Dime Training, NBA / Jun 30, 2009 / 11:01 am

Baller’s Blueprint: Rajon Rondo’s Fake Behind-the-Back Pass

In every issue of Dime, we run a feature called “The Baller’s Blueprint,” where we get up with different NBA players and have them break down their signature moves and skills. In the Blake Griffin issue, we had Rajon Rondo break down how he leaves defenders shook on the break …

“I like to use that fake behind-the-back pass either in transition, or when I have a wide open lane within the offense.

“I think the reason why that move works so well is because a lot of teams play me to pass first. So when I slow up and look back – usually I look to the left because I use my right hand a lot – people bite on that pass fake. They think I’m going to pass the ball when I show it behind my back, and it works every time.

“I’m sure a lot is going through a defender’s mind when a point guard is coming at them. I’m coming at them so hard – play the ball or block the shot?

“I remember getting Nick Collison real bad when we were in Oklahoma City. He thought I was gonna dish it behind my back to KG, so he jumped out of my way. I ended up with an easy deuce.

“Yeah, I’m laughing a little bit on the inside when that happens. But I try not to show it too much.”

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  • Arrogant

    thats a great move…. it even works on ppl on nba 2k9…

  • isotope

    Nick Collison


    Thats not his move it’s Magic’s

  • marcus the great

    no hate here, but this isnt really a spectacular move. not to me anyway, i’ve been doing it since like middle school. it was cool as sh*t then though! but to me it seems like Rondo misses the layup almost every time he does this move. does anyone else notice that?

  • Western Conf. PG

    Thanks for the scoop Rondo!I’ll know what to look for next season.Anything else you wannaa give up,I’m all ears (and game tape!)…

  • hahns

    is marcus the great marcus williams? hatin on rondo bc he aint in the league no more

  • Ballin 305

    Really kinda wack. Dont know how it keeps working. I would never fall for that shit and sit on a charge all day.

  • marcus the great

    hahaha@ hahns thats a good one. nah bruh played in HS, haha thats funny.

  • snook

    Magic and Tony P have done it before rondo came in the L

  • Sanpitch

    “I think the reason why that move works so well is because a lot of teams play me to pass first.”

    No kidding, and they let you do it because 80% of the time your missing the lay-up.

    Good move but he can’t finish.

  • shake&bake

    He does it too much, but when he does it at the right time, it’s effective. I guess you need a move like this if you can’t shoot.

  • WizFan301

    it always looks like a walk to me

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Wow I didn’t know there was so many Rondo haters in here. @ Ballin 305 if you stood pat for the charge everytime he’d pass it to KG and you’d be put on a poster!

  • Deez

    has he EVER actually passed the ball behind his back? it’s a fake 100% of the time, so why buy it

  • QQ

    Garbage move by a garbage, classless player, who plays for a lowlife city and organization. Did everyone see how Garnett behaved like a spoiled child in the playoffs? Classless. And Rondo should be expelled from the league for being the dirtiest player around (Ask Brad Miller or Kirk Hinrich). At any rate, by Magic HANDLED the Celtics nicely in game 7. And now it’s about to be complete ORLANDO DOMINATION for the NEXT 5 Years with VC.


  • doc

    Rondo good money.

  • russ

    ..like others have said, he does it too much. It’s his ONLY move and it’s always a fake, he NEVER has actually passed it that I remember. I don’t know why people continue to fall for it. I can see it coming from a mile away, I’m not sure why the players can’t.

    Human nature though, sure we all have done that with a move or two growing up…but it gets predictable after a while. I did it after watching felipe lopez make some cat fall when he played for st johns with a little in and out shimmy followed by a cross-over…I must have beat that move into the ground 3 times over; until I got picked clean!

  • LukeCage22

    I think its a siiick move when he gets people to bit (which is most of the time), but its true, he doesn’t usually pass behind the back anyways, so the players should expect it now. I think becasue he does it so quick and because the defender is playing him while also getting ready to help off him, it becomes harder to not bit on than it may seem. It may have been a move the Magic used, and that TP uses once in a while, but I would still call this Rondo’s move now because when you close your eyes and think of what Rondo does, this is one of the first things that should pop into anyones head…

  • iamrich

    i live in boston so i get all the games, and he misses the lay-up after he does this move about 50% of the time…real talk

  • D-Rose

    I really dont think anyone should be hating on rondo. He is in the league and making a major impact for his championship contending team. He is a great PG who gives his all everygame and trust me, he is probably the hardest to defend, I know. His pass-fake is clever as hell. We all know he isnt really gonna pass but everyone defends against the pass anyways. As a player in the league myself I look up to him and learn off of watching some of his games. Best point guard ive matched up with so far in my career. See you friday Rondo.

    GO BULLS!!!!