Smack / Jun 19, 2009 / 3:26 am

Amar’e is staying in Phoenix, and Paul Pierce is talking s***

Amar'e Stoudemire (photo. Mannion)

Amar'e Stoudemire (photo. Mannion)

At least for now, Amar’e Stoudemire isn’t going anywhere. Yesterday morning we mentioned a rumored trade proposal that would send Amar’e to Minnesota for Al Jefferson and the #6 pick in next week’s Draft, and while follow-up reports now say that a discussion did take place between the Suns and Wolves, apparently Minnesota said no. We know the Suns are always trying to save a buck, and Amar’e was up for grabs earlier this year when he wasn’t working out with then-coach Terry Porter, but trading him now doesn’t even make sense. If you wanna dump salary, trade Shaq, who is more expendable on that roster anyway and seems like he’d rather be in Cleveland or another team that’s closer to contending. Since the Suns have gone back to their running ways, what other big man besides Amar’e can be that good in that system playing with Steve Nash? Just seems like a bad move if the Suns are actually trying to win … Meanwhile, the Wolves still need a coach — considering it’s usually good to know what kind of environment you’ve got BEFORE bringing in your Lottery pick — and two names that have popped up are Mark Jackson and Bill Laimbeer. Going by resume alone, Laimbeer is the clear favorite, but you always wonder if guys who coached in the WNBA have a bias against them when they interview for NBA jobs … On the one day Shaq’s Twitter page didn’t make “SportsCenter,” Paul Pierce‘s did. The Truth wrote that the Lakers vs. Orlando series “looked like a german shepherd vs. a poodle,” and that the “rottweiler Celtics” would be back next year. Are we really going there with the Twitter trash talking? How do Larry Bird and Gary Payton feel about this? And why couldn’t Sam Cassell have been in his prime when Twitter blew up? … Despite Ricky Rubio declining to work out for the Grizzlies, and whispers from the very beginning of the process that Rubio’s people didn’t want him playing in Memphis, apparently the Griz are still considering taking the 18-year-old. When do these type of situations EVER work out? Go ask Steve Francis and Yi Jianlian what happens when you try to force a player who really doesn’t want to be there … Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza have been everywhere saying they want to return to the Lakers next year, but if Kobe is really gonna re-up for $135 million over five years, there’s no way L.A. can afford both L.O. and Ariza. They may even lose both of them. And the only person who’d be happy about that would be Adam MorrisonPat Riley shared a few things with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: One, that Jermaine O’Neal‘s knees were jacked up this season (no surprise) but he expects J.O. to be back to somewhere near his old self next year. Two, that he envisions Michael Beasley developing into a Hedo Turkoglu/Rashard Lewis-type combo forward. And three, that he’s done coaching. For real this time … About the Beasley-as-Hedo thing, seeing as the NBA can be a copycat league, do you think a lot of teams are going to try and emulate what the Magic did this year. Having a Dwight Howard to build around is a gift that may only give once per decade, but the concept of starting a non-traditional power forward and spreading four three-point shooters around the arc could be appealing for a team with the right personnel … You have to read this. And you know what the truly frightening part is? It’s only the third or fourth weirdest story involving Eddy Curry this year … Time to put your thinking caps on: The reigning D-League champion Colorado 14ers are moving to Dallas, won’t exist next season, and will re-debut in 2010 as the Texas Fill-in-the-Blanks. It’s up to the fans to pick a name, so start thinking of something. We can do better than “Thunder” … We’re out like Rubio in Memphis …

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  • parinaz suns

    i wish the suns could get rid of j rich

  • ToAn

    paul pierce forgot to mention that he is the best player in the world…he really is arrogant for a player who won 1 NBA title with 2 HOF around him. but well, let’s hope for a lakers – celtics finals next year

  • Duke
  • flegman

    paul pierce is shit

  • alf (from melmak)

    bird perfected thrash talking. payton introduced it to the world in the 1996 olympics. i miss those days

    speaking of basketball back in the days. i wish for the days when scores were kept low and there is literally wrestling scenes in the basketball court. remember the bad boys of detroit? or the beastly knicks?

    my meal allowance says that eddie curry article is so funny! i almost died laughing.

  • steven

    Paul pierce is not shit
    any finals mvp can not be considers shit

    flegman, you are shit

  • Arno

    “the Griz are still considering taking the 18-year-old”

    Yeah. But taking him is not playing him.
    The kid’s a nice trade bait.


    Paul Pierce needs to sit his A$$ down somewhere. Dude got 1 ring in like 10yrs. only after having 2 HOF’s on his team and thinks he’s Gods gift to basketball. GTFOH & ROFLMAO.


  • bigger_daddy

    ballers, just read this article, could anyone confirm the ‘heat’ on this: Yao to Cleveland?!?!?1


  • Kudabeen

    Damn Dre I got baby momma drama already. Two kids with two chicks and counting…Not a good look. I will never understand why cats work hard to get to a position where they can really do well, then invite this type of nonsense into their lives. These women are out where looking to be taken care of period. By any means. Going raw is not worth all this…is it??


    This is the chick (not bad at all)

  • dk

    @ Dime Thanks for the Paul P alert. I took the liberty of twitterin PP his career break down of playoff shooting woes. Hopefully Big Baby, Rondo and Garnett can disguise that facet of his game again.

  • dk

    @2 I hope the Celtics can get there myself next year. Its destiny for us to pound them and close the gap on the chip count.

    @dime you guys seen Shaq throw out the UFC gauntlet right? Cant wait!


    Unseen Kobe & Lebron Video

    This will have yall rolling.

  • that’s whats up

    call the D-League team The Texas Toast

  • ponky_alolor

    The Truth needs to be humble this off-season since the poodle Magic eliminated the rottweiler Celtics this year.

  • ponky_alolor

    @11, that video is the best puppet one i’ve seen so far.

  • the kid

    on the paul pierce tweet. people need to stop hating for real. it’s just a twitter post. way too many haters on dime.

  • Kevin


    “that Jermaine O’Neal’s knees were jacked up this season (no surprise) but he expects J.O. to be back to somewhere near his old self next year.”

    Ask a raptors fan if they’ve heard that one before!!!!

  • dk

    @ the kid

    Its not really hating when some one is a bloated arrogant bastard. Literally. Hes way way way over rated. Shooting 30% in the playoffs makes you a bum. Luckily he has some height and fat to snags some rebounds so there is some contribution to his poor poor shot selection. I love PP, stay in Boston.

    PS Most people hate kids. Especially people that name themselves over fictious ( is that a word ) western charachters.


    Yeah that might some of the funniest stuff ive seen all year. It had almost in tears in the office today.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    That Eddy Curry thing is possibly one of the funniest things I’ve read this month. The comment thread is absolutely the best part about it.

  • jayslay

    the lakers should try to sign artest and ariza

  • jzsmoove

    …Texas Tornado…nothing to take away from a jackeduponjuice Kerry Von Erich, he was one of the best and entertaining wrestlers when he was around (RIP).

  • JayTea

    If I asked you this question, give 10% of your salary and I guarantee that I will put you on a squad with the best chance to win a chip the next 2 or 3 years, would you do it?

    I bet you would. I know I would. So now the Lakers are in a situation where Jerry Buss has to step up and do all he can. And if that is not enough, why shouldn’t the players look at as buying a spot on the team?

    Really, you are gonna go where? for how much more? At the end of the road, L.O. Ariza will be kicking themselves for buying that spot. Cause if they leave, odds are it’s one and done for them and the Laker’s. Look how many guys got rings on more than one team. It’s a short list.

  • Drink the Haterade

    yeah, PP is def shit talker… Last year he’s the best this year claiming the Orlando team is poodles. Well PP thats why they play the games.

    I hate how once he got a chip every analyst was all like the Celtics are the best yada, yada, yada, KG the best, Ray ray best shooter ever, PP one of the best in the world…

    WTF??? Between the three of them they have one ring. Each one was a top dog of a team and all three chocked a lot…

  • http://www.CalmYoSelf.com Kermit the Washington

    Is Paul Pierce saying that they’re “rottweiler Celtics” only because of KG? Cause I remember the “Magic Poodles” beating the Celtics on the road in game 7. Seems like he’s saying they’re weaker than poodles without KG.

  • Kudabeen

    Jimmy Kimmle is funny as hell with these skits:

    D Wade and cousin Sal having fun with fans:

  • Dirk

    Fuck Ru Paul Piece of Shit Pierce. Nobody knew who the fuck he was until bitch ass Kg and Allen came to the Celtics. Call me bitter cause they beat my Lakers last year. But if i ever see Paul on the street ima blast that MF in the face…

  • Dirk

    I kidd! Fuck him anyway and faggot ass celtics.

  • doc

    They called Paul Pierce the TRUTH way before KG.And he was Finals MVP last year.So all this bum talk is bullshit.And all yall wish he was on yall squad.And I aint talking about the dude dk because we all know by now he wanna get up in Kobe shorts so he hates everybody else.Why even watch if everybody bums.

  • dk

    @20 No thanks, Circuit City is hiring.

    @27 Ok bra’ , you got me, Im a fag, call me QQ. Then explain to me how hes a hero, the truth etc when his fg% and performances are horrid in the playoffs.

  • Dirk

    Rupaul didnt start talkin smack until he won the chip with 2 h.o.f.ers. Now all of a sudden he claims he the best in the L?? Where d fuck was this bitch hiding all these years?

  • LakeShow84

    I like what PP said..

    Give us fuel for next year.. but if i recall we swept them THIS year WITH Garnett so they can say what they want.. If anything they didnt do they part by making it to the Finals for the rematch.. cant cry injuries cuz we didnt get that sympathy last year either.. Oh well PP just lookin to stay in the mix somehow..

    I look forward to next year.. we know we comin out the west.. lets see if they make out the East..

    But if Howard buries himself in improvement like i think and Hedo comes back they wont make it back..

  • LakeShow84

    All Laker fans WANT to play Boston again..

    That shit was a fluke.. and dont get me started..

  • LakeShow84

    @ DOC

    Nah bruh i dont want PP on our squad.. his game is WEAK SAUCE to me.. his little head jerk to fake a foul is another example of a player trying to get the one up by using the refs..

    Cant respect that at all.. but i give it to him with his FT line J.. everyone knows it comin but he still pulls it off..

  • Ansonious

    The Texas Executioners would be great considering how the state of Texas still leads in that catagory. Just imagine the logo some poor sap in an electric chair being fried to a crisp, I would bet money after one season the merchandise would blow up down there, Republicans filling up the stands daily, and still having a combined I.Q. that sits at room tempurature lol

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Texass Love Handles

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Or the Texas Eskimoes. make as little sense as possible.

  • Sly

    Paul Pierce…

    Pretty arrogant who for a fucking gunner who got lucky when his team got the top 3 PF in the game and one of the best shooters in the L.

    That’s like Jimmy Fallon signing Conan O’Brien and Bobby Lee as co-hosts, and Jimmy calling his show ‘the funniest thing on TV’.