NBA, Video / May 13, 2009 / 11:36 am

Rajon Rondo’s Crib

Before the NBA season started, I wrote a piece titled, Rajon Rondo Deserves A Long-Term Deal.” At the time, people thought I was crazy. (I’m serious, read the comments.) But look who’s laughing now. After GM Danny Ainge exercised Rondo’s $2.09 million team option for next season, I jokingly wrote that “Rondo will have to wait another year to buy that second home.” With that in mind, check out his first one…

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  • fiyaman

    yea he’ll get a gd deal

  • David Brandon

    damn….i was just reading over the comments from that old post…wooooo!! ppl came ready to either crucify or burn you at the stake. i didnt think i put anything up there, until i saw i saw my name. and then noticed i spelled chauncey’s name wrong. lol but i still dont know about him winning 5 more rings tho, aron. 5 more?? ok, i’ll tell you what. lets make a bet. i dont think he’ll do it, you think he will. lets talk aron! :D

  • D.H.

    you can tell the guys just love, lives, and breathes basketball. maybe not 5 more rings, but he’ll get his share of accolades.

  • Rafa23


    – he is not an allstar talent, never will be
    – only benefits from the big 3
    – put him on a bad team and he is mediocre

    that was said about him. and now he is bostons best player in the playoffs so far and almost averaging a triple double. if he gets a jumper, at least average, its over. has to change the mechanics, tho.

  • Kudabeen

    I want a movie room :-(

    Any else ever average a triple double in a playoffs? Rondo has a shot if he goes on another rebounding tear. That is amazing in itself. His floor game is elite level right now, but he gets careless with the ball. He looks to be coasting right now.

    Still he’s the second best PG in the playoffs this year, maybe the best when it is all said and done for this year’s playoffs. I give Chauncey the nod for now…

  • slice850

    I’ve been saying FOREVER that he will be the best PG in the league in 2-3 seasons. The kid is just sick. The league better watch out when he gets a solid jumper.

    funny comment on the earlier post:
    “heck if you put me or any good, player [on that team] wed be considered allstar caliber too”

  • srb

    Dear Rajon,

    Please invite me over to watch a movie sometime.

  • Toby

    Rondo is an amazing athlete. but as a point guard he still has a lot to learn. however his year was great and promising


  • doc

    dirty ass player. f*** rondo. who the hell is stupid enough to slap a player in the face on national television. o yeah because the league will let him do anything–

  • QQ

    Wow. A writer playing the ‘I told you so’ game. Didn’t you leave that in middle school when you decided to be a professional?

  • bong

    0:49 – *Rondo shows off ring*
    Rondo: “Tryin’ to get one more this year.”

    That ain’t gonna happen now, is it.