NBA / Jun 15, 2009 / 2:22 pm

D-Wade to the Celtics in 2010?

D-Wade (photo. Mannion)

D-Wade (photo. Mannion)

So far, we know the top level of the 2010 free agent class — LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh, Nowitzki, Amar’e — will be taking a long look at New York and all the money and mass appeal the city has to offer, even if the team still stinks by then. We know Miami, one of the NBA’s other destination cities, will be in the mix. We know Detroit is setting itself up to be a major player in the bidding.

Now we may have to add Boston to the mix. During a radio interview earlier today, Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck said the franchise will have room to offer somebody a max contract next summer, that “there is a situation under which we could do that.”

Looking at the team’s salary structure, Ray Allen‘s $19.7 million is coming off the books in 2010, and Paul Pierce has a player-option on his $21.5 million deal. Kevin Garnett is still locked in for $18.8 million in 2010-11. And don’t forget Rajon Rondo will be a restricted free agent in the summer of 2010.

Assuming Boston wants to re-sign Rondo to a big-money long-term deal and that Pierce opts out to test the market, what would you do if you’re running the Celtics? Try to keep Pierce, or let him go and go for one of the other superstars?

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  • Diggity Dave

    In your fucking dreams. Again, between Wade’s love of the city and God-status there, the amount of money he stands to make in Miami, and Riley’s reputation for trades, it might as well already be a done deal. He’s not going anywhere.

    Chances are Bosh is the only big name going anywhere. 2010 is probably going to end up being a massive disappointment to most teams with the cap space. The more likely scenario is second or even third tier players cashing in on the ridiculous cap space available that year.

  • srb

    I would keep Pierce since he is the best player to ever touch a basketball.


    1st (just said it to say it). P Dub aint goin nowhere, and why would DWade go to an aging squad? He’ll be able to draw in a big time free agent to Miami.

  • Celts Fan

    Pierce will retire a Celtic and aint no way in hell DWade leaves South Beach for Boston. NONE

  • chebs

    laker fan speaking: pierce is one of the best scorers, players to touch a ball, not the best, he deserved finals mvp, but if u were gm in a room with wade and pierce and had to pick 1…u wuldnt b in the room too long

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Dirk goes to Boston and the Internet crashes due to the ensuing Dirk/Bird comparisons.

  • tdot

    why the hell would Pierce opt-out of his deal? That just isn’t going to happen, so there’s no way the Celtics will have that kind of money

  • JOB33

    LMAO@ Austin..the only way that gets funnier if Dirk busts out the Bird porn ‘stache.

  • Ian

    wade is the one superstar that is staying put for sure

    job33 dirk should do that

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    D Wade goes no place, Miami will continue to build around him. Truth Pierce is the heart and soul of that Boston team. Cant wait to see them healthy again next year for a hopeful Lakers/Celtics rematch.

  • Celts Fan

    @tdot – Pierce will almost definitely opt out of the deal. You do that to get another long-term deal sooner (before injuries or diminished skills can show up – remember, he’ll be 32 at the time he can opt out.) Would you rather have one year, $20M, or 5 years, $80M? It’s simple business, but that’s what’s gonna happen. You get locked up long-term again. These are guaranteed $$$. It’s the right move.

    BUT, he’s going to resign with the Celtics unless something to sour the relationship happens. He’s said numerous times since they got KG/Ray and became respectable again, that he wants to retire a Celtic and will “unless they don’t want me anymore.”

    What’d be nice, and let me know if this is wrong, cuz I’m not sure, but I think we’d have his Bird rights (is this voided if he opts out of a deal?) so, if Wyc was willing to go deep into luxury tax, Paul could opt out, then you could let Ray walk, sign a max or close to max guy, then resign Paul. You’d also have to wait that long to lock up Rondo, but theoretically, this COULD happen I think…

    I don’t see it happening, but WTF, I can dream…

  • http://twitter.com/lakersnation Lakers Nation

    Why wouldn’t any superstar consider LA? Why’s it all East Coast teams? We have a uber-star that’s going into the twilight of his career . . there’s a championship level team there for someone to just come in and take over the reigns!

  • heatonmyfeet

    there is NO chance Flash leaves South Beach and Wade County. idk why rumors keep popping up that he’s leaving. what’s going to happen is that Riley’s going to lock up Wade practically for the rest of his life, and with the money that frees up from Jermaine O’Neal’s ridiculous $21 million contract, Pat’s going to go get either Amar’e or Bosh. CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

  • heatonmyfeet

    not to mention the $8.5 million which opens up when SG Mark Blount’s contract expires in 2010

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    If he keeps playing as he has, the Celts are going to HAVE to give Rondo a max deal. He put up Kidd-type numbers and was everywhere on the floor when they were lacking in rebounders after KG’s injury.

    Celtics are in a good position if their aging stars don’t hold them hostage with requests to sign high-priced or lengthy contracts.

  • doc

    Why the FUCK would Wade leave Miami for Boston.Whats next Bron to Oklahoma.Stop with the bullshit rumors.

  • Drink the Haterade (LA LAKERS 09 Champs)

    @ 12– that’s because all the journalists are “HATERS”

  • http://espn.com bobby brown

    amare to boston for ray allen rajon rondo! also shaq to clevland for big ben wallace!!!!!!

  • LeBronBron

    An article based on assumptions. Great journalism. Listen, Wade is not going anywhere. D-Wade is Pat Riley’s prized pupil and protege.

  • JT$

    @ srb

    Get out from underneath Pierce’s vagina

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    barring a major injury aint a goddamn thing happening.Do you give up the truth,jesus,KG,or the next jkidd.doubt it.

    we dont believe you,you need mo paper !!!

  • karizmatic

    Pierce would be a fool to opt out.

  • theTruth

    Smoove chips, you’ve smoked yourself stupid or you’re just an idiot. Ray Allen is a glorified pure-shooter at this point. Rondo is simply an opportunist, taking advantage of having Ray, KG, and Pierce on his team. Boston will lose 1-2 of those players in 2010. Probably Rando. Boston fans should just be thankful they won in ’08.


    first of all i was extremly suprised that the celtics were not in the finals how many stars do they need to win.look at their roster. so i ask do the celtics NEED wade or IMPROVE on there stars

  • http://? Blazer Nation

    Kevin Pritchard= Godfather of Resurrection ala Rick Rubin of the music industry.

    KP will make a HUGE move to position the Portland Trail Blazers to make a huge run at the 2010 Western Conference Finals. Either a seasoned veteran

    PG or a SF. More than likely, and strongly likely, a seasoned PG. Hm. Not discussed, but makes sense:

    Dwayne Wade. Free agent in 2010. Portland would more than likely offer: Rudy Fernandez, Steve Blake, and Travis Outlaw along with draft picks.

    Remember, Portland has 4 second round draft picks and one first rounder. Outlaw and Blake’s contracts come close to the money Wade makes. Porland resigns Wade immediately to keep him long term.

    Portland with D. Wade makes logical sense. Wade would help propel the Blazers to serious contenders. Portland with the youth movement in tact with Roy, Aldridge, and Oden, along with Jarryd Bayless, Nicolas Batum, and the stockpile of talent in Europe: Joel Freeland and Petteri Kopenen= WOW.

    Miami is going to need to rebuild. They are not Phil Jackson and the Lakers with Kobe Bryant. They are rebuilding with Wade. Wade needs to be with a team to add him. He doesn’t fit in with long term plans to a rebuilding team.

    Go ahead haters. Slam me.

  • Fishman

    Hey people ever heard of a guy named ray Allen his contract expires in 2010 and then u got money plus he is old and u can deal people like scal TA house mikki Marbury then u got a bunch of money to sign a superstar and get a bench player

  • kamisha

    as long as they dont get rid of allen,pierce,garnett, and rondo they all good!!!