NBA / Jun 10, 2009 / 10:57 am

BREAKING NEWS: Kings Hire Paul Westphal

Paul Westphal

After spending his last eight years coaching at Pepperdine, serving as an assistant under Avery Johnson in Dallas, and attending multiple Clay Aiken concerts with his wife (yes, that happened), Paul Westphal is back. Kings GM Geoff Petrie chose Westphal over LA Lakers’ assistant Kurt Rambis and Boston defensive specialist Tom Thibodeau.

Frankly, those Clay Aiken concerts sound like fun compared to trying to win in the West with the Kings’ roster. Enjoy yourself, Paulie!

It had been 27 days since Paul Westphal made his pitch to be the Kings’ next coach, when he sat with the team’s brass in a Las Vegas hotel room and assured them that he could succeed in the future just as he had in the past.

Tuesday evening, the pitch paid off.

The Kings are going to stink no matter what. So what type of pitch could Westphal have given that really would stand out from the rest of the group? Did he say that he has the magic potion to keep Kevin Martin healthy?

In truth, he laid out a price that was well within the Maloof‘s comfort zone. That’s what set him apart. While Sacramento might have to pay Thibodeau or Rambis more to lure them away from great situations on championship-contending benches, Westphal was willing to work for less – two years at $1.5 million with a third-year option closer to $2 million.

When the Kings get good again, maybe Sacramento will re-up with Westphal. Or maybe they’ll just ride out the rebuilding years with him and then go get one of those other guys at that juncture.

Source: Sac Bee

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  • fallinup

    I remember Westphal in PHX. He isn’t spectacular, but he isn’t a chump either. A moderate move by the Maloofs. Even though we’ll probably see Westphal fired in 2.

    Aside from that, I’m still surprised Tom Thibodeau hasn’t gotten his shot yet.

  • David_Brandon

    @ fallinup,

    i know man. i give him 2 years. but really, who else were we gonna hire? eddie was off the list, so that was it for me. i really didnt care too much at that point. i like paul tho, so we’ll see. i dont see him as being the aggressive type of coach these soft ass kings need tho. a coach like avery would break them at the spine, so someone right in the middle would work.

  • Suzie

    Well, actually, Clay Aiken concerts ARE fun. Good luck, Paul!

  • LakeShow84

    Breaking News!

    it wont matter.. Coaches take the brunt of it.. Another 2-3 years of losing will either make him quit or he’ll get fired.. Dont forget this is the organization that let Adelman go.. FOR NOTHING..

  • Celts Fan

    So they grab another retread who hasn’t been in coaching for 7 of the last 8 years instead of 2 solid assistants who may actually have some talent? This job shoulda gone to either Tom Thibodeau or Kevin McHale’s b*tch, er Kurt Rambis.

    This is why teams continue to be at the bottom of the standings. Wonder who they’ll hire in Dec. 2010 once they fire Westphal…

  • Michorizo

    Rambis didn’t want the job…wanted to wait til after the finals to discuss…king’s didn’t want to wait and the money offered to him, didn’t sit will with Rambis…plus the King’s suck…

  • Sacto_J

    Tommy T backed out cuz he was tired of waiting, as well. So really, unless they were going to interview more candidates, P-Dubbs was their only choice. Maloofs are being cheap on the coach this time around, because they know, like C’s fan mentioned, he won’t be around past 2010. Here’s to hoping our draft goes well…..*sigh*

  • James B

    i’m not too thrilled about this hire….here we have another offensive minded coach….great….so our offense will be just a lil better and we’ll still suck on defense…we need a complete overhaul….including ownership…but here’s hopin for the best

  • Jon

    Good hire in terms of the given situations.

    The Kings weren’t willing to pay for a big name coach with this economy and it made no sense to since the team is 1 or 2 more years away from really getting back to be good team.

    Westphal is better than Eddie Jordan and Rambis. With TT, you don’t know why no other team has given him a chance after so many interviews. He has a rep of being a defensive expert already so its strange. Maybe there is something that the public doesn’t know about that turns teams away.

    Kings will be back on top within 2 yrs.

  • David_Brandon

    @ celts fan,


    lol i’m sorry man, but when you spell retard wrong, it gets put on blast..