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Amar’e, T-Mac, Beasley all tied to Memphis trade rumors

Hasheem Thabeet

Hasheem Thabeet

If you were running the Grizzlies, what would it have taken for you to give up the #2 pick in last Thursday’s draft? In other words, just how valuable is Hasheem Thabeet? According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the team fielded a ton of offers on draft night, some of them involving All-Star and borderline Hall of Fame talent. Phoenix proposed a deal that would have sent Amar’e Stoudemire to Memphis for the #2 pick and Rudy Gay; Houston offered a package that included T-Mac, but they also wanted Rudy (remember the Rockets could have had Rudy Gay three years ago, but they gave him up for Shane Battier, which seemed crazy at the time but nobody would question after this year’s playoffs); Boston offered Kendrick Perkins; Charlotte put up Emeka Okafor and Nazr Mohammed; Dallas discussed Josh Howard; and Miami offered Michael Beasley … One deal that was actually agreed upon for a minute before L.A.’s owner vetoed it had Zach Randolph going to Memphis for the pick, Darko and Greg Buckner. We know Dime’s in-house Z-Bo lobbyist would have approved the Zach trade, and the Amar’e idea is intriguing, but the Beasley trade would have been the best play if you ask us. People are sleeping on how good B-Easy will be; by the end of this season he was putting in major work for Miami. There’s a lot to like about a young core unit of Gay, O.J. Mayo and Beasley, plus the chances of Beasley becoming the next Antawn Jamison are greater than that of Thabeet becoming the next Marcus Camby … You also have to wonder if all of those teams looking to move up were trying to get Ricky Rubio, or how many wanted James Harden or Thabeet or somebody else … The Pistons and Nets have been pegged as the teams most interested in Carlos Boozer’s once he hits the free agent market, but Nets GM Rod Thorn recently told reporters he’s “not going to be signing a guy [for] 10, 12 million dollars a year.” And coming off Thorn’s other statement about Yi Jianlian being NJ’s starting power forward, it sounds like Boozer isn’t going there. What could they pay to get Paul Millsap, though? … The Magic are also looking for a (true) power forward, with Rasheed Wallace high on their wish list. ‘Sheed fits right into the three-happy system, but he can also slide down and help Dwight Howard guard the paint. He would also allow Rashard Lewis to move back to small forward, where he creates a lot of matchup problems. And all of this falls under the assumption that Hedo Turkoglu — who wants $10 million a year — is gone. But still, a lineup of Jameer-Vince-Rashard-Rasheed-Dwight can easily make it back to the Finals … The morning after the draft we posted the list of college standouts who didn’t hear their phone ring. Some of them are already landing summer-league roster spots: Dionte Christmas is naturally getting a look with the Sixers, Ben Woodside is getting his shot with the Wolves, and Paul Harris is deciding between the Cavs, Bulls and Wolves … We’re out like more Minnesota point guards …

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  • Timmy D

    Memphis offered #2 for Beasley and Miami turned it down. Get your facts right before you post things.

    And Memphis shouldn’t take the Amare trade b/c there is no guarantee that he would resign and the most likely case would be that he doesn’t resign.

  • yw

    1st. How could the Clippers not trade Zach, for anything? If the deal was done, and if they could move Baron and Kaman ‘s contract, we are looking at a core of Griffin, Thorton, Gordon, and the pick (preferably Rubio), and tons of cap space to sign another big name.

  • Kevin

    @Timmy D
    Why are you talking about “facts” when this is all rumor? You’re acting like you really know what happened. I saw that same Memphis newspaper article Dime is talking about, and they said Miami offered Beasley. So I can believe the Grizzlies local writer and Dime or I can believe … you.

  • MNTwolves

    After all the hype of Rubio not staying in Minnesota and going to NY through some low offer deals to the Wolves from the Knicks. The Minnesota Timberwolves are relegated back to being a one liner again. The hype only lasted 3 days :D


    The Pistons have already said the prolly want be going after Boozer because of the draft but the are going to go hard a Ben Gordon dont know why though.

    YOUNGFEDS BANGER OF THE DAY: Ryan Leslie & Pusha T

  • Danny

    its so funny hearing dime present all these fake “rumors” that the teams more than likely never discussed or discussed very seriously. The deal where “Houston offered tmac to the grizz, and all they wanted was the #2 pick and rudy gay.” RIIIIGHT, like memphis really wanted an aged superstar with injury issues while only giving up their highest draft pick AND an improving player.(Gay)

    Is there really nothing to talk smack about today DIME??

  • Kobeef

    In the absence of new information in today’s smack, i present kobeef’s news of the day:

    – speaking of pg controversy, bucks extend qualifying offer to Sessions

    – speaking of $10 million dollar men (Hedo) apparently Milsap wants $10 mil per..that is crazy…

    – Marquis is done in Indiana after the pacers don’t pick up his team option for 2009-10

    – Chandler to the Suns for the retiring contract formerly known as Ben wallace?

  • Young Lebron 23

    Sixers thanks for getting Christmas and Paul Harris should go to Cleveland and help lebron play lockdown d on the best wings in the league

  • Ashlov

    Miami did NOT offer Beasley. From Ira Winderman’s Sun Sentinel Blog:

    In the wake of the NBA Draft, you start to hear rumors about what teams supposedly were attempting to do. Such after-the-fact stuff generally has little shelf life, either because the speculation is inaccurate or, by that point, meaningless.

    And yet, it was not easy to simply dismiss a report in Saturday’s Memphis Commercial Appeal that said the Heat, on draft night, offered Michael Beasley for the No. 2 overall selection. We generally tend to believe reports connected, even if somewhat obtusely, to Grizzlies General Manager Chris Wallace (pictured below), the former Heat personnel executive.

    But, just to make sure, we took time to get the opposing view. And here’s the latest: The Heat on Saturday said it was the Grizzlies that contacted it and tried to trade the No. 2 pick for Michael Beasley, not the other way around. A Heat spokesman confirmed that it was the Grizzlies who made the overtures.

    In addition, that same report in the Commercial Appeal said that the Heat offered starting point guard Mario Chalmers for the No. 27 pick. Again, a Heat spokesman quickly corrected that it was Memphis that attempted to peddle No. 27 pick for Chalmers.

    That part of the corrected equation makes plenty of sense. Chalmers, according to numerous insiders, has been the star of the Heat’s offseason workouts.

    Still, what we know now is that the Grizzlies have interest in Beasley, that there, indeed, is a market for the forward. What we’ve always known is the pervading sense that Heat President Pat Riley has never been totally comfortable with Beasley, seemingly cornered into selecting him at No. 2 in 2008. Recall, in advance of that selection last June, all the posturing when it came to O.J. Mayo and even Brook Lopez. And, make no mistake, the choice would have been Derrick Rose if the point guard had not gone at No. 1 to the Bulls.

    The fallout? Apparently Riley can have No. 2 pick Hasheem Thabeet for Beasley. Riley, in a conversation a week ago, did stress how he was, is and will remain a center guy. Remember, Riley’s first rebuilding project with the Heat came behind the shot blocking and rebounding of Alonzo Mourning.

    Beasley for Thabeet? Nah, wouldn’t do it. Somehow, it’s nice to have players who also can score the ball.

    And so goes another day of NBA rumors and surprisingly swift Heat reaction.

  • S-SiN

    Sheed would be perfect for Orlando, they would be perfect for Sheed. if Hornets do lose Tyson Chandler they should be on Camby’s jock 24/7. so should the Suns if they can’t ship Amar’e (what the fuck is that apostrophes supposed to be? why doesn’t he also add an official exclamation point in front of his name or smthn?)and so should the Spurs, Celtics and the Nugs…

  • S-SiN

    … and the Heat..

  • Kevin

    Of course a “Heat spokesman” would say the Grizzlies made the offer. If the Heat had pitched Beasley and/or Chalmers and failed, what do they have to gain by admitting it? All you do is possibly piss off Beasley and/or Chalmers, and to your fans it looks like you don’t have faith in these players who you’re selling as the future of the team. Consider the source.

  • Kevin

    @S-SiN — LMAO at the official exclamation point. Ama’re! like Yahoo!

  • Timmy D

    @ Kevin

    You should believe me

  • BR

    @ Dime

    On TheScore (in Canada) they already got word that Hedo will be opting out of his contract, to pursue money this year instead of 2010.

  • Rafa23

    @ BR
    wow, BREAKING NEWS!!!

    lmao, you cant be serious. where have you been since the finals ended?

  • Kobeef


    ok, you might be a time zone behind up there eh but there is no excuse for reporting week old news. Hedo made that announcement the day after the finals ended.

  • Ashlov


    Beasley for the #2 pick does not have equal value, period. Neither Thabeet or Rubio can match up to Beasley’s scoring ability. The only thing that may have worked was Beasley for #2 and Gay, and I still wouldn’t have done that.

    Riley isn’t that stupid, but believe what you want.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Ummm no I still question giving up Gay! Don’t get me wrong Shane did his thing and he is really a great defender.

    STILL we needed points and dudes that can really create a high percentage shot for themselves or others and Gay could have been that dude.

    Houston should have kept Gay at that time and then somewhere down the road traded for Shane.

    Don’t matter that is all spilled milk.

    They need to keep T-Mac though. Trading dude just ain’t the solution. If anything trade YAO!

  • Say whay?

    Why would Memphis do a Randolph for #2 trade? Randolph is a bad contract that is similar to Pau’s, that they got rid of, so why would they take something like that on? And no way Sterling nixed a trade that would of helped him shed payroll at a position that they have a log jam at. Doesn’t make sense.

  • justin

    Everyone saying the Heat offered Beasley for that pick is crazy. Think about it like this: The Miami Heat has 1 goal right now and that is to get D Wade to stay in Miami. Now please explain to me how trading away your 2nd best player for a draft pick in 1 of the worst drafts ever is gonna motivate Wade to re-sign. The only way Beasley gets traded is if its for a veteran star who will make the Heat a championship contender. The Chalmers for the # 27 pick talk doesn’t even deserve a response. Why would Miami trade their starting point guard for a very late first round pick in a horrible draft?

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    why the hell would the Grizz trade the #2 pick for bums like amare and tracy mcgrady? and why did charlotte even waste their time trying to offer emeka and nazr?!!? that shit is just laughable….

    amare’s a FA after the season, and you know damn well he aint gonna re-sign in memphis, nor is cheap ass memphis willing to CTC…so what advantage is it for memphis to trade the 2 pick for Amare?…or even Tracy? No point. their better off keeping the pick than trading it for someone in the final year of a contract…

    i think a core of oj mayo, rudy gay and hasheem thabeet is better than a core of myo, gay and beasley. its more balanced.

    and that lineup you project for the Magic cannot “easily” make it back to the finals. i’m just sayin….

  • Sweet English


    As long as T-mac is playing for the Rockets, Houston have got there fair share of ‘Gay’.

  • Kudabeen

    Sheed + Orlando = -Championship Run

    True on paper they would have they best line up in the L, BUT Sheed is an problem. Orlando doesn’t have the vet leadership and GM leadership to manage Sheeds outburst and breakdowns. He killed the Pistons as much as he helped. Does he respect Dwight, Jameer, and Vince enough to temper his emotional/psychological tirades? I don’t see it. He would be a wonderful addition on a video game…

    Maybe they rent him for the year and see if his D and Three point shooting can translate. They would be better served in trying to pull Travis Outlaw from portland in some kind of sign and trade package. Outlaw brings D, Shooting to O, while Turk Allows Portland lack of PG not to hurt when Roy and Bayless (unless he is packaged with Outlaw) are on the floor. Roy gets to go to work and Turk/LaMarcus can pick and pop the L to death. Bayless on Orlando would be huge too. Bigger aggressive guard behind Nelson learning for AJ.

    So many possibilities…Love this game.

  • Kudabeen

    I do like Rasheed going to the Hornets though. Sheed of their bench would be major. Hornets still need a legit SG.

    SG out there that should help:

    Flip Murray – Gives you a log of what was lost when pargo bounced, but he is bigger and more crafty. Flip will give CP3 another creator that he can play next to without the team suffering from lack of size in the back court. Probably their best option without a trade.

    Rodney Carney – One of the best fast pace players in the L that won’t command much money. He was in a horrible system for his game. He needs to run and CP3 and crew push the rock. high value pick.

    Kyle Korver – shoots them back into games with the best set-up guy in the L (pound for pound) getting him good shots. Kyle is not a defender at all, but he is scrappy enough to stay on the floor. If he is playing next to Julian Wright and Posey that helps a lot.

  • doc

    if Miami offered Beasly they assholes.