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Orlando looking for effort, answers vs. Kobe in Game 2

Dwight Howard (photo. Mannion)

Dwight Howard (photo. Mannion)

Friday was pretty quiet for the day after the opening act of the NBA Finals. Then again, funerals tend to be that way. Seriously though, only the most giddy Lakers fans (that includes you, Spike Lee) are completely writing off the Magic after the Game 1 piecing, but anyone who saw the game or just saw the score has to admit Orlando has a lot of work to do to make this series competitive. And if you want to merely chalk it up to first-game nerves, then you might as well put the down payment on that fishing boat rental for Dwight Howard‘s squad, because a case of bad nerves at this point is the kiss of death … With two days off before Game 2 (Sunday, 8 p.m. EST, ABC), you have to wonder if Kobe can maintain that level of Tiger Woods-like focus he had when he dropped 40 in the first game. Kobe has looked like a grumpy old man for a minute now (albeit a grumpy old man who would kick your ass), like he’s operating on that Chuck Norris philosophy: Kobe Bryant doesn’t sleep. He waits … After Game 1, Dwight wondered aloud where his team’s effort was, and Stan Van Gundy said Marcin Gortat “had the best all-around game” of anyone on the roster. Given the problems Orlando had rebounding and dealing with L.A.’s height, Van Gundy said he’d think about playing Gortat and Dwight together more often. It’s tricky for SVG because you want to make the necessary adjustments to win, but you also don’t want to make a panic move and possibly slice off your nose (offense) to spite your face (defense/rebounding). And ask the ’07 Mavs and Avery Johnson; players can sense when the coach is making a panic move, and it does affect them … So who needs to step up? Whether it’s Rashard Lewis or Hedo Turkoglu or Rafer Alston or Dennis Scott, somebody needs to knock down some threes; if nothing else, to keep the Lakers from collapsing the D on Howard all the time. And while it’s too late to ask Dwight to find an offensive game all of a sudden — it’s not like he has Kevin McHale pills at his disposal — the face-up moves weren’t working for him the other day. Dwight just needs to break free of the trees and get a couple of easy finishes to get going. The Lakers would send Dwight to the line 20 times a night if it means he won’t get any of those monster dunks … This week’s NBA Draft hot commodity is DeMar DeRozan, taking over for Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday last week. In our most recent mock draft we had DeRozan going to the Raptors with the 9th pick, but since then he’s reportedly looking real good to teams like Oklahoma City (#3) and Golden State (#7). You’re probably wondering why Nellie would pick another wing player built strictly for offense. So are we … Tyler Hansbrough recently worked out for the Hornets (#21), after which Byron Scott had this to say: “He’s a much better athlete than I think a lot of people give him credit for,” Scott told the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “He shoots the ball much better than people give him credit for. So I don’t think it’ll be a big-time transition period to the NBA style.” In our Dime #49 NBA Draft Preview, we break down Psycho T’s pro potential. Pick it up if you see it this weekend … We’re out like Happy Kobe …

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  • Sambuu

    Dennis Scott was good…

  • vcn

    .man i wish chips ahoy chewy cookies were bigger

  • vcn

    .the newer the year, the smaller the portion and the higher the price…i wish chips ahoy would get real with its products…yeah and kung fu instant noodles are the best…also, tk society black prof./red sneaks i will return

  • JuiceMode

    “Whether it’s Rashard Lewis or Hedo Turkoglu or Rafer Alston or Dennis Scott, somebody needs to knock down some threes…”

    Well, they’ve all been Nick Anderson so far… choke, choke

  • http://theantijoy.blogspot.com/ The antiJOY

    SVG playing jameer more than 20 minutes was already a sign of panic

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    you play gortat and dwight at the same time , they’ll undoubtedly be a man wide the fluck open. It’s a gamble but i guatantee(sic), if you have them both contained inside and that wide open shot ain’t falling,even for a few minutes,Game 1 will be considered a friendly gesture from the lakers compared to what’ll happen in game 2. lakers in 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Don’t ever mention Spike Lee. He should be ban from The Forum. His team is The Knicks, whether The Knicks win, lose, or draw, that is his team. Just like all of us, we have only one team basketball team. We can only switch team if the team moves to another city, Sonics and Raiders!

    For me, Kings, 49ers, Sharks, and SF Giants. Those are my teams will death due us part! Or until they move to another city.

  • Russ

    ….Dennis Scott, can we get the boys over @ Bounce to do a “The Playground Gave Us’ type feature on him?! That jumper was serious.

  • that’s whats up

    I don’t think the Magic shoot 29% again, ever, in any game.
    My 3 year old shoots better than that throwing toys in the toy bin.

    The Magic were star struck, the Lakers made a statement – now let’s see who can really man up and take this very important Game 2.

    remember when Dennis Scott came back from injury that one year and he blew up so big he had to change his name to Dennis Scoooooooooooooooott?
    He still had his jumper going, but he couldn’t run with anyone

  • http://nba.com gibson

    Just a heads up, it’s cut off your nose to ‘spite’ your face. Oh and Magic in 6, seriously.

  • Yoooo

    Kobe is like Clint Eastwood in Grand Tarino at this point…

  • QQ

    Hmm… Quiet day.. haha.

  • QQ

    Spike Lee now = so called Magic fans here in Dime.

    More fickle than a motherfucker.

  • dk

    Why is Kobe hated so much? It stems from millions and millions of years of evolution, men respond with un- acceptance when faced with inferiority. MJ was accepted, because he was greater than man, Kobe can not be accepted because he feels greater than MJ. Im sure hes blamed for visions of grandeur, but its not the case. Its a different era, a differnet time. There was Jesus Christ, there was Tupac Shakur, and many more before an in between that were persecuted for teaching the truth, the truth and relevance pertaining to time, Martyrs. Kobe is a martyr, our basketball martyr. After his next few championships Ill be waiting for him to bring the commandments down from the mountains, and I will follow because I know the truth..

  • that’s whats up

    did I just read a comparison of Jesus Christ and Tupac???

    I guess the yayo comes out early on the weekends in your parts

  • jzsmoove

    Kobe is hated because of he is perceived as ingenuine personality. He says the right things on camera but his presence and body language says otherwise. He walks around like he is THE Man for years but has not won anything yet as THE Man. He failed last year as THE Man, he may win this year and that would give him one title as THE Man. That would be one more than Ewing, the equivalent as Paul Pierce (The Truth)and one less than Isiah (Dick). These 2 chips did not make Isiah a god.

    Kobe is not a martyr. A martyr is someone who gives up something great for others and sacrifices himself for it. When has Kobe than that other than maybe this year and some of last year (when he failed to win as THE Man.)
    He was a me-first and self-absorbed player who did not even trust his team.

    And the Magics could not use Ariza, trades his ass away, darn it…Its gonna rain treys in Game 2 for the Magics. Its time to man up.

    Go Magics.

  • dk

    @13 No, it was a comparison of JC, 2pac and Kobe.

    @14 Your a dumb dick bro’ . Kobe has won three world championships and gold medal in the olympics. Hes missed the playoffs once in his career during a rebuilding, restructuring phase. Every other year hes either ends up in the Confrence finals or finals, idiot. Fucking PP hahaha his team bought him won championship, big fucking deal….

  • Rafa23

    did the magic suddenly add an “s” to their name jzsmoove?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @jz summed it up pretty easily, kobe, tupuc and jesus eattin at the same table? A church somewhere just randomly exploded when he typed that.
    Ariza for brian cook……hindsight..

    @Dime, anyone who saw psycho T at the combine tryin to do the lateral slide drill KNOWS hes gonna have defensive issues. Hes still too mechanical at this point.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    1…what about the years where kobe kept gettin knocked out in the first round?
    2. you say they bought PP a championship? what do you call the lakers doin to get gasol, WHICH up until them, the lakers were a lotto team gettin spanked by the suns and kobe callin his teammates out to get traded.
    3. As the man, kobe hasn’t won shit..he won 3 rings as a side kick.

    So if your going to call someone a martyr, which you obviously didn’t kno what it meant lol don’t get all bitchy when someone corrects. Kobe is the farthest thing from a martyr. I like kobe but callin him that is almost retarded since like JZ said, a martyr is someone who gives up something great for others and sacrifices himself for it. No where in kobes whole career pre or post shaq, has anyone confused kobe as someone willing to sacrifice for others at the cost of himself. And this is coming from someone whose met kobe a few times. Cuz if they somehow lose this series (which i still think they will) how quick do you think dick kobe will come out?

  • dk

    Yeah your right, Kobe aint done a shit. The Lakers aquried Gasol, correct. Its a lot different for fucking Boston to go out and buy two superstars. How the fuck can anyone but a green ass Boston fan compare those two scenarios. If the Lakers went out and bought Bosh and Bron that would be buying a championship. Its all good, PP is the greatest champion ever, leagues better then Bryant, thats why he carried his team on his back into the second round. Boston ought be a dominant force with Big Baby lying in wait in addition to all the other young talent they built around their dynasy….

    I also base all my definitions on rappersand I am very glad you met Kobe Bryant. Im almost positive he has healing powers.

  • dk

    @ bron

    Hes been bounced in the first round twice, big fucking deal, you cant win em all, every year he makes his team aa playoff htreat. Its the NBA.

  • jzsmoove

    @Rafa, Dwight Howard is a Magic. With teammates they are the Magic(s). Kobe is a Laker. With teammates they are the Laker(s). Bron is a Cavalier. With his teammates they are the Cavalier(s). Melo is a Nugget. With his teammates they are the Nugget(s).

  • dk

    @ bron

    The truth ” what a gay fucking nick name ” led his team into the playoffs 6 out of 12 seasons…. Awesome, every year people check their calender and shake when PP comes to town… ” Oh man I hope we dont see PP in the playoffs…. ”

    Can you handle the truth about Paul Pierces amazing leadership and jump shot?




    .505 ( a first round exit were he averaged 12 shots a game )


    Thats his shiteous FG% in each of his playoff stints, what a hero!

  • dk

    Also, I would rather have a dickhead Kobe on my team then a dumb ass, goofy, smiling D HO…

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @DK, u dont get points for random babble…did i say kobe is trash? no i said he aint won shit since shaq left..thats fact, you cant argue it. And you say the lakers aquired gasol? ummm didn’t they trade for ray and Kg? so didn’t they “aquire” them? how is that any different? you traded a bag of fruit roll ups and got gasol. The celts gave up high pics and al jefferson. So if anything the lakers were the ones who bought their guy only to lose and have their hero give up on them in a big game once again…and y r u turnin this into a paul pierce thing like i said anything special about him lol and ya he was bounced in the first round 2 years in a row, quit on his team, missed the playoffs the year before that I don’t really call those years a threat..sold out half his team over the summer.. and i dont care what you casew it on, callin kobe a martyr shows you have no sense.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    u had a dwight howard, cept his name was shaq…ya kno..the last time kobe saw a ring?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    actually i’m done…honestly at this point i dont even kno what point ur tryin to prove..you just namin every teams main guy and tryin to hate lol have fun wit that

  • Rafa23

    @ jzsmoove
    lol, i was just joking. but if you look at it seriously:
    its cavaliers, lakers, spurs
    BUT magic or heat
    but i get what you mean so lets not argue

  • QQ

    @ smoove:

    But those teams are the CavalierS (not the Cavalier), the LakerS (not the Laker), and the NuggetS (not the Nugget).

    Our team is called the Magic. Period. Magic. No S.


  • dk


    Im just saying you guys are haters basically by saying Kobe aint done shit. Thats as ignorant and as obvious as a person can be.


    Yeah, Shaq is a few inches taller, a 100 pounds heavier and has 4 rings as a sidekick, thas all… I think Shaq might be a 1000 times tougher too.

  • dk

    @24 Dont take offense to this but if you think, that I think, Kobe is a martyr, your full of sense…

    I hate Boston and I hate Paul Pierce, ( Im at one with my hating and admit it ) I was hoping you were a PP fan, because if you were, you got pwned…

  • Kevin

    @dk — You’re the biggest Kobe dick-rider I’ve ever come across, and that’s really saying something. Look, every team in pro sports BUYS their championship, because they PAY the players to WIN. You think the Lakers paying Kobe $20 million a year isn’t their attempt to buy a title? Plus they bought Gasol from Memphis, they bought Odom from Miami, they bought Bynum in the draft … that’s how sports works, idiot. Bottom line, no player does anything by himself. After the Lakers win this series, you know what people are gonna say? “Kobe never won without an All-Star big man.”

  • dk


    Your clueless guy, Kobe is worth way more then 20 mil. ( about 75 mil. ) . He took that chump change so they could have more cap room, idiot. They did buy Gasol, sort of. Lamar came over in a 3 player deal, no cash involved, idiot. Bynum was selected in the draft, not ” bought ” . They did sign him to a contract after that. Kobe could wiin by himself too! Stern and him decided against it, it would have ruined the NBA.

    PS. Ive never rode dick either, I save that job for your moms…

  • dk

    @ Kevin and the rest the losers

    Dont forget the Lakers will be the same team next year, Lamar will resign, unless hes offered 20 mil. , which aint gonna happen. Those were his words. Gasol will be back. Black Jes.. I mean Bryant obviously will lead them to another championship next season, or put in one hell of an effort. Then the season after that Shaq will be back, and no, it dont matter how old he will be. He works out twice a day, and he dont have to do much on a court anymore to be effective with Kobe Bryant out there. Sounds like my teams better than yours for some time to come, get over it….

  • JuiceMode

    Even if it’s a longshot and maybe even next to impossible from the way it looks right now, I wish the Lakers would lose the championship. So Kobe would lose it and kill himself, maybe then we can call him a martyr. LOL

  • dk

    @36 lol I think after he wins it we should hang him on a cross!

  • jzsmoove

    If QQ says its Magic ( no S)then I’m aight with that.

    Go Magic!!

  • quest???

    @ dk when shaq was a laker Kobe was the sidekick. Three finals MVP can prove that

  • ponky_alolor

    Jeez cmon now, fact of the matter is kobe has won championships. Only mistake we give him beef 4 is he wanted to be THE MAN immediately in LA which broke up that dynasty. He didnt wait 4 his time, shaq was going to get fat and kobe was bound to be that top dog eventualy. He then had to carry his team alone and lose in the play offs, karma got to kobe. Now he gets a chance to win the chip again with a re-loaded cast. The guy is gunning for a 4th chip and playing insane basketball. So he the F cares if he was sidekick or what? I’d kill for lebron to win one chip whether he’s the man or not. As fans, we’re dissecting this too much.

  • -seiz-

    Its funny because I think Kobe is the only one who is held up to these high standards (not having won a ring as the “man”) There are so many other great players that haven’t won a chip as the “man”. No one says anything about K.G, he wasn’t the finals MVP last year. What about Kareem Abdul Jabbar? How many finals MVPs has he won out of his 6 (only 2) But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s won 6 NBA championships. What about the great Oscar Robertson? With his lone NBA championship he never won the finals MVP, but no one says anything about that. What about the great Jerry West? He has one championship but didn’t win it as a finals MVP but no one discredits the fact that he is an NBA champion (He is however the only person to be awarded a finals MVP without winning.) Here’s the thing, without Kobe, Shaq would NEVER have won those 3 championships with the Lakers.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Kobe’s shot is broken and I question his intensity.

    Dwight Howard has a plethora of post moves at his disposal, but out of fairness, he only uses two.

    Pau Gasol is an attractive man.

    Today isn’t opposite day.

  • KB24

    Kobe has a dam song made for him by lil wayne without request….that shows a hell of a lot. Kobe has a documentary “Kobe doin Work.” That says hell of a lot as well. When Kobe wins this years championship and most likely Finals MVP, all the haters should just accept that he’s the best in the L still by far. Lebron has ways to go, with his Jumper, post moves, footwork, and 4 rings to go to catch the Mamba. Lastly, its pretty hard to win against a stacked team in the Phoenix Suns with a supporting starting cast of Smush Parker, Luke Walton, Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm, and a lost Lamar Odom.

  • dk

    @43 Your an idiot. When you aquire new players the should already have mastered the very simple triangle offense. Christ, its in NBA 2k and NBA live.