NBA, Video / Jun 19, 2009 / 2:24 pm

Clip Of The Day: Tony Parker On The Mic

After arriving back from France, and with the official start of the NBA offseason now here, I hope that Tony Parker gets together with Fabolous and Booba again to release another track. Oh yea, and a priceless cameo by Tim Duncan. Classic.

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  • flegman

    Izön’t dat Lamakh Odom in zönglasses/black T shikht at 2:41 khapping in Francais? :-)

    I want to hear Tim Duncan rappin :-)

  • Shrink This

    There’s nothing funnier than watching french rappers trying to look and sound hard…

  • A$$Cube aka Tony Touch

    TP has nothing to do holding a mic. No street cred and/or lyrics at all. Those so-called goons that are Fab and Booba just wanted to ca$h in.

    There so many good rappers in France. The media just don’t give them no L.O.V.E.

    You got the same thing going over there: Kanye and Fifty are everywhere, while Mos Def is silently doin (way better) work.

  • Ansonious

    @ Dime

    Any chance at a translation of wtf Tony’s saying in English? Probably not but figured I’d ask peace!

  • DiZzY

    no need translation
    the lyrics are too wack …..

  • A$$Cube aka Tony P (does not) got game

    @3. Ansonious:

    Tony P: “Okay. Lemme do it quick. I aint no fool. Gotta Gun’em down. I’m cut out for this job. Blood all over the tar. Gotta be scared my soldiers in the trenches. Rap is being held hostage. You can only scream for help. My flow take you out. Pump up the volume. Makes you car go *boom boom clap*”.

    I’m sorry. Can’t go any further. I can translate a little bit, but not that BS.

    And YEAH! Tony acts like he got some hair on his chest. Yeah riiighht!

  • A$$Cube aka Tony P (does not) got game

    My bad. The French lyrics I got are not 100% accurate. He doesn’t say “blood all over the tar” but “Imma rips the beat’s throat out”.

    Which still DOES not make any sense whatsoever.

    I feelin bad for my French citizenship. Thanks TP.

  • G

    Am I the only one who remembers when Dime posted this a year ago maybe more

  • Ian

    but shrink there is something funnier when black americans try to act that they all are from the streets but my fav is when they try to say that someone else cant rap because they have no street cred or . personally i hate rap its bs and that thing that makes it worse is when people like you try to say that most raps have meaning or something important BS.

    ps parker stop doing this bs

  • Ansonious

    @ A$$Cube

    Thanks for the insight I hope Tony spends more time on his weak ass rapping than eating up my Suns paint this year.

  • Chaos

    sorry, i think there is a rule somewhere that french people cant sound, look, or act hard…especially when they are talking french…cuz they are…well, french

  • Drink the Haterade

    yeah, TP def needs to stick to his day job

  • pinoyboy

    another reason to hate tony parker

  • Nadim

    This might have been TImmy’s most extroverted venture.

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    i dunno, but with a hot wife like tony’s, i can’t imagine how he’s still got time for this weak shit… imma bang, bang, bang eva all day, all night LOL

  • tja

    soooo whack. the vid the lyrics the posing, both of them,HAHA, like 13year olds… @lan stfu THAT is not all of hip hop, there are actually good things…

    french rappers can be tough, believe me. maybe not the white ones…

  • Sweet English

    From the streets?

    Everyone has a street outside there house son, it doesnt make you cool…

  • Kudabeen

    I’m just always impressed by the fact that I’ve never heard Fabolous spit a wack verse…ever. He seems to always put it down.

  • JR

    People dissing the French. France has some the roughest neighbourhoods you’ll ever see. At Americans thinking only they have Ghettos. I’m not French BTW.

  • BMW

    Check my dog Sinik out. Dude’s just trop bon.

  • zmafuel

    Comon, that was pretty good people. Stop hatin.

  • djKianoosh

    not french, and don’t understand french, but at least he had good flow. it sounded aight. TD was funny.. and no, we don’t need to hear him rap! LOL

  • DT

    I dont care what Tony is saying, its better than Kobe’s whack ass attempt!!! At least Tony got Fabolous, who did Kobe get?? Tyra Banks!!??

  • ponky_alolor

    i don’t know but i really liked it. does that make me a loser, maybe, but i liked it. it was creative and different and i’m glad TP finally killed on the mic. his appeal and apparel was on point too. just keepin it real. y’eard?

  • M Intellect

    LOL – Couple of comments/questions.

    France has some GRIMEY hoods. Like some different type of shit. In the suburbs, their version of up-town, some of the North and West Africans in France have come from war-zone’s so fuck talking about the K’s you hear in the hood, they from a place where landmines and cluster bombs are NORMAL. The Roc got stuck up over there too.

    Tony Parker has 4 things dude would kill for NBA Talent, NBA Rings, Big Money and Use of Eva Longoria but dude wants to fuck about like he’s MC Solaar.

    Fab is always air-tight.