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Top 10 Recruit Spurns USC, Chooses Mississippi State

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Renardo Sidney is the type player that you want to see succeed. If he makes the most out of his physical tools, the possibilities are endless. But sometimes it feels like he’s doing his absolute best to climb up the ranks in the “Knucklehead of the Year” running. After coming off like an arrogant, indifferent underachiever in a New York Times magazine feature, Sidney made a pretty big production out of his commitment to USC. And now, just two months after that announcement, he’s signed a letter of intent to play for Mississippi State.

Perhaps it’s unfair to be critical of Sidney for his decision to return home to Jackson, Miss. However, that isn’t the only factor in play here.

Sidney, a 6-foot-11 power forward, visited Mississippi State last weekend and a source close to the family said the Sidneys and USC had agreed upon “a mutual parting of the ways.”

There’s some speculation that Sidney might not be academically eligible. Maybe that was a factor in USC’s decision to let him walk – they’ve been under the NCAA spotlight a fair amount recently, and smartly don’t want to face sanctions of any sort.

It’s bad when a kid already has a well-developed reputation as a red flag before he sets foot on a college campus. Hopefully moving closer to his family will allow him to straighten out that rep instead of exacerbating it.

Source: LA Times

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  • tangman

    future bust…

  • Raj S

    He should be one-and-done anyway, especially playing against SEC competition.

  • Michorizo

    Maybe he met a girl in Mississippi…The power of “P” could have played an important role in his decision making.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    He looks like Zach Randolph. Let’s hope he doesn’t follow in his foot steps as far as off-court history is concerned.

    By the way AK, what about him makes us want him to succeed? He seems like just another high profile, low class, potential project. I can honestly say I don’t really cheer for those guys to succeed.

  • Kobeef

    Sydney has the same conditioning coach as Z-bo, Jerome James and Eddy Curry….I think his last name is McDonald…yeah..Ron McDonald.

  • doc

    They probably paid him.And damn AK what this youngin do to u.

  • bedgood

    This is a disaster waiting to happen for Rick Stansbury of Mississippi State. Looks like Rick didn’t learn anything from the Ervin virus a few years back.

  • Dre

    Sidney will be no bust he is more physically gifted then Randolph and contrary to what you have read is a nice guy. The last article I read about him steaded he was doing quite well academically.

  • bballinca

    The facts are that USC doesn’t want this guy and the potential baggage that comes with him. Let’s see his dad got a job with one of the shoe companies under questionably circumstances, moves from MS to attend Artesia HS in CA that is known for cheating, transfers to Fairfax where he balloons in weight/ego, tells off players/coaches, tells teachers he makes more money than them.

    Yeah the guy is a real class act.

    Say hi to Auri Allen for me.

  • Young Lebron 23

    he got talent and potential but he needs to get his head on straight

  • CK JESSe

    This guy does carry a shitload baggage but if he gets his head on straight he’s gonna do damage in the league for years to come. Renardo could ball but he’s really missing out on a good oppurtunity with USC .