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Jefferson puts Spurs back in title hunt; CP3 jumps Kobe & LeBron

RJ & wife (photo. Sports Illustrated)

RJ & wife (photo. Sports Illustrated)

Enough of the rumors; Tuesday saw one actual, real-life NBA trade go down (or at least be agreed to in principle) that seriously impacts the 2010 championship race, and another that great impacts the top of tomorrow’s Draft. The Spurs basically stole Richard Jeffferson from the Bucks, sending them Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto. And since Milwaukee will most likely buy out Bowen and he’ll re-sign with San Antonio for the minimum, the Spurs really didn’t lose much here … Jefferson fell off the map playing for the sorry, never-on-TV Bucks last year (19.6 ppg, 4.6 rpg), but he’s still the guy you remember from New Jersey, only a year removed from being heavy in the All-Star discussion. At 29, he brings the Spurs a legit scorer at the three, some youth and athleticism, and a guy who can improve Tony Parker‘s assist numbers just on fast-break opportuities alone. He’s also a vet who shouldn’t have much of a problem blending into Gregg Popovich‘s system and somebody who has a lot of playoff experience, having been to two Finals with the Nets … So between Trinidadian supermodel Teresa Lourenco (RJ’s wife) and Eva Longoria-Parker, do the Spurs have any competition for which NBA team has the best wifey eye candy? … The biggest winner in the deal, aside from the Spurs, is Joe Alexander. After a forgettable rookie season, he could become the Bucks’ starter at small forward and show why he was a Lottery pick in the first place … The other trade saw the Wolves send Randy Foye and Mike Miller to Washington for Etan Thomas, Oleksiy Pecherov, Darius Songaila and the 5th pick. The Wizards backcourt is looking real nice now with Foye and Gilbert Arenas, and Miller adds even more offensive punch (presuming last year was just an extended slump and he hasn’t entirely lost his jumper). Minnesota gets a little taller, but the important part is that they now have the 5th and 6th picks. Who should they take? And do you think it’s smart to do all this roster overhaul when they don’t even have a coach yet? … With NBA Draft Media Day happening later today, Tuesday was really the last day for pre-draft workouts. Tyler Hansbrough, Gerald Henderson and Jeff Pendergraph (why?) were among those working out for the Nets, and UNC fans will be glad to know Psycho T got some get-back and bloodied Henderson’s nose during the session. We’re pretty sure it wasn’t intentional, but we’re also pretty sure Tyler cracked a smile about it later on when he was by himself … The Raptors brought Wake Forest forward James Johnson (the first guy Stephen A. Smith will have to pretend he knows something about on Draft Night) in for another look; Johnson is on their list of targets with the 9th pick, along with DeMar DeRozan, Jrue Holiday, Jonny Flynn and Henderson. At the peak of the “Jose Calderon is the next Steve Nash” hype (which wasn’t that long ago), did you ever think the Raptors would be looking for a PG with a Top-10 pick despite having Calderon locked into a long-term deal? …

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Sean May is available. The Bobcats didn’t pick up his contract option, making him an unrestricted free agent. That sound you just heard was the night manager of every Chick-Fil-A in the greater Charlotte area slamming their fists on the counter. Which team is the best fit for May? In today’s economy, they’re gonna be wary of signing a dude who single-handedly forces you to increase your expenses when it comes to the pre-game/post-game spread … Speaking of the NBA Fit Club, Eddy Curry is allegedly getting into shape. Knicks GM Donnie Walsh told the New York Times, “He’s losing weight. He’s starting to get his body to look like an athlete’s body again.” And for Curry, any kind of athlete will do at this point: shot putter, offensive lineman, pro bowler … Maybe it’s because he looks like your old wise uncle, but you can just tell Anthony Johnson is a smart dude. Talking about exercising his $2.1 million player-option with the Magic next season, AJ said, “I’m 35 years old and a point guard. Not a big contract to be gotten.” If only Latrell Sprewell had that kind of grasp on reality, he could’ve extended his career a few more years … People complain about LeBron and Kobe, but Chris Paul might be the most overhyped dude in the League. Not that we don’t love CP3 — he’s always been super-cool with Dime and everybody in the office would pay to watch him play — but some of the stuff TV talking heads and writers say about him borders on ridiculous. For example, the “Paul is the best PG since Magic” argument that gained steam this season, or Clippers’ announcer Mike Smith’s creepy man-crush. Yesterday, one of ESPN’s Insider writers tried to make the case that CP is the best draft pick of the last 20 years. (Or at least hinted at making the case; we don’t anybody who pays for Insider so we only saw the teaser.) We don’t even have to argue the merits of Duncan, Shaq, LeBron, Garnett, Pierce, Wade, Iverson, Payton and the other obvious choices over Paul. But take it a notch lower, and has CP even put himself above Mutombo, Vince, Dirk or Carmelo yet?. Again, love CP, but sometimes it’s just going too far … We’re out like Sean May …

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  • Big Sia

    VC > CP3

    And uhh… RJ is soft.

  • OC

    Being a hugh Spurs fan I hate to see Bruce go, but RJ gives them more depth, speed, and energy. Great pick up for the Spurs. If they can work on getting a legit center, then there will be plenty of moans n groans from the rest of the L.

    The Spurs pulled off another great move.

    Let the haterade flow!

  • Bruce

    Smack came early………I know what I’m going to do on Thursday draft.

    Get two Little Ceasar Pizzas for 5.99 and one liter of Mountain Dew.


  • OC

    Tony P eats CPs breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He’s a very good PG, but CP needs more support to be a great PG.

  • Bruce

    CP3 is nice……..Just ask his number one fan, Julius Hodge. What ever happen to the former NC State star?

    Drafted by the Nuggets and disappeared off…….

  • alf (from melmak)

    the spurs got themselves another steal. but this time, they squarely placed themselves in luxury tax territory.

    eddie curry getting in shape??? that would make for a really funny reality television series.

    before i forget, saw some footage of psycho t in action just to get a final assessment of the him in the nba. i have this eerie feeling that he just might make it really good in the league. he might have been so undervalued by so-called “experts”.

  • jzsmoove

    Whenever the Raptors get bounced from the playoffs, I root for the Spurs. My office pool bettings will support this claim and I am not just jumpimg on the bandwagon. I like the Spurs since the DRob’s rookie year. Maybe its their uniform or their workmanlike attitude. Hopefully the Raps can pull off a trade like this that would be awesome.

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com c-viz

    somehow the spurs continue to be title contenders without draft picks and aging players.

    if Manu is healthy and Gooden plays to his potential, they will come out of the west.

  • ponky_alolor

    For all the hype that a Lebron gets here in Dime, no one comes close to the pictorials that RJ gets with these women. Only Kenyon has a say on this.

    As long as RJ gets to hit his corner 3 and be an energy spark, they’ll be fine.

    That Donnie Walsh quote is the best one of the year. Good job Dime.

    “He’s losing weight. He’s starting to get his body to look like an athlete’s body again.” – HARSH hahaha

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    A lot of players should take the attitude of “Uncle” Anthony Johnson.

    Can’t wait for the boos of the draft they are always hilarious, especially if the player is in the building and then interviewed…aaaaawwwkwaaard lol.

    Or the player who was projected to go early and is just sitting there constantly with the camera in his face and he pretends to be talkin on his cell or either gives that goofy smile, meanwhile his mama is sitting next to him calling JESUS lol.

    Somehow I wish Houston could trade up enough to get Hasheem Thabeet (I know I prolly didn’t spell name right) he would be the young Deke behind Yao.

    Cracking up at Jimmy Fallon’s Business man’s dunk.

    I know they only cover the pros but it would be so live if Kenny, E.J. and Charles could do the draft. You know Charles would be wild’n out, calling dudes a bust and chumps lol. Ernie playing the buffer trying to not make Charles opinions looks so rough.

    Laker fans are the Lakers still sticking with the three headed monster of Fisher, Brown and Farmer (attorney firm) cause I just don’t know if that will be enough to work a second time around.

    Dang Sean May, dang.

  • Jiminee

    Julius Hodge had a stint playing in Australia for the Adelaide 36ers for a while, not sure where he is now though.

  • Jason

    How about Sean May back in Indiana and on the Pacers? They need some frontcourt help, and he won’t come too expensive. Dunleavy changed his image there, they’ve made McRoberts look like an occasionally useful guy…maybe something’s in the water.

  • Taj

    The drama unfolds on thursday!! This week has been a soap opera for hoop lovers. Minny definately shook things up there. Now that they’ve given up Miller, could they take Curry and Evans at 5/6?? Cant wait!!!

  • My Rant

    Sean May is a fat pig! What a wasted of time!

  • The Iceman

    The Spurs are a lock for the title. Spurs matchup very well against the Lakers.

    -TP too fast for Fisher
    -Kobe slightly better than Manu(3rd best SG according to Mike Breen and Mark Jackson)
    -RJ in his prime and 2 time All-Star and Olympian vs. Ariza only 23 with and needs to work on handles
    -Duncan the greatest PF of All-Time even won a ring with Rasho will avg. 30, 12, 5 with 2 BLKS on the Gasol(not tough enuff) and Odom(not big enuff).
    -Bonner will sink 3s all day on Bynum but bynum will beat Bonner inside so that is a draw.
    -Pops will coach full season vs. Jackson will only coach home games, advantage Spurs

    Oh yeah Stephen A. Smith got canned by ESPN on the last day of April thats why he wasn’t on tv during the playoffs.

  • Pia

    You’re right, CP3 is good, but not that good.


  • padoods

    Iceman give me some of what you’re smoking

    Kobe SLIGHTLY better than Manu??
    Bynum a draw with bonner? GTFO!

    I’d say at this point Duncan and pau are just about even (maybe slight edge to tim)

    Tell me though who aside from TD is gonna play D on that spurs 5 you mentioned?

  • K Dizzle

    @ The Iceman

    Please sober up.
    I’ve seen Spurs homers but you are ridiculous.
    After what Pau and Lamar did to Dwight, they not big or tough enough?
    Bynum and Bonner? What????
    Kobe only slightly better than Manu?
    Tony faster than Fish? That’s great but guess what? There r 2 ends to a court…
    It’s June 23rd…..please give your head a shake

  • haslem

    Spurs should make a play for Jaric, get the hot wife trinity in San Antonio unleashing untold power. Manu should marry some hot Argentinean TV announcer to round them out.

  • ajr

    Anyone wanna share their ESPN insider username and password? :P

  • Rafa23

    c’mon k dizzle, iceman can’t be serious. manu is great, but kobe only slightly better? and jefferson a 2 time allstar…when did that happen?
    he said lock for the title, even every spurs fan will disagree about that. hes just trying to make others angry…

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    while everyone else overlooked this, the real winner of the r-jeff trade is… luc richard mbah-a-moute! with redd back, sessions and ridnour sharing time, charlie v / bogut / gadzilla in the paint, skiles’ favorite garbage man will continuously get mad PT with r-jeff not around anymore… and no, joe alexander will still be riding the pine, believe that…

    and, again, spurs nabbing r-jeff… why am i not surprised… the org’s as good as it gets… kinda lost its mojo to portland lately, but damn their cap management is effin’ textbook… k-pritch, learn, son…

    and with minny adding 4,674 stiffs to their roster, and losing mike miller & foye, no other way to go than get a PG and an SG… i see a derozan / evans or flynn pick coming up…

    and the looks of it, the wiz are trying to become GSW east – bang, bang, bang… D what? fuck D! antawn / tough juice / gil / foye / mike can let it rain anywhere in the court, and with mcgee / blatche being the holdover C’s (and both aren’t legit slotman, anyways), the scoreboards are gonna overflow game in, game out…

    we’re out like crazy eyes in the alamo

  • QQ

    Yeah, Jefferson is still the guy we knew from the past… a one dimensional player who forgot about defense and passing. Seriously. That almost allstar season? That was a time when JKidd and KMart was injured and the Nets are a bunch of no names pretending they were an NBA team. RJ averaged 22 before Kidd went back, but DAMN, even a 55 year old loan officer could average 20 with that squad easy. And let’s not forget about the Net’s record: They were below .500 the whole time RJ was their leader.

    Puts the Spurs in the title hunt? The NBA are filled ‘scorers’ like RJ that cannot fucking do anything to help their team. Ricky Davis, ZBo, etc… Don’t be fucking blinded by their stats. Jefferson will NOT help the Spurs recapture the chip.

  • Ashlov

    Every time I hear RJ talk, I think of that old Eddie Murphy skit where he says in super-white man-voice, “He’s good, clean, and wholesome!”

  • QQ

    And to that impostor… Damn it. Just cut it out man. I’m not gonna even go thug gangsta on you… Just cut it out.

    ‘Sweet English says:

    QQ you have gone from making some half decent points to being a pure faggot recently. If your just gonna bitch and call people out in all your posts, fuck off to slam magazine or somewhere else that can put up with your shit. ‘Cos it’s getting boring and i speak for everyone when i say thinks your clever except you.

    Start making some points and getting a bit of content in your posts, or don’t post at all.’


    Honestly, whoever you are using my name, just cut it out…

  • ponky_alolor

    @ QQ, that loser also used my name to hate. What a life…

    @iceman, kobe just slightly better than manu? Give me some of what your having. The lakers got better after that boston finals and houston series. L give them that. Spurs have re-loaded but theyre not a lock 4 the chip haha.

    Any developments on free agency? We need this draft drama over and done with.

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    “kobe just slightly better than manu”

    …alright, enough with that crack already…

  • that’s whats up

    I give RJ the nod in the wifey department

    Parker’s wife is like a skinny school boy – RJ’s wife is bangin’

    …and fuck CP3’s cheatin’ ass. If the refs ever called the push-offs he does every single time he has the ball he would only play 6 minutes a game. Fuck CP3

  • Vinny Chase

    @ 18……man, you are a genious! smartest post i read today. eva, RJ’s wifey AND adriana lima?! shiiiet son, i can care less about whos on the court as long as that line up of wifeys are in the stands.

  • QQ

    @ 24: I saw that ponky. I think he used dk’s name too…

    It’s kinda funny to those cays saying I should take the bitchfight between me and the impostor somewhere else, but yall acknowledging the impostor like it’s me. ITS NOT ME.

    I’ve been postin here for a while, Imma spew some hate, but I am not classless. You see these classless posts, easily identified as a troll, and youll see ‘QQ’ and all of you cats are acknowledging it as me. It’s not me. NOT me.


    If it’s mean, rude, in a bad taste, dumb, hating for no reason, trolling, IT’S NOT ME.

    IT’S NOT ME.

    IT’S NOT ME.

    IT’S NOT ME.

    IT’S NOT ME.

    IT’S NOT ME.

    To the impostor: Man, just cut it out. Honestly. I don’t know what crap is going on your head, but I want no part of it. Just stop it.

  • doc

    @Iceman-U are tripping big time.The Spurs a Lock because they got RJ?Kobe is SLIGHTLY better than Manu?Then u threw fucking matt Bonner in a starting lineup u said was a lock for a chip.Didnt dum ass Spurs fans realize last year u cant throw dudes like Bonner and Mason into the starting lineup and think u going somewhere.WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  • doc

    Dam somebody even faking dk’s name?They are some bored fucks because he dont need any help talking that 12 year old shit he be spitting sometimes.

  • mess

    Wasn’t it Pop who had one of the most vocal tantrums when the Lakers stole Gasol from Memphis. I guess if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. At least Memphis got a prospect in M. Gasol, and a couple of draft picks. Bucks got nothin.

  • flavur

    the wolves should draft james harden at number 5 and tyreke evans at number six a nice beefed up power backcourt to compliment al jefferson and kevin love this team will be a beast AL JEFFERSON FOR 2010 ALL-STAR TEAM.

  • Kudabeen

    Around this time of year I always consider buying Insider, then change my mind…LOL

    If they have all access to workouts, practice and summer league games I would buy it quick.

  • Kudabeen


    You guys ever considered a membership based blogging situation? Those who don’t want to register will show as guest or sign their handle in the end. It would eliminate the stealing of handles nonsense and probably open a few doors to coordinate promotions and events among the daily followers such as the once proposed BBall gathering in NYC or elsewhere to really have guys show their games.

    Just a suggestion. Moving more to a social network, but I guess there are other avenues for that as well.

  • Ansonious

    The Spurs do this every year they trade their players to another team and get them back in 30-45 days it’s so hilarious they pull this off every year and no other teams really pull this move out. Another funny thing is Eddy Curry’s losing weight this is yet again something that was being talked about last year in the off season, but I do remember the jokes that shit set up priceless.

  • einnod

    Damn RJ’s wife is a hottie!!!

  • SagJism

    LOL, that was cold doc.

  • QQ

    @30: I totally agree with you. I’ve been on dimemag.com for quite sometime, and i’ve always really enjoyed the respectful convo we have with one another. This “impostor” simply doesn’t understand, this is a community of hoops heads that has no interest in slander, stupidity, name calling, bitchfights, etc. Please “impostor” please, give it a rest. you’ve accomplished your goal of ruining these boards for long enough, and it appears that you’ve even slandered a few of my other good friends on this site. Please stop. It’s juvenile.

    Please keep it classy Dime!

  • QQ

    correction, meant @ 36 – kudabeen.

    Please Dime, do something about this.

  • QQ

    @36 again: I don’t know about that social networking idea though man, LOL, sounds kinda gay to me. But I liked everything else you said.

  • Ian

    Gotta love that laker fan making fun of iceman when he said kobe is slightly better than manu and said gasol is even with duncan? Dude pleaseeee the gap between duncan best pf and gasol is bigger than kobe best sg on manu 3rd best. A healthy manu can play kobe and whoever doesnt think so is blind or a hater see the diff he made on the spurs. Now iceman called draw on bonner damn bynum sucks but not that much. Dizzle you still talk about fishers defense????? Wow who can he stop?? Please i need to use those goggles u own btw no u cant use the same logic for td u use for kobe winnin without shaq , duncan was never the second best player. I still dont get why is it only laker fans talkin bs about jefferson if you guys are sogreat why even bother.

  • Drink the Haterade

    RJ’s wife aint got no ass


    Now thats an ass

  • QQ

    Damn it… @ 42: You’re still the impostor, man. Please. Just stop.

    Hmm… I agree totally with Kudabeen. Please, Dime. Please make it work.

  • QQ

    WTF?? @ 45: You’re still the impostor dude. Please just stop. Seriously, I submit. You win. Can I please just have my life back? I just want to post and read intelligent posts without having to worry about your slandering.

    @ Kudabeen: THIS IS THE REAL QQ. And I totally agree with what you said. Let’s make it happen Dime.

  • QQ

    @46: Dude, please stop. Please.

  • Sly

    @ 46:

    Fucking cut it out… Honestly… Fucking cut it out… We all know who’s faking. Just… Cut it out…

  • QQ

    @47: Man, I really don’t wanna get thuggy on you, but you’re making it real hard. Just give it a rest man. Please.

  • Sly

    @ QQ’s impostor:

    I have no idea why you’re doing it… Honestly…

    Are you a Magic fan who wants some love too, because you got forgotten? Thinking that using ‘QQ’ will make you relevant about saying things?

    I really have no fucking idea why you’re doing it.

  • QQ

    @48: “Fucking cut it out… Honestly… Fucking cut it out… We all know who’s faking. Just… Cut it out…”

    Appreciate that man!

  • Sly

    @ 51:

    You’re not welcome, fucking bitch.

    You know who you are.

  • QQ

    @50: I appreciate the love man! It’s good to know people can distinguish this Loser impostor from me.

  • QQ


    Good shit man! BURN THE IMPOSTOR!

  • QQ

    ATTENTION ALL: “Sly” is actually me, QQ. I know this is getting confusing, but stick with me men. We will BURN THIS IMPOSTOR OUT!

  • Sly

    @ 54:

    Shut the fuck up.

    You fucking know who you are.

    Dime, please do something about this.

    @ 54:

    Fuck off bitch.

  • QQ

    Ridiculous. Dime, moderate this before you lose all your fans.

  • Sly

    Why would the ‘real’ QQ fucking say that ‘Sly’ is really him? Why does he have to do that if he is the real QQ?

    What’s the fucking point?

  • QQ

    @57: FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!


  • QQ

    @58: Completely agree with you Sly. I appreciate the love man.

  • Sly

    No, I am asking you. If you are the real QQ, why do you have to say that you are ‘Sly’? What’s the point of doing that?

    That’s a question, bitch.

  • QQ

    @61: Dude, I see the game you’re trying to play. You’re trying to come across as me, by creating this other name “Sly” but its not gonna work.

    ALL, REMEMBER MY post 25:


    and also remember post 30:

    If it’s mean, rude, in a bad taste, dumb, hating for no reason, trolling, IT’S NOT ME.”

    Now you all be the judge. Does “Sly” AKA “IMPOSTOR” really sound classy? Are his comments in good taste?

    Exactly BITCH.


  • QQ

    Stop ruining these boards. I’ll stay classy unlike you.

  • QQ

    @25 & 30: I didn’t even read those posts – All Those are STILL the ‘IMPOSTOR’ Trying to be me. Don’t you all see this devious fuck is trying to ruin these boards. Fight against TROLLING. DIME, step in!

  • QQ’s New Imposter

    Dummies, Dime can track the real you by what email address you put in, unless you change it up to stay anon. But duhh what about IP addresses. If you want to keep a name then goto a messageboard. Otherwise Shut the hell up and let the other fools Imposter you. Ignore it. Switch names. Both you and the imposter are Jackasses.

    The dimemag foxsports board had names but they obviously they didn’t care about that so they switched up. I happen to like the way you can be anon. No need for a password or knowing a real ip address if you want me go through my ISP.

  • QQ

    boi i gets brain onda plane/ i gets brain onda train/ i gets brain wen it rain/ i gets brain wen in pain/ i gets brain inda lane/ i gets brain like a drain/ i gets brain like im wayne/ i gets brain like im dane/ i gets brain while refrained/ i gets brain while detained/ i gets brain to remain/ i gets brain while abstained/ i gets brain till i stain/ i gets brain like a jain/ i gets brain with my kane/ i gets brain like a main/ i gets brain while insane/ i gets brain till im sane/ i gets brain from chick vain/ i gets brain in my veins / i gets brain brain brain brain!

  • QQ

    @65: Wow, get a life dude. Seriously.

  • Metropolitan’s Finest

    LOL you guys are losers

  • Ian

    Wow the last 10-15 comments amazing

  • QQ

    All, he’s not who he says I AM!

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    It’s probably the same person with multiple personalities…LMFAO

  • Metropolitan’s Finest

    lol QQ snapped and became a psycho after the Magic got swept (I mean lost 4-1)

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn

    ok i have seen several people saying “gooden this and that”, drew gooden is not a spur! he is unrestricted free agent. IF the spurs get him resigned GREAT.

    and for all those “this is just like the gasol trade”
    BS! the lakers got an near 20-10 guy (few and far between in the league) who was a 2 time allstar, for kwame who? another gasol who is OK at best, a PG? some picks, 2nd rounders right?

    the spurs got a good scorer, 20 points, who has never been an allstar. the bucks got enough cap room to resign both charlie V and sessions. they also MIGHT keep thomas who is a very good defender to back up bogut if need be.

    as holinger put it, the bucks traded jefferson for charlie v and ramon sessions. sounds like a fair trade to me.

    this does not put the spurs over the top as a lock but it does make them AT WORST the 2nd best team in the west with a real chance to be the best team in the west. it also puts them 4.5 over the tax (pau didnt put the lakers over, they where already over) so his 14.2 just became about 19 mil. yeah you lakers fans keep thinking we got a steal like you did, this was no gift.

  • the kid

    comments today are straight comedy. lol

  • Danny

    ranjer john, you sir, do not know basketball at all. Lakers got a 20-10 guy yes, but they gave away kwame, marc ( WHO WASS JUST A ROOKIE, one of the top center rookies) and picks that ended up in OJ mayo ( a 20 pt scorer). While the spurs gave up JUST expriing contracts, no prospect, no nothing. you dumba$$

  • jmg

    the Spurts are still old and have no bench. they will contend for 3rd or 4th now with Jefferson, 29, who is Luke Waltons best friend…thus making him garbage (am im a die hard Laker fan).
    the spurts are OLD still and if Timmmmayyy wasnt 34, Manu, 32 and wasnt coming off of ankle surgery, Finley wasnt 35 and if Bonner actually scared anyone they would be contenders. Parker, 27, is the only one that scares me and he cant do it alone.
    they dont match up with the Lakers…they only have one advantage at PG

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn

    danny you are the idiot, the griz got the mayo pick not from the lakers but FOR SUCKING! i did speak wrong though they got 2008 and 2010, 1st rounders (both later in the round not a lot pick)

    they gave up KWAME, its fucking KWAME BROWN! that alone is a joke. marc gasol is just OK, i mean his numbers are 12 and 7.4 not great, not bad but OK (then again he plays for the griz) they also got crittenton (or what ever his name is) is not even in the league anymore, and arron mckie (also not in the league)

    come back with your big boy voice next time numb nuts

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn

    oh and dannyboy, oj ACTUALLY came on a trade for kevin love.

    damn man try again

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn

    here since you cant do any research yourself daniel, here is the ACTUAL draft board


    (go see # 28)

    DONE buuhhh bye now

  • padoods


    Read what I said again please. I said:

    “I’d say at this point Duncan and pau are just about even (maybe slight edge to tim)”

    When Iceman (I hope he changes his nick cause he’s disgracing a legend) posted he was talking about next year. When he said Kobe at par with Manu he was talking about next year. When he said TD was gonna eat Pau and LO he was talking about next year. See what Im getting at? NEXT YEAR!

    Common man, I admit at their primes TD will wipe the floor with Pau. But both Manu and Duncan are getting up their in age bro. And with injuries to boot. Meanwhile Pau’s best is yet to come I think. As for Kobe, do I even need to say anything?

    As to asking why I even bothered responding to Iceman. I could say the say about your response to my post. Guess youre smart enough to figure out for yourself why.

  • Danny

    um did you see what they did with their 2008 1st round pick did you??? Go look it up. lmao, So the spurs giving away players that are gonna be bought out in a month and come back. While you say that the bucks gave up richard jefferson for charlie v and ramon sessions (their OWN players). That makes no sense. What makes sense tho, is that they couldn’t get playtime over RJ and luke ridnour. But who the hell would want them playing over richard jefferson, a MUCH BETTER player. Worse trade than the pau gasol trade. Bar None.

  • Danny

    gasol was only a one time all star as well, no one considered him a multiple all star before the trade. Can you name who averaged 25 5 and 5 before?? hint** im not talking about vince carter.

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn

    hmmm the griz turned the #28 pick into the #27 pick darrel arthor who has averaged a whatpping 5.6 ppg and 4.6 rpg. comming off the bench. hell at least thomas can play defense

    now as stated hollinger is the one suggesting the
    jefferson for charlie v and sessions” but i guess you cant figure out how it works. see the money saved in this trade gives the WELL over the tax bucks the room to have the money to resign the 2 FREE AGENTs. and last i checked sessions was starting over luke in the 2nd half, and charlie v DOES NOT PLAY THE SAME POSSITION as jefferson! that would be joe alexander.

    and you want to talk about trading for MUCH BETTER PLAYERS, so your saying PUA is not a MUCH better player then ANY center the lakers have had since shaq? YOUR NUTS!

    holy shit man pull your head out of your ass man.

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn

    danny, gasol IS a 2 time allstar, jefferson HAS NEVER MADE AN ALLSTAR GAME!

    you better go check your stats man jefferson has never averaged more then 22.6 ppg, never more then 4 assists. he as only aqveraged more then 5 rpg 4 times. his best season being a 33 game injury prone season. his numbers also fell as soon as vince got to NJ.

    jefferson is also one of the most over rated and over paid players in the league. so now your compairing him to pau? im done talking to you, you are delusional!

  • Ian

    well……..you are right man hehehe we arent talking about all the players in their primes i got carried away with the spur hate going on but still td is better than gasol but i do get your point.

    BUT i wasnt callin YOU out on why answer that comment i was asking why all the laker fans are getting worked up about the jefferson trade and why do i waste time answering also you asked well because the trade is for my team.

  • Ian

    @comment 76
    “the spurs will contend for a 3rd-4th seed” with jefferson didnt they get a 3rd seed without jefferson and without manu?

    so the lakers have the advantage at pf also? does bynum scare anyone?

    wow are you tryin to say jefferson is better than gasol by posting stats?? damn man. gasol was the leader of a crappy team the made the playoffs 3 times on his back. gasol was the one that helped kobe win a playoff series without shaq. jefferson is nice but hes not gasol.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ranger
    Bein a spurs fan, you shouldn’t be shittin on a late first rounder or a second round pick cuz we all know where Tony and Manu came from. I can’t believe we’re actually arguin the Lakers givin up prospects and picks for a 20-10 guy and the Spurs givin up two 35+ yrs old players and Oberto’s old ass too for an also in his prime 20, 5 and 4 slasher. We ALL know that they gonna be bought out and returned to the Spurs anyways. Spurs fans are the only ones who should never ever complain about the Gasol trade again. Rest of the league except for Memphis can continue.

    @ Ian
    you obviously read my post wrong. I got no issues with Fish not bein able to stop anyone. What I said was “There are 2 ends of the court” meanin Tony can’t stop anyone either. So TP can go out and put 40 on Fish, but as long as he’s gettin a “Jameer Nelson in game 4 open look” from Tony at crunchtime, it really don’t matter. It’s not Laker fans lookin at ish thru rose colored glasses or even worried. We look at the Spurs comin off two bad playoff exits, Manu bein injured 2 years in a row, Tim, Fin, Manu gettin older. Tradin all the supporting big men for a slasher who hasn’t done anything in 3 years and look at a roster that has basically Bonner and Tim as the only size with no cap space and we’re supposed to be worried? We pretty much sign Ariza or Odom or preferably both and we’re still the favorites. That’s not even takin
    into account that big things are expected from Bynum once he’s healthy and after what Ariza and LO did to Hedo and Shard(who anybody would take over RJ right now) RJ doesn’t put a scare into me at all. It’s a good solid trade but it puts you guys in contention with the Nuggets and a healthy Houston team for 2nd best. Signin Rasheed or Gortat or some size might help, but we still the favorites.
    p.s. Stop hatin on Fish. He got as many rings as Timmy now and dude is still clutch

  • QQ’s New Imposter

    Ian, asking why laker fans get worked up over the jefferson trade is like asking why QQ gets worked up over an imposter.

  • Ian

    dizzle u know tony isnt nash on defense hes ok and the thing is while fish and parker will give up 30 to elite guards parker gets them back. you know parker wont be givin fish that open shit pop would shot his ass before he gets to the bench.

    and i agreed with you and padoods so dont worry

    question what are you sayin when with
    “He got as many rings as Timmy now and dude is still clutch”

  • Ian

    QQ’s New Imposter
    some funny stuff you 2 got goin on here.

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn

    ok dizzle here is the thing, sure tony and manu came out of the late 1st/2nd but arthor is EITHER of those players? danny is making it out like the grizz got either tony or manu or gilbert or any of those guys with the pic from LA. he also said the griz got OJ MAYO for the LA pic which is foolish.

    and you want to talk cap room, lakers are at 74 mil WITHOUT ariza OR odom. they are already paying tax. plus I THINK they gave up part of their exceptions. (not possitive)

    spurs will be over the cap sure, (not as bad a lakers) but we have a biannual and midlevel exception available.

    out of the 3 players let go, i only really hope thomaas get s buyout and comes back.

  • Mo

    Get your panties out of a bunch. Usually when they compare CP3 to all time greats it being done STATISTICALLY. His career is too early on to be compared with those guys’ overall achievements but CP’s numbers put him up there with some of the great ones. There shouldn’t be any hating in that. No he doesn’t have the accomplishments yet that they had. He also doesn’t have the supporting casts that most of those guys had but his numbers do indeed put him up there with some of the best. Whether you like it or not. I’m pretty sure when Magic Johnson came into the league people were also saying he’s the “best since”. There’s nothing wrong with being the “best since”. I don’t think anyone said Paul was “better than” Magic. They only said the “best since”. Just like some are saying Kobe and Lebron are the best at their positions “since” Jordan. Saying CP has put himself above Mutombo, Vince, Dirk, Melo…. CP hasn’t put himself anywhere. The media does it and you guys start hating on CP. What a dumb ass bunch of haters that don’t seem to understand what these guys are talking about. LMAO. They’re talking about STATISTICALLY. Now who can really sit up with a straight face and say Paul’s numbers don’t statistically rank up there with some of the best? If you do either you don’t know shit or you’re just a flat out hater.

    @Dimemag…. in the words of Mark Jackson …. “you’re better than that”.

  • Mo

    And wait, wait. Did Dime actually comment on something based on something they haven’t even read? Only saw a teaser? So actually they didn’t know what the article was about but decided to jump CP3 about it? LMAO!! Dime, I thought you were better than that.

  • Mo

    There’s always room for more haters. If you don’t have haters, you’re not doing somthing right.


  • Mo

    FYI, that article that claimed CP3 was the best draft pick in 20 years was based on Estimated Wins Added. The guys formula “took each player’s EWA and calculated how much better or worse he performed relative to what should have been expected (eEWA)”. CP3 leads or is one of the leaders in Wins Produced and Win Shares for at least the past 2 seasons.

    Don’t get mad at CP3 if his wins added total has been higher than your favorite players. It’s all statistics guys. Get em out of a bunch already.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    One could make the argument that CP3 is the best draft pick in the last 20 years to picked at number 4.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    One could make the argument that CP3 is the best draft pick in the last 20 years to be picked at number 4.

  • Mo

    More on the STATISTICS…



    You see, all of this stuff is based on statistics. No one is claiming Paul is the best thing since the wheel.

  • Mo

    Now Big Freeze I would say yes, that argument can definitely be made.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    I don’t read Dime for 3 days and you all stab me in the back!! Well, Chris Paul.

    What Mo said. The Magic hype this year was a bunch of people running with this statistical breakdown: http://dberri.wordpress.com/2009/01/27/magic-johnson-and-chris-paul/

    They’re close numerically. That’s a fact. Just like Chris Paul was a better individual player than Kobe Bryant in 2008-09 and should probably have been First Team All-NBA. You say that and people jump all over you. But man, it’s numbers. I hate when people want to argue with numbers. “But it’s the intangibles” is all well and good, but when you’re comparing players who play at different positions or in different historical eras, you have to use statistics.

    No one said he was a champion. No one said he was better than Magic. Magic has a much larger body of work. I believe what was said was that at this point in his career, Chris Paul is putting up comparable numbers. How is it overhype to acknowledge that?

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Disclaimer: I don’t know about this “best draft pick” stuff though. First of all, it was kind of a no-brainer to take Chris Paul when he was still on the board at 4. Shouldn’t “best draft pick” ever status be reserved for guys picked lower who became huge stars? Like Kobe Bryant who was picked at 13.

    But I don’t read Insider so I have no idea what the argument is.

  • LakeShow84

    LOL @ all the Spurs fans.. Lol keep thinking you guys match up with us cuz you Richard Jefferson.. i mean Richard Jefferson seriously!?

    I still dont see the size to deal with us.. RJ?? yeah cuz hes going to make that MUCH of a difference.. And it doesnt matter how match up with us as far 1-5 goes cuz our system dictates otherwise.. but still individually Bottom lines are as follows..

    Gasol will neutralize Duncans input NO MATTER WHAT U FOOS SAY.. it’ll be 15&10 all day for those 2..

    Bryant slightly better than Manu?? No comment ill just laugh at u guys come May.. but look at it like this.. We got 2 defenders in Kobe and Ariza who can guard Manu.. whose going to stop Kobe who already MURDERS the Spurs when they play?? Udoka?? we seen that result..

    Bynum (if hes back into season form) will play good long defense on TD and since TD cant go around him no more, TD will be a passer.. plus he’ll have his hooks and beautiful footwork back into motion so the offense (which we KNOW he got will be a bonus).. WATCH OUT..

    And dont get me on what Ariza and Odom bring to the table.. plus i think Shannon Brown can play good D on Tony Parker too.. keep him droppin 40 that is..

    @ QQ’s Dickrider

    Aint nobody worked up.. we just laughing at all the Spurs fans trying to keep they team in relevance..

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Yo QQ, do you play NBA 09 on the psp?

  • Ian

    that was just sad this has nothing to do with you laker fans and yet you guys are still here talking out your neck (hehehe i remember that one).
    let me know when td is 15 and 10 like gasol.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    TD is 15&10 right now.. ESPECIALLY with Manu and Parker coming back.. what you think those 3 going to drop 60-80 every night?? thats insane lol and TD is showing age.. hate to say cuz hes on of my favorites as well but doo looked plain OLD last season and dont forget he had a whole summers rest b4 that..

    And i was being generous cuz Gasol is a 20&10 player..

    I wasnt talking out of my neck just addressing people like “Icemans” predictions.. lol you know you guys is just as bad as us.. cuz all i seen is a whole bunch of neck talking..

    Yeah the Spurs are 2nd best again but you guys shouldnt act like that makes you guys that much closer to us.. we are still a much bigger, balanced, more athletic team..

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Wow, the season just ended two weeks ago, and mother fuckers are already arguing over who is the better team on paper next year.

    Here’s a thought: wait until the season starts to argue over who will win the West. Arguing about speculation is futile.

  • QQ

    @103 – Can’t say that I do. You’ll have to ask the Impostor if he does.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Big Freeze..

    Negro please.. we the defending champs so until we eliminated from the playoffs it dont matter WTF happens during the season or “whats on paper”..

    Whats on paper aint got shit to do with shit.. And what the fuck is there truly to speculate??

  • QQ

    @everyone: Who is lamer? Me or the Impostor? I say he is. he’s a jerk who’s ruining this board.

  • QQ

    @102: Man, you guys keep confusing the Impostor with me. WTF, are all of you stupid? Can’t you tell that i’m the real QQ, and he’s the fake one? UGHHHHHH!!! SOOOO FRUSTRATINGGG!!!

  • QQ

    @88 & 90: Cmon dude, please don’t encourage this type of behavior. Impostors are not cool. They are pathetic low lifes who simply try to kill creative thought and conversation.


  • QQ

    @42-67: Those were all posts by either the Impostor or the Impostor’s Impostor. And now you got this FAGGOT “QQ’s new Impostor” out there adding to the confusion. Come on y’all, see through this bullshit. This is the Real QQ here. The one y’all love to hate (fore my hating yet respectful ways). I keep it real. I add value to these boards. And yall gonna dis me like that? That’s dirty yall.

    Take an online ethics class and come back with some honor and respect. Assholes!

  • QQ

    @112: hahahahaha, Look at this lil faggot crying. you are only fueling my fire HO. hhahahahahahaha

    QQ be da boss in dis BYTCH!
    QQ Gettin BRAIN in dis BYTCH!
    QQ Gettin DOME in dis BYTCH!
    QQ makin HOz CRY in dis BYTCH!


  • Ian

    “Negro please.. we the defending champs so until we eliminated from the playoffs it dont matter WTF happens during the season or “whats on paper”..

    Whats on paper aint got shit to do with shit.. And what the fuck is there truly to speculate??”


    now on the td thing dude timmy had better numbers than gasol and plays 4-5 mns less per game so how is duncan a 15 and 10 player and gasol a 20 and 10??

    of course you gonna see neck talking from both spurs and laker fans not much to do basketball wise till nov.

  • LakeShow84

    Whoa whoa whoa

    See i never said Gasol had better #’s but bottom line is we have defenders to guard Duncan in Gasol and Bynum.. Who is going to guard Gasol?? Oberto’s gone and i dont think Duncan has the lateral quickness to keep up with Gasol nemore..

    It sucks that Duncans breaking down but long postseason trips EVERY SINGLE YEAR catch up to all 7 footers.. just the way the cookie crumbles..

    Just look at it like this: you guys got ur chips.. you cant expect Duncan to be at the peak EVERY year.. hes starting to slide..

  • LakeShow84


    Whats up QQ#2.. World of Warcraft got boring??

  • Collaboro

    I agree with some here…that R jeff is one dimensional and not going to help the spurs be anything but a pretender.

  • Rizwan

    Right on the money with that CP3 bullshit.

  • AG

    Julius Hodge was playing for the Adelaide 36ers in the Australian NBL up until around 6 months ago. He’d been here for two different stints, but was released from his second stint in very acrimonious circumstances. Without pointing the finger at anyone, there were money issues (inefficient payments), discipline issues, along with some bad advice provided.

    Hodge was released at the request of his management after he had already refused to play (despite at that time being paid in advance).

    Not many Adelaide fans very happy with Hodge, and I doubt any Australian team would ever be prepared to take him on again!

  • Sweet English

    QQ why don’t you just change your fucking name and not tell anyone.

  • QQ

    @120: You’re probably right. I think that is what i’ll do. BURN THE IMPOSTOR.