NBA, Video / May 28, 2009 / 12:07 pm

Ron Artest Calls Out Chris Webber, TNT

If Ron-Ron wants to talk with his hands, goddamnit that’s what he’s going to do. In this clip, Ron airs out his beef with Chris Webber for making fun of the way he talks, and of the way that people from the hood talk in general. To see what Artest is referring to, watch the clip after the jump…

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  • K Dizzle

    Ron Ron just winnin over fans daily. Come over to the west coast. We got a spot fo you

  • e

    oen of the last real dudes standing in the L ron never forgot where he came from and never let stardom or money go to his head nuff respect to ron ron

  • e

    one of the last real dudes standing in the L ron never forgot where he came from and never let stardom or money go to his head nuff respect to ron ron

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Funny thing is C-Webb is nowhere near hood. Everyone knows that in high school he went to private school (Like Poppa Doc from 8 Mile). He tried to be like Jalen Rose. Jalen was from the hood, straight up. C-Webb used to travel to the hood, but he didnt’ play public school ball.

    He was the most talented on the court but off the court the Fab 5 leader was Jalen.

    C-Webb can play ball and is an nice announcer, but he shouldn’t comment on what’s hood because he doesn’t know.

    Barkley isn’t hood, he’s just country..HAHA!

  • weezy f

    whats wrong with just talking normal? why talk hood? doesnt have to be corporate..you can just talk normal

  • Rafa23

    cwebb isn’t from the hood,shame on him. how could he go to a private school? he really loses “street cred” because of that. suddenly he isn’t as cool anymore…lmao
    come on now

  • http://www.CalmYoSelf.com Kermit the Washington

    Dag…every time I see a Ron Ron interview…I feel bad for him. I really do. Sometimes I can’t STAND him, but in his interviews I truly feel what he’s trying to say and I feel bad for him that everyone just wants him to say something crazy so that they can make fun of him more. He’s like the kid in school that always gets made fun of and called “stupid”, and you look over at him and he’s about to cry and you just wanna tell everyone “Leave him alone he can’t HELP IT!!” LOL…poor guy

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff


    You’re missing my point. I was simply talking about C-Webb’s “act”. He used to act hood, and there was a reason why. His “hood” act at Michigan was fake, and that’s how he used to speak. His act at Michigan was just that, an act.

    But like most readers on this website you ony find fault in posts and do not read them for understanding. This gets proven ever day

  • JJ

    Mad love to Ron Artest for staying true to himself and to the people who form part of his personal history. This guy is an NBA player, one of the most feared and respected to say the least and he is saying on national television that there are better players than him in the streets of NY or anywhere else in the country. This guy is the truth! He is legit! Respect to all the guys who are not playing in the league and who should have been there, with a special mention to Ron Paul AKA The Abuser…

  • Simon

    Ron Artest is that dude! I’m not from the hood or anything like that, but I think everyone can respect the fact that he isn’t going to change who he is and that he always tries to represent for those who didn’t have the same opportunities he did.

  • dk

    LMFAO Full R-e-t-a-r-d man, he got flava speak boi! Know what im sayin’ , know what im mean? I couldnt make it through the whole thing watching it from the cock cam….

  • Dukesman2000

    Chris Webber is hypocrit….

    Have you guys seen Chris when he is on NBA TV with Gary Payton? That is the worst basketball show ever. Poor grammar, dumb insights and flat out coonery.

  • E$

    Don’t sweat the small stuff Ron Ron….We know CWebb a “fake & fraud plus part-time broad”

  • dk

    Ignorance is fucking bliss!

    You dont need to ” sell drugs, because they aint got no dough ” ” stay in the streets ” ” know what I mean ”

    Save your fucking money, learn to read, acquire knowledge and some dress clothes and shoes ( not kicks ). Brush your regular teeth, cut your hair, get a job making 6 dollars an hour, acquire ambition and apply hustle, advance in life. Move up in the world the right way. NO ONE makes it selling drugs… What a fucking dick he is man…

  • dat dood

    i heard that artest tried to get a job at circuit city during the off season when he was playing for the the bulls because he was bored and was there buying stuff all the time anyway. I’ve liked artest ever since. I wish i could have bought a car stereo off him.

  • Simon

    @dk, preach my brutha haha. Life lessons from Ron Artest cuming straight from the cock haha!

    lol @Dukesman2000, “flat out coonery” haha

  • George W Kush Sr

    Ron Artest is complaining that when he was speaking normally, corporate was his description, C-Webb made it sound like he was talking all hood. Ron didn’t appreciate that, and he didn’t insult C-Webb either, even complimented him for getting on Nas’ album before he ever did.

    And to prove his point that people that judge him are complete idiots, some of the biggest idiots on this site posted some of their dumbest opinions showcasing how truly ig’nant they are. Ron Ron is doing his thing, one of the only real dudes left in the League, so I’m laughing my ass off at his haters

  • Davros

    I am white and from Scotland and perhaps don’t necessarily understand the politics. I did appreciate the honesty and integrity of Ron Artest in staying true to his roots- whether thats a good thing I’m not qualified to comment

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Agreed Dukesman.

    People watched NBATV because if those two clowns. Webber is totally different on TNT.

  • http://n/a Heaven is a Playground

    I’ve Been down with Ron Artest since he came into the league or ever since he broke MJ’s ribs (not on purpose, but through hustle) I’m not from the hood either, but I do appreciate a person who stays true to them self rather than sound like some phony. And there is no Fab 5 without C-Webb, as phony as he may seem I bet he use too and still rolls with some serious dudes. i remember watching a documentary and he was reppin the East Coast, I thought that was cool of him because Biggie was standing right beside him.

  • SagJism

    Hold on, I know Chris and grew up with Chris, yes he went to WB but he is from the hood and a straight Detroit hood. He just knows how to be a professional which is what the L is suppose to be about. These are jobs folks, not playground b-ball butI bet you backin the day, if you wanted to try and go at Chris, I bet you already know what wouldhave happened. Chris just grew up, ron ron didnt, like you.

  • steven

    Is it me or does anyone else see the irony of even mentioning C.Webb and defense in the same sentence. Dude wasn’t even that nice & he didn’t “grow up,” he just learned to “pretend.”

  • doc

    Yeah what school u go to dont got shit to do with where he from.He from Detroit and thats the HOOD.U can go to private school to ball.I went to prep school in Maine in a preppy area and where Im from that whole school wouldnt walk down my block at night.

  • miguel

    keep it hood ron. don’t let them fake ass TNT cats get to you.

  • Taj

    The realest Ni*%A Alive… Ron Artest!!

  • CWebb Da Phony

    C Webb is from the suburbs, not the hood. Defend your boy all you want.

  • M Intellect

    First of all shout out to DK and Dukesman for “Cock Cam” And “Coonery”… That is some genuinely funny, I-laughed-when-reading-it-in-my-head shit.

    Anyway – Whether C-Webb is from the hood or not, or went to private school or no is irrelevant, he can’t clown the way people from the hood speak because first off, it is what it is. Cats from the hood are products of their environment, you’ll speak how most of your peers speak. They can’t do nothing about that…

    And secondly, dude is a rapper and is on Nas’s album?! You think dude woulod say that shit in front of Jungle? LOL – He’d get clapped quicker then KG’s chalk.

    But fuck it, dude made $176,000,000 so he can do what he wants.

  • D-Bo

    C-Webb would D-Bo Ron-Ron in Ron’s hood.