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Game 1: Kobe scores 40, Dwight is quiet, Lakers appear invincible

One down, three to go

One down, three to go

In our NBA Finals preview/picks from yesterday, Dime’s Austin Burton wrote: Kobe doesn’t have to drop 40 points a night and re-baptize Dwight Howard to bring home his fourth Larry O’Brien trophy and his first Finals MVP. He doesn’t have to outshine anything Jordan, Magic or Bird did in their championship years to drop the ‘He never won without Shaq‘ label. All he has to do is win. Whether he does it scoring 21 with seven dimes or getting 30 points on 30 shots, whether it takes four games or seven, he just has to win.” Or, as we learned last night, Kobe could drop 40 points and do the facilitating thing, which he did as the Lakers dominated in a Game 1 blowout … It’s not like Mickael Pietrus or Courtney Lee played sorry defense; they made Kobe (16-34 FG, 8 rebs, 2 stls) work for everything — he was just hitting everything. It was one of those classic “Nothing you can do” performances. After a close first quarter, Kobe was at his best in the second and the third; his bucket late in the third where he gave Pietrus a series of shakes and spins before getting an and-one banker in the lane put L.A. up by 22 and effectively ended it. That shot also inspired Kobe’s new bottom-teeth-out “I’m DETERMINED” face, which falls right behind Dirk‘s tongue-out bad Jordan impersonation as the ugliest Superstar Big Moment Face in the NBA … Given the way Dwight had gotten stronger throughout the postseason and Andrew Bynum had been slowly morphing into Benoit Benjamin, a lot of us in the Dime office agreed with reader “M Intellect” who handicapped the Howard/Bynum matchup as, “Bynum sandwich, extra mustard.” So it was surprising when Bynum initially outplayed Dwight. The Lakers’ game plan was to get AB involved (and get Dwight in foul trouble) right away, and he responded with some quick buckets and was subsequently more active on the boards and on defense. Eventually Bynum landed in foul trouble in the first half and didn’t finish with a great stat line (9 pts, 9 rebs), but he at least performed up to expectations, and didn’t let Dwight (12 pts, 15 rebs) kill the Lakers … Please don’t let the “Dwight only took six shots” angle become a big story going into Game 2. Yeah, the box score has Dwight at 1-for-6 from the field, but keep in mind he was also 10-for-16 at the line. That means eight other times he went up for a shot and got hacked. Add it up, and 14 shot attempts isn’t that bad of a game for Dwight … Taking Kobe out of the equation, the mismatches you expected to see were exposed early on: Pau Gasol (16 pts, 8 rebs) over Rashard Lewis in the paint, Rashard past Gasol on the perimeter, and Rafer Alston around and through Derek Fisher anywhere. If Rafer could’ve hit more of his little one-hand runners (2-9 FG), maybe Stan Van Gundy would’ve tried to exploit that Fisher matchup more often. Then again, Stan seems to have his mind made up that Jameer Nelson (6 pts, 4 asts, 23 mins) is gonna take a lot of Skip’s playing time. Jameer looked sharp. He made some nice passes and didn’t appear out of shape … And you thought ABC was done playing Tom Petty‘s “Running Down a Dream” at every commercial break … As much as people talk about Kobe’s bad body language, Dwight isn’t much better when things aren’t going well. One time in the first quarter he was chastising Tony Battie for something, then rolled his eyes when Battie didn’t comprehend … How cool of a night was it for Jeffrey Osborne? First he got to sing the national anthem, then he got to wear an Orlando uniform (#8) and sit on the bench the entire game. (Seriously, why does Jeffrey Osborne look younger than Anthony Johnson?) … So what needs to happen for Orlando to make this a series? Dwight put it best in the post-game: Kobe made 16 shots, while the Magic as a team made 23. In other words, Rashard (2-10 FG) and Hedo (3-11) need to get on track. Also, somebody else besides Dwight needs to rebound; Marcin Gortat could be that guy, but that only happens if Van Gundy plays him and Dwight together some time. We’ll see on Sunday … We’re out like AJ’s playing time …

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  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    ‘if I focus when I’m stroking, i can change how you walk” – 50

    Bynum did his thing.i’d consider it a fluckin success if bynum slowed down howard. That post defence was beautiful !!Didn’t fall into rampant foul trouble.Kobe was on some tony montana shyt.Like fluck you and the horse you rode in on.

    that’s the attitude we’ll need to beat the magic.Coz those are some dangerous mafluckers when they get their game going.they live n die by j’s.Still say lakers in six !!

  • that_dude

    lakers: need to continue to play like this, but they need to do better in defensive rotation, they luck out that magic players miss some wide open shots…

    magic: they need to attack the baskey first, give the ball to hedo, let him and dwight play, pick and roll, surely enough that will open their three point shots. they need to take advantage with their speed mismatch at the perimeter…

    STILL LAKERS IN 6 games or 5 maybe

  • Az


  • JuiceMode

    LA in 5. The Lakers drive/hunger vs the “happy-to-be-here” approach the Magic just showed in game 1… Ugh

  • http://www.twitter.com/jahovah23 JHov

    The thing I’m gonna take most from this game is Kobe yelling at his team to work harder and play better..while up 20!!! His will is unmatched. No doubt..though O-town plays better next game but the question is will the Lakers force them off the 3pt line(like they did tonight) and into rushed 2pointers? D12 is averaging 4.5 fouls per game..FOR THE PLAYOFFS! Look for that to continue..so who steps up?!
    LakeShow in 6!

  • http://none Zeitgeist

    “Seriously, why does Jeffrey Osborne look younger than Anthony Johnson?”

    HA Ha HAAA!!! (As I fall out all over the office…)

    If there is ever a Dime Quotes Hall of Fame, this one better get inducted at first nomination.

    Jeffrey Osborne is a Legend!!!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    me thinks pietrus gon’ need some new shoes..

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Ain’t nothing wrong with Kobe’s new killin em face. Everytime I see I say aww shoot “Kobe got them fangs out”.
    When the fangs are out he going for blood and the game is over. Twice now I done seen them fangs and ain’t nothing nice about em.

    I still say Lakers in 4 just for the gall of it all.

    They playing Dwight how he should be played and I said it before but between foul trouble and the other guys having to create instead of sit at the three point line the Magic struggle.

    I really don’t see where the Magic can prevail in this. They would have to come out fast and get a big lead and not give it up.

    I am thinkin game 1 is always the get a feel for how the other squad plays game. Now that the Lakers know what to expect I only see the rest beyond Kobe getting better and the Kobe being Kobe.

    Sure the Magic have a feel for the Lakers but really the Lakers can provide to many looks for the Magic to get a handle on.

    It does appear that the Rockets when it’s all said and done will have given the Lakers their toughest competition.

    Get Sasha out of there and let Shannon Brown get that PT.

    Kobe is teaching everyone on the court a lesson in drive, determination and focus. You can be silly after you won it all.

    Year of the Mamba, Vindication 09!

  • Soopa

    Bynum plays like a sloppy, overweigth kid who hasnt got full control of his body. He doesnt deserve credit for controling D12, it was the help defence of Odom, Gasol and the kitchen sink who got to Howard.

    But the best defence on Dwigth? The Magic shooters. They were missing open shot allllll niiiiight looooong and basicly allowed the LA defence to collapse on D12 and neutalise him.

  • the cynic

    yes courtney lee’s defense was sorry; he was getting busted up by Luke Walton as well.

    Bynum is the Master of the overhand karate chop foul

    uh… when did Gortat become the Magic’s best player?

    Jameer looked good last night, though I thought he gassed halfway through the second quarter. I was definitely wrong about him not playing; he looked like the second best player for the magic already

  • Kryptonite Hops

    It’s game 1 fellas..settle down.

  • dk

    @10 ” uh… when did Gortat become the Magic’s best player? ”

    Yeah, thats why I dominate fantasy basketball, ultra competitive H2H 20 team dynasty. I picked him up in both of them for free last year as a free agent, and will be leaving Orlando after the season. Have fun O-town replacing that guy no one knows when D-Ho is in foul trouble forty out of eighty games a year…

    @11 Orlando in 5………………

  • RICK773

    Had Pietrus took my advice and rocked some Reuben Pattersons Kobe wouldv’e shot 5-23 and we’d be talkin about how Orlando stole Game 1 in LA LA land.

  • dk

    @ Dime

    Not once during the week off did any idiot in here mention how Orlando was gonna guard a ” sloppy ” but effective 7′ 275 pound Bynum and a 7′ Gasol. Rashard Lewis isnt exactly an average defender, and Im given him a little credit. I mean the Lakers do run a triple post offense and also have a ” 7′ ” Odum, according to the other VanGundy…..

  • dk

    @ Dime

    Dont forget to run the puppet blog. Nike is still getting out those worthless muppet promos ( even though the asthma shit was kinda funny ) . Im thinking at this point I would have rather seen Cleavland vs. LA, but Ill take it any way I can get it….. OH, Bron, I forgot to say it….

  • dk

    It looks like that cyst Bron had removed was Mr. Sterns cock in his mouth after all, in the form of a $25,000 fine for not appearing for a post game. I guess when you bleed, you bleed your own blood as a loser. It should have been a quarter million.

  • dk

    @ Dime and the upcoming faggot fans ( QQ excluded )

    ” In other words, Rashard (2-10 FG) and Hedo (3-11) need to get on track. ”

    If my math is correct I can spot those two ” shooters ” 4 and 3 more three point shots respectively and they still lose. What, they need to shoot 80% and hold the Lakers under 90…lmao I hope they do, do better work though, this is all we have left people!

  • dk

    @ All the morons that are gonna watch sports center and comment with out watching the game or having any knowledge of the subject whatsoever.

    I just watched it too! Its not fucking real guys ( like the lunar landing ), if you look closely at the highlights, the shadows are all wrong man, its a fraud.

  • Kobeef



  • Kobeef




  • Kobeef




  • Kobeef

    sorry bout the duplicate comments lol

  • dk

    @22 Dont apologize, the Lord needs to be heard!

    Im bumbping this all day and Im gonna work a little harder all day today, in every aspect of lifE! lmao!

  • K Dizzle – 3 wins til nuthin left to say

    The picture says it all, :”One down, three to go”

  • M Intellect

    I feel like I been baptised…

  • The Bloke

    is it just me or does dimemag.com take for ever to load for you guys too???

    every other page is fast like greased weasel shit…

  • dk

    @25 Its there site…

  • dk

    @25 You can send your post and hit stop reload to view things quicker though.

  • The Bloke

    Cheers mate!!

  • dk

    @28 Please dont cheers an alcoholic at a quarter to eight…

  • dk

    @ Dime

    ” It’s not like Mickael Pietrus or Courtney Lee played sorry defense; they made Kobe (16-34 FG, 8 rebs, 2 stls) work for everything — he was just hitting everything. ”

    I guess if your not named Lebron James who dont care how many assists you get, classy…

  • Kudabeen

    I have been noticing how Kobe gets so many less calls than LeBron or Wade.

    There was one play in the 3rd where Kobe demanded the ball with 5 seconds left and didn’t settle for the J. He shook Pietrus up and went to the rack. He was hit 2-3 times and still finished…NO call.

    There were multiple Js where his follow through was interrupted and no call.

    I was saying this in the Houston and Denver series too. What is it about Kobe that Refs don’t give him the unfair advantage or the fair calls that other stars clearly get. Is it that horrible perception thing refs have “he is good enough to handle it” type of thing. It is just something that continues to bother me.

    None of these guys need an extra advantage on the defense, but we just got finish watching LeBron parade to the line on minimal or no contact. Ah well. I guess the best thing Kobe can do is use it as fuel and keep winning.

    Refs are too damn inconsistent. First half of the 1st quarter they were letting the bigs play, then they called bumps, then they went back to letting them play. It is really hard to watch. It is a physical game. No big man should be forced to get pushed and not push back or hold his ground. That is not basketball. That is lame.

  • jay26th

    And all this time I thought Mambas were a delicious candy in the checkout aisle of the grocery store. Now I find out its a dorky scoul, 40pts and 8 rbs…

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @Kuda, actually ALOT of people weren’t gettin calls last night. I mean gortat isn’t a superstar but he got the life slapped out of him right IN FRONT of the ref and they just looked the other way.

    Good game by the lakers and kobe just saying, i’m not lettin this happen again. But it was the magics to lose. They need to be alot more aggressive. Jameer showed, when he got into the paint he was able to drop it off for open shots. But they stopped doing that and got smacked. IF they keep attackin the paint, that puts pressure on the lakers bigs and helps dwight out. Its the same exact thing the lakers were doing on the other end. Also if you put pressure on the middle, people have to rotate, again giving more space to you shooters. Just hope they actually hit something this time. CAn’t play soft on offense and then hope to just stop the lakers on the other end. I didn’t expect the magic to win game 1 anyway just cuz of stage fright, I still say magic in 7. We just gotta hope they make the right adjustments.

    p.s: KNo the most annoyin part so far? the fact the commentators keep talkin about how the magic have trouble with the lakers length…like the lakers weren’t the same height both times the magic played them in the regular season lol Only difference is the magic made their shots then and jameer was 100% No one shrunk or grew.

  • HeadkickerB

    Kobe’s “determined” face reminds me of Bubba from Forrest Gump. Anybody else seeing that?

  • Big Mike

    I think SVG messed up by letting jameer play to much. Skip wasn’t in a flow after the 1st Q because he didn’t play much. A.Johnson might not see the floor at all this series unless it’s a blow out. The chemistry of their offense was thrown off by Jameer’s extended playing time. They have the equilvilant to a QB controversy. SVG should just start Jameer and let Skip know that, if not, Skip will be looking over his shoulder and not focused.
    R. Lewis is gonna get murdered on the blocks by Gasol or Odom. He is the weak link on D in this series and was exposed. They have no answer for Kobe. D12 going against 3 7-footers will be too much.

    Orlando, you aren’t playing the Cavs anymore!!!


  • dk

    @33 I agree with you to a point but both teams definitley grew!

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN aka BINO BROWN STR8 UP N DOWN

    KOBE was on some “YOU CAN’T F*** WIT ME” type sh*t last night.

    I remember Ben Gordon sayin’ something like that against the Celtics in the 1st round. Nahhhhh BG – Kobe’s the only one qualified to make that statement right now.

    Good to see JAMEER ballin’ again. REAL GOOD.

    COURTNEY was gettin’ WORKED OVER. Yeah, he had his moments…but they was pickin’ on the rook, that much was obvious. COURTNEY = ROOKIE = LUNCHMEAT for 24

    SKIP needs to drive THAT. MORE.
    He had like 1 and 1/2 good shootin’ games this entire playoffs…now he’s in love with his J. C’mon dawg, that’s not YO’ game. No disrespect.

    Funny how ONE MAN can cause a whole team FOUL TROUBLE. LOL. But what’s that say?? I dunno! :[

    He scored 12 points but only made one bucket from the field.
    However if these CRAZY PARADOXES keep occurin’…and Gortat can come thru like last night…when those 3’s start droppin’ for Magic – WE MIGHT HAVE A SERIES.

    Hedo and Rashard definitely gotta get it going. Funny thing is, they usually end up gettin’ it going…if not game 1 then game 2…or a big game period. But, and it’s a BIG BUT — the LAKERS defense was FANTASTIC LAST NIGHT…so I’m not sure they can actually get out of their ‘rut.’ It’s one thing to beat yourself only because your shots aint fallin.’ It’s another to deal with a Walton deflecting your pass near HALF-COURT and not even be pressin.’ It’s one thing if your unpolished baby hook won’t fall, but it’s another if a Pau is mushin’ you in the face…all day. It’s one thing to have your All Star PG back, but it’s another if the BEST PLAYER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD is stealin’ your entry passes…just sayin.

    Just sayin’ when your starting PF only grab 4 boards total goin’ into the 4th, and your starting C grabs like 4 personals…but your back up PF/SF/C is pulling down DOUBLE DUBS…LO n BEHOLD you might have problems.

    I don’t think it was a matter of Hedo and Rashard MISSIN’ ALL OF THEIR SHOTS — granted, they had some good looks — but a lot thier shots were CONTESTED..or they took shots in an UNCOMFORTABLE POSITIONS. That’s called GOOD D.

    Ultimately this game was won by LA and lost by Orlando because of a man named Kobe.


    He might not have actually done this to Orlando : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORe0_CS-s1A

    But it sure felt like it!

  • QQ

    Damn. Got destroyed by the best West team at their home court.

    I can take that.

    They are on their second consecutive Final appearance, we are on our 2nd EVER. The nerves are expected, the ‘gotta feel this first’ mindset, too.

    Overall, we had a bad game, I expect my team to rebound and fight a better fight in game 2.

    ‘@ Dime and the upcoming faggot fans ( QQ excluded )’

    haha. Props for the respect. It’s still war, though. haha

    Magic in 6.


    GOOOO MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!

    Magic in 6.

    PS: Enjoy.

  • QQ

    And this is what drives me crazy bout these fools…

    When the Magic won, cats all over were screaming ‘DONT UNDERESTIMATE THE MAGIC! WE KNEW WE GONNA WIN!’

    Were the fuck are all of you, my fellow Magic fans?


  • Yoooo

    Skip is NOT confident or comfortable knowing that a better player is sitting on the bench ready for him to mess up. He looked like he was playing not to make mistakes. His leash is waaaaay shorter, and his performance showed it

  • Tom S.

    The Magic used up all of their makes in the Cavs series. No team can stay hot that long.

  • QQ

    @ 40:

    The same thing haters were saying when we beat Boston.

    ‘The Magic used all their makes against the Celts in those grueling 7 games. No way they will beat a Cavs team who swept the first two rounds.’

    Magic in 6.

  • JayTea

    Welcome to the West gentlemen, the real play started last night.

  • Ian

    granted the lakers are great but people can still see them


    youngfed’s banger of the day: Lil Wayne “Kobe Bryant”

    Also Kobe on some gay ish:

  • QQ


    That should be ‘@ 42.’

  • dk

    @45 Well it wouldnt be much fun to watch if you couldnt. Stern pulls alot of BS but telling us the greatest team vr is on the court, but their invisible, well I would want a free beer with the ticket.

  • dk

    @ QQ There wnt be no Fagic fans untl a win. Sad pussys:(

    War – knowing is half the battle.

    I hve mad respect for a prson that stands behnd his losing team ( underdog )

    Im salivating until game 3

  • mrcanadian

    Thanks for starting smack by showing how useless Austin is. It’s like he writes words, but constantly doesn’t say anything. “All he has to do is win”….really? Thanks for the analysis AB.


    And Interesting Preview of NBA Finals. Check it out


  • jzsmoove

    THE REAL EMPLOYEE #8 WENT TO WRK AND MADE BASKETS. Its aight Lakers won Game 1 woo hoo. Kobe hitting his and has that mean mug reminds me of how Gary Payton would do his fangface. It suits Payton more than him though.

    Magics need to drop their shots and make this a longer series. I wanna see it happen, live and die by the 3 except we live to tell about it that we won.

    Lakers in 4. Nope.
    Lakers in 5. Nope.
    Lakers in 6. Nope.
    Magics in 7. Yeah yeah!

    Go Magics.

  • chris

    only chance orlando has is to go big, play gortat/howard together at the 4/5, let pietrus/rashard/hedo split the 2/3, let skip/jameer go crazy for 24 minutes each at the point…you know kobe is gonna go off on everyone, and leaving courtney lee and anthony johnson on the bench isn’t going to change that. here’s hoping it gets more fun to watch, last night was ugly, except for kobe.

  • Ian

    @47 LOL sorry way too much fresh prince for me.

  • Ian

    @47 LOL sorry way too much fresh prince for me.

    how underrated is gortat? damn when he came in the magic got a 5-7 pt lead and he was swattin everything they played better with him than with howard and not just last night but it has been like that the whole season. im not sayin trade howard cuz u can do better with gortat thats stupid maybe the sample size is to small but this man could a starting center for most teams.

  • ponky_alolor

    @QQ, got ur point bro. when magic lose, the cats disappear. harsh.

    classy move by pietrus by placing the air france flight that crashed on his shoes. he stopped our cat LBJ but thats a move to respect.

  • QQ

    @ ponky:

    It kinda makes me want to see these fools saying ‘GOOO MAGICC!!’ after we get a win in this series, and go ‘Shut the fuck up, bitches’ on them. Fucking irritating.

  • K Dizzle – 3 wins til nuthin left to say

    Fed – where you been, kid?

    @ Ian – But do they really wanna see us now? Really, we gotta thank Houston for bringin it so hard cuz after the shit they put us thru, there just no more surprises

    @ Bron – You were right about the Magic vs Clev cuz of matchups and the Magic gettin what they wanted, but you missin on Lakers-Magic. It was obvious that if you shut down Shard and stopped Hedo from his double-digit assists lines, then you could afford to let dwight have his 20-20 lines and still squeak out a win. Last night, we clamped on everythin and the Magic got bust by 25. Kinda scary how easy it looked for the last 30 minutes of that game. Like we know, series don’t start till the home team loses a game so we’ll see what’s up….in orlando

    I think the talk’s finally got to KB. All the shit dude gotta hear from haters havin to audacity to say that his career ain’t shit if he don’t get a ring without Shaq gotta have dude’s blood boiling. I’m just a fan and it ticks me off that no other athlete in the world catches the hate Kobe catches. As it is, this is gonna fuel the fire cuz Kobe gonna play this series for his legacy..And that ain’t no good for Orlando

    1 down, 3 to go

  • dk

    @ The couch coaches

    A. Good idea, start Gortat, D Ho. After the fouls reign in, then what, Batie? lol

    B. ” Gortat swatting everythin ” Its called he gets no respect, they will adjust, dem Lakers.

  • dk

    @ Orlando GM

    Rashard is great and all but….

    You must resign Gortat and need another ” real ” PF to compete with an true NBA team, not GS, a Lakers, a healthy Boston, a Spurs etc . .

  • QQ

    ‘Or, as we learned last night, Kobe could drop 40 points and do the facilitating thing, which he did as the Lakers dominated in a Game 1 blowout’ as opposed to what Burton said.

    Come on now, we all know the what Austin Burton says always turn out to be the wrong thing (‘Louisville will win. Oh no, I meant Michigan State. Oh shit, UNC won’), no need to post that.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @QQ, did u not see my post sayin magic in 7 before you even read todays dime lol You aint the only fan here homie.

    @DK, Its not rashards fault, hes good at pf cuz he creates mismatches…what they need is a scoring big who can come off the bench beside gortat (kinda like fran bitch ass vasquaz was supposed to be) since gortat is good on defense but not really a scoring threat and NO ONE wants to see any more of tony battie jackin 15 footers off the top of the square as dwight tells him to cut that shit out.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Booga

    Tha Black Mamba jus struck 1st as predicted…..now lets see if Superman can do tha unpredicted. This series is now bout 2 get real juicy!!! *giddy like a tween at a HannahMontana concert* LOL

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @K dizzle, lets be for real here. THe lakers won they way they did cuz they shot like a bunch of biddy basketball kids tryin to shoot on the 12 foot hoop. Air france was airballin 3s in the first half by about 3 feet. I chalk it up to nerves. Thats not gonna happen all series. This whole series depends on how fast guys can adjust. Is the coach gonna have to make adjustments or can the players notice on thier own and adjust. Kobe was weak in the first couple minutes and then adjusted to mid range jumpers before going christmas story and puttin pietrus’ eyes out. SO the magic gotta drive and put pressure on the lakers bigs, that way they can’t body up dwight so much. thats what the lakers did. They attacked dwight, so then he couldn’t dominante on defense the way he needed. Get gasol and bynum in trouble and it evens things out.

  • QQ

    @ Bron:

    I just hope you wont disappear as the other Houdinis did. LOL.

  • SagJism

    @#7 hahahahahahahahha, he might need to put his Kobe’s back on.

  • Ian

    K dizzle
    You know i dont like kobe but he did say something true that shaq doesnt win without him and that they dont win without horry and phil i hate that the second best player on a team gets almost no credit when the team wins. How many titles dis jordan win without phil and pip? Magic without kareem? Very few players cant actually win with diff teams i can only think of 3 right now. Kobe is a top 20 player and will prob be top 10 winning as the man pip is top 30 imo and manu will have a shot at the hof also people these are the second best players on the last three mini dynasties.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    shaq did win without kobe lol I like how he left that out during the interview. And the knock wasn’t that shaq couldn’t win without kobe…the knock is kobe as never won as the man…same with pippen. It was always jordans team no matter who he won with..same with shaq as a laker. Thats why hope is in mortal kombat mode.

  • Ian

    Adjust?? How not taking it to the rim?? Hes that good defensively.

    Btw isnt everone a couch coach whenever we talk basketball??

  • SWAT

    dk says:
    “War – knowing is half the battle.”…isnt tht from the old GI JOE cartoon? lol!
    @ QQ i feel tht. i hate fickle fans. i rep htown tuff so i gotta support my boy Rashard (Wht up Elsik!)and skip, former rocket, im feelin MAGIC in 7.

    on a side note…so i went to this wing spot to watch the game last nite and i had my white magic jersey (#9) on and boy this lil’ fathead of a girl goes to get a refill on her drink so i let her go before me…she fills her cup with the soda THEN puts the damn ice in so tht ish’ splashed all over the front of my jersey. Where the hell are your damn parents?!? and why the hell did they not teach yo’ dog ass how to fix your drink. needless to say i didnt have a good nite…

    anyway someone said it earlier, i think SVG gave jameer too much playing time right away but he came in dropping dimes so i dont know…tough decision for van gundy. i think skip can take fisher off the dribble but his floater wasnt dropping, he has to continue to drive and stop settling for his jumper-which is a lil suspect.

  • Ian

    Bron but that time shaq was the sidekick. Does that mean wade is better than kobe?? Sure it was jordans team but till pip came along he was just the dude that scored alot and got owned in the playoffs look at it anyway u want its true. Lets pretend it was richmond in sacto that got pip and all those awesome role players and he wins a coupleof titles. Now jordan wins all his mvps and wins nothing with a bad team is he still considered the best sg ever or is it richmond?? So isnt the sidekick even affecting this individual race??

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @ian, i understand what ur saying and the sidekick deserves credit…i’m just sayin that was the knock on kobe for the people who always hype that he won 3 rings.

  • dk

    @68 sorta, is really a spin off a Sun Tzu philosophy, but I left the Go Joe out there for someone ;)

    @ Dizzle Kobe is hated because most marytrs are, Jesus Christ, 2pac, etc. . Kobe is the basketball marytr people love to hate. Most haters are usually closet gays anyway so I dont pay it much mind.

    Also, your right, the Lakers do know. Thats why they have one of the greatest coaches ever. I figured the best coach would win the Cavs/Magic series after seeing it break down on Mike Brown. Ive dealt with SVG being a Heat fan, he can coach but to out coach Phil would be one hell of a task.

  • jay26th

    The Kobe & Lebron Puppets with voice overs. you gotta see this.


  • jay26th

    @66 That point is mute because D-Wade carried Shaq to that title.

  • Yoooo

    Niggas gotta see this. Kobe is my man, but this is TOO funny


  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @Jay, ya certain games, just like i can say shaq puttin up 30 and 10 carried kobe to a few of those titles..

  • Ian

    bron kobe does need to win being the man to be considered top 15 material or hell be the best sidekick ever or second best after pip

  • rell

    Enough with this Magic and Lakers talk. Lets talk about the Celtics.

    Paging CeltsFan
    What is these rumors I hear floating around about Boston trading Ray Ray and Rondo for Stoudamire and Barbosa? I thought it was just some people chirping but now I keep seeing it on hoopshype.

  • JL

    LA just sold out of brooms…ITS GOING TO BE A SWEEP!!!

    LA 4-0…Kobe will go for 50 in one of those 4 too, Black Mamba will be relentless the whole way. And every matchup apart from point guard and center favours LA – and Orlando wont take advantage of these as D12 will have foul trouble the entire series and skip Alston is too unreliable over 4 quarters.

    Can’t wait for the whole Shaq/Kobe argument to end. KB24 deserves better than to walk in Shaq diesels shadow any longer!

  • Celts Fan

    Hate to say this, but I was wrong. It’s gonna be LA in 5 and Kobe getting his title. Dude’s too determined and the Lakers have the big, versatile defenders to challenge Hedo and Rashard that Cleveland didn’t. Also, Stan, try double-teaming #24. Just saying…

    We’re a few games away from him forcing his way into the top 10 ever.

    I’ll take solice in the fact that the DVD cover’s gonna be that stupid@$$ bottom lip face he does when he looks like a drunken mongaloid.

  • Ian

    Bro u tried to make it sound like its a mismatch advantage for the lakers but not pg and c. So that makes it 3-2 lakers not that big a mismatch if u ask me. Now hedo > ariza so its really 3-2 magic and i can see shard cancelling gasols offense so its really 3-1 magic on the mismatch department.

  • azazin

    The Mamba is point shaving!!! Too intense for a blowout game, C’mon!! Don’t remember His Airness scored a lot in a blowout, He and Pip usually chill on the bench in the 4th!!! D wade and “The King” didn’t get their career highs in a blowout!!! I’m just sayin!! Why didn’t he do that with posey last year.. air france and redick is too weak to him!!! Everybody knows the lakers will win..He’s point shaving so he can be the finals MVP!!!

  • JL

    @ Ian (82)

    I am dam sure the game is played on both ends of the court and T-Riz rips Hedo on the defensive end + he plays a better team game. Did you not witness those terrible mis fired J’s when ever Hedo felt like he got any kinda contact. He won’t get a chance to hit a game winning 3 in this series…earlier in the playoffs the guy was 1 bad game away from being put in the same category as PJ stojakovic!

    I was also referring to the Lakers deep deep bench with superior versatility. L.O all on his lonely – no matchup required there…

    And I am going to pretend I didnt read that you mentioned that Lewis can slow Gasol – the dude is a 7 footer with a a ridiculous handle, expect to see Lewis shift to the 3 and Gortat to double up with Howard to try and contain LA’s bigs and get some boards…

    This time next week bro you won’t have to worry about comparing Kobe & Pip no more, thats a weak weak argument…

  • Ian

    Weak argument?? Please get off your laker goggles before reading my posts. Till he wins he is in the pip category and didnt i say hes top 20 without winning on his own? Now stop tryin to read what u want u from my posts did i say shard is stoppin gasol? No i said he can match his offensive numbers go read again without the goggles. On hedo and ariza yes its a two way game and still hedo is better than ariza that one hell of a team kobe has if ariza is better than hedo.

  • JL


    Like I said this time next week you can put the pip-kobe comparisons out in the trash with last weeks Orlando Sentinel that talked up Pietrus as a potential Kobe stopper..Kobe gets his 4th!

    We will just wait & see what numbers Hedo puts up this series when it matters! And yes it is one helluva team Kobe has haha sorry its the Laker goggles again…But yeah fair call bro – I misread your Shard/Gasol piece…I agree that Lewis will post biggish numbers @ home but will it really matter?

  • Ian

    comon jl at least i got a week left for the kobe/pip comparison dont bash me yet hehehehe but u cant bash hedo like that we all know hes clutch and hes good.
    about the goggles part we all have them i like to wear my limited edition manu goggles when i talk spurs.

  • JuiceMode

    Wow. There really are talks about Ray Allen being available. I guess you gotta take advantage of his stock while they are at peak price. But rumored to be packaged with Rondo and for Amare and Barbosa?! Shit, you overload your frontline, take away it’s strong defense and have a shoot first ask questions later point guard. While maybe bringing back Starbury too. If you’re gonna go with a trade like this one, they should at least try to include Steve Nash.

  • turambur

    What I saw last night was Kobe proving that all of the talk about Lee and Pietrus “containing” LeBron was just hype to explain why the Magic kept winning. Kobe did last night exactly what LeBron did to the Magic for five games; the only difference was that Kobe’s team bothered to show up and make a few of the open shots that he was giving them.

    Even if Hedo and Lewis shot like that did againt the Cavs last night, the Magic would not have won that game because they can not contain a penetrating driver and still close out on open shooters when the kick out comes.

  • ponky_alolor

    wait, got 2 put props on kobe’s line 40 points 8boards 8dishes 2swats 2steals PLUS game 1 win WITH best mo-fo gameface haha.

    seriously guys that ain’t second banana numbers.

    everytime lakers leave rafer open for the 3, i was cringing.

    this will be a series when hedo and rashard adjust. this aint the cavs no more

  • JL

    @ Ian

    Haha I shoulda known, a spurs fan hating on Kobe – I can’t you do it sorry man, that comparison just eats @ me…Hedos clutch yes butI am not sold on the guy making much of a difference in this series.

    So yeah I look forward to many more heated discussions – do you think you guys (spurs) will pull off any big off season moves?