NBA, Playoff Blogger Faceoff / May 12, 2009 / 8:00 pm

Talk Smack: Celtics vs. Magic Game 5

The Celtics would seem to have all the momentum tonight, back at home after escaping Orlando with a win on Big-Baby‘s game-winner on Sunday. This is a crucial game for the Magic – how will they respond? Talk about Game 4 here with the Dime Crew as it happens …

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  • Patrick Cassidy

    Kind of surprised that Redick is starting tonight over Lee.

  • http://mylakersnation.com Lakers Nation

    Be it the Celtics or the Magic . . they’re going to get slaughtered by the Cavs . . . I would really like the Magic to win to at least give the Cavs somewhat of a challenge . . . The celts mortgaged their future for that one ring last year . . . it’s about time for Pitino to come in and F things all up for them again!

  • Patrick Cassidy

    “Reggie’s Toughest Defenders”… Michael Cooper, Joe D, Alvin Robertson, MJ, and Reggie Lewis … no Knicks anywhere …

  • yeah right

    Barkley: “the reason why i said orlando was going to win this series .. and they are going to this series is … because they have better players overall”. Genius.

    And somebody tell Webber that when he’s sitting on the right side of the table, he shouldn’t turn right all the time hahaha

  • buster

    C’s gonna lose this game. Ray has passed the ball to the other team at least 5 times tonight.

  • http://www.dimemag.com The Jed

    Scal might be able to hit a three, but he’s the worst defender I’ve ever seen. he literally can’t guard anyone. even battie has burned him once tonight.

  • Scal


  • Whut!

    STEPH!!! Such a head case.

  • that’s whats up

    Marbizzle for shizzle dizzle !!!

  • The Jed

    When did Big Baby become our 2nd best player?

  • The Jed


  • Murcielago

    @ jed, when KG and Powe went down and then Big Baby discovered his smooth J haha. He’s ballin!

  • Dr.gOOgles

    Crazy ass turnaround… thought the magics was going to win for sure.

  • ERIC

    WOW – Rondo’s shot CLEARLY grazed the NET, did not touch the RIM, should have been a shock clock VIOLATION…and the refs just gave the home job to Boston….

  • Patrick Cassidy

    If you’re Orlando, you HAVE to get that rebound off the Ray miss. They’ve been beaten to loose balls way too many times tonight.

  • ERIC

    Granted the Magic blew a 14-pt lead and couldnt get a rebound…they just F-ed their season…

  • Dr.gOOgles

    that’s what got them back in the game basically. defensive rebounds been killing orlando.

  • Murcielago

    boston again pulls out this nail-biter. what’s new? nice coaching by doc to make dwight shoot free throws.

  • the cynic

    the magic are a team full of chokers outside of Turk

  • K Dizzle

    Steph just earned himself another payday next season with that 4th quarter. He brought em back

  • mc3po

    Y’all just got Big Baby’d.

  • K Dizzle

    What did Shaq say about Van Gundy? Dwight only put up 10 shots? …..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Bring on LeBron!

  • SparkyJ23

    if you lose to a 14 -0 run you lose all rights to blame the coach.

    And shaq should shut the fuck up from his fishing boat….

  • yeah right

    terrible coaching. and why doesn’t dwight howard get any touches in the last 5 minutes when rashard is throwing up bricks and rafer doing whatever the eff that was

  • Murcielago

    @ 23, that’s what separates boston now from orlando, boston is play-off tested and gets stars to take over in crunch time.

    dwight needs to get touches!

  • homie

    Did anybody catch who Marv Albert and Reggie were interviewing early in the game? I just turned to the game then, and I saw someone walking away angrily and Marv and Reggie were staring at each other really awkwardly…did anybody else catch this?

  • Shakers

    The Marv and Reggie thing was a little joke sketch they made with their statistician pretending to be pissed off and walking away. It wasn’t real. It wasn’t funny either.