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Bad economy makes the Bobcats worse



I won’t even pretend to understand the origins and details of America’s economic crisis, but I do know it’s hitting the NBA and doing some significant damage. The fact that there’s even the slightest validity to rumors that New Orleans could trade Chris Paul simply to save money is proof enough.

Today, on the tail-end of a story in the Charlotte Observer about the Bobcats’ draft plans, we see another example of the economy directly impacting a team’s potential success/failure on the court. The team was already losing money before the economy was in bad shape, and majority owner Bob Johnson is reportedly looking to sell, and now this:

The Bobcats are skipping summer league this year to save money. (Larry) Brown is looking at alternatives to get the young players some experience. Point guard D.J. Augustin will be participating in a USA basketball camp during July.

Brown said they might place (Alexis) Ajinca, Sean Singletary and one or more draft picks on another franchise’s summer-league team. The downside, he said, is that complicates minute distribution for the other franchise’s summer team.

Brown also might hold a summer camp in Charlotte for the young players, draft picks and some free agents.

Granted, summer league isn’t going to prove the difference in whether the Bobcats make the 2010 playoffs or not. (Especially if they do what I think they’re gonna do and sign Allen Iverson in free agency.) But for a young team that has some key players still in need of crucial offseason development, it’s kind of a big deal. While every other ’09 Lottery team will be able to get their prized rookie indoctrinated into their system before training camp, Charlotte will have to be creative just to get their #12 pick on the court with other NBA players. It’s not as bad as a top NFL pick holding out and missing a chunk of training camp, but it has the same effect.

Photo. Charlotte Observer

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  • Michorizo

    If the Bobcats need a place to run for the summer then tell them to go to a park and play…and please remind them to bring their own beer or a dub for afterwards. Knowing NBA players, they probably think we should have it provided for them.

  • Junio

    Will Fisher be Springfield-bound in 7 years? At least 4 titles being the starting PG, lots of shots (0.4 and last night will be on highlights forever), and nice background history with his daughter…


  • Baby Huey

    Well, the Blazers summer league team is going to be a little short handed this year, maybe the Bobcats could loan them some players to fill out their summer league squad.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Except… that there’s NOT the slightest validity to rumors that New Orleans could trade Chris Paul.

  • johnsacrimoni

    absolutely not. Role players do not belong in the HOF. Not Fisher, not Horry.

  • dk

    Trading Chris Paul would be franchise suicide and a mass murder of a fan base, it would be funny as hell. Go N.O. at least Paul could Ebay his water wings.

  • Taj

    Here’s an idea.. Cut back on Larry Brown pay till he does something with the team..

  • Shakers

    Junio – not HOF bound, but I was thinking last night. Is Fisher the 2nd best Lakers point guard ever? Gail Goodrich was tough, but I don’t think he’s had the same championship impact Fisher has. What do you guys think?

  • control

    Shakers, are you fucking retarded?

    Wasn’t there some guys like, hmmm…the Logo, or Magic who played point guard for the Lakers?

    What an absurd statement and post. Your post taints the internet worse than child porn and viagra spam.

  • Promoman

    Fisher isn’t in Goodrich’s class. Fisher is one of those players who gets the most out of what he has. He’s a career role player who’s sort of underrated, but he’s nowhere close to being a HOFer. Best case scenario, his number could be retired. To sum up his career, he’s a poor man’s Sam Cassell at best.

  • Shakers

    control – I said 2nd best point guard (of course Magic is first). Read a little. I’m considering West a shooting guard, who considers Jerry West a point guard? Not many.

  • robmo35

    Didn’t Gary Payton play for the Lakers? I know it was at the end of his career, but still. Norm Nixon? Wasn’t Ron Harper brought in because Phillip didn’t like Fisher’s size or game?

  • Sweet English

    When i read the Chris Paul commet i actually thought to myself ‘Tictoc is not gonna be happy about that comment’

    And VOILA!

  • that’s whats up

    who cares, fuckin’ trade Chris Paul’s little cheatin ass – once they get refs that aren’t in AARP, refs that can actually see, and react to lifetime events, they will understand that all he does is push off, cheat and play like a punk

    …..rant finished…..

    no, not yet

    FUCK CP3 !!!!!

  • Mo

    That’s right ticktock6. The fact that anyone thinks that trading Chris Paul will save the franchise money makes me laugh my a** off!! It’s Chris Paul that makes the Hornets their money. LOL! The guy sells tickets and ended the season at top 3 in jersey sales. Give me a break.

    @that’s whats up, that’s right dude. Keep hatin. He ain’t doing something right if he don’t have haters. And since CP3 can’t say it, I’ll say it for him, FUCK YOU TOO!!!! LMMFAO!!!

  • QQ

    ‘He ain’t doing something right if he don’t have haters.’

    Made me feel good bout my fucking impostor. IT’S GOOD TO HAVE HATERS!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.


  • sweetroseAIfan

    I hope Iverson don’t sign with the Bobcats if they are having these major problems. He needs to go to a contender anyway to have a possible chance of winning a championship before he retires. AI deserves to go out in the best possible way. But with AI, anything is possible. He may be able to lead this young talented team to the top and with a great coach like Brown that knows how to use him.

  • silky

    nick van exel u damn retards. that dude got it done with swagger

  • http://shootingbasketballtips.blogspot.com/ Dodge Taylor

    Silky, thank you for bringing up Slick Nick. I was starting to worry that he was the forgotten man. Sure, there was attitude and he could be a loose cannon, but kid could flat out play and had his fair share of clutch shots and game-winners.

  • TW

    Bobcats need AI, but they are crying broke. If they are working with a tight budget, they are in the wrong business.