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Breaking News: Shaq To The Cavs

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

All I can say is WOW! ESPN The Magazine‘s Chris Broussard is reporting that (according to two sources with knowledge of the discussions) the Cavs and Suns are nearing an agreement on a trade that would send Shaquille O’Neal to Cleveland in exchange for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic. As I said, all I can say is WOW!

First Kobe, then D-Wade now LeBron. That’s just crazy! Those are arguably the three best players in the NBA, and Shaq has won rings for two of them (and perhaps en route to a third).

According to the sources, the deal is more than “90 percent” complete and is merely awaiting final approval from the team’s owners, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information comes along.

When this rumor first surfaced around the trade deadline, it was the same Wallace and Pavlovic swap that was being discussed. Looks like they finally made it happen.

What are your thoughts on this deal?

Source: ESPN.com

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  • bab

    Nash = Ecstatic.

  • spaynter5

    Cleveland =Ecstatic



  • David_Brandon

    amare = estatic

  • Danny

    lmao. the suns organization is horrible. Why in the world would they want ben wallace or sasha who wont even be playing for them when shaq at least gave them 18pts and 8rbds.

    – Funniest thing is that this aint really gonna be lebrons team anymore.

  • Dan Dickau

    Cavs just got 18 points a game plus a tall ass motha fucka for nothing. Might have been better out there, but for nothing I’ll scoop that right up.

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    Dwight = panic

  • rlf

    in all honesty, i don’t think this trade works. for the way lebron plays it won’t work.

    shaq of course will be motivated. and wait for the “lebron is the best teammates, the best player, the best in everything, that i have ever played with”

    kobe was a ________________

    wade was a _____________________

    it’s coming and we all know it. except the media will buy it.

    i don’t think the trade works. but i bet a few of the media members are dying in excitement…thinking their bron bron will win a title next year. just keep it reasonable, don’t over do yourself. since you might look like fools in about a year.

  • the cynic

    4 months too late. I guess late is better then never

  • ProphetGK

    Was waiting for it to happen, if you ask me, its about time! Jesus! Finally they got a big guy who can scare away someone and back they ass down!

  • UncheckedAggression

    I don’t see why this wouldn’t work out for the Cavs as long as Shaq stays healthy. Lebron is one of the best distributors in the game–now we don’t have to watch Varejao drop 2-3 passes a game. Shaq is an obvious improvement over Wallace at the least.

    @rlf–Shaq won’t say that about Wade. Because it isn’t true.

  • JesusFTW

    Finally some help down low for the Cavs.

    This is going to be interesting. Will the Cavs still have enough money to get someone else this offseason? a PF maybe? Boozer anyone?

  • Jah

    This is a great trade and all…but The Boston Celtics are STILL (in my opinion) the team to beat in the East. I’m just saying.

    I wonder if Anderson Varejao (sp?) still opts out/leaves?

    However, I’m anxious to see the following lineup:

    PG – Mo Williams
    SG – Delonte West
    SF – LeBron James
    PF – Anderson Varejao (sp?)
    C – Shaquille O’Neal


    Can’t double both Shaq and Bron….SHAQ avg’s 20ppg next year!

  • hoopsguru


    1st – Penny
    2nd – Kobe
    3rd – Wade
    4th – Nash/Amare
    5th – Bron

    Shaq has had one crazy ride, and getting to play with all these dudes is just nuts

  • stoner

    slowest front court n league

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    makes no difference….I dont believe they could surpass Lake Bos or Orl….Desperate movee by Cle to please BRon

  • Arrogant

    It all depends what kinda shape shaq comes in with… and who will play center and pf betweer there big man…. ilgauskus mid range will keep the paint open for him to dominate

  • The Q

    If the Cavs win next year I sure hope we don’t say LeBron has never won a ring without Shaq. The only way Shaq can guard Dwight 1 on 1 would be if Dwight has no post moves next year since Shaq is over the hill. With Ewing tutoring Dwight he will have a post game next year.

    The race for ring number 5 is on will it be Shaq, Duncan, or Kobe……

  • thomasmmm

    happy stat. hopefully ben can run and learn to give touchdown outlet passes. lebron is now the 2nd worst FT shooter on the Cavs. stepping up! can they still get VC? o_O

  • paufve

    ESPN = estatic

  • Marvin

    The thing that’s rarely mentioned is that Cleveland is quite smart because they’re viewing everything in short and long term. Think about it, if Shaq does not pan out as expected then his contract is up on 2010. That means that they can reload their roster w/ big time free agents (Bosh where are you??) assuming they can convince Lebron to stay.


    Now the real problem lies w/ in Mike Brown’s coaching (How will he integrate Shaq in the offense???)

    Now on Phoenix side it’s just a tacit admission that trading Marion was wrong in hind sight period.

  • The Q

    The Big Z does have an expiring contract, so let’s see if Ferry moves him for an explosive lengthy wing player with a bad contract. Maybe someone like a Josh Smith or Vince Carter….

  • tp

    lakers fans can rejoice now

    this pretty much guarantees that pjax will come back and it puts pressure on them to resign both ariza and odom. with these 3 returning, 2010 will still be about the lakers vs everyone else

  • BrickLayer

    What the cavs really need is a replacement for side show.

    They will never beat the celtics, magic or lakers with sideshow at the 4. he cant really guard anyone unless he is flopping around on the floor. he seems as lost on offense as big ben was.

    how do you fit in z and shaq?

    interesting move, and i guess they had to do something. but i am convinced this just means bron bron will be leaving next summer.

  • Maynard

    It won’t end well, IMO. They still have the same matchup problems with Orlando and probably have trouble with a full-strength Boston. And Shaq certainly can’t run with LeBron any more than he could with Phoenix. But I guess it’s worth a shot. Long-term though… I don’t think this is how you sell LeBron on staying.

  • kg fan

    cant wait to see dwight dominate more matchups next season

  • ShowKase

    David Stern = ecstatic

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    the cavs ain’t coming out the east period.

    the only moving shaq will be doing is cookies repeatedly from his hand to his mouth.period.Bron’s about to get real fluckin’ pissed off.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Around november,lebron tweet to Kobe

    “Dang playa,all this fool do is eat,eat,eat,eat”

  • ponky_alolor

    Good thing our team did SOMETHING. i mean any big man of value will do. I just don’t know if Cavs could re-sign for Andy with this trade – the flopping era might end prematurely for Sideshow Bob thank goodness.

    Still not that fully convinced that Shaq is the answer due to his injury history but maybe at this point in time this is the best trade out there since it maintains the core line-up.

    Shaq and LBJ missing free throws is not a thing to watch though I’ll take it if it means a chance for the chip.

  • Smitty313

    I dont think this works for the Cavs. It still dosent solve the problem they had against Orlando. Gaurding big perimiter players. Shaq needs the ball to be effective and he dosent really need to be double teamed anymore. Lebron needs the ball also to be effective. They would have been better getting Amare.

  • Arno

    Funny how Ferry and the Cavs management repeat the same timing mistakes : they take Ben Wallace when he has not much left and they do the same with Shaq.
    Good move, too late.

  • bill

    have to feel for David Robinson and Hakeem who NEVER had star power close to Shaq (except for Duncan/Drexler in the last couple of years)

    (barkley/pippen excluded)

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    i don’t see how this trade help either team on the floor. off the floor, it saves phoenix money for 2010 which they can use to re-sign amar’e stoudamire.

    sasha and ben wallace are not upgrades over shaq. if you gonna trade shaquille o’neal, you better at least get an allstar caliber player back in return. steve kerr should be fired now. the only reason he got this trade to go thru is because he and danny ferry use to be teammates.

    as for cleveland, this trade does not address their porblem; in fact, it makes ot worse.

    they need a younger more athletic frontline. someone who can also spread the floor and shoot 18-20ft (possibly). they got hammered by orlando (nearly swepts) because their frontline was too damn old and slow (ilgauskas, joe smith, ben wallace and varejo). now with shaq, their still old and slow. dwight howard aint what killed them…it was defending hedo and rashard that hurt them even more.

    the cavs really needed to get charlie villanueva. yup i said it. 6-10, athleric and can step out with 3pt range. he could have been their younger version of donyell marshall.

    they should have also made a play for mike miller themselves, but i understand they have no assests.

    how does shaq help them? is shaq gonna start?….or will old reliable ilguaskas start? or maybe both?

    will mike brown learn to coach an offense by halloween? if not, how long before shaq starts bitching about the offense being predictable and not getting enough touches.

  • ponky_alolor

    @ 28, getting amare? i think that would work in PS2 NBA Live franchise mode. The suns weren’t willing to give up STAT but was willing to give up Shaq due to the contract.

    The thing about the trade is that it’s primarily looking forward to LBJ’s free agency in 2010 while at the same time getting a risky season with Shaq next year with major upside/downside.

  • ponky_alolor

    @31, i gotta agree with you that Cavs need youth and range in frontline. I hate watching Sideshow taking all those 15-18 footers and defenses packing the paint on LBJ.

    Damn, I think Villanueva will get extended by the Bucks since RJ is gone. Great point though.

  • Da_Griff

    Someone said they’re worried about Mike Brown being able to integrate Shaq into his offense?

    What offense? They all stand around in half court and watch LeBron! Shaq makes the game simple for half court teams like the cavs.

    Whoever the PF is though will have to rebound like a fiend! Shaq don’t board like he used to.

  • Da_Griff

    Oh, and there is NO WAY Z and Shaq co-exist on the court together. There might be another trade coming to make that work.

  • changster

    this isn’t gonna work for the same reasons shaq to phx didn’t work.. he eats up too much space in the lane closing off dribble penetration for his teammates, but he isn’t dominate enough anymore where you can just throw him the ball down there 25 times a game and expect big production (too bad he’s the only one that hasn’t realized this yet).

    and i do agree that this is a one year experiment (just like shaq to phx was) since shaq’s $20 mil is coming off the books next year. If and when it doesn’t work, they have cap room for other free agents in the summer of ’10. Too bad by the summer of 2010 the ring count is gonna read: kobe 5, lebron 0.

  • http://nba.com ninja cool

    This means ‘bron has to win the championship twice. One with Shaq and one without him. Right, Kobe?

  • Da_Griff

    changster, you’re right about the one and done deal. The cap room they’ll have after will be sweet, and providing they can convince LeBron to stick around they could be very scary indeed.

    I would like to see them trade Big Z for Vince Carter, or some other dead-eye scorer. Perhaps Milwaukee would bite on something like that for Michael Redd? They seem to like old people lately.

    Then when Shaq is gone they can go chasing Mr Bosh.

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)


    lbj and shaq = bent rims on FT’s, not dunks LOL

    anyway, wtf are they gonna do with Z then?

  • Sweet English

    Rubber Band = Elastic

  • Alex from Arizona

    All I gotta say is….


  • the truth

    if this happened 4 months ago, we would have had a more competitive finals.

    however, LBJ is still gonna be NY-bound without a ring

  • DaGood

    Mo Williams is maybe ecstatic.

    (ie not sure how clogging the lane with a giant is going to help lebron on offence)

  • ponky_alolor

    Z would most likely come off the bench when Shaq plays. And when Shaq does that “I’m playing every other day to rest” then Z will start.

    Or maybe ferry has another move to ship Z out. not sure about this though.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    That is going to be one silly squad. You already had LeBron and Shaq doing their 1 upmanship of who could create the flyest pre-game routine and now they teaming up. SMH that is going to be one very entertaining squad.

    Wonder how Shaq and the coach will work out?

    Business certainly just picked up!

  • BR

    @ 46

    It can go either way, his offense(mainly scoring) might go down a bit, or it could go up. Shaq would attract tons of attention down-low. And I doubt too many big men would leave Shaq alone, especially since LeBron is actually an above average passer. Its basically pick your poison; LeBron dunking – doing an acrobatic layup – being fouled and making the bucket – or him dishing to Shaq for the backboard shaking dunk. Its going to be interesting watching teams try to stop two of the most dominating players of all time.

    2 of the biggest names in not only the NBA, but the entire sports world, playing together. Even if Shaq is past his prime, this duo, if healthy, could be a wrecking force.

  • BR

    Lmao @ 48, I completely forgot about the pregame routines. Im def looking forward to next season, just for that. lol.

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    cavs still need another wingman…

  • dk

    Epic Ownage = Boston, Orlando

    Cleavlands gonna come oit big in the East, onbviously. Probablly 60 + wins. Mike Brown will blow it in the confrence finals or vs LA. Shaq/Kobe 2011/12 I hope Phil stays

  • dk

    @29 @30

    Thats a pretty stupid comment. Its not even close to being funny. Shaq workout regime is one of the best in the league. It rivals some of the leagues all time best players, Kobe, Jordan, etc.

  • QQ

    @19 & 23: So you’re a cavs fan now? “The Q” as in the Quicken Loans Arena? “Race to 5″ and you have the Cavs, Lakers, and Spurs as the teams with the best chance? No Orlando? WOW. So much for confidence. Listen faggot, Imma be da REALL QQ in dys bytch and say it here, so y’all heard it here first. QQ sayin dat ORLANDO be da favorite to win it all next yr. DAT RITE, they FINNA win it ALL. Das confidence Homie. You ain’t got none. Prolly why you ain’t be gettin no BRAIN like i dooz! Faggot. Now crawl back into your hole with your tail between your legs. Pussy got his name JACKED, LOL. Whatta punk. (CYBER SLAPPPPP!!!!!! with the sound still resonating).


  • QQ

    QQ be da BOSS, dat why QQ get da BRAIN.
    QQ he gon FLOSS, dat why QQ get da BRAIN.

  • QQ

    Solomon = COCKSUCKING H8ER! Get Bent KID.

  • QQ

    @54 – So you finally back huh HO? You tell me when you want me to come to Stuart to SMACK the TASTE outcho MOUFFF. QQ wanna FITE! DAT RITE QQ WANN FITE! Bring it ya kobe (ima rape this bitch and put it in her BUTT while im at it too) bryant Faggot Fan!



  • JL

    they need to sign Iverson next!!!

  • dphoenix

    “First Kobe, then D-Wade now LeBron. That’s just crazy! Those are arguably the three best players in the NBA, and Shaq has won rings for two of them (and perhaps en route to a third).”

    Saying Shaq won those rings FOR Kobe and Wade is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think, Aron? Especially in Wade’s case. We tend to forget how absolutely bananas Wade went in ’06. At the championship celebration in ’06, Shaq’s expression pretty much said, “Dwyane’s ass tastes like the breakfast of champions”

  • bballinca

    Shaq is a bitch! That is all.

  • Simon

    Hey Dime,

    Is this what you want the comments section to be like? Ban QQ already.

  • Banga

    If they win a chip does that mean Lebron couldn’t do it without shaq???

  • http://www.yovia.com/blogs/timlara Tim Lara

    not that lebron ever would leave Cleveland but now its obvious. Shaq and lebron will be fun to watch all the way to the finals.

  • Scott

    @60, how exactly did Shaq WIN D-Wade a ring? Maybe you missed those finals, cuz D-Wade carried that team.

    Its a hell of a trade, but Ferry should’ve played some video games first ala the Rockets GM. Or payed attention to STATS issues with Shaq, most notably, Shaq’s ability to take away STATS drives to the basket and just clogging the lane because he’s in the post. LeBron could run into the same problem, and we all saw what happens in the conference finals when LBJ has to rely on his jumper too much.

    Keep in mind one other factor. This is LeBron’s team, he’s matured this team and he’s matured as a player.

    This isn’t Shaq joining a young D-Wade to help him mature, this isn’t Shaq joining a Lakers squad with a young Kobe. This isn’t the same as the Penny situation either. In all of those situations, the younger star gaurd was still in his very early years in the L when Shaq joined their squads, so Shaq had that ‘presence’ over them. LeBron has been through that ish already. He’s matured a lot more than any of those guys had when Shaq joined them. Considering LBJ’s ego is easily one of the biggest in the L (and for good reason), it’ll be interesting to see how he meshes with Shaq, and how Shaq responds when he realizes he has no idea how to help LBJ get to the next level.

    Plus, how exactly does this help the Cavs get past the Magic or the Lakers? Shaq is huge and all, but at this stage Dwight could run circles around him. Quickness is now Dwight’s huge asset against Shaq. And if they have a healthy Jameer next year they’ll be even more dangerous.

    With the Lakers, Gasol/Odom/Bynum are going to do the same as Dwight, use their finesse/quicks to take care of Shaq. If Dwight couldn’t do what he needed to against the Lakers, what chance does Shaq have? Plus, I’d rather have Kobe at this stage than an inexprienced LBJ. This year Kobe finally figured out how to win a championship. His experience, IQ, and drive will trump LBJ’s physicality.

    Personally, LJB would’ve been FAR better off with VC as his sidekick.

  • ozzy

    so in the end the suns trade shawn marion for sasha pavlovich and ben wallace very sad but at least steve k is agressive gm so lets wait before we kick him out of town.

  • QQ

    QQ keepin it classy!!

  • QQ

    Simon, why you hatin on QQ?

    Dont you know QQ be da BOSS??

  • bballinca

    QQ be DA Jackazz

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    funny thing is….
    shaq might actually end the season with a better FT% than LeBron…