NBA, NBA Draft, Video / May 25, 2009 / 10:51 am

Ricky Rubio And The Last Crusade

You already know that the hype is crazy about this kid, but truly how good is Ricky Rubio? Some see him as a franchise PG, others as the definite second pick in the Draft, others still have no clue. Check out the latest Rubio mixtape dubbed, “Un Futuro NBA” a.k.a. “The Future of the NBA” and let us know what you think.

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  • miamiVIS3

    Why does his highlight tape feature him getting shook?

  • E$

    this is not vs NBA

  • http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com flipisatrip

    a slower nash that doesn’t shoot as well?

    @miami that had me scratching my head too

  • http://deleted Luigi

    hes veryy fundamentally sound…think a Tim Duncan of a PG. he knows how to pass the rock.. but the shot n his left hand could use a little work. he needs 2 bulk up

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    the video title alone shows how over hyped he is… I have a 9th grade CYO highlight tape that would put this to shame. I mean did he really do anything special in the video other than hit a few wide open cutters against super slow defenses?

  • JP

    This is the worst highlight reel I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t have any of his best plays in it!

    And why show him getting smoked?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @luigi, tim duncan of a pg? man your officially retarded. The kid is even more one dimensaional than nash. And last time i checked, no look passes and things like that weren’t “fundamental” Hes playin against crap and barely puts up noticable stats. hes more like uric from the raptors than nash

  • hooper5013

    ricky rubio looks like michael cera LOL…good luck to the kid, but I don’t see it. He has great court vision but so do I.

  • Ian

    wasnt he the one doing the smoking?

    well on that play he did the manu behind the back and the pistol pass at the end not bad. i think hell be good not manu but still good.

    so what? when u see ncaa highlights those arent agains the nba either.

  • http://deleted Luigi

    i ment like fundamental as tim duncan. but thats just my opinion. i think u red it wrong. he has good vision passes n good iq…n really good awareness for him to make those passes.

    but hey. time will tell if this guy is a scrub or the real deal

  • haslem

    that was a terrible highlight video of a really talented kid.
    @ all the Rubio haters, if this kid doesn’t look impressive try to remember a few things:
    1) he was born in 1990 but has been and is playing in a grown man League that is very competitive for a while now. He’s not up against high school kids or in some bush league so the fact that he is a kid playing in the Spanish ACB leauge and not only isn’t embarrassing himself but is putting on a show says a lot. Oh yea he’s also the youngest kid to ever play in this League.
    2) His willingness to pass the ball but also set up an offence sets him apart from a lot of other kids who do play in US highschools. This is because the level of competition in US highschool is way lower than in a professional League (this is of course expected) these kids tend to gun more and become used to being the best player on the court at all times. Rubio dosen’t and wont have this problem.

    Unlike others I’m not crowning Rubio the next Pete Maravich or Petrovic until he does something in the L, but to say this kid isn’t impressive or playing subpar against subpar competition is a silly statement to make.

  • Simon

    I have to say I LOVED the music. That shit makes everything seem like it is the most important/difficult/against all odds thing ever haha! Whoever picked that tune should do movie soundtracks!

  • Ric Hardwood

    this kid has been playing against pros since he was 15. And don’t say it isn’t NBA because International competition is a bit better than the NCAA Competition. He does need to bulk up, but he’s a very efficient passer like Steve Nash… with defence! he’ll be nice…

  • jiggaman86

    At this current stage, he is a lesser Ginobili in every aspect (height, weight, athleticism, etc). I don’t know how much upside he has because he’s already pretty refined. I see able starting pg with maybe a couple all star appearances. BTW, that pf with the left handed crams is nasty, haha

  • Kobeef

    He’s a better floor general than Jose Calderon which tells you that he is at least going to be one of the best passing PG’s in the NBA.

    Add that Rubio is roughly the size of Dwayne Wade (6’4 with a 6’10 windspan) and you have elite passing and a tough defender. Not bad qualities for a 19 year old PG.

  • Hugo

    @haslem … perfect … People forget that he is playing against men, that’s not like ncaa or high school where you play against other guys close to your age. And just remember that he was one of the reasons that spain kept coming on the olympics finals. And he was playing against Deron Williams and Chris Paul, that looks like good competition. And the thing about shooting, if he comes to the league with that court vision and defense he can learn to shoot. Even Devin Harris and Tony Parker learned that. He is a special player that has most of his highlights as a 16 or 17 years old guy playing against real players on a real league.

  • heartbreaker85

    this might work for ny.

    forget lebron (quit dreaming ya’ll). get amare, pair him up with rubio. nash-amare v 2.0 with mike d antoni running the show.

  • DTC

    Exactly, all those who are saying “I’ve done more impressive things in high school, he’s playing against crap competition” simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about. European professional leagues are better than the NCAA. And I remember watching this kid during the olympics against Team USA, getting into the lane, dishing, and playing tough defense. He was 17!

    None of this guarantees that he will be a star in the NBA. What it does guarantee, however, is that none of us can do what he’s doing in these videos LOL

  • ianodelaleza

    seems like a good solid player, these people who say hes like pistol pete RIGHT NOW are plain homers

  • Collaboro

    suprised at all the haters, Not the sweetest youtube vid ever, but he is clearly #2 in this draft.

  • http://xgarcia.blogspot.com/ Xavier Garcia

    People keep forgetting that he JUST turned 18, what he did in the Olympics? Picture a 17 year old Chris Paul (who would be in highschool) against Gary Payton in his prime, that’s the type of situation Rubio was in the Olympics, and he thrived in it.

    He has a good frame, so if he needs to bulk up some, the NBA will be the perfect place to do that, he needs to improve his shot? Well he shot 40% from 3pt range this season, so yeah, that’s only gonna get better, not an issue (Calderon and Nash weren’t amazing shooters from the get-go either)

    Speaking of Nash similarities, or lack thereof, Rubio was just named Defensive Player of the Year in the ACB this season, and its the 3rd season in a row that hes led the league in steals, Id like to see Nash do that!

  • doc

    He looks good to me.Not really athletic from these highlights,but he damn sure is good.

  • doc

    @xavier-GP in his prime is the greatest defensive PG ever.Its not the same or Ricky would not have did shit in those games.

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slam ball

    @DTC, um i’ve played overseas, hes playing against shit. euro leagues aren’t always better than ncaa. Their more fundamental but talent wise their generally crap. No defense, barely any athletes, no lock down defenders… Just a bunch of tall shooters for the most part…so him picking part guys who aren’t known for defense isn’t really much. Also add the fact that a 17 year old chris paul was dropping 64 in high school. If chris paul had been playing pro since he was 15, he’d be light years ahead of where rubio is so don’t even try to use that excuse. Rubio is wades height (as is nash) but what makes wade special is his strength and athletic ability combined with his skills. The fact that rubio is a average athlete at best, cancels out his height. Calderon would be better than rubio overseas and in the nba hes a average guard on a terrible team. Look at all the guys who came from overseas..they all look hot in highlight tapes and then we ignore that their only averaging about 8 points a game overseas and then can’t keep up in the nba. Meanwhile how many NCAA guys that don’t get drafted make over seas? tons…hell nick calathes just got offered to play in greece and he wasn’t even a lock to go in the first round, but hes a 6’5 passer. And people point out the olympics? 1 game against a kid they’ve never heard of doesn’t make him legit. its like going to a playground and some kid you’ve never seen play doing ok for alil bit since u don’t kno his game yet…wouldn’t happen on a regular basis. He will be a average guard in the nba and get blown by on defense just like his own high light shots so quit riding his nuts..


    he’s a poor man’s Steve Nash…His video sucks the players he’s passing it to seem to better then him…he’s going to get dubbed by Harris, brooks and any other starting PG in the league word is bond….he’s going to take 3 years to adjust to the different style his fakes are weak!!!!


    Garcia “Rubio was just named Defensive Player of the Year in the ACB this season, and its the 3rd season in a row that hes led the league in steals, Id like to see Nash do that!”

    LOL you’re clearly an idiot when Nash was MVP of the league two years in a row NBA LEAGUE not some cheesy euro circuit league buddy…Are you from Spain or something???? how does it feel swallowing a third tier PG balls in ur mouth after his basketball game???? LOL get ur shizz together man

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    Jennings and Rubio are going to have a Paul vs. Williams thing for years to come.

  • flavur

    he definitely is a poor man’s steve nash slow not as good handles shooting definitely not as good OVERHYPED (POSSIBLE NBA BUST)

  • K Dizzle

    Calderon is a “above average point guard” on a terrible team

    Dude is not a better floor general than Calderon, not yet

    Ì was more impressed with the left handed brother in the hilight package. Good finisher.

  • M Intellect

    Dude looks nice but I could imagine him pissing off D-Wade or Chauncey and getting locked up.

    I just don’t think he has enough physicality to be able to justify the expectations that come with 2nd Pick.

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slam ball

    @K Dizzle, dont change my words man, calderon is a average pg…On the pg rating level, hes like a C-List pg. Theres the franchise changes like paul, williams,parker, rose…THen the B-Listers like devin harris, Jameer nelson etc…Calderon is a C-lister which is why he barely even beat out TJ Ford on a TERRIBLE team. He only has the starting spot until someone better comes along, hes not really a big deal. So therefore I don’t see him as above average..hes in the “only good cuz no one expected much from him” category. Nash in dallas was above average, calderon is average by nba standards.

  • doc

    Im not a Calderon believer anyway.He dont turn it over a lot and make freebies but I need more than that.

  • John

    He needs to cut his hair, put 30 pounds of muscle, and jump when he shoots the 3 ball. And by the way next year he will be 20, so he’s not ThAAAAT young ….

  • knock knock

    Anyone notice that for someone 6’4, he can barely get up to dunk?

  • draenonymous?

    Is a pretty lame “highlight” reel. I have to agree with everyone who thinks its pretty out of place to have you getting your knees shook out of the sockets by somebody at half court. He can do alright in the league…unless he follows the likes of Adam “The Mustache” Morrison….

  • len

    title seems mistranslated.

    anyways, that BODY is not nba ready.

  • Hatorade

    LOL @ all the haters. If its not lebron dunking its not basketball eh? bunch of apes.

  • asda

    he lead the spanish league in steals every year, so he can play D and pass the rock

  • K Dizzle

    @ doc – and he averages 8-9 assists and he shoots over 40% from the 3. Not bad from a dude playin on one leg for most of the season. I know dude can`t stop nobody but outside of Rondo, Rose, DWill, Harris and Westbrook as the young buck on the defensive come-up, there really ain`t any other startin points I would call defensive.

    @ Bron – it`s cool. We`ll just agree to disagree. I`ll take dude on my squad if i got a shotblocker coverin his phuckups. Last season, he was called an allstar snub, now you sayin he`s a c-lister. You got some high expectations. I got him after Rose, Rondo and Harris and on the same level as Jameer and Mo. If we on the same squad and they give me a 4 year deal and trade you, it`s not barely beatin you out. It`s gettin you out cuz I took the job.

  • K Dizzle

    And back to Rubio. If dude is talkin to Juan Carlos Navarro, there`s no way he comes to Memphis. Navarro was actually an effective “rookie” and shot solid but left cuz he wasn`t happy with the losing and the organization. He won`t have nuthin nice to tell the kid

  • Chaos

    GOTDAMN!…i am not impressed….what that video showed me is that he has good court vision and passing definitely…but when he gets around athletic pgs (d-will, CP3, Rose, D. Harris, Rondo, Stuckey, bayless, westbrook, Boom D, and TP, Chauncy and Agent0) he will be smoked. he is small, he is actually a lot slower than nash and calderon, and he cant shoot. and the talent like Bron42 aka Had springs before slam ball said, those guys over there are good fundamentally but you dont see the gritty players defensive players u see here. i dont know about this guy….and the youtube highlight was some shit

  • Bron42 aka Had springs before slam ball

    @K Dizzle, ya but then you get your shot blocker in foul trouble because he always has to save your pgs ass. Thats why amare gets so much heat about his defense. Its not like PFs destroy him, but people bitch that hes not pickin up nash’s guys enough like marion used to. So by gettin rubio your puttin your pf and centers to extra work. And i didn’t think he was a allstar snub last year lol he had like 2 good months and the team still sucked and he disappeared the rest of the season.If he was sooo nice bosh would be happy over there and the team would be doin better. Jameer is way ahead of him and so is mo at this point. The only upside is hes got low turnovers, but other than that calderon isn’t a defensive pg, hes not a scoring pg, he doesn’t make big buckets, he doesn’t get many steals etc..I mean does he even have any career highlights? so hes a C-lister. And they only gave him a 4 year deal cuz ford was demanding more…But in games, ford was more effective overall. I’m not sayin calderon is trash, but he wouldn’t be a starting pg on a championship team. Hes a glorified backup like beno urih.

    @Haterade…..Not liking someone, and not riding everyones dick doesnt make you a hater. It makes you aware of the obvious….and I’d rather be a hater than a dick ridin homer anyday.

  • sanzot

    Bron42, if Europe competitions are so weak, why aren’t you playing in ACB? No defenders? In which competition did you play? You should start to follow Euroleague, ACB and other domestic leagues.

    When he played in the Olympics, the american players have never heard about Rubio before the Final? The USA staff don’t scout their opponents? The players went to the final like it was a playground game? Don’t think so…

    And how many turnovers did Rubio in that game? And he was being defended by CP3 and D-Will…

    CP3 scored 64 in high-school? Rubio went to 51 pts, 24 rebs, 12 assists, 7 steals in a European Final against Russia. Not bad, i guess.

    Of course he lack a lot of things, specially the 3 point shooting and the strength, but how many times did Rondo, Rose or TP9 use their outside jump-shot?

  • IrishBaller

    Who’s that left-handed dude that finished off half the plays?

  • Hatorade

    Bron42, who in here is a homer? Dimemag blowin up huge in Europe?

  • Big Island

    This is bad. It looks like he is playing in an over 40 league at the YMCA.

  • http://shootingbasketballtips.blogspot.com/ Dodge Taylor

    IrishBaller, I was wondering the same thing.

    I looked it up and it seems to be Jerome Moiso. Journeyman in the NBA from 2000 to 2005. French national who went to college at UCLA.

  • Jay Jay

    This clip isn’t very impressive, i think the reason why there is so much hype with him is becuase he is a pass first guard unlike most guards in the draft who are mainly shoot first type of players.

    Anyone disagree?

  • n8dogg09

    This video is a lot better… against Olympic competition, including against the U.S.


  • ctkennedy

    shawn livingston II never be a scorer and have a average floor game jason kidd lite

  • rkirby

    rose is gonna smoke him omg hahahahaha

  • jack

    Most of you guys are talking about rubio after seeing youtube vids… most people that hype him have seen manu full games and some of us full seasons.

    No one is saying he is going to come to the nba and dominate from day 1. He needs to get stronger and shot better… but guess what? you get those practising and he has proven to be a very dedicated player so far.

    And… if you think he is overhyped now wait a few years until the NBA itself starts hyping him… because if he keeps improving at this rate he will be quite a player

  • LaMont

    he gives the rock up…big men are gonna love playing with this kid because he gives the ball up…he’s not dancing with it, overdribbling…you cut you get you score! As a Knick fan I thought he was way overhyped and was rooting to take Stephen Curry but the more I see clips of this kid passing the ball and imagining him in D’Antoni’s system, he’s become more appealing. No knock against Curry, but if he’s at the point and setting everybody else up his shot is wasted.

  • SWAT

    sorry the dude is dumpster juice…

  • MSkittle

    Impressive feel for the game, instincts, and passing ability..

    But where is the athleticism and shooting ability? What if he ends up like Marko Jaric?

  • rudderband man

    Again, the dude will be a flop in the NBA. He’s not good.