• D.H.

    If i’m the Suns I take Lawson over Maynor. I also son’t see Hill falling to 10. Lastly, I still think Washington should take Earl Clark.

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    @Dime : I like your reasoning behind most of the picks. The strange part regards the rationale behind trading Westbrook and the need for a top-tier PG.

    Maybe their time is coming in the next few seasons, but looking at the teams that HAVE won a ‘chip in this decade, none of them were focused on a big-time PG besides San Antonio and Detroit.

    Celtics – Rondo, Spurs – Parker (more scorer than passer), Heat – Williams/Payton, Lakers – Fisher/Hunter

    So far, we haven’t seen the Jazz, Hornets, Suns, etc. make any real noise toward the Finals.

  • D Double

    Of course the Knicks pick Curry if they plan on getting LeBron in 2010. Curry are Bron are buddies, right? Minny should package those 3 picks and move up to get Griffin…

  • http://www.collegebasketball247.blogspot.com Jakob Kagel

    Jennings to GS just doesn’t make sense to me…..


  • joshlee9

    Hey dime, does miami have any picks in this upcoming draft?

  • A$$Cube aka French Vanilla

    French PG/SG Rodrigue Beaubois got some crazy measurements. DraftExpress just bump him up to RD2-PK2 but I’m sure he’s going to be a late first rounder.

    He might be Chicago-bound.

  • miamiVIS3

    @ joshlee9
    I’ll try to answer that for you I know they have multiple 2nd rounders I’m just not sure how many.

  • joshlee9

    hey miamiVIS3, thanx man. miami does do well in the draft and i’m hoping they get a mario chalmers (except taller and plays the center position) in this draft

  • Ashlov

    You guys are high off your collective asses dropping DeJuan Blair to #20. He won’t last past #12, and that’s being generous.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @joshlee, miami traded their pics away along with orlando and the celts.

  • Vacaav

    This is the first mock draft I have seen where somebody actually has a Washington pick that makes sense to me.

  • the cynic

    GS won’t take a tiny PG, cause they could just keep Crawford instead.

  • doc

    look like legit picks all around.

  • willie

    no austin daye?

  • Kobeef

    I agree with the top 4 but Earl Clark could shake things up with his workouts.

    Keep in mind that he is closer to the size of Chris Bosh than Josh Smith. He could tempt OKC and Memphis with his potential to play PF in the NBA.

    That said, Harden is the second coming of Brandon Roy – which is a really nice look beside Westbrook and Durant

    Thabeet is so freakishly agile for a guy that massive that Memphis won’t be able to resist. Watch a video of him sometime – how many 7’2 NBA players would you consider “bouncy”?

  • Sanpitch

    picks look solid but i tend to agree with post 9, doubt blair drops that far. as a jazz fan that would be sweet but is not going to happen.

  • K Dizzle

    Way to get your daily cheap shot of Andrew Bynum in. You still wanna take Oden over him? It’s not like he had a nice stretch of 26, 14 and 3 then got hurt then came back from a major injury and hasn’t gotten back to form, but feel free to keep hatin….and there’s no way Hill falls to 10. Golden State needs a legit power forward too. Randolph comin along but they keep talkin about tradin him. Hill could be insurance

  • Kevin

    @willie — Austin Daye SUCKS (just my opinion). He’s shown me nothing. Anytime they’re saying a dude has to prove that he’s physical enough in workouts, that means he’s been nothing but soft on the court. Other than being 6-9 or 6-10 and being a decent athlete, what has he done?

  • rob

    Maybe i dont watch and follow basketball as much anymore. Maybe i’ve lost my eye to notice talent…but Jordan Hill isnt a lottery pick to me. very unimpressive. what does he do well? energy/hustle? is that worth a lottery pick?

  • Kevin

    @K Dizzle — Be honest, though, it’s not like Bynum has been struggling ever since the injury. He came back in April and put together some solid games, but when the playoffs started, he suddenly started sucking. I think it’s more mental than physical, cause he showed in the last weeks of the regular season that physically he was fine.

    Check his game log and look at the regular season games he played in April.

  • jzsmoove

    I knew landing a Tyreke Evans would be far-fetched for Toronto, it aint happening. I liked Earl Clark for us during the previous Dime mock draft preview i guess that aint happening either. If Derozan does drop to us, there will still be cash registers singing ca -ching!!

  • flavur

    I think that jordan hill to the bucks is a good idea cus bogut sucks and charlie could leave

  • Dcam323

    cavs better take a big with that 1st round pick. Big Z not getting any faster or big ben. Varejo is horrible. LOL Grown ass sasha. if LBJ had some more athletic bigs. might be in the finals. LOL

  • Jas

    Whaaaat…Jrue Holiday at 22!!! There’s no way he’ll drop out of the lottery.

  • quest???

    isn’t jj barea a quality of behind jkidd??? Jj barea will take over the team after jkidd leaves

  • ponky_alolor

    hope cavs get an energy big guy like hansbrough but im ok with the jermaine taylor pick. he can be complementing lebron in the wings to provide an offensive spark for the team.

  • ponky_alolor

    and by the way, i’m not really buying much into the combine results. anyone remember how Durant couldn’t bench press years ago? and now he’s the soon-to-be superstar from that batch? some haters were giving him heat i remember.

    physical tools matter but so does a lot of other things.

  • Promoman

    The Patrick Mills statement was 100% on point. He’s the most underrated player in the draft right now

  • “Tha Boddy” DOCTOR LOVE!!!

    The Wizards at #5 can really trade down if they need to.Nick Young is good enough to start at the 2 and can shoot drive and make freethrows.For a team that is not looking to pay the salary cap on purpose they could package the #5 and one of their expiring contracts for a good player who can help right away.I don’t see any reason for the Wizards to draft someone who can play Shooting guard for them when they have a young talented Nick Young who can make his own shot and will be looking for money next year

  • OKCsonics

    I’ve been reading Mock Drafts since the draft lottery and haven’t seen one that makes sense 1-15 but like what I see with Dime Mag. I especially am interested in what the OKC Sonics (hate thunder name) will do & as much as I’d like to see them FINALLY cash in on a good center (Johnson, Booth, Swift, Sene) in Thabeet, I’m coming around on Harden to fill the gap on SG & helping KD with scoring and an outside threat. Sam Presti won’t waste a draft spot though so I see some sort of trade going on involving Rubio at #3 with Sacramento or Washington to get something in return plus Harden. Keep up the good work, nice predictions!

  • Ben

    I can’t see how Jrue Holiday would drop to 22. I also can’t believe the lack of burn Patty Mills gets. Like any young player he has a lot of work to do but he is ready to play now and do some exciting stuff.

  • Otto

    Dime Ya’ll already know I go to Syracuse. I live in Toronto during the summers and there is little to cheer about come end of April since the Raptors are on their contractually mandated fishing trips by them.
    Raptors better draft my boy J.Flynn. Their current back up point guard: Roko Ukic (spelling anyone?. Draft J. Flynn and let him beast the spot for a good 20-25 mins a night his first year.

  • Chris

    Jrue Holiday at 22? I hear he is moving up in other mock drafts to as high as 4. I hope the Warriors take him at 7. He seems to be the only PG who can guard 2 guards and still play the point.

  • Grover

    Agreed, the first mock draft I’ve read that makes sense. Well thought out.
    The only glaring mistake (barring the wolves talent scouting), is Budinger to MN at #18. Pretty underwhelming player for this list, and the wolves already have great 2 gaurds in Foye and Miller. Teague would be a steal for them at #18 and they must get a pure PG in the first round.

  • jp2506
  • http://longlivethealbum.wordpress.com Seth S.

    Thank you for finally bringing up the horrible lack of sense with teams not taking Mills. HE OUTPLAYED CP3, D-WILL, AND KIDD HEAD-TO-HEAD IN 2 DIFFERENT GAMES!!! No one else can come close to claiming that, not even Rubio. I’d love, love, love the Pacers to take him at 12. He’s the most sure thing in the draft, even above Griffin. He may not be a superstar, but he can surely make an all-star game or two.

  • Ekstor

    Bynum’s final regular season games are not indicative of him being back to full strength. LA Times reported as recently as last week that his knee will remain at about 80% until he can fully recuperate it in the summer (otherwise, why wear the knee brace). Even looking at his regular season games, the only numbers that looked somewhat normal was his scoring… his rebounding and shotblocking are nowhere near where he was the last 7-10 games prior to injury.

  • http://yahoo ray skillz

    Earl Clark is so overrated its a shame, and i was big on him just one year ago.

    He will be another Shawn Williams of Memphis tigers. The pacers took him at 9 or 14…whatever pick they got him at, bottom line he was a bust.

    Let me refresh your memory. Shawn Williams a 6″9-6″10 sf/pf who avg 14ppg 8reb while shooting 43% from the field and 33% from the three point line, remind u of anyone? On the upside, he might turn out to be another Rodney Carney, except carney was a better shooter and more athletic. Not to promising Earl.

    Earl Clark shot 43% from the field, 29% from the three point line and i believe just at (and thats on the curve)70%ft line, not to mention 3.5to’s pg (remember Terrance williams was the “point guard”). You cant b 6’9-6’10 and b inefficient.

    He’s not a pf, he’s and athletic inconsistant sf. Yall can gamble on him, i dont care what he measured out at the combine or did in private workouts. Remember, so did kwama brown, darko millic, rodney carney, tyrus thomas (who i like but number 2 pick, no!) shawn williams, ji jilan and the kid that played for west virgina last season (he’s playing for the bucks MR.40inch vert).

    Ji and Mr. West Virgina are still young…..but ji was projected from picks 1-3 last yr, u could give him 12 years and he’s still not going to b a franchise player!

    Excuse me 4 any gramatical errors.

  • http://www.tradeshoes9.com air jordans

    Good job ! well done .