Smack / Jun 10, 2009 / 4:33 am

Game 3: Skip rediscovers his game, Orlando makes it a series again

Rafer Alston, Dime #34

Rafer Alston, Dime #34

Good news for the Orlando Magic: Winning last night’s Game 3 puts you right back in the NBA Finals, and with two more home games in a row, in position to stretch this thing to six or seven games and pull off an upset. Bad news: You played about as flawless a game as possible (at least offensively) and still just barely got the W … Orlando came out scorching in the first quarter, hitting like 75 percent of their shots, but were still mostly playing from behind due to Kobe Bryant single-handedly destroying their defense. Kobe scored 17 points during a five-minute stretch, giving Mickael Pietrus a slew of pull-ups, post-ups, and baiting him into a four-point play at the end of the quarter … On the other side, Rafer Alston finally woke up and played like a starter. “He’s playing like ‘Skip to my Lou’,” Mark Jackson said. Skip scored 11 of his 20 points in the first quarter, and was 8-of-12 from the field with one three. How frustrating is it for Orlando to realize that if they had gotten anything out of Rafer in Game 2, they probably would’ve won? Instead, he decided to pout about the whole Jameer Nelson thing and they ended up trying to climb out of an 0-2 hole. Stan Van Gundy got it right last night, though, playing Jameer about 10 minutes off the bench while Rafer (36 mins) did the heavy lifting … And what’s Skip doing over there that has him so ripped? Dude was built like Hot Sauce about a year ago, now he’s a professional arm-wrestler. Between Rafer, Dwight Howard (21 pts, 14 rebs), J.J. Redick and Pietrus, either the Magic have the greatest strength and conditioning crew in the League, or somebody’s doing that Roger Clemens … Orlando built a five-point lead at halftime, and led by six after three, but Lamar Odom (11 pts) sparked an L.A. rally to tie it up with about 2:30 remaining in the fourth. Pietrus (18 pts, 3 stls) regained the lead with a tip dunk, Skip split a pair of free throws, then Rashard Lewis hit a long two-pointer to put Orlando up three with one minute left. Kobe (31 pts, 8 asts, 5-10 FT) got himself a superstar call and went to the line, but bricked the first freebie before making the second. Odom forced Lewis into a turnover at the other end, but on the ensuing crucial Lakers possession, Dwight poked the ball away from Kobe and Pietrus came up with the steal. His two free throws put Orlando up four with 28 seconds left, and after the Lakers missed four threes in a row, it was basically over … There was a little delay when the Lakers were down two and fouled with 0.2 seconds left, only the Magic’s arena operators thought the game was over and released the confetti, and fans threw stuff on the court. So while the game wasn’t over, you could see Rafer walking around with a little paper noise-maker. Hedo Turkoglu gave him a look like, “Dude, you’re a clown.” Rashard (21 pts, 5 rebs, 5 asts) calmly hit both free throws to end any sort of threat … During a discussion about Dwight Howard’s favorite movies (Menace II Society, Friday, Finding Nemo), Jeff Van Gundy actually asked Mark Jackson, “What is Friday, by the way?” As jaws across America hit the floor, Jackson fell silent for a minute before answering. That’s like asking Mike Breen, “What is Caddyshack, by the way?” JVG kind of redeemed himself by rightfully clowning Brian Shaw for that 1987 summer suit he was wearing on the bench, but still … Granted, there weren’t a lot of rebounds to be had — Orlando shot 62% for the game, while L.A. hit 51% from the field — but how does Pau Gasol only come up with three boards? … As much as the Lakers have been getting some crazy calls going their way throughout the series, the worst referee screw-up so far came when Pietrus got away with a blatant double-dribble in the second quarter. Pietrus had a 1-on-1 fast break against Jordan Farmar, and when Farmar swiped at the ball, Pietrus clearly picked up his right-hand dribble and bounced it again with his left hand going in for a dunk. No whistle. And this happened like two feet in front of Joey Crawford! Farmar’s head almost exploded when Crawford missed the call … When Kobe was sitting on the bench actually holding a dry-erase board and telling Gasol (23 pts) what to do when he was working an iso, what are the chances Gasol was nodding his head but thinking STFU thoughts? … And did you notice after the play where Pietrus got the steal in the final 30 seconds and Gasol dove to the floor, how Kobe basically stood right next to him and never once made a move to help him up? Gasol just laid there until Odom finally came over to help … All of the Lakers walked off the floor without shaking hands. Apparently that’s only an end-of-series thing … Does anyone in the League make more “bad” shots than Hedo? Off the top of our heads, the Top 5 would be Turkoglu, Vince Carter, D-Wade, Antawn Jamison and Ben Gordon. That would be an interesting game of H-O-R-S-E or G-E-I-C-O or whatever they’re gonna call it at All-Star Weekend … We’re out like a sweep …

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  • YW

    first. SVG messed up, if he played skip 30 + in the first two games, we’d be talking magic in 5

  • the cynic

    Odom needs more touches

    Orlando is going to miss Turk when he’s gone next year

    What was Brian Shaw thinking?

  • K Dizzle (2 more then nuthin left to say)

    @ YW – Calm down, dude. You lost the first game by 25.

    Can’t say I’m worried. How often does Kobe go 5-10 from the free throw line? I am impressed with Dwight’s free throw shootin. Dude is cash now. So the Magic shoot damn near 70% from the field and Kobe has a weak 2nd half(gotta get Pau the rock, dude missed like 2-3 shots), blows 5 throws, Magic have six dudes in double figures and they only win by 4? I’ll take that loss. Great game by Fish and farmar off the bench. Thursday can’t come soon enough

    Lakers all day

  • bub

    Skip finally contributed some effort. I was weak when Skip was getting hot then turned the ball over and u can read Van Gundy’s lips saying “SLOW DOWN.” haha classic coach to point gaurd conversation.

  • Soopa

    Joey Crawford missed 3 obvious calls.

    1. That double dribble
    2. The ball of Odom legs which he ruled as last touched by D12
    3. That call you refer to as the superstar call on Kobe. Clearly a jump ball to me and everyone else.

    Two more years max and the league is rid of Joey Crawford. Hopefully atleast!

  • 45%

    @YW – i know SVG almost fucked his team with those decisions. SVG is proving alot this playoffs from out of timeout plays to always changing lineups he adjust on the fly very well.

    rafer was balling like he came straight out of a And 1 mixtape

  • Soopa

    Btw the reason the Lakers were in it was poor boxing out from Orlando. You just need to look at the last LA possesion to get an idea and the entire game was like that and resultet in 14 more shots for LA.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    So much for a sweep!
    Good to see Skip doing his thing.
    Have to agree Skip should have been gettin his minutes and startin. VanGundy should know you NEVA MESS UP THE ROTATION. That’s a weed, I mean basketball rule.

    I can appreciate the Magic for extending the season.

    With this being a big game booster for Skip, gotta wonder how much of a problem he will be in the next game.

    L.A. really needs to put Shannon Brown in there fa real.

    Loving the game and the series and even the after game news conferences on ESPNEWS

    How come of all people they had Andre I on the show commentatiing on how the players are and should be thinking???
    He ain’t even made it this far himself SO HOW HE KNOW?
    Not to mention dude did horrible as an announcer just HORRIBLE!
    I think they was promoting him being on 1st and 10 or something tomorrow.

    Austin, The Jed, Cassidy, AP, Andrew K and Liz I need 1 of yall to get in on the after game conferences and ask some real questions.

    I saw some other mag. rep askin questions and honestly I was hating like “Man shiiii DIME need to be up in there askin the real.”

    Let it be me then I am like “Uh yea this PG Dime Mag, yea Kobe, with the play where you tried to split the D and ended up losing the ball and then Gasol recovered and lost it again, being that it was just you two and excluding the Magic players …who would you blame for that particular play honestly with it being such a crucial one? Also how do you feel Pau is stacking up to the Shaq when you played with him and do you think if you had Shaq now instead of Pau that you all would have won tonight?

  • ponky_alolor

    one of those nights when Mamba puts out these stats:

    11/25 FG, 5/10 FTs, 5 fouls, 3 rebounds, 8 dishes, 4 turnovers

    i’m betting he’s going for 50 in Game 4.

    It’s true that everytime Pistol Pietrus contributes, Magic win.

  • M Intellect

    Who saw Derek Fisher get that long rebound at the end with about 4 on the clock, dribble out to the arc with 2 dudes on him, ignore the WIDE OPEN Lamar Odom and chuck up a turnaround 3 that hit shit.

    It was criminal.

    Between that type of behaviour, his beige suit, the fact he wears red sunglasses INDOORS with his beige suit and his fucked up 2-piece goatee, I think he should be arrested, tried and executed for crimes against swag.

    In fact, I want to make the case for him to have a new nickname, Bad Porn II.

    First of all, keeping in line with the nickname itself, his game is ugly. From his form, the way he runs, how he gets carved up something nasty by any point guard with 2 legs and like Corey Magette, how he jacks shots like a futhermucker. (I would just like to make a point that at least CM has at one time in his life been a 20ppg scorer, semi-warranting his decision to jack.)

    Second of all, dude could be Corey Magette’s older brother; both muscular, light-skinned dudes with bad hair styles.

    Thirdly, as we all know with sequels, they’re always worse then the original and Corey Maggette > Derek Fisher…

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Oh yea word is the lil girl who sang the national anthem is a good luck charm or suntin. Heard the Magic are 6-0 when she sings it.

    They better have that lil one mic’ed up and ready to rip it the next game. LOL Else…..I can even call it.

    Oh yea you gotta throw Raw Lew in that Horse group cause he been hittin some crazy ish!

    Kobe won’t sleep tonight.

  • ponky_alolor

    still think gasol needs 20 shots at least in order to put pressure on dwight. 11 shots just won’t cut it.

    dwight’s free throws are getting decent, he usually makes 2 down the stretch.

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    the biggest bad call was late in the 4th when dwight was called for a foul when it should’ve been a clear junp ball…

    was somethin’ wrong with mamba last night? it was like he was off or sumthin…

    it’d be great if the magic win the next game and tie 2 apiece… it’d be great if they’d be a little bad blood between these teams… a lil’ tension wouldn’t hurt..

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    @ponky_alolor – i appreciate the luv for pistol pete but please… not with the “pistol pietrus” thing…

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Dwights been good at the line.we got rocked fair n square all things considered.worried?never that.Lakeshow in six,fluck that G7 bs.one !!

  • Rafa23

    kobe was just tired down the stretch, maybe he is just getting old. he should facilitate more at the start of the game so he has more energy later.


    Skip needs to go back to his mixtape game.

    Ben Gordon definetly tops that list but Kobe should also be added to it.


  • YOUNGFED…”Its been along time”

    Oh almost forgot

    Dwight Howard vs Dwight Howard Video

    This some silly ish

  • dk

    Great, great game. What a superb performance. Thats what I call Magic. A RECORD BREAKING first half shooting 70% and shooting phenomanol the rest of the way. I cant believe it!

    ORLANDO IN 4!!!!

  • dk

    @ Dime

    ” and the Magic barely won ” lmao

    Ice cold.

    Im out like Kobes free throws. Once in a blue moon occurence. I cant believe that was the difference in the game. Just hittin 3 more changes it.

  • K Dizzle (2 more then nuthin left to say)

    @ post 10

    Are you seriously blamin the loss on Fish or are you sayin that he shoulda been lookin to pass the rock down 4 with less than 10 seconds left? First off, that turnaround almost banked in. Kobe missed 2, Ariza missed one, but it’s Fish’s fault? If you lookin to pass down 4 under 10 seconds left, maybe you should be on the bench. Dude is shootin 50% from the field and 50% from 3 in the finals so yeah, i’d rather have him “jackin” with time tickin away…Has Corey Maggette even made the playoffs?

    Obviously, you a magic fan so i really shouldn’t take that post too seriously.

    Lakers all day

  • M Intellect

    First off, I am Lakers all day.

    I admit, I didn’t even watch the game and just caught the highlights but come on that last play was bogus and for me was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Whether Kobe, Ariza or Jack Nicholson missed before it doesn’t change the fact that A. That was a bad play, B. Dude jacks shots and C. He gets lit up by everyone.

    Dude is shit. What does he do well?

    Yeah – Corey Maggette hasn’t made the play-offs but neither has Derek Fisher. He simply been on the team when Kobe / Shaq made it to the play-offs. You could’ve replaced him with any average PG in the L and they would’ve still won.

  • Danny

    not blaming it on fish?? besides kobe being unclutch during the fourth, fisher was ONCE again getting killed on defense. I can remember 3 huge plays where fish just lets his man run by him or through screens and he gets lost in no man’s land. Why doesn’t phil start shannon brown, much better and smarter player than he’s giving him credit for.
    *fisher needs to sit down

  • dk

    @ M intellect ( I know you looked up the spelling )

    Why Fish is good? Because he doesnt get called a piece of shit every day! Piece of shit, does that ring any bells or 6 in that dense brain.

  • dk

    I did a quick glance thru of the posts. Wow, theres plenty of faggot Magic fans in here today. You people are losers. Some of the cocks even admit not watching, but have retarded comments, go figure

  • dk

    ” I didnt even watch the game ”

    I was busy, paper or plastic?

    I was smoking weed…

    Would you like fries wit that?

    I was looking at porn.

    I know three of those apply to your nights, loser.

  • JuiceMode

    After all the talk about the “ghost” of Nick Anderson following Game 2, he was part of the pre-Game 3 ceremonies. Can’t help but wonder the love he would be getting if the Magic lost.

    They should let little Gina Marie sing the Anthem for Games 4 and 5…

  • that’s whats up

    @ post 20.

    Yeah, and if the Magic don’t miss 5 free throws late in game 2 that would have been the difference.

    …and if dk never touched that first penis back in the day he wouldn’t be gay now.

    hindsight is 20/20 – ….and you know about hind-sight

  • fallinup

    Joey Crawford = The Sixth Laker on the Court.

    Get this man a yellow and purple jersey already.

  • QQ



    I did not watch the game, I’ll watch the second half, my mom taped it… haha.


  • dk

    @28 Yeah, Im gay, good one. Way to come out after a win. Evidently you never got a gold star in math…

  • QQ

    Good to see Magic fans now…

    I just hope yall stick with me even if we lose!!!!! DAMMIT! haha

    Keep supporting the Magic!

  • FK

    @ fallinup

    Did one of the boys pull your pigtail on the playground???

    Take your only win of the series and stop cryin

  • fallinup

    @ FK

    Why you worried about it so much? You Crawford’s buttboy or just another disgruntled Laker fan pissed off that he couldn’t bail you guys out again?

  • Notorious

    Nice to see Kobe and his fake ass tough guy growl choke the game away at the end, Mr Un-Clutch. As usual he feels some ego driven need to be Mr Superstar and do it all alone at the end. And he comes up short yet again, taking bad shots, making stupid turnovers and bricking free throws. Grrrrrr, go growl somewhere else with your fake ass frown. Faker than fools gold.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    Its over, Refs and Kobe selfishness (Stop saying that he has changed, he is a BAD teammate), will make this a series. This Orlando win is only makeup.

  • jzsmoove

    Entertaining game overall the refereeing is still bs. KObe is reverting back to old dick Kobe. Its like he is getting tired of this assist man/facilitator Kobe that has worked for the Lakers and putting everything in his own hands. My thoughts are he is cloaking his frustrations of not having won post 3-peat unlike Shaq. He feels that his personal window of opportunity is closing in on him. He iant getting any younger and have been evidences that he just feels tired and exhausted and he is using his greatness to mask it. He is still great at this point but time is running out and figure the monkey is rid from his shoulders now than later.

    The Magic have to shoot the ball more. They dont feel as confident to shoot in this series than any other. Give credit to the Lakers for rotating better. But damn shoot if you are semi-free and forget this drive penetrate-jump clueless- pass away shit. If there is a layup take it.

    Anyways Go Magic.

  • M Intellect

    LOLOL – I got not 1, not even 2 but 3 posts from DK because I cussed Derek Fisher.

    First up – You got me! I looked up the spelling of ‘Intellect’. I did that because I didn’t want to miss out letters in my name like you did because you are obviously missing the “I-C” in the middle of yours, you fucking faggot.

    Second of all – I heard of Kobe Stans and LeBron Stans but a Derek Fisher stan? This don’t add up! Let me be the first to announce that DK is Derek Fisher. He didn’t miss the “I-C” in his name, he missed in the “E-R-E”. You either him or Spencer Pratt! LOL

    Thirdly – You were right in post 26 about my nights but because I was celebrating winning the ’09 WCF, I did them all last night.

    So I called your girl and LIKE YOU SAID smoked weed and looked at porn. One thing led to another and she ended up catching my mayo and just LIKE YOU SAID, I asked her “Would you like fries wit that”. When I got my shit together, JUST LIKE YOU SAID I asked her “You prefer, paper or plastic?”


    ^^^^^Beef it’s whats for dinner. LOL!!

  • Otto

    Dang! That’s some animosity.

  • fallinup

    @ FED

    And I for one am shocked that you’re not in the middle of it. LOL

    Also, go Wings. (I have no desire to watch hockey, am not a fan, but hey…Motown does deserve something…anything.):D

  • dk

    lol Im not dumb enough to have a girl. It could have been some bitch claiming I was her man, that wouldnt surprise me. Congratz, that means she was smoking hot, we both know thats not often. Whats WCF

  • dk

    Oh and dude, that shit aint cool at all. Its not cool to call the pussiest person in the world, Spencer Pratt. Thats just plain wrong and you should be locked up for a week!

  • M Intellect

    WCF is the Wrestling Federation your chick holds the Heavyweight Belt in.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN aka BINO BROWN STR8 UP N DOWN

    The literal replay of when Kobe missed THAT CRUCIAL 1st free throw:

    He dribbles a lil’ bit.
    He puts it up.
    He holds his form.
    He misses the free throw.
    He rolls his eys.
    He whispers under his breath:


  • M Intellect

    Sorry – I couldn’t help myself.

    WCF = Western Conference Finals.

  • parker

    Lets only talk about how Orlando barely won while playing ridiculously well at home and not talk about how the Lakers barely won game 2 with Orlando stinking it up on the road. This series could get alot closer than people think.

  • E$

    Barely won, where do they keep those stats? LMAO – Faker fans looking for a silver lining is classic. DIME, you didn’t mention Andrew Bynum, I wonder why?

  • QQ

    Just watched the game…

    Damn. That was real, real close! We can’t get a rebound in the end! WAAAAAH!

    Still… A win is a fucking win. We’re back in the series!

    And I heard bout this little girl that sang the anthem, that we’re 6-0 when she sings.

    Make that girl sing for the next two games, and bring the girl to LA. The Magic will have a private anthem singing in the locker room. All to get the win.


    I know it’s just one win…

    But damn..

    Finally seeing my squad get a ‘1’ in our all time Finals record… That’s enough to make me smile.


  • karizmatic

    Kobe belongs in the top 5 of cats who make the most bad shots.

  • dk

    Idk what your talking about and you dont watch the games, post somewhere relevant. Idc anymore. Dereck plays for the greatest franchise ever, best coach ever and one of the best players ever. Wonder y

  • dk

    @ qq Yeah good second half for you. I thought you were done watchin Kobe in the first. I was wrong. Its possible theres a series out the. Cant wait for game 3! Good luck, you will need it.

  • Bill Bixby

    @ 51

    “Dereck plays for the greatest franchise ever, best coach ever and one of the best players ever.”



  • gyp

    kobe w the dry erase!!!!


  • M Intellect

    DK, 4 quick points:

    1. Don’t try and spell “Dereck” wrong so we get thrown off, we know it’s “Derek”.

    2. How you gonna look forward to Game 3, when they played it last night…

    3. I can see you from the first word in post 51 you’re trying to spell your name properly but you have to put the “I” AFTER the “D” and then a “C” after that and before the “K”.

    4. After Bill Bixby served you medium rare w/ extra mustard on post 53, I just wanted to ask if you wanted fries with that?

    LOL – You’re in the Comments Oubliette…

  • QQ


    (even if you’re only here when we win).

  • LAballer

    cant we all just get along? LOL

    i clearly remember almost every laker fan on here saying lakers in 6..for those of you who do not understand simple english or math..that would mean we would go 4-2..which would mean we would lose 2 games..which would mean CALM THE FUCK DOWN with your 1 win..

    QQ and like 2 others were the only dudes on here talkin about the magic after they lost and now all of a sudden we got magic fans comin out of nowhere..difference between us..we can start at the penis..err wait..not gonna quote em here..the real difference..we still stand behind our team when we lose..we still rep our squad when we got killed last year in the finals..some of you “fans” need to go on dictionary.com and check the definition of a “fan” before you come on here talkin out the side of your neck like you even know wtf you’re talking about..relax people..this is the finals..we arent cleveland..this was never gonna end in four..and thats actually something as a laker fan IM HAPPY ABOUT..i rather see us win in l.a. in game six so we can hit the walk on the pigmobile again..haha tell me y’all remember that!

    here’s the thing..game 2 was close but the lakers DID NOT play their best game of the PLAYOFFS..both teams sucked horribly and we squeezed out a win..something we couldnt do last year..and something im proud we can this year..the lakers should have NEVER been this close in a game 3 on the road with the magic snatching up a new record for shooting..but we were..and we didn’t exactly play a great game..not by a long shot..

    i dont think any laker fan is worried..not in the least bit really..we take game 4..give away game 5..and party like only us l.a. people do after game 6..

    sorry..hate to break it to u..actually nahh i dont..i love breakin it down for u..WE GOT THIS

  • LAballer

    and when the fuck did dime become a spelling bee contest?

  • mosduff

    “You played about as flawless a game as possible (at least offensively) and still just barely got the W …”

    We watched different games. Are you serious?!

  • E$

    You gotta love how Rashard Lewis hits big shot after big shot & never looks @ the defender & shakes his head & yell “HE CAN’T GUARD ME”

  • QQ

    @ 57:

    I know your repping my squad’s foe, but damn, you are speaking the truth. I can’t stomach these bandwagon bullshitters.

    Where he fuck are all you ‘Magic fans’ here today when we were losing? I mean, dk was running his mouth like a retard and I didn’t see you defend our squad(except Bron42 and jzsmoove). It’s good that fans are supporting the Magic, its all good, but come on now, support the team even if we’re down. Dammit.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN aka BINO BROWN STR8 UP N DOWN

    ORLANDO “played about as flawless a game as possible (at least offensively) and still just barely got the W …”

    @59 — the above statement is not really an OPINION, it’s more a FACT.

    Sooooooooo, what game were YOU watching?

  • JH

    @19: DK – “Orlando in 4″ ??? Apparently, them gold stars must have been difficult to come by.

    All kidding aside, why is D. FISHER always getting hated on? It’s not a coincidence that he happens to play w/LA and collects rings ala Robert Horry. in 07, Utah made it to the WCF when FISH played for the JAZZ alongside DWILL.

    FISH isn’t as quick as he once was and his shot selection is somewhat questionable…but you don’t play major minutes in the NBA for as long as he has by sucking. What about that late 3? or that jumper as the shot clock was about to expire? Not to mention the steal he had…all in the 4th quarter of G3 if I recall.

    FISH, ODOM, and GASOL are hated on more than necessary because they play alongside KOBE. Did anyone notice how much better and more agressive ODOM played when KOBE was sitting? No doubt that KOBE is great…but if someone else on the Lake Show shoots…it doesn’t always make it a bad shot.

  • Bron42 aka Known as the king but nah I aint lebron

    Crazy to think the lakers actually made more 3s than the magic…See what happens when dudes attack the basket? Well that and keep J.J Reddick from playing? And dwight should bring that lil singin chick to everygame. And if her doin the anthem dont work, he could always send her to kobes hotel room. I agree, you say the magic played almost perfect and barely won meanwhile in game 2 they had 21 turnovers and barely lost. Do you think shaq was more pised last nigt that the magic actually won a game meaning dwight did what shaq couldnt do in his first finals, or more happy kobe didn’t get the sweep and is looking more like “ship bynum the fuck out” kobe? I say hes sittin at home like dr.claw plotting kobe to lose. gotta love that even if the lakers win it all, which i doubt, we can still get joy from them payin bynum 64 mill just to basically pic up 6 fouls a game and pout.

  • LakeShow84

    Damn DK.. your like my dark alter ego lol

    Good game from the Magic last night.. Shit GREAT game.. and yes there is silver lining you silly kids.. If a team shoots 75 percent from the field and is only up 5 at the half then YES we can definetely hang with them.. Like LABaller said winning in 6 means Orlando has to win 2.. has anything been easy for us this post season?? shit we took ur guys’ best shot in the mouth and still tied it in the fourth..

    And all the Dfish talk is crazy.. Bottom line is doo came in and STABALIZED our PG situation.. u guys remember?? the position we gave to a D-leaguer in Smush Parker?? He aint Paul, Williams or Rose.. hes a GOOD sturdy defender who can hit the spot up shot.. plus hes 35 so cut the man some slack.. hes still a starter 2 years in a row on a team that made the Finals both years.. DAMN.. he can make me crazy too but still hes in the top half of PG’s.. and to all those saying he got burned in the end ITS A TEAM GAME, and good teams play help defense dips.. Does the defensive term FUNNEL mean anything to some of you??

    And we coo as a fan cap cuz it took Orlando BEST game of the postseason to squeak out a game we HANDED over in the end.. You really think Kobe is going to miss FT’s?? you really think our help defense wont show on Alston like it did?? And to top it off you really think Alston is going to keep it up??

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.. We shoot over 50% frequently.. Orlando dont..

    I second my purple and gold pahtna.. WE GOT THIS..

  • JM

    anybody else book hedo giving the lakers bench the X-Pac “SUCK-IT” while lewis was shooting the last FT?

  • dk

    Sorry about my spelling and punctuation or anything else I fucked up while running a bussiness typing on my phone. At least I form proper sentences and spell correctly normally. Fucking sorry ass cont

  • dk

    bandwagon fans. I love how homophobes always are imagining gay sex scenes. Awfully interesting. Pretty funny that I always get called gay but im usually fucking some ones bitch, probablly not cont.

  • dk

    yours though. Because we both know half your nieghborhood ran through that. Im sure your used to used things and that do you want fries seems ver natural for you. I guess ill deal with you till game 4

  • dagwaller

    Haha, good Smack today.

  • LakeShow84

    Man i have a feelin you might get banned..

  • dk

    @qq You can see that most thses punks have no integrity among the plethora of charachter flaws they have. They will blame their upbringing and never amount to shit, no big deal. Lakers in 6…

  • LakeShow84

    And Joey Crawford is a homer official..

    Same with Bravetta..


    @Fallinup post#41

    Beef, who me? I would never do that. “wink, wink” lol


    Oh and BTW Fallinup Detroit doesn’t need anything they got me and my new 2010 Camaro. And yes I’m stuntin’ hard on Ho’z this Summer.

  • dk

    @68 Gotta love censorship in America. Seasons over in three games and I have unlimited IP’s if I cared.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN aka BINO BROWN STR8 UP N DOWN

    dk – stop dude. whatever tip you’re on, just stop. this is the wrong forum man. for real, i believe in free speech and all but kid you need a muzzle.

  • dk

    @73 Is your car harder then a Vette. I may get that but havent had the time to check one out yet. I always buy Vettes or Z’s.

  • LakeShow84

    What about the GTO??

    im more old school.. my 86 TransAm does me fine..

  • fallinup

    @ DK

    Someone’s getting his E-Gangsta on.

  • dk

    @75 Hey in case your comprehensions off, Im just responding to what is said to me first. Thats it. I have to post multiple because of the charachter limitation on my mbile Opera to get my full thoght

  • dk

    If you notice I only rant after Laker losses and im far from a sore loser, unless its Boston…lol Plus im begged every year for fantasy leagues because of my forum murders..

  • dk

    and I finish on top, ask intellects mom.

  • dk

    If Orlando wins the next 3 ill retire and say I dont know shit about basketball after watching 1000’s of games over 26 years… Besides the fact Ive played for 21.


    @Dk Yeah the body’s colder than the vette but that new vette i heard has 700hp. I saw some dude at a carshow try to mash out in it and spund out it was hilarious cause dude was like 60.

    it’s time to upgrade pimpin’ (lol)

  • dk

    Yeah, you never mash out a Vetto or a Z especially in a turn or rain…lol Ask Geico.

    lmao 1986! Thats great if thats her DOB! I get sick of a car after a year or two. The new Camaro is old school.

  • SWAT

    @ youngfed tht new TI is a banger
    @ QQ man i was reppin wit ya the other day after game 1 loss. no bandwagon here. i rep lewis and skip hard, win or lose.

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Great Game by Orlando…
    Lakers and Orlando can take some positive out of this game…..
    Tommorrow can’t come fast enough

  • LakeShow84

    @ Youngfed..

    i feel ya but i always been like that.. plus you cant work on newer cars without ruining ur warranty.. just one of my excuses lol i like trickin my shit out..

    I got my eyes on a 91 mustang right now.. ima have that shit barkin harder than DK on a rainy day..

  • K Dizzle (2 more then nuthin left to say)


    I shouldn’t be laughin, but that was cold

    @ post 22 and 23
    Go check out Fish’s percentages in these finals and ask me what he does. Alston has his one good game, like he does every series, and now Fish is shit? Some o you haters aren’t gonna be happy with the heat I’m gonna bring after Fish gets his 4TH chip. He was just on the team with Shaq and Kobe? Remember a 0.4 shot vs the Spurs? Like that’s easy with those two egomaniacs. Alston had one point in the fourth last night so I really don’t know what game y’all were watchin and when Lakers were down two and pietrus attacked the rim, tryin to throw it down, who was the only laker gettin in his way to prevent the dunk? Watch the games, don’t just watch hilites and then rush to post up on Dime sayin Fish ain’t shit. I love how the Odom haters have gone back underground too.
    Good luck shootin 63% next game and really good luck hopin Kobe shoots 50% from the freebie line.

    Lakers all day


    ROFLMAO @LakeShow. However with most of these new whips these days you don’t need to trick them out the already come with insane horsepower and I got to build my Camaro from scratch online and they just shipped it.

  • K Dizzle (2 more then nuthin left to say)

    Damn, Fed, you singlehandedly tryin to keep GM alive?

  • LakeShow84

    @ Youngfed..

    U just dont get it do you?? lol but do your thing mayne.. i aint hating..

  • M Intellect

    DK – I wasn’t clowning your spelling but I guess it went over your and a couple other peoples head. Online Grammatical interpretation is a bitch.

    Always finish on top ask Intellect’s mum? Dude, you a straight limp dick, I don’t think you finish at all. You’re like Kwame Brown.

    And don’t believe that shit about DK has to post so many times because of character limits on his phone. He posts so many times because this motherfucker is still running with a dial-up connection. He got a multi-function modem that doubles up as his mum’s hearing aid.

    You know what – I think DK and K Dizzle is sensitive because they think I’m a Magic fan. Let me make it clear – I’m Lakers all day, I’m just pissed a Derek Fisher because he’s no good. Yeah, he stablised the position but I just don’t like his game.

  • M Intellect

    While we speaking on cars…

    If you cats really wanna trick out your lowrider with some hyrdaulics that will make your whip bounce like a motherfucker, you wanna let DK’s Momma ride in the backseat, all you gotta do is flick her on, put someone in the backseat and she’ll make that shit 3 wheel like it’s “Still D.R.E”… And she takes Paper or Plastic…

  • Sonics Forever

    Am I the only one who thought Brian Shaw’s suit was nice? It was appropriate for the season/locale . . . As many have pointed out, the officiating has been terrible, but like Bill Simmons says, these are old guys having to run up and down the court to judge things that happen in split seconds. The Pietrus double dribble is obvious when you watch it from the head-on angle on slow-mo, but from where Crawford was (trailing the play), it probably wasn’t so visible. Besides, he was looking more towards whether Farmar was making contact. The terrible calls seemed to be more even last night – with the Magic getting away with the double dribble, Pietrus’ offensive basket interference and others, while Kobe basically got a call every trip when a defender breathed on him, and the terrible screen call because Ariza fell down. . . Anyways, I hope the Magic come back and win this thing. I can’t bear the thought of Kobe holding up the Finals and Finals MVP Trophies. I know the Magic are an imperfect team – Howard is a work-in-progress, other players are streaky as hell – but they are much more likeable than the Lakers. . . As for Kobe being in the Top 10 best players discussion, are we forgetting all the great players that have come before him? Just off the top of my head, I could name 10 players who are better than Kobe. The argument should be basically, if we discount his 3 rings where he was the second banana, does he even belong in a Top 25 player discussion? The best players of all time should really be separated by position, since it’s impossible to compare a SG against a C. But, getting back to the Top 10 players, I’d rank these 10 in front of Kobe (mostly from 80s on – when I started following the NBA + a few legends): Jordan, Magic, Bird, Shaq, Wilt, Russell, Oscar Robertson, Tim Duncan, Kareem, Hakeem. I can’t comment on how good Jerry West or Havlicek were since I don’t have enough information, but a valid argument is also whether Kobe is even as good Scottie Pippen or a KG. Pippen was an outstanding all-around player, who not only won 6 championships as a second banana (only to the arguably GOAT), but also took the Bulls to the Conference Finals(?) when Jordan sat out for a season. If given more chances, who knows? He might have won another ring without Jordan. Also, someone like KG or even Paul Pierce might have also won multiple championships on the Lakers team in place of Kobe with Shaq dominating the league during those years. So, let’s not get ahead of ourselves in crowning Kobe as a 10 Best of All Time player. He’s only been one of the best players for the past 3~4 years (with flaws).

  • LakeShow84

    Kobe Bryant is the best scorer basketball has ever SEEN.. PERIOD..

    Plus he has led his team BY HIMSELF to CONSECUTIVE Finals appearances playing in a die hard conference..

    Games changed, rules changed and even the players have changed..

    But Kobe is a constant..

    you should appreciate watching greatness Sonics fever.. cuz after Kobe there wont be another like him for a while..

  • dk

    Micheal minus 6 rings, was a great scorer and closer thats it. Hows that sound… Ah duh…lol

  • dk

    @intel my phone prob. cost more than your car. You dont watch the games, obviously. Your opinion is irrelavant D Fish is shooting 50%, and leading the team 2 a chp If he was 6’6″+ he would be a beast.

  • LFan

    Wow, I was really mad after the game, but M Intellect’s posts = the best balling I’ve seen in 2 days. Damn, talk about handling it. Shame Kobe did have that clutchness yesterday.

  • that’s whats up

    hundred. hunny

  • Russ

    good call on the handhsakes…i guess it only matters if its the last game of the series??? hypocrites.

  • Claw

    Not another Kobe? You mean like Lebron.

    From Lakersnation.com and 82games.com, when it comes to the winning shot since the 2003-2004 season Kobe has hit a total of 14 game winning shots, which is 4th highest. Has also missed 42 potential game winning shots, highest number of misses.

    Thats 14 of 56 or shooting 25% from the field. I don’t know if constant stands for making 1 of every 4, guess that depends on your definition.

    He did have 6 assists in those late game stats, so about 10% of the time he passes, so triple team his a** because he aint passing the rock.

  • dk

    @ Sonic What if, what if, what if pops wore a condom. Its irelevant now. Were stuck arguing with you, and your stuck with kobe being the best. I formerly posted why Paul sux, check his fg% plyof time.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN aka BINO BROWN STR8 UP N DOWN

    SONICS4EVER – I thought it was nice too! It was suave, cool…I liked it.

    About Kobe, umm, he’s THE MOST OFFENSIVELY TALENTED PLAYER in the game…he might be the most offensively talented player THE GAME HAS EVER SEEN.

    He puts the ball in the cup, anywhere on the floor, in the face of VERY agressive defenses — which are most of the time — focused on him.

    (the “anywhere on the floor” part is VERY important to my argument, as is the ‘agressive defenses” as is the ‘focused’ part)

    How many of y’all can’t score against the ex-varsity starter on the blacktop who decides he’s gonna stick you???

    Yeah, it’s probably full-face-flushed silence out there in cyberworld. Well, this dude does it against PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS and STRATEGIES OF PROFESSIONAL COACHES.

    On top of that, he’s NO SLOUCH on D…and THAT’S an UNDERSTATEMENT.


    …hate ‘em for the rape, the snitch, the cockiness, (fill in blank) but you can’t hate his game. His game is, in my best WASP impersonation…his game is KICK AZZ.

  • dk

    @ 100 Ya intellect, the Carlos Mencia of retalitory posts.

    @ Russ, teams always exit the court after the game. Unless A. its the regular season or B. its a series finale, thanks for playing…

  • Russ

    just pointing out the inconsistency. what’s my prize?

  • ponky_alolor

    sonics fever, that was one of the weakest arguments against kobe. I dont care if he is not top ten all time. He’s the most badass perimeter scorer after mj. He just has that ability to score from anywhere with unlimited unpredictible moves. If u play basketball, u know this. He aint a saint but based on who we watch now, he’s at the top of basketball before lebron learns from his game.

  • ponky_alolor

    @QQ, i know rook courtney was hustling on D but damn almost everytime kobe was shot-faking he was biting on it. SVG has to clean that up next time and ask lee to go shane battier and just cover kobe’s eyes and hope he misses. We all know he wont miss 5 FTs again.

    Damn rashard vs odom is a real nice match up to watch.

  • M Intellect

    Your phone is more expensive then my car? Dude – if I didn’t spend the whole afternoon tearing you to pieces, only to read your responses that just give me more ammunition and thus, have such a low estimation of your IQ, I would say your lying but you seem so stupid, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got ripped the fuck off!

    You need to stop spending all that time gelling your hair, putting on those braces and generally dressing up like Pat Riley for those “business meetings” and check out http://www.apple.com/iphone...

    You could get yourself a real bargain…

    Anyway – D Fish is leading his team to a chip? Yeah, he is leading Kobe, Pau and Lamar real well. What would they do without him.

    And dude – the 50% quote your throwing out there is based on 3 friggin’ games! WTF!

    You know what – If the top donor to the DK Sperm Bank, Derek Fisher averages 50% for the series, with Fed, LakeShow, K Dizzle and whoever else as my witness, I will say on the smack comments board anything derogatory about whatever you want.

    I will even admit that I hammered your mum bareback, but I blame that on the Goose, got me feelin’ loose, I blame it on the…

  • jonny taise

    why is it so strange that jeff van gundy doesn’t know about ‘Friday’? How many of you have watched ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane”?

  • QQ

    you’re right kobe probably wont miss 5 fts again. Listen in an orlando fan, but im also realistic. i became an orlando fan when they beat cleveland and made it into the finals. but until they win the championship, I don’t think they will.

  • au61458


    I don’t know why people should even mention Derek Fisher in negative sense. Sure hes been in a good teams, but still. He’s still one crucial member of this and earlier championship Lakers teams.

    Other than that, this discussion, like most of Internet forum talks has gone from the frist about 5 post worse and worse. Why can’t we just talk about basketball?

    Then my opinion about the finals. Yes Kobe is great, now doubt one of the best ever. Maybe top20 all time on my opinion. But winning without Shaq is very important question now, like many have pointed out. But, Kobe has Gasol and someone dares to call him soft? This is not boxing. Gasol has played every finals great, and only thing limiting him is lack of touches. Have you looked at his FG% in the finals?

    Second Odom is a great 3rd player. When he plays ok or good, every team in the world would have problems with him.

    Finally, no hate on Kobe, but Gasol+Odom is nearly Shaq in his prime. And they need and probaply will win this on 6. Unless Alston and Pietrus pull some strange shit and play rest of the games like game 3.

    -Cobra, from Finland

  • QQ

    @ 112:

    Fucking impostor.