bat or foul ball goes flying into the stands at a baseball game and a kid gets hit in the head because they didn’t react quick enough. No one says “oh, the little f^ker should have been quicker on his feet”. No everyone makes a big deal to make sure that person/child is ok. So what would be the difference? Does the kid need to get more than his hat knocked off?

  • yeah

    “And yeah, I have a clitoris, but it’s just in the usual place.” – That’s hot, can I touch it?

  • Ian

    really nba game = rucker park??

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    I’m not saying the NBa should pay the dad money, but a f^king apology seems like it should have happened immediately once the incident happened. Or perhaps during the interview later on. Whenever. That’s no class at all. I’m amazed that none of you see this. Maybe I shouldn’t be though.
    And yes, the Raging Animal statement could be seen as a borderline racist comment, but I (a black man myself) thought the exact same thing when he ran his 6-8 300+ lb frame down the sideline to celebrate (which he also had the rest of the court to run on, but that’s beside the point).

    Rather the dad is looking for attention or not, rather he is a racist P.O.S. or not doesn’t and shouldn’t matter. The child is a child and that’s all that matters.

  • SWAT

    lol the gay community…hmmm not likely. look im not gonna trade insults with you. bottom line your name says you are a girl gorilla who according to you grew up on the west side of chicago and you weigh over 270 and who still watches def comedy jam. lol man i aint seen tht show since bill bellamy and martin were hosting it…is tht even on anymore? anyway ive digressed…the point was tht dude was on the court more than he should hv been and let you and DK (who has some sort of weird fascination with Mcdonalds-this is the 2nd day in a row dude has brought up happy meals…either he’s related to Grimace or dude is mentally unstable) tell it the dude was almost killed. the nba ticket has disclaimers for this exact reason.

  • hucklebuck

    lesson to all-
    DON’T take your kids outside of the house.
    not to the STORE, a BASKETBALL game, or a BASEBALL game.
    protest to have glass inserted between fans and players, so players can’t tackle fans or foul balls can’t be taken in as a souvenir.


    and if you do go to a sports event, sit in the WAYYYYYY back.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla


    Please don’t respond to me anymore. Reading your post actually cost me several thousand brain cells and wasted about 20secs of my life I will not be able to get back.

  • dk

    @ Swat

    If it would have been anyone outside of someone wearing Boston green it would have been fine by me. Then it would have been , the kids a pansy and thats due to the fact his dad is a pussy. It wasn’t a big deal and I foresee many beat downs, mentally and physically for the yout in the future. His dad is setting a horrible example and the kids going to be a horrible mess, obviously the woman wears the pants in the family and I’m surprised she don’t make them wear their dresses outside of the house….

  • dk

    Funny you should mention Grimace, Grimace is a hidden jab at America. Grimace is a by product of the fat perservatives MCDonalds uses that cause retardautism/ Ever heard Grimace talk? Well paint him green and white ( take away the tears ) and you have Big Baby…

  • Notorious

    Several thousand brain cells? I guess that leaves you in the negative, which would explain the use of “rather” when it should have been “whether or not”.

    Nice parent/uncle you are too, going to beat up random strangers who accidentally bump into your child. Then say some homophobic name calling at a random poster because you simply aren’t educated enough to offer a counter argument. Keep on blaming society, it is what all the losers in life do, sure can’t be themselves.

    Chica’s just as bad as crybaby Dad in this story, blowing ish way out of proportion and not willing to accept any of the blame. Enjoy your 15 minutes of posting fame ignorant one, we all are getting a heck of a laugh at your expense.

  • SWAT

    ok dk i gotta be real your love of mickey d’s is scary. but you just proved everyones point on here…if it would have been a magic palyer tht did it…thy would be fine with it but because they lost and dude hit the game winner they want an apology.

  • dk


    It would take a real ignorant moron to not realize that… Well off to the Dime forum!

  • SWAT

    ok…wht the hell are you talking about? boy dk yall gonna make DIME place a screening process on here before you post

  • dk

    I meant obviously it was sorry ass haters that made a big deal out of the kid getting pushed. It was obviously an accident. It was excitement, it was momentum. If it would have been an O-Town player the kid would have gotten off, so would have his father. They would have told the story for decades how Howard bumbed into my pansy little boy after a big shot! Their sore losers on top of being losers at life, thank God for finnacial stability, they may not save the child though. He will end up being a drug addict or a suicide statistic because hes 75% feminine because his fathers a bitch.

    In shorter terms, the bitches complaing on here are haters and sore losers that play video games to much.
    I said the comment about the Dime forums because the blog ads are filled with idiots and morons who post mindless comments….

  • q

    Chicagorilla, go to sleep.

  • dk

    UPDATE: Looks like the father manned up because his wife yelled at him.


    “I’m a big guy,” Davis said. “Imagine if my emotions are going so wild, and if I’m running by somebody, I don’t feel them. If I’ve hurt anybody or if I’ve done any harm to anybody, please forgive me because my intentions were harmless.”

    The boy’s father had denounced Davis and demanded an apology, but later retracted his statements in the face of widespread criticism.
    Source: Boston Globe

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla


    I guess you expect me to go back and forth with you…

    Well if blaming himself/myself is what you want then lets see.
    1)It’s his fault he took his son to a playoff game and got front row seats knowing big shitty would plow into him on the sidelines during his CELEBRATORY run around the opposing teams gym AFTER THE GAME WAS OVER
    2) It’s my fault for taking my child to the store when i should have expected that someone would rudely walk into her without apologizing.
    3) It’s my fault that a grown man looks back at my two nieces who are 2ft behind him and decides to let the door shut on them instead of the common courtesy to hold it a split second longer
    4)It’s the Dad’s fault he expected some sort of apology from the Celts/NBA/Davis when his son cleary should have been sitting down in his seat just like everyone else in the stadium.
    5) It’s the Dad’s Fault and My fault for even having children and wanting to take care of them.
    6)It must also be our parents fault for having us.

  • dk

    And its Bush’s fault too dont forget!

  • ?


  • Big Shot BOB

    No one says “oh, the little f^ker should have been quicker on his feet”.

    That’s exactly what I yell at baseball games.

  • ?
  • ?

    [points remote at Chicagorilla]

    [hits Mute button]

    [crickets chirping]

  • ?

    points remote at Chicagorilla

    hits Mute button

    crickets chirping

  • dk

    @48 It was funnier the first time!

  • Big Shot BOB

    Chicagorilla’s a pussy who coddle’s he’s kids too much. You ever heard of getting up and shaking it off or throwing some dirt on it. You can’t protect your kid from everyone who is gonna knock him down in life and if you try it will only weaken them.

  • ?


    shhh…don’t awaken the chicagorilla. just let him sleep already.

  • SWAT

    lol @ chica, man you need to be easy…why so serious? haha! he was happy he hit the game winner…the same points are being made over and over again and you just not gonna get it. i agree to disagree with you. peace 2 fingers and im out.

    clutch city baby-htown in 7!

  • dk

    @ Swat

    I better hear some valid reasons You couldnt post all day tomorrow… Go Lakers!

  • mules

    in related news…Big Baby has demanded an apology from his barber.

  • ldawg23

    BS like this is why athletes shy away from people…This douche, with his letter to the commish is gonna get fans moved 15ft away from the action…
    Like Dime said, move your ass up a few rows if your WORRIED about Big Baby or anyone else showing joy after hitting a game winning shot…Switch with some of the less fortunate fans in the WAY back of the arena…They’ll be glad to be “shoved by a raging animal”

  • High Release

    Why are those seats there in the first place?! The players should not be walking past fans to check into the game! The guys on the end sit on the floor, for Crissakes. This shit has irked the hell out of me since the beginning. Fuck those ugly wealthy twats. Get off the floor, nephew. Kiss ass.

  • Diego

    Yeah, those are some crazy-ass Jack Nicholson seats between scorekeeper and players’ bench.

    Hawks don’t even have these seats in the regular season, but add them in the playoffs each season (so, e.g, TI can keep rehabilitating his image in them this year) for some serious extra $.

    Probably much, much more $ than regular floor seats, which themselves are outrageous. Orlando will treat this guy and his kid right because fat cat $ revenue talks in small-town NBA markets.

  • jryu

    why in the holy hell are you guys arguing about this?

    he barely touched the kid and it was obviously not intentional. he hit a game winner in the playoffs and got excited as hell. if i did that, i’d probably lose my mind for the next 15 minutes.

    what’s funny is in the clip around 1:29-25, big baby shuffles his feet about 10 times before catching the pass from pierce. haha quick feet for a 400 pounder..

  • dk

    @59 Why dont you mind your own bussiness before I get Ken all over your ass, “ha-do-ken” .

  • Tha Boddy (SouthPaw)

    Watch the video he reaches out and pushed the boy with his right hand…it was funny as hell though

  • Dre

    All I got to say is don’t sit your @SS down there if you are afraid of contact. Big Baby didn’t even see that kid… you act like he stared the kid down like a torpedo and ran straight for him. Give me a freaking break… I would have apologized but that punk-@$$ dad needs to toughen up. If I was his son… I would be so freaking embarassed.

  • Dre

    No, he did that to keep from running the kid over head on but he was still caught up in the moment… this made it look like he was just shoving the kid.

  • matthew

    The people defending the dad are either insane or didn’t watch the video. I got jostled more than that waiting in line to see the inside of the Vatican.

    And that “animal” comment was more out-of-bounds than Davis himself was. Your kid gets grazed by a guy he just made the shot of his life and is excited and your thought is “animal”? Even if the guy isn’t a racist (though something tells me he wouldn’t have called Steve Nash an “animal” under the same scenario), he is an idiot.

    We all know what this is, they’re just pissed a guy named Big Baby stuck a dagger in their home team in a series that shouldn’t even be competitive. Little Junior probably wept like a girl with a skinned knee all the way home and Daddy just was so upset.

    Worse than being a crappy, whiny dad that guy is just a bad NBA fan. Nevermind getting an apology, that guy should be banned from every arena for the sake of the game.

  • ATOWN3000

    George Bush hates 12 year old kids

  • Zoe Strauss

    I fully agree. People are the worst.