NBA, Video / May 1, 2009 / 4:56 pm

Ron Artest: I’ve Been in the Stands Before

After a wacked-out diatribe with Craig Sager in which he said that Brandon Roy is better than Kobe or LeBron, Ron Artest returned from Planet Crazy to help the Rockets sink the Blazers at home yesterday. And in doing so, he spent some time in the stands. “I was like, I’m going to sit down and enjoy this,” said Artest. “He’s not throwing [the beer] at me.

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  • isotope

    gotta love Ron Ron. Dude cracks me up. Dude’s off the chain. Gotta love him… well except when he’s trying to run an offense.

  • Taj


    Ron Ron at his finest! They have some great chemistry after reports came out before the season that Yao didnt want him.

  • itsakademiks

    yao “i’ll see u @ the club”

  • Flip

    Actually Ron Ron had me cracking up

  • G

    I <3 ron artest. no homo

  • siree

    this is why ron artest is my favorite player. dude wants to win so damn bad in a league where most players just wanna get paid.
    when i played aau, we ran some coaches clinic, and a guy who works as an nba shooting coach (can’t remember his name) told us that when artest was in high school at ABCD or 5 star camp (dont remember which) he didn’t sleep 2 of the 4 nights because he made this coach run him thru drills all night. at 4:30 am the gym was packed with dudes just watchin artest screamin with his shirt off working his ass off in drill after drill. if some dumbass drunk lowlife from detroit never throws that beer on him, artest never goes into the stands and we’d be remembering him along the lines of a garnett-like intense player instead of a crazed lunatic. (not to mention he might have a ring seeing as indiana was better than detroit, who won the ‘ship that year).


  • TL

    Siree, i’m a big artest fan too, but i question his winning attitude because back when he was on the Pacers, he was thinking about taking some time off the regular season to start his music career. Never really thought he was that DETERMINED. Granted he gives it his all when he IS actually on the court (on D)

  • Big Island

    This video is much better than Ron’s freestyle about his phone. In all honesty, it makes me want to hang out with Yao. Watch him laugh and try not to smile. Dude just laughs like he is the only one who gets the joke.

  • Murdog

    Being a Detroit fan… the Palace Brawl is still ingrained in my head.

    But you gotta love Ron and his sense of humor. The reporter asked a great question to get this response. And Yao is priceless!

  • bobbys

    yao’s “i’ll see you in the club” line was better

    those guys should make rush hour 4, but with artest kicking ass and yao cracking jokes

  • Dagomar

    Has anyone gone from being hated for being psycho to being loved for being psych quicker than Artest? I really like this guy, but then I never hated him.

  • the mamba

    thank you!!

  • fallinup

    Ron’s always gonna be a fave of mine. He’s one of the few of a dying breed.

  • E$

    Love it! BEAT LA

  • Borgs

    There was a time when I thought Artest was the best – and certainly my favourite – player in the NBA, purely because of his all-court, two-way abilities. I hope he has sorted himself out and that the Rockets beat LA. How anyone could root for Kobe ahead of Ron Ron with all his foibles is beyond comprehension.

  • Lonman

    A classic interview, will be remembered for a long time.

  • http://freshouttatime.blogspot.com freshouttatime

    ron ron is what rasheed meant to the media in his portland and days past in detroit.

    i love it!