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Game 4: Derek Fisher plays Sniper, Lakers on brink of championship

Kobe and Fish (photo. Orlando Sentinel)

Kobe and Fish (photo. Orlando Sentinel)

About an hour before the Lakers and Magic tipped off Game 4, Dime reader “SparkyJ23″ wrote us: “The Lakers have to win tonight or it all goes tits up for ‘em.” Not quite sure what that means, but by the end of last night’s overtime nail-biter, Derek Fisher made sure everybody’s tits were where they should be. And when Orlando looks back at the 99-91 loss, there are a handful of sequences that will bug them all summer long. The Magic were up 12 at halftime and, bottom line, were busting L.A.’s ass like they were Tim Donaghy‘s cellmate. Rafer “Heat Check” Alston was sticking pull-up jumpers early in the shot clock and off-balance floaters he had no business taking, Hedo Turkoglu was throwing in his own patented bad/good shots, Dwight Howard was an absolute animal — he pulled down 11 boards and had three blocks in the game’s first nine minutes and might have literally eaten Andrew Bynum alive — and even J.J. Redick was having Duke flashbacks. It got so bad for the Lakers that Phil Jackson put Luke Walton and DJ Mbenga on the court in the first quarter just to get any kind of spark he could … But in the third quarter, when the Magic could have put the nail in the coffin and cruised to a blowout, they choked. Trevor Ariza got hot, scoring 13 in the quarter, and Orlando couldn’t stop turning the ball over. They lost all their momentum and offensive flow, and went into the fourth quarter trailing by four … Orlando regained the lead midway through the fourth when Mickael Pietrus got a layup plus-one — a surprise considering he’s missed like eight layups in this series — and Hedo later hit a ballsy trey (with the Jordan/Dirk tongue wag), and then a floater in the lane (Mark Jackson: “He’s showing off his DIAMONDS!”) to put them up five. After a Pau Gasol dunk, Dwight ended up at the line with 11 seconds left and a chance to put Orlando up by five. He bricked both shots, and when the Lakers broke Orlando’s press, Fisher (12 pts, 2 stls) stepped into a three in Jameer Nelson‘s mug to tie with four seconds left. Orlando ran a horrible play at the end of regulation where Pietrus had a clear lane and could have either scored or drawn Kobe away from Dwight (16 pts, 21 rebs, 9 blks) and hit Howard with a lob, but he pulled up to miss a jumper. … Rashard Lewis opened overtime with an impossible three, but Kobe responded with two jumpers to put L.A. on top. Dwight blew another chance for the lead when he split a pair of FT’s, and Fisher broke the tie by icing another three off a Kobe assist — after Kobe clobbered Jameer with an elbow, no whistle. Hedo (25 pts) missed an ill-advised three on the other end, leading to a breakaway dunk for Gasol (16 pts, 10 rebs), after which he chest-bumped a teammate so hard that he fell into Dwight and gave him one of those “I’m sorry” hugs. In the final seconds, Gasol put the icing on with another breakaway dunk despite Pietrus blatantly clubbing him in the back. Gasol bucked up, dropping some MF-bombs, while Pietrus looked like he said something about a “boyfriend” … Between the third-quarter collapse, Dwight’s missed free throws, Pietrus’ bad decision-making, and Jameer’s failure to step up on Fisher on that three in regulation, Orlando has a lot to kick themselves over. They easily coudl have been tied 2-2 right now; instead they’re facing elimination …

21 boards, 9 blocks, not enough

21 boards, 9 blocks, not enough

Obviously Kobe (31 pts, 11-31 FG, 7 rebs, 8 asts) gets a ton of superstar calls nine nights out of 10, but he had a legit gripe last night about the no-calls. Kobe took a lot of non-whistled contact going to the rack; the kind of contact D-Wade was getting free throws for every time in the ’06 Finals. In fact, L.A. didn’t take a single free throw for all of the fourth quarter and about 4:55 of overtime … Dime’s Aron Phillips is in France with the 2K Sports All-American high school squad (including Tristan Thompson, Josh Selby and Jared Sullinger), where Game 4 aired at 3 a.m. And of course AP stayed up to watch it. Here’s his pre-game e-mail: “Watching the game on Canal+ on this tiny TV in my hotel room in Douai. While I don’t know for sure, I suspect all the guys are doing the same. The two French commentators are ridiculous! Their pre-game interview (on the court no less) was with Florent Pietrus.” That’s Mickael’s brother, a pro ballplayer in Spain … Stan Van Gundy will have to answer the Jameer/Rafer question again. He played Skip for 27 minutes, Jameer for 25, and Skip was nowhere to be seen in crunch time. Jameer made some good plays, but he also was terrible during that third quarter where L.A. made its big comeback, and he blew the defensive assignment on Fisher … Celebrity roll call included D-Wade, Chris Tucker (Mike Breen had no idea that saying, “He’s a HUGE basketball fan!” has multiple meanings with Smokey), Rihanna and Tiger Woods. Somebody told us Chris Brown was at the game, too, but ABC must have given him the O.J. treatment. Forget all that, though: Who was the dude in the white-and-blue checkerboard zoot suit? That was crazy … Mid-game e-mail from Dime reader Michael: “10.6 left in the 4th and did you see that hot ass drunk [chick] fall behind Van Gundy?” Then there was this unedited clearly drunken e-mail from reader Lenny: “steve-o full-body-waxed looks like carlos arroyo, whereas ned bigby (gotta google) looks like harry potter i mean ricky rubio!” OK. Send us what you see at smack@dimemag.com … One time when Kobe and Rashard were fighting for high post position when Mark Jackson said, “Let the big men battle!” Cool, except Kobe is a guard and Rashard is the skinniest power forward the League has seen since Keon ClarkJeff Van Gundy on how the Lakers feed off Kobe: “They play with his guts!” Wasn’t that a scene in Devil’s Advocate? … We’re out like Skip …

Top photo: Orlando Sentinel

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  • Jerry

    It’s a WRAP

  • bill

    Courtney Lee………………Game 2

    Dwight……………game 4

    Could so easily be 3-1 magic.

    That said, Dwight if OFF this planet and Hedo is earning some mighty dollars…

  • bill

    ps, go magic!!!

  • Curtis

    The refs tried to give the Magic the game.. To bad baby Shaq choked at the line

  • DvDJ Steve

    Stan Van Garbage doesnt know sh*t about finals experience. Thats why he said that it doesn’t matter. FINALS basketball is not REGULAR SEASON basketball….. Ask Magic, Jordan, Kobe, & Fisher!

  • bub

    Those free throws were crucial…

    Question why is Hedo always taking the ball out in crunch time? especially if he is one of the most clutch guys the magic have? I know you want a big guy to take the ball out, but i think id rather have my most clutch player having a chance to touch the ball rather than Pietrius. And you cant say you would rather have Pietrius takin that last shot than hedo… Com on SVG, get your head out of your ass buddy.

  • the cynic


    That was one hell of a choke job by orlando

    And its all but official that Van Gundy lost the series for the Magic before they even played a game by not telling Jameer to shut up about his “amazing things on the court” and wait till next year. The Master of Panic struck again by telling his team they needed Nelson to win when they didn’t. All they needed from a point guard was defense and ball control; Nelson has given them neither. He has been blow several assignments on defense through out the series and has been torched by Farmer and Fisher. The ability to recognize what’s happening on the court doesn’t just come back (NBA FINALS LEVEL) after not playing for 4 months. Way to blow your chance orlando, cause you won’t be back next year without Hedo.

    Phil Jackson showed why he is the best coach in the league again and Fisher showed why he is one of the most beloved Lakers of all-time(at least by the real laker fans)

  • ^___^

    “busting L.A.’s ass like they were Tim Donaghy’s cellmate”

    I am still LMAO, with this line!

  • John

    I agree with post 2 . This should be a 3-1 Magic series, easy. Orlando gave 2 games away to the Lakers. And now, there are dead.


    Derek, Derek, Derek! From this day forward, Derek gets a standing ovation every time he enters The Forum. The Major of LA should declare today as Derek Fisher day! Still his jersey will not hang from the rafters!

    Nelson was looking at booties, blondes, boobies, and mountain of cleavage. You can’t blame him either!

    Up by 3, Defend the 3. So simple, no skills involved at all. Rashard, where was he? Baby Shaq missed two freebies. They better call up Nick The Brick Anderson for therapy!

  • L

    Dwight and the Magic missing free throws in crucial games is a tradition.

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    tits up – maybe like, dead… flat on your back, tits facing up… just a guess… anyway, as i’ve said, it’ll end in LA… expect an o-town win in game 5, game six would be where the confetti should be

  • JuiceMode

    Guess those who said Kobe can’t win a chip without Shaq were wrong. Kobe can’t win a chip without Derek Fisher.

    While watching the last play of regulation, was kind of hoping Stan Van Gundy would bring in someone like JJ Redick and have another outside threat on the floor. Like the way the Celts use Eddie House in those kind of situations. Maybe it would have helped spread the defense and the Lakers would not have collapsed on Pietrus like did.

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    man, i just can’t believe it was written… “derek fisher” and “blowing by” aint correct… dude’s perhaps the slowest starting point guard in the league, and maybe all time – nah, eric snow holds that title… also, speaking of blowing by, fish can’t guard anyone straight up anymore – he’s been blown by so much…

    …but, well, at least the “el grande bolas” three by fish justifies why he’s still sharing the floor with kobe, gasol, odom and co…

    and we’re out like orlando in game six

  • Three Stacks

    What did the Magic expect to happen during crunchtime when they have Nick freakin Anderson doing pregame intros? I thought it would happen in game 3, but I guess I was a bit eager with it. OF COURSE they missed the free throws; it’s the first thing I thought about as soon as I saw Anderson on TV.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    @ Dime I was watching P.T.I. (unfortunately couldn’t here the sound or didn’t have captions at this place where I was eating)but I saw they were talking about Zo calling out Phil on not really coaching. Was that taken from the article yall ran and questions yall asked Zo?
    Keep that DIME movement going.

    Fisher, Fisher, Fisher! Can’t think of a pg that deserved that shine more than he did. Dude gets slammed for his ill-advised shots and his D ain’t what it was and he doesn’t always make the ill passes or score a lot.

    Still for all your TPs, CP3s and others that are at home watching him. Last night HE was the best pg in the L playin for the moment.

    I have always been a fan of his just because naw he ain’t spectacular but he has been for the most part solid. Also his experience is something that can’t be taught only gained.

    Really happy for dude to be on top of the pg world last night and his smile said it all without anything being said. Classy and classic. Dude owned the night.

    Last nights biggest difference to me.
    Stan takes Rafer out who had been scoring and another offensive threat more-so than Jameer.

    Phil keeps Fisher in rather than Shannon Brown (MSU what up!) or someone else.

    Lakers up 3-1.

  • lakers showtime 1987

    Lakers 99, Salvatore/Callahan/Foster 91 OT

    Damn refs tries to give the Magic this game. Worst officiating i have ever seen.

  • mykee

    “Bruce”, unless you are Bruce from Finding Nemo and have been living underwater all these years, you have no excuse to not know that the Lakers play in the STAPLES CENTER now. Your fan-pass needs to be revoked, regardless who you are cheering for.

    It was good to see the refs call some 3-second violations cause Howard is camped out in the paint.

    Its over Sunday.

  • http://slamonline.com Mamba24

    Just taste on that – Lake show like what – I am on that goose homie – take this ish in 6

  • QQ

    Fucking tough loss.

    We had a lot of chances to seal it; we didn’t deliver.

    That last few minutes of the 4th quarter was especially hard to see. If only Shard made his shot, if only Dwight sinked either of his freebies, if only Jameer defended the three, etc. Damn.

    Lakers are really on the brink. I can now say that they were really a great, great team led by a great leader. Has always been a Kobe fan (but not a fanboy, like some of the dicks here), nice to see him work.

    I still won’t concede though. Just watching my team reach the Finals is enough for me. Now that we’re here, I am more than happy to see them play and actually get a win. But it ain’t over. Maybe they’ll get one more, two more, or win it all. Whatever happens, I’m gonna stick with my squad. GOOO MAAAGIIIICCCC!!!!

    PS: Wow, Just two games ago, Ficher was like public enemy number one. Now, it’s all love. Nice to see bandwagon dicks in the Laker’s side.

  • Duke

    Damn, Orlando is on some Paris Hilton choke job. The whole damn team needs to learn how to close out and contest a shot. Some bullshit just stick out their hands isn’t going to cut it in the Finals.

  • Lee

    Tits up = when things go badly wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    So Lee am i saying this correct?

    “Officer my mind wasn’t on the speed limit, things have just been tits up for me lately, please forgive me?”

    “Whats up playboi, yea feds was on me yesterday it was all tits up son”

    That is soooooo not a hood term lol.

  • nola

    are people forgetting the missed free throws by hedo? because no one on here has mentioned it yet. in the final stretch of regulation he missed 3 of 4 free throws back to back. that was CRUCIAL. but yes, dwight choked when he only needed to make just one free throw.

  • biggeddy

    I definitely saw the hot drunk chick fall from her chair. Her friend had great tits too. They were trying to get on TV and totally busted her ass. Hilarious!!!

    I love how The worst officials in the NBA were assigned to this game (wasn’t it the same group that met with family in Orlando after a Boston vs Orlando game?). Stearn was doing his best to help the Magic win. Jackson didn’t go to Ariza and Mbenga in the first quarter to get a spark… he did it because Bynum, Pau, and LO ALL had 2 fouls. It was terrible! They were calling touch fouls on the Lakers and on the other end, only the really noticable stuff… AND WE STILL WON!!!!

    This series is in the refrigerator! The doors are closed, the lights are out and the JELLO IS JIGGLING!!!! (RIP Chick Hearn).

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Oh yea those puppet commercials are still crazy. The one with Lil Dez rappin and the one with LeBron lifting weights and getting to 2010 and I guess that suppose to mean he is thinking he will get it then.

    NOPE! Naw just kidding who knows.

    I wish they hadn’t made it just those two and I wish Dwight was with Nike. Still if they hadn’t made it just MVP’s then they could include so so so many other cats and how bout an MJ puppet that would be funny.

    Ok bedtime in the am …I love the Summer!

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    For this particular Laker Team I wouldn’t trade Fisher for any one else

  • K Dizzle (1 more then nuthin left to say)

    D. Fish haters hidin like vampires seein sunlight. This game was why we don’t quit on the solid players that held it down in the past and maybe slowin down with age. Ain’t no other 35 yr old point guard doin what Fish been doin. I get sick readin the hate DFish been gettin from “Laker fans” I expect hate from Laker haters; they should hate dude, He about to cop a 4th chip. If they ain’t hatin, then you ain’t doin your job. Props to DFish, all class and still clutch

    @ Cynic(post 7)- I feel you on only REAL Laker fans holdin it down for Fish. I can’ wait for M Intellect to come tell me why Fish is “garbage” or how he don’t like how dude plays, how he dresses or anything but he claimin Lakers all day. Puh-leeze, bruh. Respect EVERY player on your squad. This is why I respect QQ. Dude shows up after every game, win or lose, and holds his squad down. It’s easy to rip on JJ or CL Smooth after the misses last game, but he show love to the squad. It’s damn near embarassin when Fish gets love from other teams and some “Laker fans” rip dude like it’s him killin the squad

    @ biggeddy (post 25)- nice post. Give em the facts. Those foul calls on Pau, Drew and Lamar were junk. Those subs were cuz the refs, once again, were terrible. Let em play one time. Damn. Props on givin love to the late chick Hearn. Dude was an institution.
    I’m out like the DFish haters for one day.
    Lakers all day…

  • M Intellect

    LOL – Derek Fisher must’ve read my dime posts! Dude came up big with those HOO-UGE 3’s!!

    Real talk though – After watching D-Will, Aaron Brooks and Chauncey abuse him all play-offs, I still stand by my view that he isn’t a worthy starter for a contending NBA team!

  • dk

    @25 I seen the bitch fall, she was drunk and that other one with the tits was her old ass mom.

    28 When you have three seven footers behind you, you can funnel pgs into the paint. No one is as quick as Brooks.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    I don’t know, everytime someone went Tits Up around me, shit worked out. Just sayin.

    I immediately assumed the checkerboard zoot suit with a tshirt guy was Craig Sager…and I was off by 20 years.

  • quest???

    why the fuck was jameer playing in the end it’s obvious the magic have no offensive flow when jameer is in the game rafer played way better

  • dk

    Derek Fisher most clutch 3 point shooter in NBA history. Proof? Fish is now third all time in Finals history three pointers made. Who needs em, .

    Phil Jackson greatest coach in NBA history. Proof? On the theory the modern game is alot more difficult to string together championships. Jackson has won,

    9 of the last 18 Championships, its about to be 10. Thats amazing.

    Worst officiated game in NBA history,

    game 4, 2009 NBA Finals. Orlando had double the free throws and the most BS calls ever seen in a playoff game. If I was SVG or D Ho I would have went of on the refs post game. It basically says the Fagics are little pussy hos and need tge tick tack fouls to bail their sorry asses out. What BS.

    Worst attempted fix, NBA history, 2009 NBA Finals, game 4. Stern and his rag tag bunch blow the whistle any time a Laker blinks in rapid succesion. EPIC FAIL, Stern. The Magic cant throw the ball into the Atlantic ocean when wide open.

    Winner best aesthetic award, 2009 NBA Finals. Dwight Howards beautiful smiles. I wonder if hes thinking about bricking two clutch free throws while hes making funny time on the bench.

  • QQ

    Personally, I too was confused by Stan’s decision to play Jameer in the clutch minutes. Before this series, I was fine with whatever SVG decides to do with Jameer, seeing that Stan did a spectacular job in the Cleveland series. He could do whatever he wants, and I’ll still support him. I just think that playing Jameer for extended minutes after Skip played his heart out in Game 3 is kinda confusing. I think Jameer definitely fits the reliever role right,especially after seeing Games 1 and 2, where he could not sustain being the playmaker for a long time. Even as a Magic fan, I have to admit, Meer did a lot of bad plays in Game 4. I think the better scenario is to play Skip first in the fourth, and if he isn’t effective, go with Meer.

  • dk

    @ qq Tough, tough losses in game 2 and game 4. Hopefully you guys will make some minor changes this offseason and keep up the great play. The Magic definitley have a really good squad. I cant wait for game 6. The series isnt over but we have?no shot of a game 5 win. I estimate tge Magic will shoot 80-90 free throws to our 20. Stern will figure out the arithmetic over the next couple days. If the idiots would have factored in Orlandos 60% free throw percentage they would have known they needed to shoot about 20 more free throws last night so there would have been a game 7.

    Ps So much for the retarded girl singing the Anthem, good try.

  • Kudabeen

    Phil Jackson sums up why Fisher stays in despite shortcomings:

    “He’s persistent,” Jackson said. “He’s just a dogged player. He’s not blessed with great speed. He’s a good athlete, but he’s not spectacularly fast. But he has a certain sense about him, knows what’s going on on the floor, can organize a team. [He’s] not afraid to go away from Kobe when sometimes Kobe is asking for the ball and he knows better, and I need a guard like him to do that.”

    Every team needs a floor leader. They don’t have to be point guards, but they need to be in control and aware. We seen that in Denver it makes a difference. But it’s like that everywhere. Orlando floor leader is Jameer, but he just doesn’t have the pedigree of Fisher at this stage.

    To play that far off while up three is atrocious. Damn the Offensive problems. Defense wins games. You do everything else right, but give the man with the ball a wide open shot with seconds to go. Just tough to watch Fish nickname is Rock, so he has been making plays like this for a while.

    It’s blood in the water. We all know Kobe is a shark out there. How on the Magic has the will? Where is the game 6 Dwight from the Cavs series? He will have to show every game for Orlando to have any chance, but he hasn’t proved he can be that at this level just yet.

    Young teams have to go through this to improve. They should be a better team next year. The league overall is going to be very competitive again next year.

    Till Sunday ~

  • Soopa

    Its a wrap. Kobe gets his 4th.

    Its a shame tho, could just have easily have been 3-1 Magic, but their inexperience as a collective has been their downfall. A missed lay up and two missed free throws are the differens between 1-3 and 3-1. Tough.

    I have no idea why the Magic goes to the “4th quarter Cavs tactic” with Hedo at the top free to create like Lebron would do for the Cavs. It cramps up their entire offence and with no ball movements it enables the Lakers to collaps on D12. Too little penetration all series long by Orland.

    Hope they keep this group together tho, im getting to like them.

  • dk

    I thought D Ho was gonna get the first ever Finals quadruple double. So close. One more block and seven turnovers. What a stoic leader, he must be on the verge of shattering the Finals record 4 to’s .

  • Quedas

    I’m still mad at how badly the Magic played on the final stretch, so I’m gonna let that be for fear of punching my boss in a blind rage.

    That being said…

    Jesus f****** Christ you Laker fans have to be the most annoying, delusional fans ever! WE got help from the refs? Are you f****** kidding me? Kobe got Dwight in a headlock and it was just a regular foul… Kobe hits Jameer with a blatant elbow and nothing… Ariza keeps hand-checking Turkoglu when the rules clearly state that’s not allowed… What could you possibly be mad about? Just because Kobe DIDN’T get superstar calls whenever he made a move to the basket and deliberately drove his elbow on his defender? Please… I’m not asking you to show some grace in victory (God knows that’s impossible) – just some common sense…

    Ah, f*** it, I’ll just go punch my boss…

  • that’s whats up

    damn if the Magic didn’t just fuck that game off.

    My highlight was that drunk chick hitting the floor hard – you know she had several offers of an “escort” to help her to her car

    Thank God for drunk white girls

    That’s what the MOP gets when you bench Skip and play a guy who has played in only 3 games in the last 4 months

    I still see L.A. losing game 5 get so they can win at home, in style in front of their fans (Jack Nicholson called in that order – Code Red, I believe)

  • dk

    Micheal Pietrus. If the NBA wanted to do the right thing that dick head mother fucker should be suspended. I cant believe that he DOUBLE HAMMER FISTED Pau. What a fucking pussy ass sore loser. Wtf!!!

  • Quedas

    @ dk

    “What a stoic leader, he must be on the verge of shattering the Finals record 4 to’s”

    “I estimate the Magic will shoot 80-90 free throws to our 20″

    “So much for the retarded girl singing the Anthem, good try”

    God… you really are classy, aren’t you?

  • that’s whats up

    After Hedo hit those two late shots and the magic were up by 5, I remember thinking to myself – that ain’t enough. It should be up by 8 if Hedo doesn’t botch 3 freebies.

    Then, SuperGirl misses two to ice the game….2 TO ICE A FINALS GAME!!!!
    Inexcusable – Chris Dudley would have sunk one, Ben Wallace, even Nick Anderson would have hit one of those – Shameful if you ask me

  • QQ

    @ dk:

    Hey, tell your fellow fans to shut the fuck up about Fisher. All of them we’re shitting on Fish for being a retarded jacker, and now all of a sudden, he is a accomplished floor leader. I know you were reppin Fish, but except you, there ain’t no one else.

    You know how I hate bandwagon assholes. P

  • that’s whats up

    ….and also Rashard Lewis didn’t earn his money last night.
    6 points in 46 minutes. FED could do more damage at the Y

    …and dk is a dk-head……..but everyone knows that already

  • dk

    @44 Lewis’ s stat line is unacceptable. That has to be bad coa ching.

    @ qq lmao, yeah, bandwagon fans believe in same sex marriage. Fisher third all time 3 pointers made in the Finals, lol ;)

  • yoda
  • spreefor3

    Let’s hope Air France doesn’t get suspended for game 5, we really don’t need to see JJ get extended playing time and trip himself on a fast break again.

  • M Intellect

    That chick taking the drop was hilsrious…

  • fallinup

    How the guy with the hot hand and is the hero in the last game doesn’t get up for pretty much the whole second half is insane. Totally idiotic.

    Stan just bought his ticket out of town with his piss poor coaching job. Rashard’s got 6 points. Hedo has more assists than all of the guards put together. And the whole Jameer coming back thing did nothing but piss on the chemistry they had in the playoffs. How do you not play Rafer? And yes I’ll say it….Anthony Johnson should at least get SOME tick.

    I almost had an heart attack at all the times I was screaming at the TV watching Dwight run to the basket with his arms up and an open lane ahead of him. And when he did get the ball, it’s like he’d wait for the defenders to come before moving. How in the hell do you have Patrick Ewing as an assistant and Dwight still doesn’t know footwork and has no post game???

    If Orlando was smart, they’d just roll over like they did yesterday come Sunday and save themselves an ass kicking if they go back to LA.

  • Tee

    New Drinking Game

    Take a shot every time Mark Jackson says …”for all the marbles.” Your drunk by the end of the first…

  • Kobeef

    Paul Bearer (Stan Van) shit the bed last night.
    This whole Jameer – Rafer fiasco killed the Magic.

    Set aside the “who is the most effective player” debate, the issue has caused a rift in the team. Stan Van needs to take notes on Phil’s ability to get his players in the right headspace to win a championship. Fancy players are nice but if your team isn’t 110% focused you aren’t winning a ‘chip.

  • fallinup

    Oh..and I never thought I’d be hollering, “Damn! They just took his head off and he DIDN’T get a foul????!!!”….regarding the whole fourth quarter and Kobe.

    The refs were damn inconsistent.

  • Kudabeen

    Anyone else see that interview with Escalade:

    Why aren’t more Street ball players in the NBA?

    “We aren’t good enough” “Many of us have no business in the League”

    I agree, but never heard a guy that holds the label of “street baller” say this before.

    Good interview.

  • dk

    @52 Oh they were consistent, if you had on blue and white.

    I agree with some of the former posts. Why cant anyone feed the post when Ho is diving with 10 feet of arms in the air screaming 4 the ball

  • quest???

    oh btw what happened to team USA sub19? Puerto rico gave them a beating

  • http://www.CalmYoSelf.com Kermit the Washington

    DFish had a clutch performance to go along with his other clutch performances in the playoffs.

    STILL doesn’t erase the fact that he’s been BUGGING this entire post-season. I’ma start calling him “Go Fish”.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I like how when that drunk chick falls nobody notices except the guy who helps her up.

  • russ

    and once again dwight howard proves he is overrated. 7 to’s for someone who isn’t a primary ball handler? unacceptable. but it happens every game. 6-14 from the free throw line? and you want the ball in crunch time? gime a break. you can ‘practice’ your free throws all you want ‘with a group of friends and blaring music’….but if you continue to do that with horrendous form there is isn’t much point is there? Until he learns the basic fundamental of putting some arc on his shots and not shooting missles, he will continue to be a failure from the ft line.

    and then there were those two wonderfully executed plays from pietrus at the end of regulation and from hedo with about 2 seconds left in ot. i am really suprised they made it to the finals with there decision making. i saw it back in the boston series and thought they were done then…unfortuntely they weren’t.

  • djKianoosh

    LOL at JVG saying Kobe’s “indestructible” late in the game.. Breen didn’t even know how to proceed for a minute..

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN aka BINO BROWN STR8 UP N DOWN

    Damn, looked like Magic was gonna pull it out!

    I find it ironic Hedo makes those step back fade away joints, but he misses FREE THROWS. LOL – makes the HARD joints, misses the EAZY ones. Go figure. I like Hedo’s tongue thing. Pause. Everytime I see it I say, “He can’t be serious. He’s OBVIOUSLY mocking someone.”

    Dwight was a NON-OFFENSIVE BEAST! He’s so far from Superman. Dude need moves.

    Trevor made ‘em pay for not respectin’ his J. BIG TIME.

    DJ and Powell gettin’ burn?????
    Wow! And it worked. And it kept LO, Pau, and AB in CHILL MODE.

    PHIL gon’ get that 10th joint.

    Funny how Powell became the UNINTENTIONAL ENFORCER with his rough, boneheaded fouls that were more incidental than down right on purpose.

    Why LA won is simple. Too many Magic TO’s and the Lakers made too many plays down the stretch.

    When Pau chest bumped everybody including Adam Morrison with 15 left in OT…I knew it was curtains.

    Kobe didn’t have to swing his elbows ‘all crazy like’ just because Dwight held him.

    Mbenga played, Shannon played, Walton played, Farmar, Powell, and Vujacic!!!! All of them played? But Orlando’s back up pg gets NO tick. I think I saw Anthony Johnson on the Magic bench tryin’ to poison Jameer’s gatorade. Him and Skip are probably best friends now. They had a WHOLE LOT to talk about on the bench.

    Kobe smashing Jameer in the chin is the biggest play of the game if I’m a Magic fan. Straight left Fish WIDE OPEN for a CRITICAL triple. Wow. And Jameer obliged by making Skip’s absence much more notable by not closing on Fish on that last killer triple in regulation, or at least get all up in his space…make him put the ball on the ground or outta his hands. We’ll blame it on his lay-off – he’s outta game shape. Sike! Rafer got robbed of crucial minutes…he was creating and scoring. Jameer was just creating. With that said, I saw Skip and Coach gettin’ into it and after I saw that, I didn’t see Skip no mo’.

    I called Skip to ask him how he felt about Orlando’s loss and the fact that Coach replaced him with Jameer down the stretch.

    Trying to hide any negative feelings that he may have possessed, he said answered courteously and professionally…


  • Dennis Castro

    Um, with Jameer being relegated to the backup role, when he looks like he should be getting minutes(brain freeze notwithstanding), Hedo wanting a major deal, and Skip playing well, if I’m Ed Stefanski, I’m throwing out Iguodala and our pick(#17) for Jameer and whatever throw in (garbage)player it takes to line the salaries up.

    Any possibility of this happening?

  • Simon

    You know what really grinds my gears? Howard’s inability to keep the ball high! Jesus H. Christ, didn’t we all learn that in elementary school? Whether you are a 7 footer, or a 6 foot post player like I was, you always keep the ball high. When he brings the ball down, it is either a turnover or a foul, which in last night’s case is the same thing for Howard. Keep the ball high, make the layup or dunk, get the win.

    Also, Pietrus gave a double axe handle that the Hulkster would be proud of.

  • dk

    @ D Ho Smile!!! then bring the ball down to your knees for your tenth turnover moron. SVG for worst Finals performance ever. Shaq and Riley were right about him. Were do you begin about the miatakes..

  • jzsmoove


    The Magic are playing garbage shit basketball unbelievable. I believe but its hard to believe when they play shitty and turn the ball over so much times.

    i hate the lakers . actually not the lakers, just kobe.

  • dk


    The Magic are playing like garbage because their playing one of the greatest teams ever and arguably the GOAT in Mr. Bryant.

  • fallinup

    @ 64

    Wow man. Greatest teams ever now? Just wow.

  • JuiceMode

    “I think I saw Anthony Johnson on the Magic bench tryin’ to poison Jameer’s gatorade. Him and Skip are probably best friends now. They had a WHOLE LOT to talk about on the bench.”


  • mosduff

    it’s official. you guys at Dime don’t watch the games. No mention of that Elbow from Kobe to set up that three??!?! That should have been an offensive foul, and even if you’ve got Kobe goggles you should be able to see that.

    Also, Nelson blew that assignment but he made 4 huge plays in a row at the end of regulation to keep the Magic in it.

    Seriously, this baffles me. Come on Dime!!!

  • Big T

    18 foul shots to 0, through the entire 4th quarter and the majority of overtime. I’ll take the W… even the referees couldn’t dictate the game and swing it in Orlando’s favor. On some possessions, Kobe was getting molested so bad that I thought I was watching Oz re-runs on HBO by mistake.

  • dk

    @65 I said one of. After next season they will have established 3 WCF trips in a row, 3 straight Finals and 2 out of 3championships with 2 straight. ne team that gets 2 or more straight is way, way up

  • Big T

    It’s more like Jameer ran into Kobe’s elbow as he was already rotating his arms to kick out to Fisher. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit.

    Orlando was doing some WWF type shit, and they didn’t get a whistle blown on them. My favorite call was late in the 4th, when Howard blatantly cleared out Gasol, but the referees called the foul on Fisher because he gave Dwight a slight bump.

  • fallinup

    @ 65…still don’t agree.

    1) 2 WCF trips. Not 3 in a row. They lost to PHX in the first round 3 years ago.

    2) 3 straight finals??? Two straight. Once again, lost to PHX in the first round 3 years ago.

    3) 2 out of 3 championships? With 2 straight. Ummm…what? I hope you just misspoke that one.

  • fallinup

    Sorry, mistyped…

    @ 71…still don’t agree.

    1) 2 WCF trips. Not 3 in a row. They lost to PHX in the first round 3 years ago.

    2) 3 straight finals??? Two straight. Once again, lost to PHX in the first round 3 years ago.

    3) 2 out of 3 championships? With 2 straight. Ummm…what? I hope you just misspoke that one.

  • fallinup

    Ohhh…you said…

    “After next season.” Fine and all for wishful thinking but I still don’t agree.

  • Dr.gOOgles

    I bet if jameer elbowed kobe it would’ve been a flagrant called on jameer.

  • QQ

    Fuck it man, the more and more I think about it, it pisses me off. FUCK the Orlando Tragic. They’re all a bunch of sissy ass bitches. Would have much rather seen Cleveland in there. You know for a fact King James would have made this a competetive series.


    To top it off, my boyfriend just told me that he thinks I’M GAY, and he’s not. The reasoning you ask? Cause he’s the one getting sucked while im the one doing the service… does that even make any sense? I told him we can continue the conversation after the BLAMMMS in my mouth.

    My life is just in shambles right not. I hate the TRAGIC and I Hate my BF,

    Someone console me please.

  • QQ

    most likely my magic will completely collapse from here on out. as much as i want to support them, i simply can’t anymore. i know i’ve said a lot about true fans and all, but every once in a while it’s time to call it quits. fuck this. Lakers or Cavs, y’all got any room for a wounded, scarred, and scared fan?

    PS: I give really good head. Something to consider.

  • M Intellect

    I wanna ask ALL the ‘ride-or-die’ Lakers fan a question.

    If Aaron Brooks dropped another 20-point game on the bridge of Derek Fisher’s nose in Game 7, JUST LIKE HE DID IN GAME 4, and cost LA the series, would you still be talking this pro-Derek Fisher shit?

    Bear in mind, you guys are ‘Laker’ fans, not ‘Derek Fisher’ fans, right?

    PS. You can’t clown QQ like that…

  • LAballer

    are magic “fans” really complaining about calls last night? SERIOUSLY? do me a favor..find a giant penis..stuff it deep down your throat and choke on that shit..you dont deserve to watch basketball let alone live..

    @intellect…you have a short term memory boss..fisher has been bad on D THIS YEAR..he has been slower THIS YEAR..how can you say he doesnt deserve to start on a championship team? come on dude..everything phil said about him in that interview is why he DOES deserve to start and play..believe me..ive lost my voice numerous times yelling at him at laker games and at the tv for getting burned over and over again..so i feel you..but in crunch time..i want fish playing..he makes the right moves..makes the right decisions..and hits the shots..0.4 baby..

    i have one serious problem with phil’s coaching..how the hell does a bigger guard with great d and the ability to hit the open shot and drive to the rack not get PT over SASHA?????? come on man..ALL OF SASHAS MINUTES NEED TO GO TO BROWN FOREVER..am the only one here thinking this?

    that game was officiated horribly..i mean i was watching with LAKER HATERS and they couldnt believe what was going on..

    anyone still think pau is soft? i mean ok he is a little soft..but he has been banging with howard all series long..he outplayed nene..he plays the center and forward positions..he goes from guarding shard who is really a guard/small forward playing outside to guarding howard who is a beast..granted howard is tougher..granted he blocks the shots..but this guy deserves SOME FREAKIN CREDIT..i love his game

    still saying it..lakers in 6..like i said..we were gonna give away game 3..managed a game 4 victory with some questionable calls (understatement of the decade) and were letting em have game 5..its a gift to stern’s punkass..take it..WE GOT THIS..GAME 6..BRING ON THE PARADE

  • Kevin

    @mosduff #69 — Damn, don’t you read before you whine? From SMACK:

    1. “Fisher broke the tie by icing another three off a Kobe assist — after Kobe clobbered Jameer with an elbow, no whistle.”

    2. “Jameer made some good plays, but he also was terrible during that third quarter where L.A. made its big comeback, and he blew the defensive assignment on Fisher”

    Reading is FUNdamental.

  • JayTea

    A man admits his mistakes. I was wrong. After 30 some years watching this game you start to think you know some shit. All playoffs I’ve been tellin anyone that would listen that Fish needed to sit his ass down and that he was killin the Lakers on and D and building his own projects brick by brick. If I was coach and had sat him, would he have had the sack to make that 3?

  • LakeShow84

    Its a wrap..

    Magic fans shouldnt complain about NOTHING regarding the officiating last night.. damn near 20 FT’s to our ZERO, GOOSE EGG, NADA in the 4th?! yeah i was f’in livid.. and the refs get to sleep that it off like nothing today.. talkin about fouls how about Kobe getting fouled on his follow thru in OT and the nation watched it like 30 times LOLOLOL.. come on now.. Kobe was getting smacked on the way to the rack in the 4th..

    Everyone seems to be forgetting while talking about this “if this happens we are 3-1 not LA”.. we are the better team here.. be happy your team rose from the shadows of the Cavs and Celts and will be holding court next year.. and with a healthy Jameer?? who knows..

    And Kobe’s elbow on Jameer?? that shit was not as bad as punk ass Mark Jackson made it sound.. cracks me up how ONE thing happens to Magic and i hear whining while we get flucked and no one wants to see it.. Post players elbow players like that all day cuz YOUR SUPPOSED TO KEEP THE BALL UP IN THE AIR DIPS.. and where was Kobe?? in the post right?? yeah right keep gripin..

    And ill admit there were times i looked at Dfish in the regular season and i had my doubts but one thing is for sure, there is NOBODY else on that team i want to take a last second shot than Fisher.. Dude is SOLID.. PERIOD..

    Magic will get game 5.. We will take 6 so we dont have to fly back to the parade..

    Like my boss said.. Magic blew their wad..

  • M Intellect

    Lakeshow – You seriously want D-Fish taking that shot instead of Kobe Bryant? Seriously?

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Fisher finally showed up at the playoffs.He’s been fucking up a WHOLE lot.struth.That game was mad thuggish.Between pietrus’ double fist push,kobe’s elbow,amongst others we coulda started a WWF league of ten out there.Bet you the next game gets a whole lot more physical.

    what the fluck was the deal with Kobe acting like an altar boy whose been touched one too many times on that wrap-around from howard?

    Lakers in six.Sometimes because orlando won’t let us lose.that’s another hard truth.Food for thought,wonder what would happen if popovich coached orlando?

    That shyt with rafer was inexcusable.SVG has fits of genius,but on a regular basis can’t get it right.Nerves i guess.

  • FallODaLadr

    Gasol, Bynum, Odom -> 2 fouls each in the first quarter + The Lakers shot 1 free throw the entire fourth quarter AND overtime (which came with 3 seconds left in the game on the flagrant foul)= BULLSHIT!

    Magic had 20+ FTs in that same timespan.

  • ponky_alolor

    fish did a rob horry indeed.

  • Dr.gOOgles

    thats how shit happens when you have home court advantage. When it its time to play in LA, thats when shit get crazy.

  • hooper5013

    Nick Anderson should be permanently banned from the magic games because them free throws dwight missed were clearly his fault.

  • QQ

    @ 77/78:

    You fucking impostor.

    If you can’t talk straight, and instead would want to use my name to spew bullshit, that’s your choice.

    I wouldn’t stoop at your level, you fucking buttlicker.

  • K Dizzle (1 more then nuthin left to say)

    @ Lakeshow – I don’t know if this series comes back to LA. Orlando fractured. Dwight missin game winnin throws, hdeo missin game winnin throws, Jameer and Rafer probably shootin daggers at each other and you know teammates pick sides. Kobe don’t care where we win it at. Win it in 5 while they messed up and celebrate back home. I’ll take that

    @ M Intellect – don’t necessarily want Fish takin it over Kobe, but much like Rob Horry, Fish is usually wide open cuz of the attention Kobe and Pau draw so I don’t mind him puttin that up. How many cletch shots a dude gotta hit before teams show respect? Jameer lost me with that defense last night. He wraps Fish up, game is done.

    @ QQ – You must be jokin sayin all laker fans but dk been hatin on Fish. i know you like to go back and read previous smacks. better go back as far as you want and see how hard I been reppin Fish. Far as I’m concerned, Fish gets a free pass for the rest of his career. Like i been tellin dudes, you start hatin on Fish or start thinkin he’s done, that’s when he shines.
    If Laker fans don’t appreciate dude, do like I did to my boy talkin mess about fish being useless……bought that boy an authentic Smush Parker purple and gold joint.
    That shut him up

    Lakers all day

  • QQ

    @ M:

    ‘PS. You can’t clown QQ like that…’

    Appreciate that man.

    Kinda surprised to see my name, and then see the words ‘To top it off, my boyfriend just told me that he thinks I’M GAY, and he’s not.’ LOL

    I mean come on now. That shit eater want people to believe that a poster would actually say that about himself, and not think that it’s a fake.

    Way to go, fucking genius.

  • QQ


    But you gotta admit it, many of your fellow fans here like to talk crap bout Fisher. They’re like ‘HE’S THE FUCKING WORST STARTER IN THE NBA!’. Then he makes this important three, all of a sudden, it’s ‘DEREK IS REALLY AN ACCOMPLISHED FLOOR LEADER; WE KNEW IT!’ Kinda irritating, eh? haha.

  • QQ


    PS: Kinda makes me feel good that a hater will do this to get my attention. LOL.


  • M Intellect

    First up – I stand by my opinion on D-Fish being ish but I gotta vouch for K Dizzle when he said he been holding D-Fish down. When he started getting at me earlier about what I said about Derek Fisher yesterday, I thought let me just check the old Smack Comments after the LA-Houston games where he made Aaron Brooks look like a young Allen Iverson and see if he was all loving D-Fish then too.

    But true to his word he was. Fiercely, if I’m honest. Cat started talking about his pops and his barbers and shit! LOL

    @ QQ – I knew it was an imposter. Fuck that dude.

  • M Intellect

    QQ – FOR THE RECORD – I NEVER said D-Fisher was an accomplished floor leader. I think he is shit, whether he made that three or not.

  • QQ

    @ M:

    Ok, you never said that. Then my post is not for you, it’s for the guilty parties. Why are cats in here all defensive like shit? LOL.




  • M Intellect

    LOL – It’s like that Banks line, “This ain’t a subliminal, if it don’t appply, let it slide”…

  • dk

    @QQ I thought you just went of the deep end lol. Thats some shit I would do but I wouldnt…lol He said your boyfriend left you…lmao

  • QQ

    @ dk:

    And for a minute man, you actually believed that bastard! Come on now. LOL

    I wouldn’t talk about my boyfriend here, I would talk about him somewehere else. That’s why it’s SO easy to spot the impostor.

    PS: Take that, you fucking bitch, whoever you are.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Booga

    By far this was one of tha best finals series we’ve seen since Tha G.O.A.T’S era (KingJordan), 2bad for tha magics that Mamba was in attack mode.

  • J-Dizzle

    Tit’s up is a reference to being on their backs or dead. When ya dead, you’re buried on your back with your chest to the sky. Oh and 2, Game 3, Pietrus non call goaltend. If that’s called, then the last foul of the game doesn’t happen and that’s 4 points off the Magic’s slate. Tie game going to OT and so far the Magic can’t handle OT. We could be talking about 4-0 Lakers sweep right now.

  • LakeShow84

    @ M Intellect..

    That was my bad i meant no one else besides Kobe.. Say what you want about DFish but dude is top 5 clutch shooting PG’s in the L.. Name me 5 who aint BETTER but better in clutch moments..

    @ J-Dizzle..

    Thats my point.. everyone crying woulda, coulda, shoulda when WE couldve swept this had it not been for some unfortunate bounces.. But thats why you play the games right??

    @ Kdizzle..

    Im giving Orlando some heart there.. Honestly i think we will close it out.. When we’ve smelt blood we been pretty good so far.. besides Houston.. Plus you know Kobe is HUNGRY to get this over with and get some rest as a Gold Medal Olympian and Finals MVP.. That sound familiar to all of u Kobe haters??

  • M Intellect

    Chauncey Billups
    Steve Nash
    Chris Paul
    Deron Williams
    Tony Parker

  • LakeShow84

    I said CLUTCH

    Chris Paul & Tony Parker have not hit game winners.. shit gimme a PLAYOFF game winner at that.. Shit gimme a .4 second game winner to top it off.. Timmy and Manu handle clutch duties for SA and Chris Paul dishes to shooter like West and Butler for clutch shots.. Clutch assists dont count..

    Use your intellect Mr. M..

  • M Intellect

    Are AI and Gilbert PG’s?

  • K Dizzle (1 more then nuthin left to say)

    Damn, Lake.

    Clutch assists count if you get your teammate a wide open shot that he’s comfortable shootin(Jordan to Pax, Jordan to Kerr,Kobe lob to Shaq vs Portland, Kobe to Fish) but i agree that apart from Chauncey and Nash, I haven’t really seen Parker, CP or DWill get clutch in the playoffs. Fish most definitely top 5

    @ M – lol at ” Cat started talking about his pops and his barbers and shit” Yeah, you got me
    Lakers all day, baby

  • doc

    Chokejob.Nothing more,nothing less.

  • KB24

    Not only did Fish make a Clutch shot…He did it on the road….

  • alf (from melmak)

    i have been a lurker for a long time. just want to have the last say in this smack though.

    i shouted some unprintable words (which i think was even heard by my neighbors) when i saw nick anderson during the pre game.

    i knew right then and there the magic were screwed. what is he doing there? what was management thinking?

    was hoping the nice guys would win. but in the end it will be the cocky and arrogant lakers.

    until next season laker fans. wait until bosh and rip hamilton suits up in a jazz uniform.

    take me back to dreamland.